Just by retrieving a parallel mind, Jiang Li's spirit refinement cultivation level advanced by leaps and bounds.

The effect was far greater than the previous few times. However, this was very normal.

One had to know that the first chapter of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra was not meant to revive a human.

Without using the cheat, even if he cultivated the first chapter of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra to the ninth level, the parallel mind could only exist for a year at most.

If it contained too many memories, it might even have a shorter lifespan.

The original intention of this cultivation method was to let cultivators start from small insects to slowly cultivate, letting people understand the equality of all beings and the life contained in a single leaf or flower.

However, Jiang Li did not act according to common sense. He had only reached the first level, but he had already set the parallel mind to an infinite amount of time, allowing him to directly place the parallel mind on humans and even cultivators, allowing him to experience the ups and downs of life.

The enlightenment of life from humans naturally far exceeded that of insects. The speed at which the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra improved was not strange at all.

The only troublesome thing was the blood that soaked his soul.

It contained infinite anger and hatred.

It made this delicacy a little hard to digest.

However, the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra lived up to its name. If he could injure himself because of various emotions when retrieving the parallel mind, how could it be considered the cultivation method of a mighty figure?

In front of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, the seven emotions and six desires were nutrients that were indispensable in life.

Even if the chaotic emotions were difficult to digest and might cause a stomachache, they would ultimately be transformed into Jiang Li's own strength.

The first Parallel Mind quickly shrunk under Jiang Li's palm and finally disappeared. Everything about him had been absorbed back to his main body.

Behind Jiang Li's consciousness, a resplendent sword of light gradually appeared.

However, unlike the Sword Heart Light Sword of his clone, the surface of this sword was covered in red patterns that looked like porcelain cracks.

Apart from having the same sharpness and defense piercing effect of an ordinary Sword Heart, there was also a bone-chilling killing intent on the blood-patterned sword!

On Jiang Li's interface, an innate talent skill called "Asura Sword Heart" appeared.

At this point, Jiang Li finally truly possessed his own Sword Heart.

Jiang Li had expected this.

Even reincarnating as a few insects could grant a talent like Cocoon Break.

Sword Heart was a talent that leaned towards the mind, so it was naturally a great match. There was no problem in getting it.

However, when absorbing the parallel mind, the Sword Heart of the clone completely mixed with the power of chaos, forming the Sword Heart with the prefix of Asura.

Jiang Li carefully sensed the sword of light on his back, and he was roughly able to determine that the might of the Asura Sword Heart was much stronger than the original Sword Heart.

However, it also lost its purity because of this. It was hard to say if the result was good or bad.

He held the blood-patterned sword in his hand and immediately, with the glow of a blood-colored light, stimulated it, reflecting the full moon in his mental world.

The Sharp Sword Aura Field that his clone had awakened by stimulating the Sword Heart was further augmented by the Asura Sword Heart. It seemed to be like a fish in water as it slowly spread out.

A few steps away from where he was sitting, the area covered by the Sharp Sword Aura field touched a flying sword.


The flying sword was affected by the Sharp Sword Aura Field and suddenly trembled.

Chang Wanzhou, who had been waiting for a long time, had a strange look in his eyes.

It happened after all. This made sense. Junior Brother Jiang Li was a genius blessed by the heavens, so what was so surprising about having a talent in the Sword Heart?

Immediately, he shook his head helplessly. It seemed that he had really wasted a great sword cultivator. If Junior Brother Jiang Li entered Shu Mountain, he might appear even more talented than now.

In the next moment, this light tremble broke the silence in the sword cave.

The large number of damaged flying swords in the cave spread out in circles. Soon, the entire Heart Questioning Sword Cave was filled with the sound of swords. They reflected back and forth in the cave like waves.

While in the cave, Jiang Li felt that the translucent sword cry could easily pierce through his body and directly strike his soul, and it completely eliminated his complicated emotions.

Originally, due to the chaotic emotions in the parallel mind, the progress of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra began to slow down.

However, this sword cry seemed to have a force that penetrated into the soul and directly shattered the obstructing rocks.

It felt as if he had just lifted a huge burden off his chest. He felt comfortable from the inside out.

After the stubborn chaotic emotions were shattered by the sword cry, the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra continued to circulate at high speed, turning all the emotions into life insights.

[Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra Level 8 → Level 9]

The entire life experience of the sword cultivator clone finally allowed Jiang Li to advance his spirit refinement cultivation to the same level as the other two.

With such a Foundation Establishment, he did not know what kind of Dao Foundation he would eventually cultivate.

However, in the outside world, the crisp and clear sword cry still did not stop.

If it was an ordinary sword cultivator, it was impossible for their Sword Heart to be stimulated for a long time. Basically, they would retract their Sword Heart after triggering the sword cry wave.

It was not until the sword cry was over that it would be activated again.

However, Jiang Li was different. The Sharp Sword Aura Field formed by stimulating his Sword Heart enveloped his body all year round, and he had no need to activate or deactivate it. As long as he used the Asura Sword Heart to assist him, he would be able to easily maintain it for a long time.

Under his continuous stimulation, the sword cries of thousands of damaged flying swords rose and fell continuously. Coupled with the reflection of the cave walls, the crisp sword cries actually became more and more intense.

After reaching a certain level, the countless stalagmites and stalactites in the cave were also stimulated.

Strands of pure sword qi slowly seeped out and were slowly gathered by the wills of the deceased sword practitioners within the sword cries. In the end, they actually condensed together and transformed into numerous dazzling sword lights that fluttered about in the Sword Burial Ground.

At this moment, Chang Wanzhou, who was still blaming himself, widened his eyes.

What was going on? Jiang Li's Sword Heart was too persistent. He had been in Shu Mountain for so many years and had never seen a disciple squander his Sword Heart like this.

If he did not stop now… Damn it, it was too late!

Chang Wanzhou really wanted to wake Jiang Li up in advance, but if he was disturbed while cultivating, not only would his previous efforts be wasted, he might even suffer a backlash.

With this hesitation, the situation went out of control.

He drew his golden sword and created a sword net with a swoosh, instantly shattering the dozen or so five-colored sword lights that flew towards him.

However, pew pew pew!

Chang Wanzhou took a few steps forward, but three sword lights flew from behind and struck his back.

Fortunately, these sword lights were only stimulated by the cave sword bamboo shoots and were not very powerful. They had not broken through the defensive membrane of his artifact.

However, when he saw more and more five-colored sword lights gathering in front of him, his expression could not help but change.

This was an advanced method to use the Heart Questioning Sword Cave. The sword lights stimulated by the cave could efficiently sharpen the Sword Heart.

However, this method was usually used by late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators and above. It was really too dangerous for Qi Refinement realm cultivators!

Oh no!

He saw another wave of sword lights converge into a tide, and it flew towards Jiang Li who was meditating.

Tripartite Golden Light Sword!

Chang Wanzhou decisively utilized his trump card, and he defended Jiang Li with all three swords.

The Tripartite Golden Light Sword weaved into a net, completely enveloping him and Jiang Li behind him.

However, using a sword formation like this consumed a huge amount of spiritual qi.

The sword lights became denser and denser.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…

Before Jiang Li could even open his eyes, a flaw appeared in the Tripartite Golden Light Sword Formation. A sword light broke through the sword light and struck Chang Wanzhou's right hand.

In order to conserve spiritual qi to execute the Tripartite Sword Formation, he, who had not activated his defensive artifact, felt a pain in his hand. Immediately, more sword lights flew in.

Chang Wanzhou hurriedly utilized his defensive artifact to resist it with his body, but a few sword lights still passed him and struck Jiang Li.

However, just as he thought that Jiang Li would suffer a backlash and spit out blood because of the disturbance, when the sword lights descended onto Jiang Li, it was like a breeze had brushed past, and it only caused his clothes to flutter before he did not react any further.

'Damn! Why am I worried about this monster?'

Only then did Chang Wanzhou recall the fear of being dominated by Demon King Jiang on the stage.

Even his full-strength Sword Heart was unable to injure Jiang Li, so how could these sword lights do anything?

After another period of time, after Chang Wanzhou confirmed that Jiang Li was really fine, he decisively shrunk the defense line to protect himself, and then he was forced to retreat repeatedly by the sword lights.

Jiang Li was at the center, where the sword lights were the most concentrated. He really could not block it.

Chang Wanzhou could only stand in a corner and work hard to withstand the incoming Five-Colored Sword Tide. He secretly prayed that Jiang Li's Sword Heart would quickly be exhausted.

Exhaustion? What's that?

Gradually, as the resonating sword cry became more and more intense, the Golden Light Sword Chang Wanzhou could not even stand on the edge of the Sword Burial Ground. He was pushed by the seemingly endless sword light and actually retreated all the way to the entrance of the Heart Questioning Sword Cave.

At this moment, he was covered in fine sword injuries and was in an extremely sorry state. Blood slowly flowed out from the hundreds of wounds. Although the injuries were not serious, his appearance was truly terrifying.

"Senior… Senior Brother Chang, you're taking such a huge risk. However, to be able to withstand the Five-Colored Sword Tide for so long, you're indeed worthy of your reputation."

The disciple guarding the door hurriedly handed over two healing pills. After Chang Wanzhou consumed them, the wound on his body had already stopped bleeding. It would not be long before the scab healed.

However, he looked into the cave and saw that the waves of the five-colored sword light did not stop.

"Senior Brother Chang, where's Junior Brother Jiang Li?"

The disciple guarding the door looked at the entrance in confusion. Why did Jiang Li not come out?

"Ignore him."

Chang Wanzhou felt that he had been embarrassed and did not want to talk, so he replied curtly.

However, in the next moment, a sword light that was over the height of a person flew out of the cave. He hurriedly dodged it, and after the sword light flew out, it directly cut a large rock in the distance into two.

The muscles on Chang Wanzhou's face twitched twice. Clearly, the size and power of the Five-Colored Sword Tide in the Heart Questioning Sword Cave had increased again.

"Let's inform the elders."

In the Heart Questioning Sword Cave, Jiang Li was still immersed in his mental world happily.

At that time, he had only tried to stimulate the Asura Sword Heart to play. After trying a few times, he planned to withdraw his cultivation.

However, right at that moment, white light spots suddenly appeared in his consciousness for some reason and floated towards the blood-traced light sword.

The Asura Sword Heart did not reject it. It directly absorbed the specks of light, and it even seemed to grow a little stronger.

At that moment, he became energetic. Could it be that there was a cheat in his mental world? As long as he held the light sword, he could always become stronger?

How could he bear to end it so easily? As he continued to hold the light sword, the light specks that appeared in his mental world did not disappoint him. More and more of them became dense like snow and flew towards the light sword.

In just a short while, he had actually raised his Asura Sword Heart to Level 3.

That was because these five-colored sword lights contained the Sword Dao aptitude of the Shu Mountain ancestors.

As long as he shattered these sword lights, these wills would fuse into the Sword Heart and become the best nourishment for its growth. This was also the reason why the Heart Questioning Sword Cave could become one of the Shu Mountain Holy Lands.

At this moment, he finally felt that something was amiss. Why was his body feeling ticklish?

Maintaining the stimulation status of his Sword Heart, he exited his mental world.

When he opened his eyes, he was almost frightened to death.

What entered his sight was nothing else. There were dense flying sword lights of all colors flying in front of his eyes.

In the center of the sword lights, he would suffer at least ten sword lights attacks per second.

This was also the reason why he felt so ticklish.

If not for the fact that the power of these sword lights was limited, he would have suspected that Shu Mountain had deliberately set a trap for him because they were unhappy with him.

Jiang Li was not stupid. Through the frequency at which the sword light landed on his body and the number of light dots appearing in his mental world, he had already roughly guessed the situation.

It turned out that there was such a good thing in the Heart Questioning Sword Cave. Why did they not tell him? How stingy.

In the beginning, because his body had a layer of spiritual qi barrier by the Lake Heart Protection, the sword lights that were slightly inferior could not penetrate that layer of barrier, so he did not feel anything at all.

However, as the sword lights gradually became stronger, Lake Heart Protection had already endured too many attacks and could no longer completely defend.

However, Jiang Li did not hesitate. He separated the parallel mind again and asked him to help maintain the Sword Heart.

Jiang Li, on the other hand, stood up without the slightest fear and endured the even more violent sword light attacks.

The skin on his body instantly became pitch-black. At the same time, the muscle strength in his entire body carried the Nine Nether spiritual qi and distributed evenly throughout his body, converting all his strength into extreme defense!

This was a defensive technique that Jiang Li had not used in battle for a long time, and he had always been secretly cultivating it. It was the Overlord Body Art!

Overlord Body Art Level 6!

As long as it rose another two levels, he would be able to transform the super defense of the Overlord Body Art into the strongest defensive status!

At that point, even he would not be able to hurt himself anymore.