The Nine Nether Dao Scripture was powerful, extremely powerful.

The quality of this Daoist scripture was not inferior to the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra. In Jiang Li's hands, there was a Nine Nether Wood Branch that could assist in cultivation.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he was blessed by heaven. His cultivation naturally progressed very smoothly.

Even now, just the strength of the Nine Nether spiritual qi was sufficient for Jiang Li to crush his former self with a raise of his hand.

As for the other mysteries of the Dao Scripture, Jiang Li still had to slowly explore them himself.

At the moment, there were eleven spiritual fruits hanging on the treetop of the spiritual root clone. Ten of them were Qi Refinement realm fruits of various attributes, and another was the Nine Nether Earth Fruit of the water attribute Foundation Establishment realm.

Of course, there were also nine spiritual root seeds that had all their nutrients sucked dry.

Right now, Jiang Li could still choose to consume the Nine Nether Earth Fruits of other attributes to increase the production of a new artificial spiritual root.

However, he would definitely not waste his time and effort on cultivating the new artificial spiritual root. At most, he would get another supplementary method.

Jiang Li thought for a moment and eliminated the three types of spiritual roots that were unrelated to him — Metal, Earth, and Yang.

He had several choices left.

Water attribute spiritual root, fire attribute spiritual root, and ice attribute spiritual root.

Yes, the spirit root seed that was the size of a durian seed had already thrown it into his Nine Nether clone.

Now, he could confirm that the power contained in this spiritual root seed came from a Golden Core cultivator with a variant ice attribute.

It was naturally the elder, Duan Shuang.

It seemed that the genius elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall had successfully separated the spiritual root seed before he died and was then swallowed by the red-robed rat.

In this way, Jiang Li was much more at ease. He lived in the old estate of the other party and dug out the other party's inheritance. Now, he didn't have to worry about the revenge of a Golden Core cultivator in secret.

As for how to deal with that power, Jiang Li naturally wanted to test what the Nine Nether Earth Fruit condensed from the essence of a Golden Core cultivator tasted like.

Consuming this three-star Earth Fruit could not only allow him to obtain a rare variant ice-attribute spiritual root, but it could also allow him to become an ice-attribute Core Formation cultivator in a short period of time.

The temptation was naturally extremely great. If it was someone else, they would eat it without saying anything.

However, to Jiang Li, that was all. The realm that he could reach after eating the Earth Fruit was Core Formation, not Golden Core.

That was because Elder Duan Shuang had just advanced to the Golden Core realm back then. It could be said that he did not have any accumulation in terms of Golden Core cultivation.

After he died, this spiritual root seed even experienced a transfer midway. It stayed in the red-coated rat's body for a while before it was forced out by Jiang Li with waste pills.

This kind of eviction was very damaging to the spiritual root seed. This was already known when Jiang Li was experimenting with the Maha fish.

If he were to turn this spiritual root seed into the Nine Nether Earth Fruit and consume it directly, due to the difference in attributes, the effects would definitely be reduced again.

The Golden Core that Jiang Li had been thinking about for a long time would be completely ruined.

Elder Duan Shuang took the risk of betraying the sect and dying to refine the Golden Core that was infused with the elements of life and death.

No matter how he thought about it, Jiang Li knew that the Golden Core was definitely not ordinary.

Even Jiang Li would feel pain if he lost such a thing for nothing. Therefore, no matter what, Jiang Li planned to preserve the Golden Core first.

In addition, for the current Jiang Li, having an ice spiritual root at the Core Formation realm might not be of much help to him.

In fact, it would only harm his future.

One had to know that a Dao Foundation was the foundation of a cultivator's Great Dao. It was the beginning and foundation of everything. It was a stage that could not be neglected.

With Jiang Li's current situation, he cultivated three cultivation methods of spirit, body, and qi. Moreover, they were top-notch cultivation methods passed down from ancient times.

When he reached the Foundation Establishment realm, it would not be too much to say that it would shock the world. At that time, with the combat strength of a Core Formation realm cultivator, he would most likely not be too weak.

However, right now, if he used an artificial spiritual root to hastily build his foundation for a mere Core Formation realm and wasted all his previous accumulations, it would be the biggest loss in his life.

Therefore, after thinking about it again and again, Jiang Li still gave up the temptation of the ice spiritual root. He planned to completely absorb the energy of this spiritual root seed for his Nine Nether Clone so that he could use every bit of strength to the greatest extent.

Then, Jiang Li had two choices left.

Water nourished wood, so he could use the cultivation of an artificial spiritual root to continue strengthening the power of the Nine Nether Dao Scripture.

Wood fueled fire, so using an additional fire attribute spiritual root and the enhancement of the Nine Nether spiritual qi to obtain a fire attribute cultivation base was similarly not bad.

This caused Jiang Li to be unable to make a decision.


After letting his spiritual root clone digest the Golden Core realm cultivation, Jiang Li finally walked out of his room.

In the encampment, most of the cultivators ran to the spectator's area. There were not many people in this area.


Jiang Li suddenly turned around to look at the nearby street corner, and a gaze just happened to meet his.

The other party was an outer sect disciple that Jiang Li did not have any impression of. After Jiang Li noticed him, he immediately revealed a panicked expression as if he had been caught doing something bad, and then he turned around and actually fled immediately.

At this moment, Jiang Li's Mind attribute far exceeded that of ordinary people, causing his spiritual senses to be rather strong. At this distance, he would immediately be noticed by others if they looked at him.

The moment he stepped out, he noticed this situation. From the looks of it, that person had been monitoring him for a long time. Judging from his behavior, he clearly had ill intentions.

Jiang Li frowned, but he did not take it to heart.

He left his hut and strolled toward the Rejuvenation Hall.

The Scripture Storage Valley encampment in the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm was not big. Furthermore, it was very close to the Demon Vanquishing Hall's building. He quickly arrived.

However, it was obvious that the medical practitioners of Rejuvenation Hall were definitely on standby at the edge of the field. This time, Jiang Li had gone there for nothing.

In the area of the Rejuvenation Hall, there were only a few registered disciples drying and arranging the herbs in the courtyard.

These were all high aged spiritual herbs produced in the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm. A single lingzhi was the size of a basin. It looked quite exaggerated.

After Jiang Li took a glance, he originally intended to leave and go to the combat area to look for Senior Sister Qi Yu to help, but he saw a familiar face.

"Lu Qianqian? Long time no see."

In the courtyard that was covered in medicinal herbs drying under the sun, a petite registered disciple was cutting a few pieces of herbs that were the size of radishes.

When she heard Jiang Li's voice, Lu Qianqian raised her head. Her original baby face had gone missing after a few months, and she had already lost weight. Both her sleeves were tied up, and it could be seen that she had become much more capable and experienced.

It seemed that the outer sect was really a place to train people. It was very difficult for people who did not work hard to survive in that kind of environment.

"Senior… Senior Brother Jiang Li."

When Lu Qianqian saw Jiang Li, she was obviously stunned. Then, her expression became complicated.

In the past, they were actually considered friends. They had listened to lessons in the Cultivation Hall together, gone out of the sect to do missions together, and even formed a small group that helped each other in the outer sect.

However, due to Yu Banxia's incident, an awkward barrier formed between Jiang Li and the small group.

Especially Lu Qianqian, although she did not blame Jiang Li for not saving Yu Banxia.

However, the key was that Yu Banxia had died at Jiang Li's hands.

This was a sect mission and Jiang Li had no other choice, it was not wrong.

However, in Lu Qianqian's mind, it was hard to be so rational.

'I asked you to save him, but you killed him in the end and took this opportunity to become an inner sect disciple.'

This logic was hard to accept in the minds of ordinary people.

However, Jiang Li was actually not very familiar with her. Helping her was out of kindness, and it was not his duty. She had no reason to blame Jiang Li.

Therefore, in the end, this awkward situation ended up with them not meeting up anymore.

He did not expect to meet her here again after a few months.

"You don't have to be so polite. However, when did you enter the Rejuvenation Hall? We can be considered neighbors in the sect now."

Right now, they were inner sect and outer sect disciples respectively, and their statuses were different. The other party called him senior brother, so Jiang Li smiled and accepted it calmly.

However, Jiang Li also recalled that Lu Qianqian was a medical cultivator and had the foundation of her family's legacy. As long as her cultivation level was passable, it would not be difficult for her to join the Rejuvenation Hall to do odd jobs.

"I've only been in the Rejuvenation Hall for a short period of time. Senior Brother is usually busy, so you naturally don't know."

Lu Qianqian's reply was still a little awkward. Clearly, she was not used to speaking to Jiang Li in a respectful tone.

Jiang Li did not care much. After casually chatting for a while, he suddenly recalled something.

"Yan Hong and I opened a store in Nightless City. We're short-handed right now. If you're willing, you can come and help. Just go find Yan Hong."

In fact, Yan Hong had already invited them when Jiang Li had just entered the inner sect.

On the one hand, it was because of their past relationship. On the other hand, they were really short-handed.

However, perhaps out of pride, they ultimately rejected Yan Hong's good intentions.

After all, everyone had medium-grade or high-grade spiritual roots. It was indeed not easy for them to submit to others.

But now, Jiang Li and Yan Hong were getting along better and better. Any slight benefit that leaked out from their pockets was sufficient to make their lives much better.

With Jiang Li's current status and methods, as long as he requested, it would not be difficult for him to recruit a few subordinates. Instead, there would be many people who would do anything to join him.

Now, he was only giving them a chance because of their past ties.

"Thank… Thank you, Senior Brother Jiang Li. I'll go talk to Qu Qianfan and the others. It's just that the Rejuvenation Hall is quite busy, so I…"

Everyone had their own choice. It was already quite kind that Jiang Li gave them this chance. It was simply impossible to get him to waste time and counsel these people.

"Yeah, it's fine. The Rejuvenation Hall is quite good. Oh right, have you seen Senior Sister Qi Yu today?"

After he asked where Senior Sister Qi Yu was located, Jiang Li bid farewell to the other junior sisters and walked out of the encampment.

On the street, Jiang Li took out a small ball of paper. Lu Qianqian had stuffed it to him before he left.

At that time, she wanted to say something but hesitated, as if she had something important to say.

After opening the paper ball, he glanced at it. On it was written, "There are outsiders who want to harm you. Don't leave the encampment for the time being."

There was not much written on the note. Jiang Li casually picked it up, and the note turned into powder that dispersed.

He did not go back to ask Lu Qianqian about it.

This did not mean much to him. What Lu Qianqian knew was limited.

From the looks of the outer sect disciple who peeked at Jiang Li's residence earlier, there was an 80% chance that someone was secretly bribing the outer sect disciples of the Scripture Storage Valley to let them gather and pass on information about Jiang Li.

They probably approached Lu Qianqian, which was why they were noticed by her.

However, he, Jiang Li, had always been kind to others. Who would deliberately plot against him?

This was really something to look forward to…

Jiang Li licked his lips and walked around the increasingly prosperous market.

This Grand Competition was indeed worthy of being a grand event in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region. There were extraordinarily many cultivators gathered.

All sorts of strange, real, and fake things broadened Jiang Li's horizons.

The artifacts, medicinal pills, and other things sold here were all extremely ordinary things. Jiang Li could not even be bothered to look at these trash.

Have you ever felt the body temperature of a young girl of the purest Yin?

Have you ever wondered what the tail of a beautiful fox demoness smelled like?

The large conch shell on the Red Sea's shore, the ice lotus on the peak of the snow mountain, and some local specialties outside the Great Mountain Region were all sold.

Such a large market without any rules could be said to be hard to come by. Before there was anyone managing it, there were no restrictions.

Even Jiang Li was feeling generous. He bought a lot of things that were of use to him and spent his monthly allowance for several months.

"Young master, my master would like to speak with you. Please come with me."

Right when Jiang Li bought a bag of Rootless Flower seeds and was about to pay, a young servant by the side suddenly walked forward and helped Jiang Li pay with spirit stones.

Jiang Li stuffed the seed into the Yin Burial Coffin in his arms, and then he sized up this attendant who showed a respectful attitude.

It did not look like a bad person if they helped him pay for no reason…

"Who is your master?" Jiang Li asked curiously.

"Master knows you, young master. Please follow me."

The attendant handed Jiang Li an embroidered cloth.

After Jiang Li received it, he opened it and saw two small swords, red and blue, embroidered on it.

Jiang Li smiled and did not refuse, and he followed the other party forward at a steady pace.

The route they took was full of twists and turns. The further they walked, the farther away they got from the center.

In the end, he even left the market area and walked towards the edge of the forest.

The servant in front looked a little anxious and nervous. From time to time, he would look back.

However, when he saw Jiang Li following calmly, he revealed an expression that was unknown if he was puzzled or relieved.

Only after entering the forest and completely leaving the sight of the other cultivators did the attendant finally stop.

"Young master, we are here. Please wait here for a moment. My master will be here soon!"

The attendant bowed to Jiang Li and was about to leave.

When he wanted to move, he discovered that he suddenly could not lift his feet.

The servant lowered his head.

At some point, several roots broke out of the ground and firmly bound the servant's feet.

The servant looked up in shock, only to find Jiang Li looking at him expressionlessly.

"Lord Envoy! I brought Jiang Li here! Lord Envoy, Lord Envoy, save me!"

"Save… save… my life…"

As soon as the attendant shouted this, his body started to dry up and wither. In a few breaths of time, he shrunk into a wrinkled ball the size of a monkey.

Everything in his body, including his soul, had been sucked dry by the roots of the Nine Nether Wood Branch.

"Kid, you're so bold! You actually dare to commit murder in front of everyone!"

From the forest, a figure in luxurious clothes shot out with an extremely fast speed carrying vast spiritual qi.

A blinding golden light flashed before Jiang Li's eyes.

It was actually a heavy golden abacus that smashed towards Jiang Li's heart.

But from the looks of it, it was not just gold.

Jiang Li's expression immediately became solemn. His right fist instantly became pitch-black like ink, and he exerted an enormous force to face it without any fear.


A pitch-black fist and a golden four-colored abacus collided.

The two terrifying energies collided immediately. It was spiritual qi colliding against spiritual qi, strength versus strength. It was a head-on collision without any gaudy display.

How savage was Jiang Li's physical strength? How tyrannical was the Nine Nether spiritual qi that originated from the ancient times? With this punch, even a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator would die on the spot and be turned into ashes.

However, the golden light was not weak at all. In fact, it was even stronger than him.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The calculation beads on the golden abacus jumped one after another, and the power was actually still rising steadily.

The two opposing forces only lasted for a moment.

A figure turned into a straight stream of light and shot backward.

In an instant, wherever his figure passed, dozens of trees were broken at the waist. Wood shavings flew everywhere and huge trees toppled.

In the end, the flying figure adjusted his posture in the air and kicked the air behind him twice before finally stopping his retreat.

In the collision, Jiang Li was actually sent flying!

"In a head-on collision, it's been a long time since I've suffered such a loss!"

Jiang Li looked at his bleeding right hand and his dislocated joints.

A look of excitement and pleasure appeared on his face.

"A Core Formation cultivator? This is simply too good!"