There might be someone behind this matter, so it was natural for Jiang Li to be worried.

Where did a useless child without cultivation get the spirit stones to rent a Heaven-grade room? She could afford seven days?

If she was really just doted on and given the spirit stones by her parents and elders, it would be fine.

However, if someone used her to start a conflict, or even if it was City Lord Lu who instructed him to sacrifice a useless seed to create a reason, then he would not only have to resolve the conflict, but he would have to deal with the irreconcilable hostility.

Green Mountain Residence and Prosperous Jiang Hong were established by Jiang Li previously to collect spirit stones and souls. The original intention of these two establishments was to serve the advancement of the Yin Burial Coffin.

Now, Jiang Li's Yin Burial Coffin had already advanced successfully and the need had disappeared. However, these two businesses were still two hens that could lay spirit stones. Jiang Li was unwilling to give up easily. Moreover, with his personality, it was impossible for him to not let others step on his head and not even counterattack.

"Master, you injured the housekeeper of the City Lord's Mansion this time. They definitely won't let the matter rest. What should we do next?"

Qin Shuman stepped forward and brewed a pot of tea for Jiang Li before asking.

However, there was not much worry in her voice.

Qin Shuman was a female ghost that Jiang Li had brought out from the Seven Roads Ghost City. In the beginning, she had not seen much of the world. After seeing Jiang Li's foundation in the Yin Burial Coffin and understanding deeply how powerful her master was, the trust in her heart was slowly established and unshakable.

Even if the other party was the Nightless City Lord, she did not think that Jiang Li would suffer a loss.

Jiang Li pondered for a moment. The worst case scenario would be a fierce battle between the two sides. He might suffer a loss, but it would not cause him any fundamental harm. It would depend on what the person from the City Lord's Mansion planned.

"Don't worry, I'll go to the City Lord's Mansion tomorrow to meet that Lu Zhengyang!"


The Nine Nether clone was released by Jiang Li and continued to stay in Green Mountain Residence. Jiang Li's main body left this place and started to wander around the Nightless City.

This was not the first time he had come to Nightless City. Previously, he had also come to the city for the opening of Prosperous Jiang Hong. However, at that time, he had mainly run around the vicinity to clean up the places where ghosts gathered. This was the first time he had truly toured the city.

As he had always been concerned about the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn that collected souls, he had not even gone to the true inner city store once. As the boss behind the scenes, he still had to take a look.

After showing the inner sect token of the Scripture Storage Valley, there was no need to register at all. He passed through the doors without any obstruction.

The reason why this Nightless City could exist for so long and stand strong was because of the support of the righteous path alliance. Without the approval of the four major sects, this place would only be a second-rate market.

Therefore, as long as he showed the inner sect token and the word "Storage" on his left chest, he could enjoy special privileges in many places.

After walking around here, he deeply experienced the influence of the Misty Mountain Range's Medicine Garden Mystic Realm on the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

He casually asked a few pill shops by the roadside. Compared to usual, the overall price of the same medicinal pills had decreased by more than 30%. Currently, it was still decreasing at a stable rate.

Looking at the current trend, it was not a problem to reduce the price of medicinal pills by another 20% in the future. This made many rogue cultivators who could not afford medicinal pills in the past live much better lives.

Moreover, many medicinal pills that had been empty all year round due to scarce materials were now filled to the brim.

In fact, because the spiritual herbs in the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm were extremely old and of excellent quality, the effects of these medicinal pills were even better than usual.

It could really be said to be cheap and good.

With such an attractive existence, there were many unfamiliar faces on the streets of Nightless City. Their clothes were slightly different from the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

The steep mountain ranges could not stop greedy cultivators. Many cultivators who smelled benefits and foreign cultivators rushed into the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region in a vain attempt to take a share of this banquet.

After some discussion, the many sects in the Great Mountain Region did not completely reject these outsiders.

Instead, they chose to use differential pricing and absorb talents from outside.

In short, in this short period of time, the situation in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region changed extremely quickly. There were even a few sects that had directly disappeared from the stage of history for various reasons.

No one knew if there would be an even greater storm in the future.

Jiang Li shook his head and sighed at the rapid changes in the world. He stopped wandering around and walked towards his Prosperous Jiang Hong.

However, he did not expect that he seemed to have used up all his luck in the seven days of breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm.

It was not only Green Mountain Residence that was affected, even Prosperous Jiang Hong, which was a small business, had people stirring up trouble.

"Quickly call your manager out. I want this spider lily."

A young cultivator who looked like a young master was arrogantly making a commotion in the store under the escort of a few blue uniform sect disciples.

He waved a bag in his hand, which probably contained a lot of spirit stones. He looked like a nouveau riche who was showing off in front of people.

Beside him, there was a rather exotic-looking woman holding a pot of beautiful red flowers. Clearly, it was the spider lily he was talking about.

"Sorry, customer. This spider lily is not for sale. Quickly return it to us."

In the store, three disciples wanted to go up and take the pot of red flowers with anxious expressions, but the sect disciples in blue blocked in front of them, preventing them from approaching.

"Absurd, there's nothing in the store that can't be sold. Since you've put it out, I'll definitely buy it. Isn't it just spirit stones? I have plenty."

That young master looked like a decent human, but his words and actions did not have any manners.

"You! You're lying! I clearly placed the flowers in the inner courtyard. You came in and insisted on taking them away!"

A female disciple stepped forward to argue, but these words obviously could not make the other party feel guilty. Instead, that person took a fancy to her beautiful face.

"Eh, little girl, you look quite lively. How about it? I'll buy you too and let you be my bed warmer."

This young master was obviously a lecherous person. He even started to tease a female disciple in the store.

This woman was the medical cultivator Lu Qianqian who had received Jiang Li's invitation. At the beginning, she had tactfully rejected it, but for some reason, she still chose to join.

With the addition of a professional medical cultivator, Prosperous Jiang Hong could deal with some spiritual materials and spiritual medicines by themselves before sending them back to the sect to be refined by the genius alchemist, Senior Sister Little Four, and sell them after. In this way, it formed a simple and mature industry chain, and its ability to earn money greatly increased.

However, at this moment, the dignified disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley was actually being teased.

"Senior Brother Zhang, this seems to be the store of the Scripture Storage Valley. After all, they are disciples of the Scripture Storage Valley. Are we really doing this?"

The female disciple holding the flower pot beside him urged with some worry. It was unknown if she was worried about the revenge of the Scripture Storage Valley or if she was afraid that if the beautiful Lu Qianqian was really bought, Senior Brother Zhang would lose interest in her?

"What's there to be afraid of? The main store of the Scripture Storage Valley is at the north side of the city."

"Look here. The door is so new. There's nothing good inside, and there aren't many guests."

"The ones who will open such a shop are only outer sect disciples. Perhaps it was them who secretly used the name of the sect to do it. They are not protected by the sect at all."

"Moreover, as long as you give enough spirit stones, there's nothing you can't buy."

He wanted to go up and touch Lu Qianqian again, but the other party hurriedly retreated and dodged. The young master felt bored and started to shout again.

"Where's your steward? Quickly call your steward out. Why? Are you still afraid that I, Young Master Zhang, can't afford the spirit stones?"

They did not dare to really attack. After all, the signboard of the Scripture Storage Valley was hung at the entrance of this place, and the Nightless City forbade fighting. If they really attacked, the law-enforcement team of the Nightless City would probably make them suffer greatly.

However, as a customer, he was confident that no one would meddle in his business if he bullied a few outer sect disciples verbally.

Jiang Li who stood in the crowd shook his head. From the expressions of these disciples, it was probably not the first time such a thing had happened. Even though the Scripture Storage Valley's name was hung on the wall, if a few Qi Refinement realm disciples wanted to hold up a cultivation store, the difficulty they would encounter during the process would definitely not be small.

However, these troubles had never reached the ears of Jiang Li, the boss who did nothing. It was Yan Hong who took responsibility for everything.

Just as Jiang Li was about to go out and defend his reputation, the chubby Yan Hong finally rushed back.

"I'm the one in charge of Prosperous Jiang Hong. Sir, please put down the things in the store first. If there's anything, tell me."

Yan Hong was followed by two disciples who carried various boxes and packages. It seemed that the habit he had developed from the sect had not changed. As soon as he was free, he would wander around the market and hunt for some goods at all times.

He had also incidentally bought that spider lily from a foreign cultivator.

At this moment, he rushed back after hearing his subordinate's report.

However, when the young master saw that Yan Hong wore an outer sect disciple uniform, he immediately laughed loudly and did not take him seriously.

"As an outer sect disciple and a mid-stage Qi Refinement realm cultivator, you dare to call yourself the person in charge? Don't think that I'm easy to fool."

Seeing that the person was only an outer sect disciple at the Qi Refinement realm, he became even more arrogant.

"Since you don't have anyone decent to manage the shop, I'll make the decision for you."

"I want this spider lily. 50 spirit stones is a bargain for you."

"Let's go."

That disciple threw a handful of spirit stones on the ground in an insulting manner, turned around, and wanted to leave directly with the spider lily. He felt that since he had left behind the spirit stones, it could not be considered a robbery. Moreover, these outer sect disciples were weak and no one would stand up for them.

As the new young sect master of the Golden Tooth Sect, he was sure that no one would dare stop him.

This should be a very safe result, he thought.

Buying this spiritual flower that was suspected to be a spider lily for 50 spirit stones was a huge profit for him.

However, today, they had clearly found the wrong time and place to do this.

The few Golden Tooth Sect disciples behind him were still blocking the few people in the store. Just as this Young Master Zhang was about to leave with the spider lily, a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"What are you doing!"

Just as the disciple was about to berate him, a huge force suddenly pressed down.

The young master's cultivation level had actually reached the Foundation Establishment realm, but under the pressure of this force, his left shoulder was directly crushed. The pair of calves that endured the force also directly broke off from their positions. Then, his entire body could no longer stand, and his eyes rolled back as he went limp.

Jiang Li then looked at the disciple who was holding the flower pot.

Being stared at by his eyes was like being pressed down by a mountain of five elements, it was extremely heavy.

Jiang Li waved his hand, and the female disciple handed the flower pot to him as if she was possessed. She did not dare resist at all.

Not to mention her, even the few Golden Tooth Sect disciples who had been abusing their status felt as if they had fallen into an ice cave under his gaze, and they were terrified to the point of being motionless and not daring to speak anymore.

Their Golden Tooth Sect had been in quite a bit of chaos recently, but the outcome was still quite good. They had become a major faction.

With a backer, that was why they dared to be so arrogant in Nightless City.

However, bullying a few outer sect disciples who were not valued might not be a big deal, but this person was dressed in white and was an inner sect disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley. He emitted a shocking pressure and was obviously not someone to be trifled with.

They who bullied the weak and feared the strong instantly cowered.

"Senior Brother, Young Master Zhang is the son of the Golden Tooth Sect's Sect Master. Please show mercy!"

At this moment, the guards of the Nightless City and the enforcement team of the Scripture Storage Valley pushed through the crowd and arrived.

Their speed was actually very fast. Once they attacked, the other party sensed it and immediately rushed over.

This was also the reason why the few of them did not dare to really attack.

Actually, the few disciples in Prosperous Jiang Hong could have chosen to make a move earlier. With Jiang Li's reputation, the sect's enforcement team would naturally help protect them.

However, they were only initial-stage Qi Refinement realm outer sect disciples at the bottom. They had been bullied too many times and were used to swallowing their anger. They also did not dare to trouble the usually fierce sect enforcement team, which was why the current situation was like this.

"What happened? Who did it?"

Before the people of the Nightless City could see anyone, they heard the voices.

However, Jiang Li paid no attention to them and looked at his sect's Law Enforcement Team on the other side.

"Senior Brother Qing Lie, long time no see."

The person leading the group was very familiar. It was the Foundation Establishment realm disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall, Qing Lie, who had fought with Jiang Li during the sect competition.

"Junior Brother, you are?"

However, the other party did not recognize Jiang Li.

After Jiang Li broke through to the Foundation Establishment realm, he had changed too much. His height and physique had undergone a huge change, and his body even carried a faint Dao Essence aura. Even his father would be suspicious for a few minutes before he dared to go forward and recognize his son. They had only met a few times, so Qing Lie, who could only be said to have a decent relationship with him, naturally did not recognize Jiang Li.

However, someone else recognized him.

"Wait, you're… Jiang Li?"

Yan Hong, who was originally unable to come out from the door, finally ran out at this moment, and then he looked at Jiang Li with an expression of disbelief.

He had heard Jiang Li's voice clearly earlier, but when he really saw the person, he was slightly suspicious and did not understand why his appearance had undergone such a huge change.

"Jiang Li? Which Jiang Li?"

"You don't know? He's Jiang Li from the Scripture Storage Valley, who else can it be?"

"Jiang Li from the Scripture Storage Valley? Could it be that you're talking about the number one Qi Refinement realm cultivator in the Great Mountain Region?"

Jiang Li's reputation was spread widely, and he was recognized as soon as his name was heard.

Jiang Li naturally smiled and nodded.

"It's me. Yan Hong, your stomach is getting bigger and bigger."

He then looked at Qing Lie. By now, he should be able to recognize him.

"You're Jiang Li, why are you… Gasp! Don't tell me you've broken through to the Foundation Establishment realm?"

When Qing Lie heard the name Jiang Li, he noticed that aside from his figure and bearing, wasn't this person the strongest disciple of the generation from his sect!? What sort of situation could make Jiang Li undergo such a huge change?

He thought of an answer. Foundation Establishment!

Qing Lie smiled bitterly and immediately accepted it. Why did he have to find trouble and compare himself to this junior brother?

"Yes, I was lucky enough to reach the Foundation Establishment realm."

"Senior Brother Qing Lie, these people are causing trouble in my Scripture Storage Valley. They snatched the spiritual materials with ill intentions. Capture them and send them to work in the spirit stone mines."

Jiang Li kicked the guy on the ground to Qing Lie's side and faced the guards of the Nightless City.

"Everyone, the matters here will be handled by our Scripture Storage Valley. There's no need for you to worry."

The few guards were clearly a little unhappy, but they were far from being the only ones in the Nightless City. They did not have the qualifications to participate in the matters of the Scripture Storage Valley.

They did not dare to show it on their faces. They cupped their hands and left.

The enforcement team of the Scripture Storage Valley stepped forward and knocked the remaining Golden Tooth Sect disciples to the ground. They did not even let go of the female disciple. What awaited them was spending the rest of their lives in the mines.

When another law-enforcement disciple was about to drag Young Master Zhang away, this fellow woke up.

He shouted loudly, "Wait! Wait! We're from the Hundred Tempering Mountain. You can't treat me like this! You can't treat me like this!"