Spiritual qi touched his right arm, and the dislocated joint immediately returned to its original position. Immediately, the injuries recovered completely in just a few breaths.

He looked behind him and saw the inner edge of the fog illusion array. If he had not used the Cloud-Treading Boots to counteract the force, he would have been directly smashed into the fog at this moment.


A few footsteps stepping on dried leaves approached. Soon, five people darted out from the forest and surrounded him.

"I really never expected that a handkerchief would be able to trick you to come out. Jiang Li, oh Jiang Li, you never expected this day to come, right!"

The owner of the voice was extremely frivolous, as if it was filled with the pleasure of getting revenge.

The Core Formation cultivator with the abacus-shaped artifact was not among the five people who surrounded Jiang Li in a semicircle. Instead, the leader was a mere late-stage Qi Refinement cultivator.

Wasn't that the good friend of Jiang Li, Huangfu Tai, who had been hung up and beaten by Jiang Li, and had even lost all his artifacts?

He came to take revenge the moment Jiang Li stepped out. The efficiency of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion was really not low.

"So it's you, Huangfu Tai."

"What? Instead of going to the group arena, you came to find me and pretended to be a woman? It seems your hobby is quite special."

Jiang Li and Huangfu Tai looked at each other. A tacit understanding flashed through their eyes.

He had to put on a full show. Jiang Li pressed down the corners of his mouth that were about to curl up. He took out the embroidered cloth and waved his hand, tearing it into pieces.

As for the handkerchief, Jiang Li had long known that it was fake.

Shenshan Qiuhua was indeed a genius of water and fire, but the twin swords were only the symbols of the two Shu Mountain sword peaks.

How could a thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl think about the sect all day long? In her heart, she still liked cute things. The embroidered cloth on the other party's body was clearly that of a silly spotted cat.

Jiang Li, who had been nearby when Shenshan Qiuhua had fainted, knew this very well.

The Immortal Ascension Pavilion had used the name of Shenshan Qiuhua to trick him into coming out. This method was very creative, but the only reason for its success was Jiang Li's intention.

"Little friend Jiang Li, you shouldn't speak rudely in the current situation."

"Please return the envoy's item. I guarantee that you will be able to leave this place safely."

Seeing that the two of them were about to start a war of words, the cultivator who injured Jiang Li stepped forward and spoke.

The abacus in his hand radiated golden light. It was a blatant threat.

"It seems that the reputation of your Immortal Ascension Pavilion is only so-so. The oath you make is not as credible as a prostitute's sweet words."

"However, you dare attack me, a disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley, does your Immortal Ascension Pavilion not want to continue being in the Great Mountain Region?"

The aura on Jiang Li's body was also rising incessantly. Dark and cold spiritual qi directly seeped out of his body. Using this method of spewing out spiritual qi, he forcefully raised his aura that was not inferior to others.

When Jiang Li reported the name of the Scripture Storage Valley, the Core Formation cultivator and the three Foundation Establishment cultivators beside him immediately revealed hesitant expressions.

Clearly, they knew the consequences of this matter, but they could not disobey the orders of the envoy.

After all, their Immortal Ascension Pavilion was a business organization. They had to rely on others to make a living.

The Immortal Ascension Pavilion did not have a powerful branch in the Great Mountain Region. If they offended the Scripture Storage Valley, the consequences would be dire.

If it was not for this envoy with an extraordinary status promising to bring them back to the headquarters to take up a post, they would not have been able to make up their minds to attack Jiang Li.

"After this matter is over, this humble servant will naturally come to your sect to apologize. But now, young friend, you should hand over everything."

"My golden abacus doesn't hold back. If we kill you by mistake, it will be a tragedy. Little friend, don't make a mistake."

Due to Jiang Li's identity, they actually did not want to kill Jiang Li because that would cause the matter to be impossible to resolve.

After all, one of the reasons to take back those artifacts was for Huangfu Tai to obtain a good ranking in the competition. The benefits involved were not small.

However, they were sneak attacking after all. If they were discovered after stalling for a long time, they would definitely not gain anything.

When robbing, it was best to end things quickly. The other party looked at the storage bag tied to Jiang Li's waist. It seemed like he no longer had much patience.

"Who's your little friend? That sounds disgusting. If you want to kill me, come at me!"

Jiang Li shook the pouch at his waist provocatively, and then his hands suddenly slapped the ground with exaggerated spiritual qi.

"Stop him!"

Huangfu Tai shouted with gusto, but his body was very honest. After a moment, he retreated far away.

The others immediately raised the artifacts in their hands and charged towards Jiang Li.

However, the next moment, the ground suddenly shook violently. The ground cracked, and rocks rolled up as if something huge was awakening from underground.

The four people who rushed over immediately lost their footing.

"Rise to the air! Don't let him escape!"

The Core Formation cultivator gave the order. His luxurious clothes lit up, and his feet directly left the ground.

The other Foundation Establishment Cultivators also reacted and wanted to fly.

However, at this juncture, a figure shot out and pounced at one of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

"Damn it! How dare you hurt them!"

In the air, the Core Formation cultivator suddenly swung his abacus which immediately attacked Jiang Li's vital points.

If this strike landed, even if Jiang Li had multiple defenses, he would still be smashed until his bones broke.


However, just as the golden abacus flew over, the ground suddenly exploded. A huge dragon head broke out of the ground. Its terrifying body was filled with rough wooden patterns. It was an exaggerated wooden dragon.

Demon Awakening! Earth Root Wood Dragon!


The wooden dragon stretched out one of its front claws and blocked the path of the abacus, colliding with the golden abacus that had turned into a golden spiritual light.

The golden abacus was like a tiny bean in the palm of the wooden dragon's claw. It was so small that it could not withstand a single blow.

However, in the next moment, the mini golden abacus completely shattered the huge dragon claw.

There was a disparity between the size and strength. This made this collision look a bit strange.

However, this result was not unexpected. In the cultivation world, size did not mean everything.

After all, they were both in the Core Formation realm and the Qi Refinement realm respectively. There was an entire two realms of difference between them. To be able to produce such an outcome when colliding with each other already meant that Jiang Li was ridiculously powerful.

After shattering the dragon claw, the golden abacus exhausted the power of this attack and could only spin back.

After catching the abacus, the expression of the Core Formation cultivator from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion turned ugly.

He looked down. Jiang Li's fist directly pierced through a Foundation Establishment cultivator's chest and turned a large piece of flesh into mush

"You're courting death!"

These three Foundation Establishment cultivators were his capable subordinates. Originally, they were fully confident in this operation. He did not expect that one of them would be killed just as he started. It was no wonder that he felt heartache and anger.

However, Jiang Li did not care about the other party's anger at all. He looked at the other two Foundation Establishment Cultivators who had already risen into the sky.

The current situation confused them.

Who was the Foundation Establishment realm cultivator here?

Why would a dignified Foundation Establishment cultivator appear so weak in front of a Qi Refinement realm disciple?

The original helpers had now become a burden, making the Core Formation cultivator unable to react for a moment.

He hurriedly got his subordinates to retreat and wanted to quickly finish Jiang Li off.

However, that wooden dragon's huge body was not for show. It swayed its body and blocked in front of the other party.

In his fury, that cultivator fiddled with the abacus in his hand a few times. A few heavy golden beads were lifted, and the spiritual qi fluctuation on the abacus immediately soared.

This was a special artifact forged by the Immortal Ascension Pavilion. It could adjust the power of the abacus and the output of spiritual qi through the calculation bead placement.

It was a little silly to use it, but its power was extraordinary.

At the next moment, the abacus was ruthlessly thrown out!


The huge dragon head instantly shattered into pieces, and an abacus pierced through the huge dragon head. The spiritual qi of the Demon Awakening Technique dissipated, and the wooden dragon that had half its body left under the ground had already turned back into ordinary wood and lost its ability to move.

In the relationship of the five elements, metal was the bane of wood. Furthermore, his opponent was controlling an artifact with a Core Formation realm cultivation to attack the spell technique cast by a Qi Refinement realm disciple. It was already very rare for it to be able to withstand two attacks before being defeated.

This elder grabbed the abacus that flew back, but when he looked at his subordinates again, he noticed that they had already been blasted flying by a single punch from Jiang Li, and they were lying on the ground in the distance. It was unknown if they were dead or alive.

"You dare?! Die!"

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Three more of the gold abacus's calculation beads were raised, and the golden light rose again. Even Jiang Li felt a strong threat from it.


The Dragon Imprisoning Lock automatically flew out and wrapped around Jiang Li's right arm.

The muscles under the chain bulged up, and the interconnecting chains were pulled taut.

The golden abacus was flung out. It spun in the air as if it had turned into a golden wheel. It blossomed with a dazzling light that represented metal attribute spiritual qi and smashed fiercely at him.

Yin Wind Art!

Jiang Li raised his head and spat out a mouthful of bone-chilling cold wind. In the cold wind, there were a hundred sorrowful and evil spirits mixed in.

The abacus that was flying over immediately dimmed a little when it was blown by the cold wind. However, it immediately tore apart the cold wind and shattered the ghosts and spirits before continuing to smash towards Jiang Li.

Jiang Li blew out the Yin Wind Art to first impede the enemy, then his feet suddenly stepped on the ground. After leaping up, he stepped on the air again and again, rushing upwards at a constant speed.

The accumulation of kinetic energy quickly reached a limit. Jiang Li stepped on the air and lowered his shoulder, using the Mountain Crushing Scripture to collide with the golden abacus flying over.

Mountain Crushing Demon Ape!

Boom! Swoosh!

The two energies collided, triggering a shockwave that was like a hurricane. The surrounding trees swayed crazily, and half of the dense leaves were scraped off.

Jiang Li's right ear only heard a momentary sound before it was shaken to the point of deafness.

The arm wrapped in the Dragon Imprisoning Lock collided with the abacus, causing scorching sparks to fly.

It had been a long time since Jiang Li had used the Mountain Crushing Scripture. It was not that the Mountain Crushing Demon Ape was weak, but it was unnecessary.

This collision was practically the limit of his physical strength. Not many people in his batch or even within the Foundation Establishment realm could withstand it. Only now could he use it without any fear.

This stalemate lasted a little longer, but it was only for a little while. Jiang Li was once again sent flying by the golden abacus.

His body crashed into the ground, raising an unknown amount of dust.

Lying in the pit, he could not help but cough out a mouthful of blood.

Releasing the chain on his arm, the blood vessels inside also exploded due to the immense pressure, flowing out.

However, even with such injuries, Jiang Li's expression did not change.

In slightly more than ten seconds, hemostasis, healing, swelling, and cleansing were completed.

Jiang Li got up from the ground and blew away the dust and stretched his muscles as if nothing had happened.

As long as they could not kill him, they would make him stronger!

Jiang Li looked at the well-dressed cultivator above with an eager expression.

"See this? If you don't beat me to death, you'll be the ones dying."

Jiang Li took out the lightning cracker. When he reached the end point, he returned the token, but this thing was kept.

As long as he shot at the sky and attracted the attention of others, he could let the other party see what it meant to bully others with numbers!

That cultivator was a little exasperated. He wanted to point his abacus at Jiang Li and say something fierce.

However, he discovered that a circle of colorful flowers had grown on his golden abacus at some point in time, covering it completely.

"What? You knew you were going to die and even prepared the wreath in advance?"

Jiang Li mocked. This was a rootless flower that would continuously grow with spiritual qi. He had done this during the collision just now to disgust his opponent.

The metal attribute spiritual qi swept across the rootless flower and removed the flower wreath that was growing longer. However, this thing was like a weed. Once it started growing, it would not be cleared easily.

Jiang Li gave it enough spiritual qi. So before the enemy could start attacking, the entire abacus turned into a flower wreath again.

The abacus was covered in flowers, so he was unable to move the calculation beads. Jiang Li took this opportunity to step forward again.

Unfortunately, even if the calculation beads were not moved in time, the power of the golden abacus was still enough to suppress Jiang Li.

Jiang Li collided time and time again and was slapped flying again and again. However, if he was not beaten until he was half crippled, he would not even have to take a breather to heal from such injuries.

On the contrary, the barbaric Mountain Crushing Scripture cultivation in his body was stirring.

After the 25th time, the rootless flower on the golden abacus finally stopped growing.

Then, the well-dressed cultivator, who was already angry to the point of going crazy, reached out his hand and flicked the abacus. With a series of cracking sounds, a total of ten beads were picked.

"You're just a Qi Refinement cultivator! Just obediently fall down and obey! This is your last chance. Hand it over, or don't blame me!"

In the beginning, this Immortal Ascension Pavilion elder did not want to go too far, leaving room for reconciliation between the two sects.

However, being toyed with by a Qi Refinement realm disciple for so long would make him angry! He did not care about anything else, he just wanted to suppress this damn Jiang Li first!

Although he was only a Void Core realm elder and was not good at fighting, it was impossible for him to lose to a Qi Refinement realm cultivator.

Did he not care about his reputation?

The golden abacus emitted a blinding light. The depletion of spiritual qi under this condition was not so easy for him, even if he was at the Void Core realm.

For Jiang Li, this strike was similarly not like before.


A huge exclamation sounded in Jiang Li's heart.

"It seems I've truly infuriated this guy. His mental strength is really weak."

He tapped his feet, and his figure transformed into a stream of light that flickered disorderly on the ground.

When the Immortal Ascension Pavilion Elder saw this, he sneered. Jiang Li wanted to use this method to avoid being locked onto by a Core Formation realm cultivator. He was dreaming!

Was he looking down on his Void Core?

However, in the next moment, Jiang Li suddenly flashed to the side of the dead Foundation Establishment cultivator, and then he grabbed a token before directly charging into the fog behind him.