Jiang Li carried this fellow and collided with the edge of the coffin.

The huge force coupled with the collision caused the back of his head to explode with blood.

In the next second, the blood on the coffin directly seeped and disappeared. The Core Formation rogue cultivator in his hand suddenly started to wither and contract. All the blood and water was quickly lost. Two breaths later, only a wrinkled human skin was left sticking to the bones and completely dried up.

The power of the Earth-rank artifact, Yin Burial Coffin, had reached a completely new level. As long as it touched a single wound, even Core Formation cultivators would have their blood sucked dry in a short period of time.

Jiang Li shook the skeleton in his hand, and it rustled as he casually threw it into the coffin.

Although this guy was even weaker than the Golden Abacus Elder from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion, he was still a Core Formation cultivator after all. In the future, he might be of use in research.

"Oh? There are still a few here. I'm in a good mood today. How do you want to die?"

Jiang Li looked at the remaining four desert bandits and asked for their opinion benevolently.

"Lord, please spare us! Let's go! We'll leave immediately!"

When the four desert bandits saw their boss being carried and killed like a chicken, their entire bodies trembled. They were almost frightened to death. How could they dare to resist? They directly turned around and ran.

However, as soon as Jiang Li patted the coffin, a black cloud surged out from within and chased after them.

When Jiang Li saw their clothes and heard their voices, he knew that they were not good people.

The place where they hunted cultivators was not far from this basin. Even though Jiang Li had not completely broken through at that time, he had already heard most of it with his hearing.

'Kill the men and leave the women behind.'

Such people deserved to die.

The four desert bandits tacitly fled in different directions, but the black cloud also split into four and chased after them at a much faster speed, enveloping all four of them.

The miserable scream only lasted for an instant before it stopped abruptly. There were only four clean bones left on the spot.

As the Yin Burial Coffin advanced, the million ghost soldiers inside also changed. They were monsters when fused and ghosts when separated, now known as the Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers.

Ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators had no ability to resist these strange black clouds formed by the Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers.

After putting away the coffin, Jiang Li summoned the Wood Dragon and flew away.

The commotion when the Yin Burial Coffin appeared was indeed not small. Although the desert was desolate, it would definitely attract many cultivators.

In order to avoid these meaningless troubles, it was better to leave first.

Wood Dragon Rayquaza circled high in the sky. Layers of light began to light up on its thirty-meter-long dragon body. Powerful spiritual qi fluctuations extended all the way to the ferocious dragon head.

An intense bluish-black energy condensed and flickered at the dragon's mouth, finally turning into a straight pillar of light that descended and drew a large circle in the basin below. Then, a terrifying explosion enveloped the area where the pillar of light swept past.

After destroying the concealing array formation set up by the Nine Nether clone and removing the traces he left, Rayquaza waved its tail and shot into the distance.

Wood Dragon Rayquaza was engraved with a full set of runes of the same scale as the warship.

Although the Wood Dragon was only equivalent to the Foundation Establishment realm, its runes were still so powerful that even Core Formation cultivators could not stand against it.

This was especially true for the Dragon Roar Cannon that was transferred from the bow of the ship. Under the condition that the spiritual qi supply was endless, the power of the energy pillar was simply terrifying.

At that time, the flying ship cannon of the Scripture Storage Valley could kill a Golden Core zombie demon in one strike. Now, Wood Dragon Rayquaza was carrying the offensive method of the warship series.

If one was hit, even a Golden Core cultivator would definitely not be able to endure it.

Moreover, Jiang Li was quite concerned about this first demon that he had awakened. He was gradually replacing its core with the Nine Nether Wood.

As long as he completed this step, this wooden dragon's future would be limitless. It might really be able to compare to a True Dragon in the future.

After Jiang Li left the desert region, he was just about to return to the sect to report the good news to his master when his communication spirit stone rang at this moment.

After picking up the call, he realized that this communication spirit stone was the one from the Nine Nether clone, and the person who contacted him was actually the female ghost, Qin Shuman.

Something had happened at Green Mountain Residence.


Nightless City, high-end spiritual qi community, Green Mountain Residence.


An old man suddenly slapped the table, shattering the precious golden wood furniture.

"Hmph! Where did your master, Green Mountain Ascetic, go? He hasn't returned in three days. He doesn't even respect our City Lord!"

In front of him were the masked Elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain and the female ghost, Qin Shuman.

"Sir Lu Fu, my master is currently in seclusion and is unable to receive guests. Please return and wait for a few days. My master will naturally pay a visit."

The Nine Nether clone was taken away by Jiang Li to assist in breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm, leaving Qin Shuman and the Hundred Tempering Mountain Elder to look after Green Mountain Residence. They did not expect that something would really happen after leaving for a few days.

"Hmph! Seclusion? My Miss Qingdai has met with an accident here, and Green Mountain Ascetic is actually still in seclusion! You must give me an explanation today!"

The old man called Lu Fu was the housekeeper of the Nightless City's City Lord's Mansion. Cultivators like him, who had abandoned their original names and took on their master's surname, were the best lackeys.

Today, Lu Fu came to question them on behalf of the City Lord's Mansion.

"Miss Lu's matter is not the fault of our Green Mountain Residence. Even if it's the City Lord's Mansion, don't go too far!"

Being questioned by a lackey, Qin Shuman could not help but step forward and argue with him.

However, in the cultivation world, the communication between cultivators was not equal. Before reasoning, one had to first match their status and cultivation.

In the eyes of the housekeeper of the City Lord's Mansion, Qin Shuman was only a female ghost. How could she be worthy of talking to him?

"How dare you! Who do you think you are! A mere ghost dares to spout nonsense!"

"The people of your Green Mountain Residence don't dare to show your true faces and even hide evil spirits. I think you're not good people!"

"Alright! I'll kill you first before settling the score with your master!"

Relying on the backing of the City Lord of the Nightless City, this old man did not think much of the Green Mountain Residence at all.

He did not show any mercy the moment he entered. With this disagreement, he actually wanted to directly kill Qin Shuman.

The old man's hand turned into a claw as a jade ring on his thumb erupted with intense energy fluctuations and pressed towards Qin Shuman. Clearly, he did not hold back.

The Core Formation cultivator from the Hundred Tempering Mountain hurriedly took two steps to stand in front of Qin Shuman. In Green Mountain Residence, although his cultivation level was temporarily the highest, the person in charge was actually Qin Shuman.

If something happened to Qin Shuman, he would be finished.


A huge impact spread out, and the explosive airflow blew the hall into chaos. The wooden building built with a spell was also on the verge of collapse, and several cracks appeared.

However, after the dust settled, the two of them were not injured.

The moment the elder attacked, a small tree grew out from the ground and obstructed the path of the ring, completely blocking the attack.

"Who do you want to kill?"

Outside the door, a green clothed figure walked in. Earlier, it was Jiang Li who controlled his Nine Nether clone to obstruct the other party.

Jiang Li did not expect that the other party would actually be so arrogant and directly attack in his territory!

"Hmph, you're Green Mountain Ascetic? Since you're here, come back with me and seek forgiveness from City Lord Lu!"

The old man still acted as if it was only natural. He felt that in the Nightless City, a rogue cultivator who did not belong to any sect could not disobey the orders of the City Lord's Mansion.

In fact, such slaves would even think that everything in the Nightless City belonged to the City Lord, and all cultivators should suck up to the City Lord like him.

However, his vision blurred, and he lost sight of Jiang Li's clone.

Jiang Li completely ignored the other party's barking, and he flashed to arrive behind the other party.

"There's no point in keeping such a rude arm anyway. Let me remove it for you."

A green light flashed, and the old man's right arm fell from his shoulder!

Lu Fu watched as his right arm landed on the ground. The intense pain was delayed for half a second before it entered his brain.

It was unbelievable!

'How is this possible! How is this possible! How dare he attack me!'

However, before the other party could scream or curse, a large number of vines had already risen from the ground and tied this old dog into a dumpling.

"Bring this guy back. If there's any problem, I'll pay you a visit."

After throwing this dumpling out the door, the group of guards from the City Lord's Mansion who were still arrogant earlier did not even dare to raise their heads at this moment. Their own housekeeper had already been thrown out with a severed arm, so what else could they be arrogant about?

They hurriedly picked up the dumpling on the ground and rushed to the City Lord's Mansion to find City Lord Lu to make the decision.

On the spot, only a group of spectators were left.

The conflict between Green Mountain Residence and the City Lord's Mansion naturally attracted the attention of other cultivators.

They discussed among themselves. Now that Green Mountain Ascetic had made a move, it was considered a huge deal with the City Lord's Mansion.

They did not know how the City Lord's Mansion would react, nor did they know if this Green Mountain Residence could still remain.

Among them, many cultivators who had charged spirit stones were more concerned about the latter. However, they were generally not too optimistic about the Green Mountain Residence.

"I've embarrassed myself in front of everyone. Everyone, don't worry. My Green Mountain Residence won't close. I'll deal with the City Lord's Mansion."

The cultivators staying in Green Mountain Residence were clearly not moved by a light sentence. They still watched from the surroundings and softly discussed.

After all, Nightless City had been running for a long time. Although it was not a huge organization, the City Lord was still a famous Nascent Soul cultivator.

As for Green Mountain Ascetic, he had only been active in the cultivation world for a short period of time and did not have any impressive achievements. He was only a rogue cultivator at the Golden Core realm. In the eyes of many people, he was like a rootless duckweed. How could he compare to the Nightless City that had stood tall in the cultivation world for hundreds of years?

There was no use in saying more. After comforting these customers, Jiang Li brought the Core Formation cultivator and Qin Shuman to the private courtyard at the back.

"Tell me, what happened?"

Qin Shuman immediately went forward and explained everything in detail.

It turned out that the source of the matter was a useless seed of the Lu family.

This useless seed was what the cultivation families called some juniors who had not awakened their spiritual roots.

The probability of spiritual root aptitude being born in mortal children was close to one in ten thousand.

The probability of a junior of a cultivation clan possessing a spiritual root was naturally far greater than this number, but probability was probability. In a cultivation clan, almost every generation would have a few useless existences.

From this insulting title, it could be seen how unpopular these juniors were usually.

It was very normal for seniors to look down on them and ostracize their peers.

They also wanted to have a spiritual root more than anyone else.

In the Green Mountain Residence, the one who triggered the conflict was one of these useless seeds.

A few days ago, a woman called Lu Qingdai brought the servants of the City Lord's Mansion to Green Mountain Residence. She wanted to rent a small building for seven days. Moreover, as soon as she opened her mouth, she asked for the highest-grade Heaven-ranked room.

That was the highest-level luxurious building that was usually only provided to Nascent Soul cultivators.

However, the problem was that Lu Qingdai, who was the one who booked the room, did not have any cultivation at all. She was simply a useless seed.

After asking Qin Shuman, the counter staff originally planned to reject.

However, the other party took out a large number of spirit stones and showed the City Lord's Mansion token.

She claimed to be the daughter of the City Lord. Her goal in coming to this small building was to rent a small building to show her filial piety to her father.

Qin Shuman reluctantly agreed.

However, who would have thought that although her identity as the daughter of the City Lord was true, the goal of opening a room was not to show filial piety but to use it for herself?

This silly useless young lady had heard of some unorthodox method from somewhere. It was said that all cultivators under the heavens had spiritual roots in their bodies. However, some had awakened their spiritual roots while others were slow-witted and needed to be stimulated postnatally to develop their talent.

This stimulation method was to bathe in dense spiritual qi.

Therefore, this lady spent a huge sum of money to open a room with the word 'Heaven' in it. She planned to use the dense spiritual qi inside to stimulate her spiritual root.

Jiang Li already knew the consequences.

As a mortal, Lu Qingdai withstood a high concentration of spiritual qi and directly fainted on the spot.

It was also the reason why Lu Fu came to question him.

Speaking of which, Green Mountain Residence was actually not wrong. However, Lu Qingdai had a mother who loved her. Moreover, even if she was a useless child, she was indeed the descendant of a Nascent Soul cultivator, City Lord Lu.

Therefore, trouble came.

Jiang Li pursed his lips and was slightly speechless towards this. This was simply finding trouble.

Jiang Li knew that the concentration of spiritual qi was related to the aptitude of the spiritual root.

Firstly, during the thousands of years that the current cultivation world had developed, the concentration of spiritual qi had always been steadily rising. Those cultivation big shots who had lived for more than a thousand years had said that in the current continent of the Nine Provinces, cultivation was much easier than before.

At the same time, the probability of spiritual root aptitude appearing among mortals was also steadily increasing.

This was also the biggest reason why those fraudsters in the cultivation world said that spiritual root aptitude could be awakened by relying on dense spiritual qi. It was also the reason why Lu Qingdai came to seek death.

If one failed to awaken, the excuse would be that the spiritual qi one bathed in was not dense enough.

In fact, this was not wrong.

Jiang Li himself was a living example.

Relying on the cleansing of a large amount of high-grade spiritual qi, he had indeed increased his spiritual root aptitude. In theory, it was indeed possible for useless seeds to awaken their spiritual root aptitude through this method, even if it was only the worst-grade spiritual root.

However, the problem was that Jiang Li increased his spiritual root aptitude using the spiritual qi of more than 2,000 high-grade spirit stones that continuously washed over his body.

In this case, he still had to gain the Cocoon Break skill that could quickly transform his body condition. Otherwise, he did not know how long he would have to wait before the increase in aptitude could appear.

For a mortal without any cultivation, the first problem was how to earn the enormous wealth of more than 20 million low-grade spirit stones.

Relying on oneself was clearly impossible. It could only be done with the help of others.

However, in the current cultivation world, there was probably no fool who would use such a huge amount of spirit stones to exchange for a low-grade spiritual root that could not even reach the Foundation Establishment realm.

Even if there was such a godly person who was willing to pay this sum of spirit stones, he still had to solve a problem. How could a mortal without cultivation withstand this energy with their mortal body?

A small amount of spiritual qi could extend a mortal's life, but such a high concentration of spiritual qi was definitely fatal.

Because of this, too much spiritual qi surged into Lu Qingdai's body, causing her to be on the verge of death.

In fact, the key might not even be this useless seed.

Perhaps someone was using Lu Qingdai as an excuse to deliberately cause trouble for Green Mountain Residence?