Yan Hong suspected that Jiang Li wanted to engage in the sexual industry, but the spirit stones earned through that clearly could not satisfy the exaggerated demand of the Yin Burial Coffin. He still had to think of another way with his advantage.

This was the first time the Nine Nether clone had done this. It was originally a carefree tree, but now, it still had to think of ways to earn money for the main body.

Its experience was probably unique among the rest of its kind.

His clone was currently doing market research in Nightless City while Jiang Li's main body left the Scripture Storage Valley again.

After the competition ended, Jiang Li had already followed the group back to the sect. After that, he buried himself in cultivation. He spent a week to allow his body refinement cultivation method, the Mountain Crushing Scripture, to take a step closer to attain the ninth level that was on par with the Nine Nether Dao Scripture.

Next, he just had to wait for an opportunity to attempt Foundation Establishment at any time.

At this moment, Elder He found him and gave him an exquisite small sword that was the size of a palm.

It was the token of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, the number one sect in the Great Mountain Region.

According to Elder He, Shu Mountain had specially invited him to thank him for saving Shenshan Qiuhua's life.

Moreover, he specially instructed Jiang Li to come over before he reached the Foundation Establishment realm.

Regarding this, Elder He clearly knew something. However, he did not say anything and only told Jiang Li that the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak wanted to give him a fortuitous encounter. It was extremely beneficial to the construction of his Dao Foundation, and he should treat it seriously.

Jiang Li held the small sword and could only sigh helplessly. The opportunities in the Shu Mountain alone were many. The things left behind by their ancestors were simply endless. It was no wonder that they were the boss of the region.

"Rayquaza, full speed ahead!"

Jiang Li patted the wooden dragon beneath him. The first fully awakened Wood Demon that had already been named Rayquaza flapped its tail and flew towards the distant horizon.

Yes, under Jiang Li's meticulous nurturing, this Demon Wood Dragon that was still ignorant a few days ago could already fly.

After all, Jiang Li was the greatest contributor to this Great Mountain Cultivator Competition. After the competition, he naturally met the Valley Master, Daoist Wushe.

Apart from a large number of conventional rewards, Daoist Wushe was also very polite and told Jiang Li to ask for anything.

If it was an ordinary disciple, they would most likely first express their loyalty before politely rejecting him. This should be a very safe reply.

However, Jiang Li was different. If the Valley Master dared to give it, he would dare to take it. He did not even hesitate and directly proposed his request.

His request was not difficult. He only wanted the sect's Weapon Refinement Hall to help him. They would give his Demon Wood Dragon a complete set of spirit rune carvings according to the standards of the warships and flying ships.

At that time, the expressions of the Weapon Refinement Hall elders present darkened. The Valley Master had given the promise, but it was their turn to pay the bill. It was really unlucky.

However, although they were complaining, they were not complacent when it came to work. After a few days of hard work by the people of the Weapon Refinement Hall, the current Rayquaza appeared.

Every piece of tree bark and leaf on its body was covered in dense and complicated spiritual carvings, causing the originally mighty wooden dragon to appear even more mysterious and elegant.

This wooden dragon was transformed from Jiang Li's Nine Nether spiritual qi. It was born at the Foundation Establishment realm. Now that it was covered in the spirit rune carvings of a warship and having Jiang Li's Spirit Surging Technique, it could already be considered a very qualified mount.

The huge wooden dragon swayed its body formed by a large amount of leaves. The broom-like tail as it gradually lit up.

The acceleration runes on the leaves lit up one after another. The 30-meter-long wooden dragon began to accelerate continuously as it sped into the distance.

The Scripture Storage Valley and the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak were not too far apart, but Jiang Li flew at full speed on the back of Rayquaza. It took him four days and three nights to finally arrive. In his previous life, he could fly twice around the Earth using this time.

As the sun approached, Jiang Li saw the five sword-shaped mountains standing in the sunlight from afar.

Even though he had seen it many times through the eyes of the sword cultivator clone, he could not help but be deeply shocked when he saw such a magnificent scene with his own eyes.

It was truly a miraculous creation. No matter who saw this scene, they would not doubt that these were five immortal mountains.

He patted Rayquaza's back and made it slow down from the high-speed flight.

The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was good-looking, but the Five Peak Array Formation was not a joke.

If he accidentally triggered the grand array and struck him with his sword, he would be wronged.

"Scripture Storage Valley's Jiang Li has come to pay a visit!"

Jiang Li controlled the wooden dragon to stop outside the Shu Mountain Realm. After taking out the small sword and infusing spiritual qi into it, the small sword immediately emitted a spiritual light and shot towards Shu Mountain.

Soon, a few sword lights flew towards him from within Shu Mountain.

"Junior Brother Jiang, I knew that it must be you when I saw this wooden dragon. I didn't know that you would come at this time. I apologize for not going out to meet you. I'm really sorry."

As Jiang Li took first place in the Qi Refinement realm competition, the wooden dragon beside him also became famous. When others did not have a mount, this Rayquaza had already become part of Jiang Li's image.

The people who came were Golden Light Sword Chang Wanzhou and a few other sword cultivators who seemed to be on duty.

However, he actually saw a familiar face among them.

"I haven't seen Senior Brother Chang in a few days and you're still as elegant as before. It was rude of me to visit you out of the blue."

"In addition, Senior Brother Yin Qiu, do you still remember me?"

After exchanging pleasantries, Jiang Li suddenly greeted a fire sword cultivator on duty.

The sword cultivators on duty were also in groups of five. The other four immediately looked at Yin Qiu in surprise, their eyes filled with question marks.

They had not expected that their ordinary teammate would actually know the number one Qi Refinement realm cultivator of the Great Mountain Region.

"Cough cough, Junior Brother Jiang Li, hello. Long time no see."

Yin Qiu smiled awkwardly before greeting Jiang Li.

This fire-attribute sword cultivator was the first Shu Mountain sword cultivator Jiang Li had seen. At that time, Jiang Li, who had just started cultivation, only had a few pitiful buffs on him and was very weak.

He had a short conflict with this fire sword cultivator before, and in the end, he had a slight advantage.

This was also the only draw he had since the start of his cultivation journey.

"You know each other?"

Jiang Li nodded, and he did not say that they had only met once. Instead, he said that they were friends.

Chang Wanzhou was slightly surprised as well. How brilliant and outstanding was Jiang Li? It turned out that there was someone he knew in the sect. Could it be that this Yin Qiu was also a genius that had been ignored? Looks like he had to pay more attention to this person in the future.

"Junior Brother Jiang Li, it's been a long time. It's already late, so I'll bring you to rest first. Elder Wei has already arranged a place for you to stay. Follow me."

Shu Mountain had invited Jiang Li, so they naturally would not let him be rejected for nothing. After exchanging a few pleasantries, they led him into the mountain.

However, Golden Light Sword, Chang Wanzhou, turned around and brought Jiang Li to the Water Element Peak. The moment he landed, he sensed the water attribute spiritual qi in the surroundings and knew that this was definitely the Water Element Peak.

However, this Elder Wei was the Metal Sword Peak's Peak Master. Why was he arranged to stay at the Water Element Peak?

"Oh, it's like this. Junior Brother Jiang Li, your spiritual root is wood, and metal subdues wood. It's really impolite to arrange for you to stay on the Metal Sword Peak, so it's best to stay on this Water Element Peak."

As if seeing through Jiang Li's confusion, Chang Wanzhou took the initiative to explain. When Jiang Li heard this, he felt that this made some sense.

Then, under the gaze of a group of female water sword cultivators, Jiang Li was arranged to enter an independent guest room courtyard.

This was like going to a female school and living in a female dormitory. It was a little exciting.


In Nightless City.

After leaving the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn, the clone returned to his original appearance and strolled around the Nightless City. From an objective point of view, he thought about what this Nightless City was lacking and what flaws there were in the business market.

Due to the gradual opening of foreign trade in the Misty Mountain Range, the number of permanent residents had decreased.

However, as an established trading center, the city's status would not be shaken for at least decades.

Jiang Li walked around for a few days.

Therefore, a scene appeared in Nightless City. A Golden Core cultivator with a golden token on his waist had nothing to do all day and night, and he was always wandering aimlessly on the streets. No one knew what he wanted to do.

The actions of the Nine Nether clone made many people who were secretly paying attention to him work overtime for a few days.

After all, if a Golden Core with an unknown identity and no weaknesses wanted to cause trouble, the consequences would be too great.

However, through these few days of wandering around, he really discovered a business opportunity. It was a business opportunity that was only suitable for Jiang Li.

That was to rent out cultivation chambers, or in other words, sell spiritual qi!

The Nine Nether clone that had transformed into Green Mountain Ascetic stopped a few cultivator caravans that were about to leave Nightless City and head to the Misty Mountain Range.

The other party was originally extremely displeased, but after he saw the golden token on the waist of the Nine Nether clone, he instantly calmed down and gathered all the members of the merchant group to wait for Jiang Li to continue.

However, Jiang Li did not intend to rob them nor did he have any ill intent. He only wanted to ask these cultivators who had stayed in Nightless City for most of their lives what they thought of this city.

He wanted to know what was the reason that attracted them to leave and head to the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm.

After they noticed that Jiang Li's clone did not intend to forcefully "collect taxes", the leaders of the merchant groups heaved a sigh of relief.

Although they were all at the Core Formation realm, the Void Core stage and the Golden Core stage were two completely different concepts.

He immediately told Jiang Li everything he knew.

To these forces and merchants who already had some capital, their goal was naturally the large number of aged spiritual materials produced in the mystic realm.

In fact, they did not plan to give up on Nightless City. It was just that they had to establish another stronghold in the Misty Mountain Range.

These answers were all the same, and it was meaningless to Jiang Li.

However, he also noticed that there were many low-level rogue cultivators following these caravans.

They were the ones who really wanted to move to the Misty Mountain Range to try their luck.

These rogue cultivators were at the Qi Refinement realm and Foundation Establishment realm. Their strength was average.

To them, who did not have many spirit stones on them, even if the Misty Mountain Range was a new beginning, it was still very difficult for them to grasp any opportunities.

This relocation was most likely just trying to get a chance.

However, after asking carefully, they told Jiang Li that there was actually another reason why they made the decision to abandon the familiar environment and prepare to develop elsewhere.

That was the concentration of spiritual qi in the Misty Mountain Range was much higher than the outside world. Even if one did not achieve anything there, cultivating in that kind of spiritual qi environment every day would definitely increase their cultivation speed.

At the very least, they could save a lot of Qi Nourishing Pills.

That's right. The density of spiritual qi here was actually no different from that in the wilderness.

This involved the knowledge of the Spirit Gathering Array.

In this cultivation world, it was not that there were no spirit designs for the effect of spirit gathering, but most of them were not effective and had a small range.

For example, the effects of those small-scale spiritual qi arrays were not bad, but they were basically luxurious items that needed to be embedded with high-grade spirit stones and not rely on gathering the surrounding spiritual qi to take effect.

However, high-grade spirit stones were expensive and ordinary people were not fortunate enough to enjoy them.

There were also large-scale Spirit Gathering Arrays that could envelop an area and increase the concentration of spiritual qi in a large area.

The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak and the Misty Mountain Range's Medicine Garden were both in this category.

However, the cost of building such a large array formation was too expensive. Furthermore, it often required the use of natural terrain or a spirit stone mine to have an obvious effect.

In this aspect, even the Scripture Storage Valley that guarded the Scripture Imparting Hall had yet to change, let alone the Nightless City.

Therefore, now that there was a Misty Mountain Range with a large-scale Spirit Gathering Array that was open to the public, even if he could not earn spirit stones there to change his fate, he could still cultivate under the richer spiritual qi. It was a sure-win situation.

On the other hand, Jiang Li was thinking if he could make others pay for such a superior cultivation environment.

No one would reject using medium and low-grade spirit stones to exchange for high-grade spiritual qi, right?

The amount of spiritual qi that gushed out of his body every day, if calculated by the number of high-grade spirit stones, was approximately 20 a day.

In terms of low-grade spirit stones, that was two million. It was enough to scare people to death.

It was hard to say whether the spirit stone mines of these four major sects could produce as much as his in a day.

As long as he distributed a portion of this spiritual qi and exchanged it for spirit stones at an equivalent or discount, the gains from this conversion would be extremely terrifying.

Creating something from nothing and earning spirit stones every day.

Just the thought of it made him a little excited.

Of course, due to the influence of the consumption of cultivators, it was impossible for the true benefits to be so great. However, it was already a business that could allow Jiang Li to become rich in a short period of time.

That was because he had no cost!

Jiang Li immediately used his identity as Green Mountain Ascetic to lay down a large amount of land in the inner and outer cities. Using his status as a Golden Core cultivator, it was very simple to do this. As long as the rental fee was paid, all the procedures were practically instantly approved.

With the status of two Qi Refinement realm cultivators, they would definitely not be able to open such a huge business even with the Scripture Storage Valley as their backer. Countless vicious dogs would come and find trouble with them because of the benefits!

Therefore, this business could not be thrown to Prosperous Jiang Hong. It could only be done by the Nine Nether clone. Only a Golden Core cultivator could barely qualify to control this business.

In the rented space, his clone personally took action. Powerful and terrifying Nine Nether spiritual qi surged out, and a large number of houses and wooden buildings rose from the ground.

Although the Golden Core of the clone was of the ice attribute, the attribute of the Nine Nether Wood was still Yin-Wood. With the powerful Nine Nether spiritual qi, the power of this spell technique was naturally stronger.