On the sword cultivator clone's side, he would use a communication spirit stone every few days to report his safety to Junior Sister Shuangmeng.

Jiang Li felt guilty.

He had to think of a way to resolve the problem with the sword cultivator clone someday.

First of all, he did not want to break up such a couple. Secondly, there was a huge treasure like the corpse of asura placed here, so it was impossible for him to let it go.

However, the few ghosts in the ruin had been dead for too long, and they did not have many memories.

The Nine Nether clone did not find much useful information from them.

Now, he only knew that the metal bracelet from the Black Lotus Ruins could suppress the blood of madness, but there was only one bracelet, and the effect was obviously not enough.

Jiang Li planned to check the records of the Black Lotus Divine Sect after he returned to the sect. After all, the traces of the Square Heaven Seal were there, and the Scripture Storage Valley was the main force that destroyed the Black Lotus Divine Sect back then. There should still be related records.

If he was unable to obtain any useful information from the sect, then Jiang Li would have to consider whether he should forge the Anti-Spirit Black Sword and create another bracelet on his own.

After discussing some things with Yan Hong, Jiang Li left a Green Mountain Residence yearly membership card for the other party and left the Yin Burial Coffin with the Nine Nether clone before boarding the flying ship and rushing to the sect.

Yan Hong's cultivation was still too low. Even the structure of the traveling merchants was severely affected.

As Jiang Li's strength increased, he would definitely slowly be unable to keep up with his footsteps. Even being a qualified assistant was difficult.

Therefore, it was best to raise his cultivation as much as possible.

With the help of a large number of medicinal pills and the dense spiritual qi of Green Mountain Residence, his cultivation speed should be able to greatly increase. It was not impossible for him to compare to or even surpass a top-grade spiritual root.

Originally, the Nine Nether Earth Fruit was the best choice to quickly increase his cultivation.

However, Jiang Li did not want to completely control the life and death of his friend and even change Yan Hong's personality.


In a flash, it was already the second day.

Near Green Mountain Residence, a few teams of the City Lord's Mansion guards directly sealed up this area, not showing any respect at all.

This made the revenue of Green Mountain Residence almost zero that day.

Jiang Li, who was on the flying ship, was meditating in his room. Most of his attention was already placed on Green Mountain Ascetic.

He was still wearing the mask and green clothes. After leaving Green Mountain Residence, he walked towards the City Lord's Mansion.

Along the way, there were many cultivators who paid attention to him. The matter with Green Mountain Residence this time was not small. The people from the City Lord's Mansion came to find trouble many times. This matter could not be hidden from him even if he wanted to.

This was quite a blow to the newly established Green Mountain Residence, but Jiang Li did not mind.

With his Golden Core level movement speed, Jiang Li arrived quickly.

The City Lord's Mansion was not the size of a courtyard. It was almost like another small city in the Nightless City.

The city walls were also equipped with powerful air-piercing crossbows. Their defense was not inferior to the inner city walls.

However, Jiang Li noticed that there was a brand new notice pasted at the entrance of the City Lord's Mansion.

It was written that the daughter of the City Lord was infected with a strange illness and there was a medical practitioner who could treat her. If anyone could treat the young lady, he would definitely reward them handsomely.

Jiang Li took a look at the reward. It was really quite generous. A Profound-rank artifact, coupled with a number of spirit stones and medicinal pills, was enough to form an attraction for Core Formation cultivators.

It seemed that this City Lord valued Lu Qingdai quite a bit and was willing to pay such a price to treat a useless daughter.

The spirit stones that he usually gave her might really be enough for her to act willfully in the Green Mountain Residence.

Would this Lu Zhengyang choose to sacrifice his daughter to talk down the Green Mountain Residence? It did not seem so.

Moreover, if that was the case, he could have chosen to attack immediately after Lu Qingdai's accident. There was no need to wait for the Nine Nether clone to return.

Jiang Li was slightly puzzled, but he did not think too much about it. He circled around the group of cultivators that were surrounding the notice and walked into the mansion.

"Halt! Remove your weapons and artifacts and wait for the notification."

However, Jiang Li had just walked to the door when he was sternly stopped by a few black-armored guards.

Jiang Li clearly saw that the cultivators who entered before him did not need to do this. When he arrived, he was targeted.

They wanted him to remove his artifacts and wait for the notification. It was obvious that they were trying to intimidate him.

No cultivator was willing to give their artifacts to others. These few fellows were deliberately stirring trouble.

Jiang Li completely ignored them and directly walked in.

Behind him, there was the fragrance of the spider lily.

These guards were all stunned on the spot. Even with their cultivation levels, they would not regain their senses for three days and three nights.

After passing through the door, Jiang Li did not encounter any more obstructions, and there were no guards or servants to guide him.

However, Jiang Li was utterly not worried about taking the wrong path. He directly walked forward, and in a hall that was straight ahead, a powerful aura appeared in his senses without any concealment.

Jiang Li had sensed this aura when he was in the Demon Subduing Pagoda. In this City Lord's Mansion, there was only one person who could release the aura of the Nascent Soul realm.

It was undoubtedly City Lord Lu himself.

Jiang Li controlled his clone and followed the source of the aura. He stepped out of the illusory shadow and arrived in front of the hall.

The servant Lu Fu that he had seen before was standing at the entrance of the hall and looking at him resentfully.

The arm that was cut off by Jiang Li had already been reattached by the medical cultivator. However, the flesh and blood of the wound had been corroded by the Nine Nether spiritual qi, and the part that was cut had already completely necrotized, so a portion of it was removed.

Therefore, his right hand was obviously shorter than his left, looking a little strange.

As for the Nine Nether spiritual qi, it still remained in his body. Every night, it would begin to act up. It was not easy to completely eliminate it.

After being injured by Jiang Li to such an extent, how could he show a good expression when he saw his enemy again?

Jiang Li paid no attention to him and directly walked into the hall. There, he saw the City Lord, Lu Zhengyang, sitting at the center with a single glance.

They saw that City Lord Lu had a broad figure and a firm body. His white hair was tied up behind his head, and there were no signs of age on his face. He was a dark-skinned, vigorous middle-aged man.

Beside him sat a sad woman in a red dress.

"You must be Green Mountain Ascetic. It's the honor of our Nightless City for a Golden Core cultivator to settle down here."

"I didn't get the chance to meet you until today. This is my lack of etiquette."

Lu Zhengyang stirred the tea in front of him twice. Although he said that as the City Lord, it was obvious that he did not feel any respect towards the newcomer.

"City Lord Lu, you're too polite. I, Green Mountain Ascetic, am only borrowing your precious land to do some insignificant business. I hope you can take care of me."

Jiang Li cupped his hands and bowed. His eyes stared fixedly at the other party while every single wooden fiber on his body tightened, and he was prepared to battle at any moment.

"You're too humble. That's not a small business."

"The Green Mountain Residence is quite famous. This big shop bullies its customers. My daughter, Lu Qingdai, and my housekeeper, Lu Fu, nearly lost their lives there."

Before he could finish speaking, the irreconcilable conflict could not be concealed.

At this moment, Lu Zhengyang raised his head and stared at the Nine Nether clone. The suddenly explosive aura pressed down, causing a large area of the tiles in the hall to crack.

The area below Jiang Li's feet had the most pressure, his ankles already sinking into the ground.

For high-level cultivators, their auras were no longer just terrifying. A weaker cultivator might just glare at them to death.

However, the one standing here was the Nine Nether clone with a Golden Core cultivation. He was not in such a pathetic state.

"The City Lord should also know about Miss Lu's situation. It was not the fault of my Green Mountain Residence."

"As for Lu Fu, he attacked my Green Mountain Residence. I only taught him a lesson."

Under the aura of a Nascent Soul, Jiang Li spoke the truth in a neither servile nor overbearing manner. He did not choose to lower his head and admit his mistake.

However, City Lord Lu Zhengyang clearly could not accept such a simple explanation.

Jiang Li's actions were indeed only to teach him a lesson. At most, he was only a little too heavy-handed, and it was not too excessive.

However, to Lu Zhengyang, his actions were undoubtedly a huge slap to the City Lord's Mansion.

The City Lord's Mansion had lost face. This matter had nothing to do with right or wrong. He had to get back what he deserved. Otherwise, who could he suppress in this Nightless City?

There was also Lu Qingdai's matter. At the bottom of it all, his daughter had indeed courted death.

However, as a father, when his daughter's life was on the line, how could he reason so much?

"So, you're not planning to give me an explanation today?"

Facing Jiang Li's attitude, he became even more displeased.

"What explanation does City Lord Lu want?"

Jiang Li still did not have the intention to admit defeat. He opened his mouth to test the other party's goal. If Lu Zhengyang directly asked for the source of the Green Mountain Residence's spirit stones, then this matter would definitely be deliberately started by him.


"I, Lu Zhengyang, am not an unreasonable person. Break your arm and close the Green Mountain Residence. Then, leave the Nightless City and never step foot here again. I'll forget about this matter."


City Lord Lu gave such a solution. It was not considered light, but it was not heavy either.

If it was just "break your arm", with the methods of Golden Core cultivators, as long as they were prepared, they could completely remove it and immediately press it back. In essence, they would not be injured much.

The woman sitting beside him and Lu Fu were clearly dissatisfied with this solution and wanted to persuade him.

However, Jiang Li did not come here because he wanted to be crippled.

"I'm sorry, I can't accept City Lord Lu's suggestion."

Jiang Li directly rejected it, causing Lu Fu, who was standing at the side, to be even more furious and jump up and down.

"Lord City Lord, this bold lunatic actually dares to ignore your kindness! This person is so sketchy and vile, and it's obvious that he has ulterior motives. I think we should capture him directly and interrogate him before dealing with him!"

The old man had nothing good to say. He wanted to provoke Lu Zhengyang to attack Jiang Li directly.

"Green Mountain Ascetic, what do you want?"

Lu Zhengyang waved his hand to stop Lu Fu.

However, he also made himself clear. If Jiang Li did not give a satisfactory answer today, there was no way to resolve this matter.

"Since this junior has come here, I have come to resolve this matter."

"I can treat Miss Lu's illness."

As soon as Jiang Li spoke, the hall suddenly fell silent for a few seconds.

They clearly did not expect Green Mountain Ascetic to say this.

Then, the red-dressed woman beside Lu Zhengyang spoke.

"She's a mortal and doesn't have a spiritual root. She can't consume spiritual pills and can't withstand the absorption of spiritual qi. Over the past few days, hundreds of medical cultivators have been helpless. What can you do?"

This person was obviously Lu Zhengyang's Dao Companion. When she heard Jiang Li's words, her first reaction was disbelief.

Just as she had said, even a hundred medical cultivators could not do anything about it. How could he, Green Mountain Ascetic, have such ability?

"Madam Lu, don't be anxious. There are thousands of Dao Techniques in this world. If others can't, it's not necessarily impossible for me. Whether it succeeds or not, we'll know after trying."

The voice coming from under the mask of the Nine Nether clone was calm and confident. It did not sound like a lie.

"Can you really cure Qingdai?"

City Lord Lu Zhengyang also became serious. He forgot about the words he said earlier and started weighing the credibility of Green Mountain Ascetic's words.


Jiang Li still nodded and gave a confident answer.

"Nonsense. You haven't even seen Miss Qingdai yet, and you dare to say that you're 90% sure!"

"City Lord! You must not believe him. He will harm Miss Qingdai!"

The housekeeper, Lu Fu, was still trying to obstruct Jiang Li. However, with Lu Qingdai's current situation, it was hard to say if she could survive tonight. How much worse could her situation get?

Since Green Mountain Ascetic was so confident, he might as well give it a try.

"Alright! If you can save my daughter, everything will be written off. I won't be stingy with the reward I promised on the notice."

"But if you're lying to us, you should know the fury of a Nascent Soul cultivator."

Lu Zhengyang pondered for a long time before finally deciding to let Jiang Li give it a try.

"I understand that, but I have another request."

Jiang Li was not in a hurry to prove his ability. That would only make him look guilty like he was lying.

Right now, the ones asking for help were the City Lord couple. There was no need for him to suck up to them and offer himself up for nothing.

If he had a request, he would mention it. After he cured her, it would not be so easy to make a request.


"Because the healing technique is a secret technique passed down by our sect for generations, no outsiders can be present when I'm treating her."

"In addition, if I cure Miss Lu Qingdai, she must acknowledge me as her master."

The first condition was that many medical cultivators had the same rule. They were already used to it and agreed without much hesitation.

However, taking in a useless seed as a disciple? What kind of request was that?

Lu Zhengyang had been a City Lord for more than a hundred years, so he naturally had brains.

After a slight twist, he understood that Green Mountain Ascetic's intention was not purely to take in a disciple. He wanted to use the name of taking in a disciple to obtain the support of the Nightless City Lord.

"Alright, no problem. There's no time to lose. Follow me."

Without much hesitation, Lu Zhengyang agreed.

As long as he could save Lu Qingdai, these were all trivial matters. It was already a great blessing for a useless seed like her to become the disciple of a Golden Core cultivator.

Moreover, this matter was also caused by his daughter in the first place. It was fine to give some support.

They hurriedly rushed to the side hall behind them. There were quite a few medical cultivators gathered here and were discussing intensely.

From time to time, medical cultivators would go in and try, but they would quickly come out.

Their methods were mostly targeted at cultivators.

The fragile bodies of mortals could not withstand such torture at all. Just this alone limited 99% of their methods. However, weak methods could not deal with the trouble in Lu Qingdai's body.

It was precisely because of this that no one was able to save her.

The arrival of Jiang Li and the others attracted the attention of the medical cultivators.

Many people bowed to the City Lord and showed sympathy to Green Mountain Ascetic.

How should they put it? The news had basically spread. Green Mountain Residence was just unlucky.

At this moment, another medical cultivator shook his head and retreated from Lu Qingdai's room.

While City Lord Lu was disappointed, he personally opened the door and invited Jiang Li in.

"Ascetic, please."

City Lord Lu's performance caused a commotion among the medical cultivators.

Wasn't Green Mountain Ascetic here to apologize to the City Lord's Mansion? Why was he brought here? From the looks of it, he was planning to let him in for treatment?

Wasn't this nonsense? He had never heard that Green Mountain Ascetic was a medical cultivator.

The medical cultivators present were clearly surprised and slightly displeased.

Why did City Lord Lu ignore the group of medical practitioners and send a layman to help?

However, they did not have the confidence to speak. After all, they were helpless.

Jiang Li entered the room. This place was filled with the aura of dense spirit medicine.

He looked at the source. It was beside the young girl's bed. A furnace of incense was burning and white smoke was rising.

When Jiang Li saw this, he could not help but sigh. Professionals were really different.

It was not that the group of medical cultivators outside were not capable. On the contrary, they were all experienced in treating people.

For example, this incense burner was refined from spiritual medicine powder.

A complete spirit medicine was too domineering to mortals. If they were not careful, they would burst their internal organs and directly kill them.

Therefore, there were medical cultivators who deliberately ground the spiritual medicine into powder. After carefully concocting it, they used incense to apply it into the medicine. It was precisely this method that kept Lu Qingdai alive and kept her alive for three days.

In terms of treating and saving people, Jiang Li was definitely far inferior to them.

However, he had something that could treat the problem.

The Nine Nether clone lifted a corner of the mask and spat out a small seed.

Spiritual Root Seed!