Chang Wanzhou originally wanted to stay behind and endure the pressure with Jiang Li, but Jiang Li completely disagreed. He pushed him a hundred meters forward and almost twisted his waist.

In this way, they understood Jiang Li's determination, and they finally did not disregard Jiang Li's painstaking efforts. They only wanted to quickly finish burning the incense and return to replace Jiang Li.

This group of demons was angered by Jiang Li's words, and they paid no attention to them at all. Their blood red eyes stared fixedly at Jiang Li, and they wanted to crush Jiang Li's legs with their imposing auras.

"Hmph, kid. You have guts. You sacrificed yourself to help others. However, how are you going to get through today?"

"How about this? Don't say that we demons are unreasonable. I'll give you a chance. Come kid, kneel down and kowtow to me three times. I'll let you pass."

A large water buffalo spoke in a muffled voice, but the fangs in its mouth told Jiang Li that this fellow had already become a carnivore for many years.

"Hehehe, Old Bull, you're really benevolent. Give me ten kowtows or I'll kill you!"

"Hahahaha, I want a hundred here. If you don't answer, it won't count!"

"Kid, I'm easier to deal with than them. If you don't want to kowtow, cut 20 kilograms of meat for me and I'll let you go!"

The group of demons were incomparable to Jiang Li as they released their auras madly at him. When they saw Jiang Li standing there without moving, they thought that he was holding on desperately and was about to be crushed.

All sorts of vicious words surrounded Jiang Li, and they were extremely threatening!

This situation continued for about a minute until Shenshan Qiuhua and the others disappeared at the end of the passageway.

Seeing the Shu Mountain group disappear, Jiang Li suddenly moved.

"Kid, have you finally thought it through? Hahaha, quickly kneel down. The Shu Mountain disciples are nothing much! Quickly let Grandpa Bull enjoy the praise of the Shu Mountain disciples!"

Jiang Li walked to the side of the bull demon who had started the clamor. The other party thought that he was a Shu Mountain disciple and still believed that victory was in their grasp. Even if they were imprisoned, a Qi Refinement realm disciple could not stir up any trouble.

Then, Jiang Li raised his hand.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three Blood Withered Vines instantly stabbed into the ox demon's body. The sharp spikes easily pierced through the thick bull skin, drawing blood like a pumping heart.

"Three kowtows, right?"

"It's reasonable, right?

"You're brave, aren't you?"

"And you! You want ten, right?"

Ten blood vines were flung out.

"Right, you want a hundred, right? Don't stand on ceremony with me!"

"You still want 20 kilograms of meat, right? Don't worry, I remember it clearly. None of you can escape!"

For a time, the demons on the second level of the Demon Subduing Pagoda were silent.

Not only could this Qi Refinement realm disciple move freely under their combined pressure, but the power of the blood-colored vine was also very astonishing.

The spikes on the vines could easily pierce through their skin and extract their blood without any fear. They could even release poison, bringing them immense pain!

"Wait! That's not what I meant! Spare me! Spare me!"

Especially the hedgehog demon, who was not big to begin with. After being stabbed a hundred times, even the spikes on its back turned white.

Jiang Li looked at the few small blood gourds that had appeared in his storage bag and was very satisfied.

This blood gourd was also one of his chosen spiritual plants.

Although this gourd was small and exquisite, it could contain a large amount of liquid.

The Yin Burial Coffin had a huge need for blood. Even if the blood of humans was already enough to advance, the need for demon beast blood after advancing would only be greater.

He himself also needed new Beast Blood Diagram materials. How could Jiang Li easily let go of such a precious place?

In the beginning, this group of demon beasts could not stop cursing and threatening. Later on, they started to beg for mercy and admit their mistakes. However, Jiang Li did not intend to reason with them.

He could not keep the people from Shu Mountain away for long. He had to hurry.

Along the way, he was not stingy with his spiritual qi. With a wave of his hand, he threw out a large number of Blood Withered Vines and pierced all the demons that passed through.

The demon beasts that were bound could not resist at all. They could only watch as their blood was sucked away in large amounts.

About half an hour later, the Demon Subduing Pagoda was completely silent.

In the passage between those cells, vines stretched out one after another. On those vines, there were blood gourds that were growing very well.

Jiang Li transformed into a diligent gardener as he quickly retrieved the vines and gourds.

To these demons who had already cultivated the Demon Core, they would not die from having their blood sucked dry. They would only be weakened for a long time.

The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak had specially locked them up and did not kill them, so they naturally had their own plans. Jiang Li had received the favor of others, so it was one thing to take advantage of them, but he could not do things that hurt their interests.

However, although they did not intend to kill them, Jiang Li's style of doing things was completely different from the Shu Mountain sword cultivators. This made these demons feel endless fear.

Jiang Li's performance was completely unlike that of a weak Qi Refinement realm disciple. They all agreed that Jiang Li was definitely a Shu Mountain Elder who was pretending to be weak. He had deliberately come to find a reason and draw their blood.

What a sinister human!

However, they could only stay silent.

Just now, there was a pig demon who showed no fear. It did not forget to hoot even after its blood was sucked dry. Then, its pig penis was cut off.

Its desperate screams made them lose all courage to resist.

After Jiang Li finished tidying up the scene, he took out his token and quickly found the Shu Mountain group and the Demon Subduing Pagoda monument's second level according to the instructions.

The last person from Shu Mountain just happened to stand up from the mat. They were just about to return to take over Jiang Li's pressure when they realized that Jiang Li had already escaped and was rushing over.

"Junior Brother Jiang Li, it's great that you're fine."

"This time, if it wasn't for Jiang Li's help, we would have probably stopped halfway."

When they saw Jiang Li arrive, they were naturally overjoyed and thanked him repeatedly. Ever since he met the Shu Mountain disciples, he had been thanked countless times.

"Everyone, there's no need to stand on ceremony. I'm a body cultivator, so my resistance is stronger. This is what I should do."

"I'm fine here. It's nothing. Don't stand on ceremony with me."

After some pleasantries, the other Shu Mountain disciples were filled with admiration for Jiang Li. When they first learned that Jiang Li was the first place in the competition, they were still a little unconvinced.

However, based on the glow of worship in their eyes, they had already been completely subdued by Jiang Li's strength and benevolence.

Jiang Li: You guys are males. Your gazes are making me very afraid! → _ →

At this moment, Chang Wanzhou had already helped him reattach the incense stick and even carefully cleaned the cushion on the mat.

Jiang Li stepped forward and sized up the pagoda monument on the second level.

The shape was almost identical to the pagoda monument on the first level. However, it was inversely symmetrical and looked a little strange.

Without much hesitation, he sat cross-legged as well. A moment later, a strand of energy was extracted from the pagoda monument, and after it was transferred to the meditation mat, it slowly surged into his body.

[Absorbing the Earth Vein Spirit Essence of the Five Elements Peak. Added Status: Earth Vein Spirit Essence (Right Foot)]

[Earth Vein Spirit Essence (Right Foot): Slowly supplements the connate deficiencies and postnatal losses. Increases the success rate of Foundation Establishment. Small increase in the strength of the Dao Foundation when establishing it. Duration: 30 days] (− +)

The effect of this status was no different from the effect of the pagoda monument on the first level.

However, the details on the Earth Vein Spirit Essence changed from left foot to right foot. This pagoda monument seemed to be quite special.

However, these two different names allowed the statuses to coexist and overlap. It was not to the extent that Jiang Li's previous status would be negated and make him come here for nothing.

Moreover, he carefully sensed the two Earth Vein Spirit Essences in his body. While they were harmonious, they were clearly critical to each other.

It felt like two separate pieces of a puzzle. He still lacked the other parts. Only by gathering all the pieces could he complete the original puzzle.