"Elder Situ, the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak seems to be very close to the Scripture Storage Valley. Should we consider their attitude?"

In the spectator area of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, the cultivators here had also noticed the situation over at the Shu Mountain and Scripture Storage Valley.

An elder asked their Head Elder for some reason.

The Second Elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, Situ Tingxin, pondered for a moment and was a little hesitant about this. However, he quickly threw away this concern.

"Shu Mountain? They're troublesome!"

"Ignore them! The share of the medicine garden this time is extremely important to us. We have to obtain first place no matter what!"

"Isn't it just killing a Qi Refinement realm disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley? Even if Chang Wanzhou won just now, the plan won't change!"

"This is a cultivation competition. You can't blame others if you die in the arena!"

Situ Tingxin's sharp gaze looked at Jiang Li below as if he was looking at a dead person.

It was true that the four major sects were united, but that was established on the front line to maintain their dominance.

Now that the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm had appeared, it formed an impact on this kind of alliance. Especially the Hundred Tempering Mountain, their ambition to reach a higher level of power made them develop many thoughts.

Even if Jiang Li was a disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley, for the sake of their victory, they had to eliminate him as soon as possible. They were already considering how to deal with the pressure of the Scripture Storage Valley after killing Jiang Li.

"However, Elder Ma, that Jiang Li is actually able to defeat Chang Wanzhou. His strength is slightly troublesome. How is it? Are you confident?"

The person who spoke to him was also an important figure. He was the Head Elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain's Medicinal Pills, Ma Lichou.

"Elder Situ, don't worry. With the strength of the Medicine Man, Ding Chuyi, it won't be a problem to deal with Foundation Establishment cultivators. Jiang Li will definitely die."

Ma Lichou was also filled with confidence, and he utterly did not take Jiang Li, a Qi Refinement realm disciple, seriously.

As for the Medicine Man they were talking about, it was unknown what kind of existence he was.


After all, Jiang Li was at the top of the Qi Refinement realm competition. This concerned an entire 10% of the production share of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm, and it had a huge impact. Naturally, there were many high-level cultivators who were paying attention to him.

However, among them, there were clearly not many good intentions.

Jiang Li did not know what happened to the big shots above him. Even if he knew, it would be pointless.

After studying the Sharp Sword Aura Field, he continued to walk up.

According to conventional standards, the five people in this challenge were all very outstanding. There was no doubt about this.

However, to Jiang Li who had just smashed a Void Core cultivator, they were like weak mayflies that wanted to shake a tree, and they would only make him feel bored.

Only the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak's Golden Light Sword was worth fighting. The others were still far from him.

Which sect's disciple would it be this time?

When he walked up another step, Jiang Li smelled a familiar smell.

Of course, it was not a stench this time, but the fragrance of medicine.

Jiang Li had stayed in the Alchemy Hall for a period of time after all, and he had a senior sister that he was familiar with who was skilled in alchemy.

The scent that he smelled now was very similar to those alchemists in the sect.

However, the smell was so exaggerated that even Elder Red Hair could not compare to it.

It felt like this person was soaked in a medicinal vat and had just stepped out.

When he entered the arena, a cultivator was quietly standing there, waiting for Jiang Li's arrival.

As if he heard Jiang Li's footsteps, the other party raised his head and looked at him expressionlessly.

"I, Ding Chuyi of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, am under orders to challenge you here. Are you Jiang Li?"

As he spoke, he took out a piece of paper from his pocket. After opening it, it was actually a portrait of Jiang Li.

Ding Chuyi took the portrait and compared it with Jiang Li. It seemed that it was the right person, so he stuffed the portrait back into his pocket.

"I am. Please enlighten me."

The other party's attitude and actions made Jiang Li feel slightly strange.

He actually held a portrait to confirm Jiang Li's identity. This behavior did not look normal at all.

Was the Hundred Tempering Mountain planning to send an assassin to assassinate him in public?

"Target's identity confirmed. Mission, kill the target."

Ding Chuyi muttered to himself in an extremely stiff manner, and then he withdrew a crimson red saber and directly pounced towards Jiang Li.

His aura was not bad. He was indeed at the top of the Qi Refinement realm. The long saber that slashed at him went straight for his vital points, but that was all.


Jiang Li casually grabbed the saber artifact, and the blazing flames on the saber were directly extinguished by Jiang Li's Nine Nether spiritual qi.

This move revealed a terrifying strength that was sufficient to crush his opponent.

However, even so, the other party's expression did not change at all.

When their eyes met, Jiang Li could tell that Ding Chuyi was not pretending to be calm.

When they looked at each other from such a distance, Jiang Li noticed that the other party's eyes were different from ordinary people. They were suffused with a sickly grayish-yellow color, and there was no expression in the eyes. They were like a pool of stagnant water without any fluctuation.

What… was going on?

Jiang Li was puzzled in his heart, but this did not stop him from moving.

He raised his leg and kicked the other party in the stomach, causing this Ding Chuyi to fly out and smash into the edge of the ring before barely stopping.

The feeling of his feet told Jiang Li that he had shattered the other party's liver.

The injuries caused by that strike were enough for a Qi Refinement realm cultivator to walk around the gates of hell.

However, right when Jiang Li thought that the battle was about to end like this…

Ding Chuyi suddenly sat up from the ground without any warning. As if nothing had happened, he grabbed a porcelain bottle from his bosom and directly poured all of it into his mouth.

The sound of the pills colliding within the porcelain bottle exposed that there were more than ten pills inside. The way he ate the pills was comparable to Jiang Li.

The effect of eating pills like this was very obvious.

The sunken abdomen swelled up again as if it was filled with air. Jiang Li could see that this fellow's injuries had not recovered, but he actually stood up as if he utterly did not notice it.

Not only that, the spiritual qi in his body even gushed out uncontrollably, and his aura and cultivation were rising steadily at an abnormal speed.

"Medicinal pills to raise strength temporarily? Interesting."

When Jiang Li first started cultivating, he relied on this type of medicinal pill to gradually increase his strength.

However, the effects of this kind of medicinal pill in the market were relatively ordinary, and there were not many types. He had already eaten everything that could be bought. Of course, the effects were there, but it was very difficult to bring about a considerable increase in his cultivation level.

However, the Hundred Tempering Mountain was indeed worthy of being the leading sect in the alchemy industry in the Great Mountain Region.

The effects of those medicinal pills on the market were far inferior to the bottle that Ding Chuyi had eaten previously.

"Has he already surpassed the limit of the Qi Refinement realm and reached the Foundation Establishment realm?"

To be able to rely on medicinal pills to break through the gap of a major realm, even if it was only temporary, was already very astonishing.

However, such an increase should have terrifying consequences.

With Jiang Li's years of experience in taking medicine, he would either end up dead or crippled. Was such a sacrifice worth it?

"Wait a minute, his surname is Ding? No wonder. Are they trying to use cannon fodder to exchange for my defeat?"

Jiang Li suddenly recalled the information he had learned when he chose a sect in the Immortal Ascension Assembly.

The Hundred Tempering Mountain, one of the four major sects of the Great Mountain Region, had always been controlled by the Ma family and the Situ family. Foreign disciples had no chance of rising up in the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

Now, it seemed that not to mention having an opportunity to rise up, the life of ordinary disciples of the Hundred Tempering Mountain was probably even worse than Jiang Li had imagined.

Ding Chuyi's gaze was the best proof.

He had already been kicked by Jiang Li, and now that he had to endure such an intense medicinal effect. In spite of that, the other party was actually able to endure soundlessly, this was truly shocking.

Or rather, what level could he reach with this bottle of pills?

Out of his own considerations, Jiang Li did not stop the other party from doping. However, the other party clearly did not know what manners and modesty were. After his strength erupted to the limit, a strange ball of orange and yellow flames struck towards Jiang Li.

Five Internal Organs Pill Flame!

The power of this fire spell technique had already reached the level of a Foundation Establishment cultivator. The temperature was scorching and the might was extraordinary.

However, it was insufficient in front of Jiang Li.

Jiang Li stood confidently on the spot without moving. A palm wrapped in spiritual qi directly scattered the Five Internal Organs Pill Flame.

Everything looked very easy. Even if a Foundation Establishment cultivator came, it would be useless. This guy was only at the Qi Refinement realm so…

However, the extinguishing of this flame was not the end. Instead, it had just begun!

The flames were extinguished, and then a dense medicinal fragrance erupted. The medicinal fragrance then made Jiang Li's expression change as it spread around him.

The medicinal fragrance was absorbed into Jiang Li's body, and there was no concept of the incubation period at all.

A scorching feeling suddenly arose in Jiang Li's body, and it quickly spread and became more and more intense. In next to no time, Jiang Li's internal organs seemed to be enduring the burning of flames!

It seemed to be… no it was real!

There was really a flame burning in his body!

Jiang Li opened his mouth, and an orange flame suddenly surged out from his throat.

The air in front of him distorted as the flames spread out.

"What… What a sinister spell technique! What terrifying flames!"

[Absorbed the Fire Poison Pill Qi. Added Status: Five Internal Organs Pill Flame.]

[Due to Golden Core Protection, Detoxification, Fire Resistance, and Poison Resistance statuses, the effects of the Five Internal Organs Pill Flame are resisted.]

[Five Internal Organs Pill Flame: Burns the five internal organs with Pill Flame. 0 Health Points will be deducted every second. Duration: 10 minutes] (− +)

The methods of the Hundred Tempering Mountain were too ruthless!

This kind of technique that hid the fire poison in the pill qi which was hidden in the original fire attack was simply impossible to guard against!

Jiang Li had reason to suspect that this was absolutely not a technique that a Qi Refinement disciple could master!

There had to be someone behind this fire spell technique who had used some special method to make Ding Chuyi able to unleash this kind of flame!

While it was impossible to guard against, once one was hit, the dual-attribute poison and fire damage that appeared from within the body could definitely destroy the body of a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

If Jiang Li did not have these statuses to protect himself, he would at least be half dead.

The Hundred Tempering Mountain was obviously trying to kill him!

Jiang Li's favorability towards this sect instantly fell to the abyss.

The heat in his body made him feel a little uncomfortable, but as the interface showed, this could not hurt him at all.

His figure disappeared on the spot.


Jiang Li no longer held back, and his fist directly struck Ding Chuyi's chest.

The powerful fist directly entered the other party's chest, smashing his heart into mush.

Their eyes met again, but to Jiang Li's surprise, there was still no fear in the other party's eyes.


The crimson saber artifact slashed over once more, and it was easily grabbed by Jiang Li with two fingers.

His strength had already reached the level of the Foundation Establishment realm, but to Jiang Li, it was still very weak.

However… this guy's heart had clearly been destroyed.

Why could he still move?


In order to avoid any melodramatic events like the heart growing on the right side, Jiang Li punched the other party's right chest again.


Ding Chuyi spat out another mouthful of blood, but this blood ignited in midair and condensed into a blood sword that flew towards Jiang Li.

Fire Poison Blood Sword!

The strange colored flames on the blood sword told Jiang Li that this was another extremely vicious and sinister move. At such a distance, no one could dodge this blood sword when it was taken by surprise.

However, Jiang Li's reaction speed was different from before. He directly dodged the sneak attack.

"What's wrong with you?"

The effects of the two punches earlier could not be faked. The other party's chest had completely collapsed, and all the internal organs inside had been shattered by the violent force.

Logically speaking, he should have died long ago from this kind of damage. But why was this guy still able to fight?

Jiang Li appeared behind Ding Chuyi and grabbed the other party's neck from behind, and then he squeezed lightly. With a light crack, the fragile neck bone had already shattered into pieces.

Without the support of the neck bone, Ding Chuyi's neck naturally could not stand anymore. He fell 180 degrees back, and his eyes met Jiang Li's for the third time.

It was still that lifeless gaze. If it was a zombie with some cultivation, it might be even more lively and cheerful than him.

This fellow's head was already hanging behind his back, yet he actually still wanted to attack Jiang Li.

Soon, he was kicked far away along with his saber.

Although Ding Chuyi had eaten some potent medicinal pills, the essence of his body was still at the Qi Refinement realm.

After getting hit by Jiang Li five times in a row, even a Core Formation cultivator would be suffering badly.

However, he held his head and swayed as he stood up from the ground.

Jiang Li was shocked. He could actually still stand up in this state!

This Hundred Tempering Mountain disciple's strength could only be considered not bad, but there was definitely something wrong with him!

Jiang Li suddenly thought of something, and with a command in his heart, the Nine Nether spiritual qi surged into his eyes. Only then did he raise his eyes to look at the other party again.


In ancient times, the Nine Nether Wood was used to build the pillars of the Netherworld Palace. It was extremely specialized in dealing with ghosts.

The Nine Nether spiritual qi adhered to his eyes, and Jiang Li directly saw through the other party's body and soul.

This guy was long dead!

In Jiang Li's field of vision, Ding Chuyi's body was filled with the aura of death, and his soul was extremely thin.

Such a soul should have left the body long ago and waited to dissipate.

However, at this moment, he was bound by an unknown force and still firmly fused with his body.

"What did the people from the Hundred Tempering Mountain do to their disciples?"


At this moment, a puff of white smoke rose from the ground.

Jiang Li lowered his head to look at his fist. A few drops of blood that carried a strong medicinal smell landed on the ground.

When the blood touched the ground, a violent reaction arose. In a short while, a hole was actually corroded.

Jiang Li felt extremely displeased as if he had eaten a fly.

He raised his fist and saw that the blood on it was trying to corrode his skin. Although he did not succeed, he was still a little upset after being targeted several times.

Although this was useless to him, using a poison of this level to deal with a Qi Refinement realm cultivator was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Jiang Li shook off the poisonous blood in his hand in disdain and felt the deep malice of this world towards body cultivators.

It was one thing for body cultivation to be difficult to cultivate, but at close range, all kinds of traps could be used.

From his flesh to his aura, Ding Chuyi's entire body had been poisoned. When ordinary cultivators faced him, it was not strange for them to injure themselves when they hurt him.

In order to deal with him this time, the Hundred Tempering Mountain had paid a huge price. It had completely disgusted him.

Fortunately, he was not a pure body cultivator now.

Jiang Li tapped the ground with his foot, and a strand of spiritual qi surged along the ground until it arrived below the other party. The spiritual qi suddenly transformed into a wooden spike that pierced through the ground and shot up.

The wooden spike that was covered in blood instantly blasted the top of the other party's head flying, and it directly pierced through Ding Chuyi from bottom to top.

This time, even if the other party was still alive and his eyes were still moving, he no longer had the ability to resist… probably.