An unscrupulous peddler would sell rocks as jewels. He did not expect such unscrupulous merchants to exist in the ghost market too.

Jiang Li held a bracelet in his hand. It was something he had bought from a one-eyed ghost with a few pieces of jade.

If one looked at it with the naked eye, this bracelet was neither gold nor wood and was as warm as jade. At a glance, it was a treasure with quite a bit of spirituality.

However, after the spiritual qi entered his eyes, the prayer beads on the bracelet did not have any spirituality left.

These were thirteen human eyeballs that were still moving and looking around!

In fact, judging from the color of the irises, one of them was the eyeball of the one-eyed ghost.

The things bought here were indeed a little sinister.

In any case, this thing only required a little refinement and could be refined into an artifact, so he had barely managed to make a small profit this time.

However, even a cultivator with a yin attribute spiritual root like Jiang Li could not stand the disgusting nature of this place…

Jiang Li looked at this group of ghosts who dared to sell anything and was really speechless.

However, these guys were so enthusiastic about buying and selling. With a little training, they might be quite good employees. It would be a pity to kill them casually.

Jiang Li walked to an empty alley beside the Ghost City's street and was taking out a stack of talismans from his bosom, intending to use the talisman formation he had learned to completely envelop this area.

"Help! Help! Can someone save me?!"

However, at this moment, a few beautiful cries for help sounded. From the voice, one could tell that this person was definitely a peerless beauty, making one's imagination run wild.

Soon, a few figures appeared at the entrance of the alley.

Behind them were three burly men who were obviously not good people. In front of them was a cold, elegant, and scantily clad young lady stumbling.

A sound of cloth tearing sounded. The dress of the young girl was pulled by the burly man behind her, and a large piece of the thin veil dress was torn apart.

The young woman immediately let out a crisp cry. Only a pitiful piece of cloth remained on her body, revealing a large portion of her icy skin and brow bone. Under the moonlight, it reflected a soul-stirring luster, and then her entire body fell before Jiang Li's feet.

"Young Master! Young Master, save me!"


Jiang Li looked at the scene before him and could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. The young woman before him was truly breathtakingly beautiful.

Looking at Jiang Li's expression, an expression of "as expected, men are all the same" flashed past the girl's eyes, and then she became even more pitiful looking.

"Kid! Mind your own business! Give me that girl quickly! Otherwise, you'll suffer!"

The burly man at the entrance of the alley also squeezed in. At some point, a thick blade used by the butcher had appeared in his hand, and he was still working hard to act fierce.

"Young Master! Don't worry about me! Run!"

The young woman by his side could still be so considerate when she was being pursued by others. If it were an ordinary young master who was inexperienced in the world, how could he not take the 'kind' her as the love of his life?

Jiang Li withdrew his Qi Refinement cultivation and deliberately revealed the aura of an internal force martial artist, making it harder for others to see his true strength. This was probably why the other party would come looking for him.

Although he clearly knew that the situation was not right, Jiang Li still did not choose to act directly. It was not easy to trigger a 'plot' event, and this finally made him feel like a transmigrator.

Although it was very likely that it would still be a "scam" later on, with Jiang Li's cultivation and strength, how could he be afraid of these ghosts stirring up trouble?

"If one sees injustice, they should lend a helping hand. Miss, don't worry. Just stand behind me."

Jiang Li helped her up, then removed the pair of gloves on his hands and stood in front of her.

This pair of gloves was made from the skin on the Dragon Tortoise's claws. It was abnormally tough. Jiang Li had worn this when he was shopping in the ghost market to avoid accidentally burning those ghosts to death.

"Kid! You want to spoil my fun! You're courting death!"

The burly man stepped forward and slashed down with the Bone Beheading Blade.

The thick Bone Beheading Blade could even cut open a pig's head or a bull's head. If an ordinary person touched it, their skull would be split into two.

However, that was only for mortals. The bone saber that still carried wisps of Yin qi silently stopped above Jiang Li.

Jiang Li's right hand looked like it was only gently placed on it, but no matter how much strength the burly man used, he was unable to make the bone blade sway in the slightest.


Strands of white smoke rose. This bone blade was obviously made of an yin-attribute item. After it came into contact with Jiang Li's Anti-Demon Golden Skin, it immediately burned and revealed deep finger marks.

"Get lost!"

Jiang Li kicked them out of the alley and into the house opposite.

In the house, the illusion of the three burly men faded away, transforming into three blackened skeletons.

"Miss, are you all right?"

Jiang Li put on the pair of gloves again before helping the other party up from the ground.

The girl was sobbing on the ground. After being helped up by Jiang Li, she looked up at him with her bright eyes.

"I was originally out on the streets with my maidservant, but I was harassed by that villain Zhang Tu. That villain usually runs wild in the countryside, and today, he wants to forcefully marry me. I'll be his thirteenth concubine! Sob sob!"

"I was fortunate to be saved by Young Master and was able to escape calamity. I am unable to repay Young Master's kindness. Tonight, my parents are out and there is no one at home. Young Master, please enter the residence to rest for a while and let me repay you!"

This young woman was shy and timid, so how could Jiang Li bear to refuse her? He directly agreed.

He picked up the two rags from the ground and put them on her before walking out of the alley under her guidance.

Jiang Li walked behind them. Rich spiritual qi gathered in his eyes as he looked at the pink skeleton in front of him.

He thought that if this ghost's illusion was too disgusting after seeing her true form, he would slap her to death on the spot.

However, to his surprise, although there was dense purple and black qi lingering on the other party's body, her skin was not fake. Not only did it not rot or have insects flying around as he imagined, he even saw a beauty on the line between life and death.

Jiang Li was at a loss. He did not know if he had not seen through the other party's disguise or if there was another reason.

However, he was now quite interested in this Seven Roads Ghost City and could not alert the enemy for the time being.

Ghost markets had always been famous for appearing and disappearing mysteriously. If they were startled and everyone ran away in an instant, even if a Core Formation cultivator came, they would be caught unaware.

Jiang Li fell a few steps behind. He took out a small coffin from his bosom and threw it into the darkness behind him.

"Young master, what's wrong?"

The woman walked to the alley and noticed that Jiang Li did not follow her, so she turned around and called out softly.

"It's nothing, I was just thinking… Miss is so beautiful, may I know your name?"

"My name is Qin Shuman…"

As the two of them chatted about their life experiences, they walked along the ghost market. There were hundreds of ghosts on the road, as if they could not see them at all. Or rather, no ghost dared to look at the two of them walking side by side.

Jiang Li was a strong and healthy person with strong Yang qi, and there was a peerless beauty whose clothes were exposed by the side. Even a ghost would not be able to resist taking a few more glances.

But no ghost did.

Jiang Li looked at the person beside him and his curiosity increased.

Soon, they reached the end of the ghost market. In front of them was a luxurious large courtyard with luxurious decor. There were two large red lanterns hanging at the entrance, but the red light did not give anyone any warmth.

"Young master, please follow me into the residence to rest."

After bowing, Qin Shuman, who could either be human or ghost, stepped forward and pushed open the door. In the fog, one could vaguely see pavilions and gardens. This was indeed a wealthy family.

Although it was a trick, it was too tempting to resist.

Jiang Li was sizing up the mansion that was covered in illusion. He had to admit that Qin Shuman's design concept was really not bad to be able to transform a dilapidated temple into such a state. If she was not a ghost, she could really enter the renovation industry.

"That is but a pink skeleton. This little brother has already stepped into the gates of hell and still doesn't know it. Cough, cough. If you give me a bowl of blood to quench my thirst, I might be able to help you live."

At this moment, in the shadows not far away, an old man walked over slowly while holding a donkey. On the back of the donkey, a string of bright red candied fruits appeared in the little girl's hand, and she was shaking her head happily.

"Young master, ignore him. He's a famous lunatic. He often swindles others!"

"Men! Beat him to death!"

It was as if Qin Shuman knew the other party. At this moment, she seemed to have become a different person. She no longer acted shy.

After shouting, dozens of ghosts dressed as servants rushed out of the Qin Residence towards the old donkey.

With this situation, how could that butcher from earlier dare to kidnap a civilian girl like her?

"Demon! How dare you be so insolent! It's your fate to have met me today!"

The old man removed a wooden stick from the donkey and pointed it forward, easily blowing up dozens of servants.

The girl on the donkey clapped and cheered as if she had seen an interesting scene.

Immediately, the old man took out a stack of pitch-black talismans and stuck them on the staff. Dense black talismans hung on the wooden staff, forming an artifact that resembled a stick as it struck towards Qin Shuman.

Jiang Li could clearly see that his aura was clearly at the Foundation Establishment realm. Although it looked far less powerful than his fellow sect disciples, how could ordinary ghosts be a match for Foundation Establishment cultivators?

When Qin Shuman saw that the situation was not right, she did not bother to continue disguising herself. The cloth that barely covered her body suddenly lengthened, and she controlled these white threads to face the other party.

More servants and ghost soldiers swarmed the mansion.

However, ghosts were ghosts. They were extremely foul and did not have a body as the host. They were too easily restrained.

The 200 ghost soldiers that rushed over did not last long. Under the scattering of the black talisman paper, they perished without a trace. The white silk that was flying in the air was also torn into pieces.

A Foundation Establishment cultivator of unknown origins was fighting intensely with the demoness female ghost in the Seven Roads Ghost City.

On the other hand, the seemingly harmless Jiang Li was ignored by everyone.

From the conversation between the man and ghost, they should have known each other.

In fact, this old man on a donkey had long set his sights on this Seven Roads Ghost Market. He wanted to capture hundreds of ghosts in this town to refine artifacts and talismans.

However, after attacking the ghost market many times, he had either alerted the ghosts and caused them to instantly escape without a trace, or had encountered this beautiful female ghost and was attacked by the ghost soldiers.

He had laid low for many years and finally refined a thousand black talismans with great difficulty before coming to catch ghosts again.

However, for some reason, there seemed to be a problem with the original 3,000 ghost soldiers in the Seven Roads Ghost City. No matter how large of a disadvantage the other party was in, there were only 200 ghost soldiers.

It could only be said that the heavens were helping him! The old man was overjoyed. He held the black talisman stick in his hand and attacked repeatedly.

"Young Master! Young Master, save me!"

Qin Shuman had suffered from the black talisman before and was naturally very fearful of the power of the stick. Under the attack of the black talismans, she could only retreat repeatedly.

Despite how she looked and her hobby of pretending to be a weak girl getting kidnapped, she was the true owner of the Seven Roads Ghost City.

After all, it was only a small ghost town. This kind of ghost creature that could contend with Foundation Establishment cultivators was already rare and powerful.

If Jiang Li was only an ordinary Qi Refinement cultivator, he would really shiver in fear under this battle.

The Ghost City Lord, Qin Shuman, also found something very strange tonight. Her ghost soldiers were clearly in the town, but no matter how she called, they did not come to help.

But she could not care less at this moment.

She hurriedly hid behind Jiang Li, the "mortal". A long, pitch-black claw appeared in her hand, and she intended to use him as a shield. As long as the old man stopped attacking, she would rush forward to dig out the other party's heart.

However, what was the life of a "mortal"? When the old man saw Jiang Li standing in front of the female ghost, he did not hesitate at all.

"Kid, you're too stubborn. Don't blame me for being ruthless."

The wooden stick with the black talisman paper did not stop in the slightest as it struck towards Qin Shuman who was behind Jiang Li. Before that, it would definitely hit Jiang Li who was in front of her.

The pitiful "mortal martial artist" was about to be smashed into pieces by the stick in the next moment.

However, Jiang Li was still calm and unhurried. He only took off his glove before throwing a punch.

Bang! Crack!

Jiang Li threw a punch at the wooden stick which was wrapped in spiritual qi and could exert a thousand kilograms of force, breaking it into two pieces.

The old man's expression changed drastically, his face filled with shock and disbelief.

"Miss Qin, I've protected you. It's not good for you to do this."

Jiang Li did not reprimand the old man. Instead, he turned to look at the owner of the Ghost Market.

Behind Jiang Li, a pitch-black claw grabbed his back from behind, but it was blocked by the Heart Protection Mirror, and it was unable to advance any further.

The female ghost was indignant that her sneak attack had failed. However, she did not know that the Heart Protection Mirror was not protecting Jiang Li, but her.


The Dragon Imprisoning Lock on his waist flew out automatically, binding the female ghost tightly and making her unable to move.

Jiang Li clenched his fists and walked towards the grandfather and granddaughter.

"I'm stubborn, you say?"


"Don't blame you for being ruthless, huh?"


Jiang Li appeared before the old man as if he had teleported, and he smashed his fist into the old man's eye socket, causing him to be blasted flying by dozens of meters.

Before the other party could land, he chased after him like a shadow and punched the other side of the eye socket, accurately sending him back to his original position. The head was deformed, and the eye socket was sunken. It was obvious that he could not survive this.

However, what was strange was that there was no blood flowing out.

It had to be said that the gap between ordinary rogue cultivators and sect disciples was extraordinarily large.

Any random Foundation Establishment cultivator in the Scripture Storage Valley could defeat two or three people like him.

Jiang Li's two punches were the retaliation towards his opponent's ruthless attack.

He then looked at the little girl sitting on the donkey. She finally could not show a cheerful expression anymore.

"Why aren't you laughing? Why aren't you clapping? It's just a zombie; who do you want to hide it from?"

The little girl still looked confused, but the panic in her eyes exposed the truth.

"I'll give you three seconds to revert to your original state, or else I'll personally beat you back to your original state."

Jiang Li raised his foot and stamped it down. The ground beneath his feet surged like tidewater, causing the donkey to be unable to stand steadily and directly fall to the ground.

"Senior, please spare me! Senior, please spare me!"

As expected, the little girl no longer acted dumb. She stood up from the ground, but the voice that came out of her mouth was clearly a male voice.

After repeatedly begging for mercy, her body began to swell. The child's clothes burst open, and he quickly returned to being a short, middle-aged man with a revolting appearance.

This cultivator's Zombie Puppet Technique was not very brilliant. Jiang Li was too used to this technique, he had already noticed some clues at first glance. Therefore, he could not be bothered to pay attention to them when he was outside the town.

"Tell me what your black talisman is. Hand over the refinement method and I can spare your life."

The middle-aged man seemed to have inadvertently glanced towards the donkey so Jiang Li also followed his gaze.

However, in the blink of an eye, the middle-aged cultivator suddenly attacked. He held two talismans and attacked Jiang Li's chest.

However, his talisman only passed through an afterimage. In the next moment, Jiang Li's leg swept over from behind, and it directly kicked his head away.

"What a pity. I originally wanted to give you a chance to draw talismans for me so that you could live, but if you don't treasure it, there's no other choice."

Jiang Li shook his head. His second Parallel Mind was still comprehending an insect's life. It was not in his body, and he still could not control the violent power that well.

In the cultivation world, methods that could effectively control Foundation Establishment cultivators were too difficult and expensive. This guy simply did not have such value. Since he was not honest, he might as well kick him to death.

He went to the donkey and rummaged through the bag, finding nothing but some clothes and food.

This made him feel a little strange. Typically, rogue cultivators did not have the ability to set up defensive array formations for their homes. Under situations where they did not feel safe, they would usually carry important things with them. Could it be that this fellow was really so clean? Apart from a few talismans, there was nothing else?

Jiang Li did not believe it. He looked at the donkey in front of him and suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

A cultivator could walk faster than a galloping horse. What reason did he have to keep sitting on this donkey?

Could it be?

Jiang Li carefully observed it and actually discovered a long and narrow knife wound that was sewn together with a long and thin rope on the donkey's stomach.

He tore open the sides of the knife. The hemp rope broke, and a large amount of blood and internal organs poured out. The donkey fell to the ground and could not get up. What fell out was a cloth bag that was waterproof.

Without a storage artifact, the cultivators had to come up with all sorts of storage methods.

Jiang Li took out two books from the cloth bag. One was the Body Transformation Technique and the other was the ghost talisman book. They were his two trump cards.

He nodded, satisfied with this. One could change one's appearance, and the other seemed to be a Yin attribute spirit talisman creation method. Looking back at the quality, he should be able to learn it.

If he really could not, he could obtain a good amount of contribution after handing over the Scripture Storage Valley.

After putting away his loot, Jiang Li walked to Qin Shuman's side.

This Ghost City Lord could already be confirmed to be a ghost without a doubt. She also had a corporeal body, and it was probably because she had borrowed a corpse to hide her soul that her true form was hard to expose.

However, after being completely bound by the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, the other party should be unable to use any more illusion techniques. However, the corpse in front of him was exactly the same as the other party's soul appearance. This was a little strange.