Monk Le Yuan's Palm Meditation Technique was indeed very powerful. The power after he released the technique was enough to suppress most Foundation Establishment cultivators.

However, this meditation technique had a small flaw.

Due to the fact that the palms had been together all year round, life was extremely inconvenient, let alone practicing fist techniques.

Without systematic practice, no matter how talented one was in combat, it was still unorthodox.

In Jiang Li's eyes, although the little giant was very powerful, his attacks were only brandishing his fists randomly.

Forget about technique, he could not even find his own rhythm.

This point formed a sharp contrast with Jiang Li who already had his own insights from close combat all year round.

Coupled with the enhancement of his Golden Core Dao Heart, Jiang Li's reaction speed far exceeded the opponent. Even if he only used the same amount of strength, he could still obtain an absolute advantage.

Jiang Li's fist no longer collided with his opponent's hardest fist, and it instead struck the relatively fragile finger bones every single time.

He punched seven times in a row, and seven fingers were broken. By the time Le Yuan realized that the situation was not right, he could no longer clench his fists. The twisted bones of his fingers were shocking.

The battle continued. Monk Le Yuan was still trying to use the other parts of his body to attack. However, anyone with discerning eyes could see that he did not have much hope of turning the tables.

As time passed, the power in the other party's body continued to weaken. The small giant figure also gradually returned to normal.

Finally, after persisting for an hour, Monk Le Yuan finally fell to the ground and could not stand up anymore.

The spiritual qi vortex on the other party's body finally dissipated slowly at this moment. After a burst of golden light, it completely calmed down.

Although he was defeated in the end, it was also at this time that he successfully completed the construction of his Dao Foundation and broke through to the Foundation Establishment realm.

For top geniuses in the Great Mountain Region, it was unlikely for them to fail in breaking through the Foundation Establishment bottleneck.

Relying on a special Buddhist cultivation method, not only did the hundreds of punches that Jiang Li struck earlier not cause him to fail in the Foundation Establishment realm, it even had a tempering effect on him.

Jiang Li had won, but Le Yuan did not lose out either.

After lying down for a while, Le Yuan's injuries stabilized, and he returned to the second ring to continue meditating.

The disciple who was kicked to the tenth place originally wanted to snatch back the second ring. However, Le Yuan had already reached the Foundation Establishment realm. Although he was quite injured, the disciple still did not have the confidence to challenge him.

As the last grain of sand fell from the large hourglass, the black and white rankings that were refined from a huge jade wall suddenly emitted a rainbow light that shot into the sky.

This meant that all the rankings had been fixed. This Great Mountain Cultivator Competition had ended successfully!

Jiang Li was undoubtedly still ranked first in the Qi Refinement realm arena. He had directly obtained 10% of the mystic realm allocation for his sect.

Coupled with the efforts of the others, in the end, the Scripture Storage Valley would obtain a 19.85% share of the output of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm in the next ten years.

They obtained almost one-fifth of the total, and Jiang Li contributed half by himself.

This was also the reason why all the sects were thinking hard about competing for the first place. The benefits represented here were really too great.

Unfortunately, Great Demon King Jiang Li was here, so how could the disciples of the other sects have the slightest chance?

At this point, the entire competition had come to an end. The Scripture Storage Valley and the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, who had each obtained first place on the rankings, became the biggest winners.

After such a grand event ended, the many sects and rogue cultivators gathered in the Misty Mountain Range did not disperse.

Since the distribution portion had been confirmed, the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm would be officially excavated.

Before long, a large number of aged and precious spiritual herbs would be produced endlessly from the medicinal garden. Through the trade network, it would ultimately benefit every cultivator in the Great Mountain Region.


A few days later, in Nightless City.

After the Nine Nether clone who called himself Green Mountain Ascetic harvested another batch of spiritual root seeds, he saw Yan Hong, who had returned from the Southern Seal Kingdom.

The other party was travel-worn and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked agitated and had not slept for a few days.

However, looking at his smile that could not be suppressed, there should not be any trouble this time.

"Jiang Li, is this your incarnation?"

In the secret room filled with Jiang Hong, Yan Hong circled around the Nine Nether clone as he sized it up.

The Nine Nether clone naturally could not use Green Mountain Ascetic's appearance to meet Yan Hong.

Trust was trust, but the fewer people who knew about it, the better. After letting his clone change his appearance, he said that it was formed from a new spell technique he had learned.

"Of course it's me. Tell me quickly. How's the harvest at the Southern Seal Kingdom?"

Jiang Li's voice sounded from the communication spirit stone and his clone at the same time. Even his tone and accent were the same. Only then did Yan Hong heave a sigh of relief and confirm the identity of Jiang Li's clone.

"Hehe, although I don't know why you want so many souls, this is indeed a great harvest."

Yan Hong brought his clone into a warehouse and saw two types of goods piled inside.

The first was naturally the Soul Capturing Bag that Jiang Li was familiar with. Every single one of them was stuffed full of souls, and the small mountain that was piled together was already about to reach the roof.

"Ordinary souls are too fragile under the lightning tribulation. I estimate that more than 60% of the souls are already scattered by the lightning tribulation."

"The remaining ones did not dare to approach the city with the residual lightning aura and scattered around the capital of the Southern Seal Kingdom."

"This has caused some trouble for our collection. However, we still collected these in seven days."

"A total of 473,000 souls!"

Yan Hong pretended to be calm as he reported a number. Under normal circumstances, this number of ghosts would probably be the gains of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn for a year.

Jiang Li was excited. The total number of souls in the coffin was roughly this number.

Indeed, one could not become rich without a windfall. Most of the ghosts in his coffin were still from the main job of massacring the city. If he slowly accumulated them, when would he reach his goal?

He raised his hand and threw the coffin that quickly enlarged. As the lid opened, it automatically produced a powerful suction force.

The souls that were stuffed into the Soul Capturing Bag did not have much weight, so they were quickly captured by the suction force and went into the coffin.

Yan Hong more or less knew about Jiang Li possessing a storage artifact.

However, he did not expect that the space of this storage artifact was actually so large, easily containing these cloth bags.

As a businessman, he was naturally extremely envious. After all, a warehouse that could be carried around was too useful in terms of storage. It could save a lot of trouble.

However, it was obvious that this kind of good thing was definitely not something that the current him could obtain.

"What are these jugs over here?"

Jiang Li's clone looked to the other side. There were clearly more of them. They directly piled up half of the warehouse's large clay altar.

These jars was very new, and there were traces of them being moved everywhere. Clearly, this was also the harvest Yan Hong had obtained from the Southern Seal Kingdom.

However, what else could they fancy in that barren land?

Yan Hong did not keep him in suspense. He slapped open a jar of mud and removed a yellow talisman from the mouth of the jar.

Immediately, a thick smell of blood spread. This smell was not pleasant. Coupled with the red and slightly black liquid in the jar, the answer was very obvious.

"This is… human blood."

Jiang Li was stunned, and then he smelled it.

"All the jars here contain human blood?"

He looked at the large number of clay pots piled up and could not help but be a little speechless.

There were more than a million deaths in the Southern Seal Kingdom this time. Every human who weighed about 60 kilograms had about 4.2 liters of blood in their body.

If he took out all the blood of more than a million people, it could probably fill two of the standard swimming pools of the international competitions in his previous life.

The thought of that scene made him feel uncomfortable.

Yan Hong and the others did not arrive at the scene immediately. They had to hire people to help extract the blood.

After some work, there was only so much blood left.

However, at a glance, it was already shocking enough that half of the warehouse was filled with clay jars.

"That's right. You let me collect a lot of demon beast blood and wild beast blood before. I thought that these human blood might be useful to you, so I spent some spirit stones to let the small demons and rogue cultivators collect them."

Jiang Li nodded and was very satisfied with this. In the cultivation world, humans were the spiritual creatures of all things, and they were more or less special in some ways. Even though there was no spiritual qi in this blood, it was still one of the few types of blood that the Bloodsucking Wood loved.

"You've helped me a lot. I have great use for this blood."

Yan Hong was one of Jiang Li's few friends. Even though his cultivation was weak and it was impossible for him to catch up to Jiang Li in terms of cultivation in his entire lifetime,

with him managing Prosperous Jiang Hong, it could surprise Jiang Li from time to time.

As a businessman, as long as he had a strong background, it was acceptable for him to be weak.

The coffin floating in the air turned around, and the black hole aimed at the pile of clay jugs.

The suction force appeared again and put the rows of jars into the coffin.


As he was collecting the jar, the floating Yin Burial Coffin suddenly trembled. A wave of spiritual qi leaked out uncontrollably.

Jiang Li frowned and let his clone press the coffin lid to help stabilize the spiritual qi in the coffin.

After the 470,000 souls surged in, the entire Yin Burial Coffin started to change.

The coffin, which originally had extremely obscure spiritual qi and was difficult to detect, began to leak spiritual qi from time to time. Its gray exterior also revealed some spiritual qi leakage.

The changes inside the coffin were even more earth-shattering.

The internal space that was already vast as a stadium expanded again.

Qin Shuman, who was working hard in the coffin, suddenly discovered that there was an earthquake in this space.

The dense Yin Burial spiritual qi surged in the space, scaring her until her beautiful face turned pale. She hurriedly ran back to her clay statue to hide. Through the hole, she watched the change in space with trepidation.

The coffin space suddenly began to expand as it shook.

The glowing moss that had already covered every corner of the coffin suddenly got pulled apart in the enlarged space.

The dreamy fluorescent light that had just enveloped the entire coffin space was torn into countless glowing pieces, revealing the gray wood under the moss.

It was like a scene of the end of the world.

Fortunately, although it looked scary, it was actually a good thing.

The only problem was that it would probably take a few days before the glowing moss could cover the empty areas again.

It was precisely the spatial growth of the Yin Burial Coffin that had already reached the limit of a Profound-rank artifact.

The coffin itself had a huge difficulty containing such a huge amount of space. This led to the Yin Burial Coffin's spiritual qi being unstable.

He raised his hand and recalled the coffin.

At this moment, the number of ghosts in the coffin space had already reached an astonishing 950,000!

The Yin Burial Coffin finally began to show signs of advancing, as well as a strong need.

As the owner of the artifact, Jiang Li could still clearly sense the situation of the Yin Burial Coffin.

It seemed that a million ghosts should be the main requirement to advance the Yin Burial Coffin.

Only by reaching this harsh condition could he trigger the coffin's advancement. Only then would some of his other preparations be meaningful.

In addition, for the sake of strengthening the Yin Burial Coffin's main material, sufficient blood was one of the necessary conditions. Jiang Li had expected this a long time ago and had made many preparations. Coupled with this large amount of human blood, it was not far from the requirements.

However, other than that, he also sensed that the coffin needed a lot of other materials to advance.

Large quantity, high quality, and expensive stuff!

For this, he would probably have to spend a considerable amount of spirit stones. Ordinary Golden Core cultivators would have to sell everything they had.

He had indeed obtained a considerable reward for winning first place in the sect competition.

However, it was obviously not comparable to the requirement of advancing the coffin to an Earth-rank artifact.

"Looks like I have to earn more spirit stones."

"Yan Hong, what do you think we should do in Nightless City to earn spirit stones?"

Jiang Li scratched his head and pondered this question in distress.

He had originally thought that with his status cheat, the demand for spirit stones should be quite limited. He did not expect that a random artifact he picked up back then would actually be such a huge spender.

It was obvious that Yan Hong had spent a lot of time studying the theories of business. Jiang Li's question was exactly what he wanted. As soon as he opened his mouth, he spoke non-stop. He spoke about all kinds of business that Jiang Li had never heard of.

However, with the situation of a Qi Refinement realm cultivator, it was unlikely for him to earn an Earth-rank artifact's worth of spirit stones even if he was given ten lifetimes.

If he wanted to obtain a large number of spirit stones in a short period of time, he had to use this identity, Green Mountain Ascetic, who was a Golden Core cultivator.

The business had to be low-cost and easy to do. There could not be competition and the funds had to come quickly.

When he asked about a business that met these conditions, Yan Hong's mouth suddenly went silent. He turned around and looked at Jiang Li as if he wanted to say something but hesitated, as if he had asked a strange question.