In the first three days, the competition for the top ten positions in the two arenas finally ended.

At this point, no matter how badly they performed later on, they would at least be ranked tenth.

The next two days were the last two days for the cultivators to rest and adjust their conditions!

What was worth mentioning was that after Chang Wanzhou's injuries stabilized, he challenged the other disciples again and successfully entered the top ten.

As for Ma Donggui from the Foreign Affairs Hall, he relied on his powerful lightning technique to squeeze in.

Among the top ten, the disciples of the four major sects obtained the vast majority. Only three spots were occupied by the disciples of the other sects, while there was not a single rogue cultivator.

To be honest, without any heaven-defying aptitude or opportunities, ordinary rogue cultivators were too weak compared to sect disciples.

Especially when they were at this initial stage. One had the protection of the sect, the guidance of elders, and stable resources.

As for the other side, other than an incomplete cultivation method, he might not have anything else and had to rely on himself.

Apart from luck and talent, there was really nothing that rogue cultivators could compare to sect disciples.

After five days passed, the first on the rankings, Jiang Li, stood at the peak of the mountain once more and looked down upon everyone.

The ten of them were observing each other covetously. Apart from Jiang Li, no one would not want a better ranking.

Below, the remaining 200 cultivators competed for all the rings outside the top ten.

For them, there was no such cruel and difficult challenge mission.

The 200 disciples stepped onto the Hundred Battles Steps one after another. They had to choose the arena to occupy according to their strength.

However, there were only 90 rings that could be occupied. Soon, before all 90 rings were completely occupied, fights had already begun.

There was a 45% chance of advancing from top 200 to top 90. Speaking of which, as long as each person defeated an opponent, they could obtain a certain share for their sect.

However, the rules of the Hundred Battles Steps were free challenges. There were no specific restrictions.

In other words, those arenas that were ranked at the front might have extremely intense competition, and it was even to the extent that they might be challenged more than ten times in a row and suffer more frequent challenges than Jiang Li.

As for those that were ranked towards the back, it was even to the extent that no one cared about them. They could stay there easily and wait until the end.

Without overwhelming strength, it was very difficult for ordinary cultivators to withstand continuous challenges from opponents of the same level.

Therefore, other than strength, this competition also tested luck and wisdom very much.

For example, preserving their strength and attacking when everyone was exhausted was a good choice.

Jiang Li lay on the curled up wooden dragon and looked up at the sky in boredom.

In the air above the two mountains, there was a thin silver water screen. This water screen was like a mirror, it could clearly reflect light and images.

It was a spell technique called the Mirror Water Screen. It was set up by several high-level cultivators.

Because the arena was located on the stairway of a hundred battles, most of the low-level cultivators at the foot of the mountain were utterly unable to see the situation of the arena above.

Without an audience, how could it be called a grand event? No matter how intense the battle was, it was meaningless.

Therefore, the competition authorities specially created such a Mirror Water Screen. As long as the cultivators raised their heads, they could watch the battle through the reflection.

Through appropriate adjustments to the position, angle and placement, they could even have the effect of a projector. It allowed the low-level cultivators below to watch the battle through the huge screen that covered the sky and sun. The effect was simply too good.

Who said that the cultivation world only knew spiritual qi and not physics? The cultivators who created this spell technique clearly understood the method of spreading light very thoroughly.

At this moment, Jiang Li had just sent a challenger from Benevolent Travel Temple flying with a kick, and he directly shattered the other party's Vajra Body, causing his overall strength to suddenly decrease and be unable to recover for a short period of time.

The outcome of the battle which ended with a single strike caused the expressions of the other eight to become extremely heavy, and they didn't dare challenge Jiang Li again for a long time.

Jiang Li, the first place on the rankings, actually became so free. He sat on the "Dragon Throne", in the best position in the middle of the entire arena, watching the entire competition.

As more and more cultivators poured in, the battles below became more and more frequent. All kinds of spell techniques flickered, and the battles between the cultivators were abnormally intense.

This was the most elite group of Qi Refinement cultivators in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region. There were almost no weaklings among them. All of them had some ability.

With this large group of people fighting together, there were more or less some interesting ones.

Jiang Li's gaze swept past the numerous arenas that were in intense battle, and then his eyes that were looking at the sky suddenly lost their focus. It was as if he had crossed a great distance and met another pair of eyes.

Those eyes were deep and hollow, and they could not be seen clearly under the shadow.

Two days ago, the owner of the pair of eyes had already left the Misty Mountain Range and flown in a certain direction.


The Immortal Cultivation Nightless City was one of the most prosperous cultivation cities in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

Here, the bustling streets would never be silent. Even when day changed into night and night changed into day, this city would never feel tired.

On this day, a figure rode an artifact and flew towards the city from the horizon.

The person was sitting cross-legged on a coffin. He had a medium build and was slender. He wore a green robe and had a wooden mask without any characteristics.

With such a tight cover, not to mention outsiders, even their own mother would not be able to recognize them.

The green-robed man looked down at the rice fields that stretched into the horizon. Under the breeze, they were swaying like waves of the ocean.

At the end of the golden matured rice field stood a towering and huge city that did not match the productivity of the feudal era.

Patting the gray and ordinary coffin beneath him, his flying speed slowed down quite a bit. He retreated from his original speed that was difficult to capture with the naked eye and flew over rather leisurely.

"Stop there! You are not allowed to fly in the air above Nightless City!"

Just as the green-robed man was about to fly past the city wall of Nightless City…

Three figures suddenly jumped up and stopped him in midair.

"Friend, please cooperate with the inspection. I believe you know very well what will happen to those who break the rules of the Nightless City."

Three glittering hooks appeared in the hands of the three cultivators blocking the way.

On the top was a sharp and curved iron hook, and there were countless sharp blades attached to the chain.

This was a standard artifact of the Nightless City. It was quite powerful. While it could make people suffer, it would not easily take their lives.

If they killed anyone in the Nightless City, it would be very disadvantageous to their business if news of it spread. Therefore, they specially customized this kind of cruel artifact that could hook bones and scrape flesh.

They had seen many cultivators who believed themselves to be invincible when they were young, but as long as they were bound by this hook, no matter how hard their bones were, they would soften.

With the backing of Nightless City, they were very happy to see the troublemaker cause trouble.

Judging from the green-robed man's flying speed just now, he was clearly not a high-level cultivator. They were very confident in their eyesight.

"Three Foundation Establishment cultivators guarding the gate and holding the Moon Shooting Crossbows. The Nightless City is really rich and imposing."

The green-robed man looked at the three cultivators blocking in front of him and then glanced at the two bronze ballistae that were adjusting their positions on the city wall and aiming at him.

"The rules of the Nightless City? Then why can they fly in the sky?"

The green-robed man pointed not far away. Two elders were rising into the sky from the city. After flying over the city wall, they transformed into two streaks of light and disappeared into the horizon.

Obviously, these three fellows were treating him differently.

"Hmph, that's a mighty figure at the Golden Core realm. How can any random nobody… compare to… them…"

As the cultivator in the lead spoke, he could not continue.

This was because a huge pressure suddenly descended and ruthlessly enveloped their bodies.

Cold sweat broke out on his pores as his body trembled and he felt weak all over!

As the gatekeepers of the Nightless City, they were indeed knowledgeable. This feeling was…

"Golden… Golden Core!"

The Foundation Establishment cultivator in the lead said these two words with a pale face. Then, his body was no longer able to withstand the pressure and he fell to the ground with the other two cultivators.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three muffled collisions sounded, and their buttocks collided intimately with the limestone ground.

The three Foundation Establishment Cultivators naturally did not fall to death so easily, but they still felt dizzy due to the impact.

"What do you think? According to you, am I qualified to fly over now?"

As for the green-robed cultivator, he suddenly disappeared in the air and appeared a few meters away from them in the next second.

The three Foundation Establishment Cultivators were so frightened that their souls almost left their bodies. Their faces turned from white to green.

If it was their duty to stop the flying swordsmen who violated the rules, then calling a Golden Core cultivator a "random nobody" was undoubtedly asking for death!

If they met a Golden Core with a slightly bad temper, it was not impossible to slap them to death on the spot.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my Lord. I'm the one who's a random nobody!"

"I failed to recognize such greatness and offended Lord. Please forgive me!"

The three of them hurriedly apologized and sincerely regretted their mistakes.

The Nightless City was not afraid of a Golden Core cultivator, if the green-robed man directly killed someone at the city gate for no reason, it would undoubtedly affect the prestige of the Nightless City. Regardless of whether it was for reputation or anything else, they would definitely suffer a swift retaliation.

However, the prosperity of Nightless City mainly relied on the investment and permanent residence of the various large sects.

The City Lord's faction was actually inferior to the Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

Therefore, they were also unwilling to offend a Golden Core cultivator for no reason. Furthermore, this time, it was because of the three of them being disrespectful that they angered the green-robed person.

Even if the green-robed man did not attack them this time, the Nightless City would similarly punish them severely to appease the anger of a Golden Core cultivator.

The three Foundation Establishment cultivators bowed on the ground for more than ten minutes in order to apologize. Only then did the green-robed man speak indifferently.

"Forget it, it's your responsibility. I won't pursue this matter."

"I want to stay in Nightless City for the time being. What do I need to do? One of you, bring me there and settle this!"

Upon hearing this, the three cultivators heaved a sigh of relief.

They were not inner sect disciples of any large sect. There were no powerful elders and masters standing behind them.

If this Golden Core insisted on pursuing the matter, just a crime of disrespect was enough to let them spend the rest of their lives cleaning the toilet.

Although the green-robed man was a powerful and mysterious Golden Core cultivator, he was unexpectedly easy-going.

After all, he came here to do something, not to cause trouble. There was no need to make things difficult for others.

When the three of them noticed that Jiang Li had already withdrawn his aura, they stood up and led the way for Jiang Li while trembling in fear.

"Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord! I can't thank you enough… Is this your first time in Nightless City, Lord?"

When the Foundation Establishment Cultivator in the lead saw that the green-robed man was really not angry anymore, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. After letting the other two leave, he put on a flattering expression.

The green-robed masked man nodded, and the other party's expression actually became a bit happy.

The fear from before dissipated quite a bit, as if the green-clothed person's first visit to Nightless City still had some great benefits for him.

Cultivators who had been in Nightless City for a long time knew a little about this.

Nightless City was a gathering place for cultivators to trade. If they wanted to develop, what they needed the most was more active and high-quality visitor flow.

For this reason, they even set up relevant rules. Every time a cultivator was introduced to the Nightless City for the first time, the tour guide would obtain a certain reward.

The higher the cultivation level of the cultivators, the higher their status, and the more generous the reward the person who guided them would receive in the end.

If he could convince a Golden Core cultivator to stay in the Nightless City or even directly join it, he would be able to earn a lot.

"Lord, if it's your first time in the Nightless City, it's best to register first. It'll be more convenient to enter and leave the Nightless City in the future."

"Lord, this way please. I'll lead the way."

The cultivator bowed and brought the green-robed man to a wooden building beside the city gate.

There were a lot of cultivators coming and going in Nightless City every day, but unlike sect cultivators with special passageways, if the rogue cultivators were not qualified to obtain a long-term pass, then every time they returned, they had to settle the procedures in this wooden building and pay the entrance fee.

However, unlike the low-level cultivators who were waiting in line in the hall, Jiang Li was directly led to the VIP room on the second floor.

Over there, even more sexy and beautiful female cultivators would warmly and politely welcome him.

The moment the door to the VIP room was opened, the green-clothed person saw a female cultivator tidying up her appearance and trying to open her collar even more. Only when the door was opened did she hurriedly sit down and reveal a professional smile as she looked at the VIP.

The green-clothed person approached the VIP room. The person at the door tactfully closed the door automatically, leaving room for the two inside.

That female cultivator was not young and looked to be in her twenties. Her figure was hot and her appearance was not bad.

However, with the green-robed person's perception, he could tell that her cultivation was only at the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm.

To only have such a cultivation level at this age, her talent must be very ordinary. She would probably be stuck at the Qi Refinement realm in this lifetime.

Was that why they came to work as VIP attendants? Perhaps some high-level cultivator would take a fancy to them and change their fate. That was what they thought.

The expression under the mask did not change at all. Jiang Li who was 500km away curled his lips. He did not agree with this thought.

Seeing the woman's practiced movements, this must have happened more than once. Which high-level cultivator would be stupid enough to get attached to such a person?