There were wooden buildings, solid wooden tables, chairs, and furniture. The carvings were vivid and lifelike.

The mortal kingdoms might require labor, wealth, and bones. Things that could only be built after several years to more than a decade were completed by a Golden Core cultivator with a pat on the ground.

The Nine Nether clone had the support of Jiang Li's Surging Spirit Technique, and its main body was still staying in the coffin space with a high concentration of spiritual qi.

Even if it was the output of a Golden Core cultivator, it was enough to completely withstand this situation. The spiritual qi in the clone's Golden Core did not even deplete much.

After two consecutive large-scale spells, a group of wooden buildings appeared in the inner and outer cities.

This was the prototype of the Nine Nether clone's business empire.

With land and housing, he still needed employees to provide basic services.

As a dignified Golden Core cultivator, he naturally could not personally receive guests. However, after recruiting people, he had to train them and raise them. He also had to prevent them from discovering his secret. Just thinking about it was a little troublesome.

Fortunately, he had foresight. Wasn't there a group of well-trained and outstanding employees in the coffin?

With a wave of his hand, he scattered a bunch of seeds and turned them into medium-sized humanoid wooden puppets. Jiang Li selected 300 clever Ghost Market ghosts and threw them into these wooden puppets. He then supplemented them with talisman papers, artificial human skin, and illusion techniques.

Under the lead of the Ghost City Lord, Qin Shuman, a team that could endure hardships and needed no salary was basically formed here.

In any case, the procedures had already been settled in advance. Jiang Li, who lacked money, announced the opening of the store without hesitation.

The Dao title that the Nine Nether clone casually gave itself was Green Mountain Ascetic. Therefore, these spirit gathering facilities were collectively called the Green Mountain Residence.

The actions of a Golden Core cultivator naturally attracted the gazes of many cultivators.

From the moment the buildings rose from the ground, the terrifying spiritual qi that soared into the sky had already attracted a large number of cultivators to watch.

"Old Nine, you're well-informed. Do you know what's going on?"

"I don't know either, but I was fortunate enough to see the lord who created this wooden building a few times. Let me tell you a secret, that lord has a golden token from the Nightless City hanging on his waist!"

"Gasp! Golden token, Golden Core cultivator!"

"Yes, I wonder what this lord wants to do by creating this wooden building."

Outside the wooden door, a large group of cultivators were gathered. They pointed at the door and speculated.

"Look, there's some movement!"

A cultivator suddenly cried out in alarm. In the next moment, a sapling suddenly broke through the soil in front of the wooden door and grew into a welcoming tree that was more than ten meters tall.

"There are words on the tree. This is the… Green Mountain Residence!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the door of Green Mountain Residence slowly opened. The traditional and sweet-looking Qin Shuman led the 36 female puppets out to welcome the guests.

"I am Qin Shuman, the servant of Lord Green Mountain Ascetic. I pay my respects to everyone."

"Those who come are guests. The Green Mountain Residence welcomes everyone's arrival. If you don't mind, please come into my guest building."

The female ghost, Qin Shuman, bowed and invited the cultivators present to come in.

Following her actions, the tree was instantly covered in gorgeous red flowers, as if it was welcoming guests with the female ghost.

Of the two Green Mountain Residences, the first to open was naturally the one in the inner city. As long as they became famous here, the Qi Refinement cultivators in the outer city would naturally move when they heard the news.

In the inner city, there were many Foundation Establishment cultivators and many Core Formation cultivators watching.

Among them, many people saw through the identity of the female ghost, Qin Shuman. However, no one wanted to proclaim justice and slay the ghost.

Behind Green Mountain Residence stood a Golden Core cultivator. If they caused trouble here, they would not get out unscathed.

The surrounding cultivators still did not understand what this Green Mountain Residence's business was, but it was impossible to openly kill people in this Nightless City. In any case, it was safe, so there was no harm in going in.

Soon, the first interested person appeared.

A Core Formation cultivator from a small sect took the lead to enter the Green Mountain Residence with the intention of getting close to the Golden Core cultivator, the Nine Nether clone.

However, as soon as he stepped inside, his expression changed.

"How generous!"

The Core Formation cultivator could not help but praise.

This door was only a step away, but the difference in the concentration of spiritual qi was actually two times!

Moreover, he could smell an expensive smell in the air. This was actually high-grade spirit stones releasing high purity spiritual qi!

This kind of high-quality spiritual qi was easier to absorb by cultivators and was more convenient and faster to refine. If used long-term, it could even continuously increase the strength of one's spiritual qi!

Although he was a Core Formation cultivator, he was only an elder of a small sect.

He had only used high-grade spirit stones to cultivate a few times in his life when he broke through to the next realm.

However, now, he actually discovered that someone was using high-grade spirit stones as a central air conditioner. This dealt a severe blow to his fragile heart, causing him to feel as if he had lived a dog's life.

The large group of cultivators outside saw this Core Formation cultivator stop moving after entering. He even sucked in the air fiercely, looking like he was greedily enjoying it.

It was obvious that the other party had encountered a good thing.

The other cultivators could not help but follow in.

When they entered, they were all stunned like the person in front.

What was Green Mountain Ascetic's background? Was he too rich?

At this moment, a strange scene appeared. In the Green Mountain Residence of Nightless City, a group of hundreds of cultivators stood at the entrance for a long time without moving.

Qin Shuman did not rush them. When she was thrown into the Yin Burial Coffin, she had lost her composure in shock. It was at least a hundred times worse than this group of cultivators.

They were surprised by her master's actions. What was so surprising about that?

It was not until a long time later that the few Core Formation cultivators were the first to react. They had come to Green Mountain Residence to visit as guests, so why were they standing outside the door?

The cultivators recovered from their shock and followed Qin Shuman and the ghost servants into the guest building.

They had already decided that they would stay for the night no matter what.

The first floor of this guest building was the reception hall. The second to third floors were the spiritual food and medicine dining area, the fourth to eighth floors were the shopping area, and the ninth floor was an auction house that had yet to be opened.

However, although this venue had everything arranged, there were not many stores. There was only a group of ghost servants who looked like merchants selling some ordinary and even cheap items.

Most of the shops here were still empty, presumably waiting for other forces and merchants to enter.

Everything revealed the simplicity and shortcomings of the initial period of creation.

Despite this, after they sat down, the tea served by the ghost servant maids was quite good.

The spiritual tea was fresh and fragrant, and it had a refreshing flavor. Although it was not an earth-shattering high-grade tea, it was probably something that was produced using high-grade spiritual qi.

This Green Mountain Ascetic wanted to create a city in the city! How would the City Lord of the Nightless City react when he found out?

While most of the Foundation Establishment cultivators were still sighing about the comfort of the dense spiritual qi environment, some cultivators were thinking more.

Under the watch of the Nightless City, it was not a problem to do ordinary business. However, if he wanted to set up a city, it was probably not enough with the power of a Golden Core cultivator.

However, although they thought about this, they still had to stay in this Green Mountain Residence.

"Miss Qin, I see that this Green Mountain Residence is quite large. There are many houses near this guest building."

"May I know if there are any free rooms? We admire your master very much and want to get to know him. I wonder if we can buy one of the rooms and stay there temporarily?"

The other cultivators beside him also put down their tea and fell silent.

"Allow me to explain. First, please look over here."

Qin Shuman smiled charmingly. Under her cold white skin, there was a beauty between life and death.

She led everyone to look at the two phrases hanging in the hall. On them were the words:

"The green mountains are always visited by people. All the cultivators in the world gather in harmony."

"Those who come are our guests."

"My master is very hospitable. The purpose of our Green Mountain Residence is to welcome guests. If everyone wants to stay, it naturally can't be any better. You just have to go to our counter and make a wooden tablet like this."

Qin Shuman spread out her hands and displayed four wooden tablets to everyone. The colors of the four wooden tablets were slightly different, and they were respectively engraved with the words Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Yellow.

For the sake of convenience, when Jiang Li was grading wooden tokens, he used the most commonly used grading criteria in the cultivation world.

Below the "Black Earth Profound Yellow", there were numbers.

Everyone present was naturally overjoyed.

In this environment filled with high-grade spirit stone spiritual qi, they had no other thoughts except to sit down and cultivate properly.

However, most of the people present were either at the Foundation Establishment realm or the Core Formation realm. They were all people who cared about their reputation, so they naturally could not directly squat down and cultivate in public. It was best to have a quiet room for cultivation.

However, they were not blind. The wooden tablets were different. There were also ranks and numbers on them. With a glance, they knew that Qin Shuman had not finished speaking.

"Miss Qin, is there anything special about the words on this wooden tablet?"

A cultivator asked cooperatively.

Qin Shuman smiled slightly. Before the support in the crowd could say anything, someone helped to set the pace.

Therefore, she took the opportunity to tell him the rules of charging spirit stones for the Green Mountain Wood Card.

For the most ordinary Yellow wood card, it could only use the most ordinary townhouse cultivation chamber. Its basic target audience was Qi Refinement realm cultivators.

Each person had to spend at least one point per single room every day, which was equivalent to charging a spirit stone.

This price made the originally excited cultivators fall silent.

They quickly calculated. The concentration of spiritual qi was twice that of normal spiritual qi. Although it was high-grade spiritual qi, it could not increase one's cultivation much in a day.

It was fine to try it occasionally, but staying here for a long time would undoubtedly be a loss. It was better to directly run to the Misty Mountain Range. It was more worth it.

How could Qin Shuman not know what they were thinking? She secretly gave a signal, and the hidden assistant in the crowd immediately understood.

"Miss Qin, the environment of Green Mountain Residence is very good. The spiritual qi is abundant, but if we live here, one spirit stone per day is a little too expensive."

The others nodded. This person spoke their minds.

Qin Shuman covered her mouth and smiled lightly. After a pause, she spoke again.

"This guest has misunderstood us. This double concentrated spiritual qi is only used by my master to raise flowers and grass. The concentration of spiritual qi in the cultivation chamber will naturally be different."

"Guests, feel it yourself."

With a wave of her hand, the doors and windows of the guest building closed tightly. A force isolated the interior from the outside world.

Before the cultivators could become wary, the concentration of spiritual qi in the guest building began to rise exponentially. The high-grade smell that filled the air made the eyes of the cultivators light up in excitement.

If it was this concentration, it would be worth it! It would be worth it!

At this moment, Qin Shuman continued to explain the other three grades of wooden tablets. The higher the grade, the higher the corresponding concentration of spiritual qi.

This time, the group of cultivators no longer had any doubts, only excitement and enthusiasm left.

A higher grade Profound wood card could allow one to enjoy a small wooden house alone. Its basic target audience was Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Each person had to spend ten points on a wooden house every day, which was ten low-grade spirit stones.

The rooms of higher grades were also more expensive by ten times the price of the previous grade.

The beautiful Heaven-grade palace meant for Nascent Soul cultivators cost 1,000 spirit stones per person per day. If one wanted to increase the concentration of spiritual qi and even requested for an infinite supply of spiritual qi, the cost would be even higher.

If one calculated carefully, spending spirit stones in Green Mountain Residence was roughly equivalent to splitting the spiritual qi in a high-grade spirit stone into ten thousand portions.

Then, they sold it for one spirit stone each.

One had to know that although in theory, the exchange rate for high, medium, and low-grade spirit stones was 1: 100, in the cultivation world, due to the preciousness of high-grade spirit stones, this ratio was always higher and never lower.

If they exchanged for it like this, they would undoubtedly make a huge profit.

Under such circumstances, wouldn't they be fools not to take advantage of it? All the cultivators began to exchange spirit stones for the wooden tokens.

However, they were relatively cautious. They were afraid that Green Mountain Residence would suddenly run away, so they did not charge their card too much in one go.

Most of them were rational and only charged their card for a day or two. A small number of them charged more, but none exceeded ten days.

However, on this day, Jiang Li received 13,000 low-grade spirit stones!

Moreover, after enjoying the spiritual qi environment and cultivation chamber of Green Mountain Residence, how many people could leave it?

Take Jiang Li for example. Ever since he started cultivating, he had always been using his cheat cultivation speed and had never stopped. If he suddenly removed all the enhancements in his cultivation, he would probably not know how to cultivate in a normal spiritual qi environment.

Therefore, Green Mountain Ascetic's Green Mountain Residence became famous in Nightless City.

Countless cultivators fought to stay there. The number of cultivators who stayed there was even higher. This caused the name of Green Mountain Ascetic, who had just arrived in Nightless City not long ago, to spread throughout the entire city overnight.

Green Mountain Residence in the outer city area also opened soon after. However, because Qi Refinement realm rogue cultivators were usually quite thick-skinned, at least three or four out of ten people could sit in the hall and cultivate by absorbing spiritual qi for free.

Therefore, Jiang Li did not use spiritual qi to fill the environment of the Green Mountain Residence in the outer city. They could only enjoy high-grade spiritual qi in the cultivation room after paying spirit stones.

Regarding this, the rogue cultivators were quite dissatisfied, but no one dared to cause trouble in the territory of a Golden Core cultivator.

Everything was gradually getting on track. The clone and Qin Shuman were still discussing and preparing to plan a huge show to promote the Green Mountain Residence.

For example, after a rogue cultivator with mediocre aptitude was humiliated by a sect genius, he would cultivate diligently at the Green Mountain Residence. After a period of time, the rogue cultivator would catch up and break through to the next level. He would kill the genius and finally obtain the love of his life!

Jiang Li did not believe that those rogue cultivators would not get brainwashed by these kinds of stories if he kept promoting them.

While the Nine Nether clone established his business empire in Nightless City, Jiang Li's main body took out a spiritual fruit from the guest room of the Shu Mountain Water Element Peak.