Jiang Li put away the isolation moss in the room, pushed open the door, and left the refinement room.

Outside, there was indeed still that familiar noise everywhere.

This Benevolent Travel Temple was indeed a large sect that specialized in body refinement.

Every day, there were all kinds of attacks. It was more than ten times more lively than a construction site.

It was even more exaggerated than when Jiang Li and the other disciples were cultivating.

At this moment, a young novice monk beside him saw Jiang Li come out and immediately went up to greet him with clasped hands.

"Senior Brother Jiang, Elder He and Uncle-Master Le Chi are waiting in the Dragon Tiger Courtyard. Senior Brother, please follow me."

Jiang Li looked at the sky. He had been refining the sword embryo for half a day, so he did not know what Elder He and Senior Brother Xiang were doing.

"Thank you, Junior Brother."

Jiang Li did not doubt him. After thanking him, he followed the young novice monk all the way to the Dragon Tiger Courtyard.

Before he entered, waves of cheers sounded from inside. This voice sounded familiar to Jiang Li. In the past, when he was fighting with his fellow disciples in the Demon Vanquishing Hall, the onlookers basically shouted like this.

He pushed open the door and entered the Dragon Tiger Courtyard. In the middle of a training ground, he saw Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba, who had already swelled up to become a tower of muscles.

It was quite common for body cultivation methods like this to increase one's size and strength. Among the ten individual cultivators, at least four or five had similar methods.

For example, the person opposite Senior Brother Xiang was also about 2.78 meters in size. His muscles were bulging, just like a golden balloon.

Jiang Li was also a body cultivator, so he naturally possessed such an ability. Moreover, it was an ancient inheritance he obtained from the Scripture Imparting Hall.

However, the appearance of using such a secret technique was really ugly. As far as Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba was concerned, if not for the obvious characteristics of the blood tattoos on his body, Jiang Li would definitely not have recognized him.

Moreover, while increasing his strength and physique, it would also restrict his speed and agility. To Jiang Li, it was hard to say if it would strengthen or weaken him, so he had not used it many times until now.

"Master, I'm here."

"Greetings, Dharma Master Le Chi."

Jiang Li walked to Elder He's side. After greeting them, he looked at the situation on the field.

However, he really did not understand the situation.

Senior Brother Xiang, who had swelled to about three meters tall, stood opposite the monk who was only half a head shorter.

They did not move or dodge. They just stood where they were, taking turns to punch.

Behind them were shattered fragments of the clay jar.

It could be seen that behind the two of them, there were quite a few water vats, but at this moment, there were only three or four left behind.

"Make some preparations. It's your turn next."

Elder He sat on the chair very calmly and tilted his head to speak to Jiang Li.

As Elder He had already spoken to him regarding the competition on the way here, Jiang Li was not surprised.

However, what kind of battle method was this?

"Alright, Master. However, what's going on?"

Jiang Li could roughly guess that those water vats and clay jars were not just for decoration, but as for their exact use, he was unable to understand the exact rules of this competition in a short period of time.

"This is Benevolent Travel Temple's body cultivation literary battle. Take a look and understand."


It was Monk Fa Cheng's turn again.

A fist the size of a millstone shot out and directly collided with Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba's abdomen.

Jiang Li was speechless. What kind of literary battle was this?

Senior Brother Xiang took this punch firmly. A thick force penetrated his body and directly shattered two of the water vats behind him.

A small crack appeared on the ground beneath Senior Brother Xiang's feet. The crack continuously spread backwards, containing the force that he had diverted into the ground.

As for the spreading force, one of it happened to reach the bottom of the last water vat.

With a sound, a crack immediately appeared on the wall of the jar. Water seeped out of the crack and flowed to the ground.

It was so close to shattering.

"Haha, Old He, it seems that your disciple is in danger."

Dharma Master Le Chi and Elder He were old friends. In the past, the two sides were still on par.

However, not only could the Beast Blood Diagram increase one's strength, it could also accelerate one's cultivation. Slowly, after Dharma Master Le Chi began to fall behind, the gap between the two sides was already very obvious.

If he could not win, then he could only let his disciple shoulder the expectations. Now that Fa Cheng had the upper hand, he was naturally very proud.

This so-called literary battle was a competition developed by the body cultivators of Benevolent Travel Temple.

The literary battle was not like an ordinary fight, where one party had to fall to the ground to determine the winner.

This "literary battle" was a competition of five aspects, 'fist, defense, control, deflect, and movement'.

Just like this moment, they were competing in the body cultivator's strength deflection technique.

The two of them stood facing each other and attacked each other without moving their feet. The standard for victory was not one party falling to the ground, but the water vat behind the other party.

The first to shatter all the water vats behind the other party was victory.

This special form of competition was not a competition of strength. Instead, it was to use the body as much as possible to withstand the force and transmit the energy evenly.

If the impact blocked by the body was too small, the shock wave would directly shatter a large number of water vats. If the strength deflection technique was not good enough, and the force transmitted to the ground was not uniform enough, the water vats would also explode.

Senior Brother Xiang's strength should not be inferior to his opponent, but he was not used to this kind of fighting style, and he still fell into a disadvantage.

At this moment, Jiang Li noticed that the blood tattoo on Senior Brother Xiang's right arm began to emit a faint red glow.

It was a mighty lion with a mane. His arms, which were thicker than pillars, swelled again. With a heavy lion roar, he hammered over.


When the fist collided with the air, a lion-like roar sounded.

A fist smashed into Monk Fa Cheng's body. Before the other party could divert his strength, the surging force of the fist transformed into a lion's head that penetrated his body. Then, the lion's head exploded into surging sound waves that carried his fist force out.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five consecutive explosions sounded.

When it came into contact with the lion roar sound wave that carried the force of the fist, the four water vats behind Monk Fa Cheng instantly exploded.

However, other than that, the cracked vat behind Senior Brother Xiang actually could not withstand the aftershock and shattered into several pieces.

A draw!

Elder He, who was seated, seemed to heave a sigh of relief. Clearly, even he did not want to lose to his old friend.

After the two of them left, practically all the monks present placed their gazes on Jiang Li.

Golden light flickered in all their eyes. Clearly, all the monks present wanted to challenge him.

After all, Benevolent Travel Temple valued their reputation as the strongest sect in the Great Mountain Region. On the other hand, Elder He's small lineage could be compared to them in the cultivation world.

How could they endure such a situation? Therefore, as long as there was a chance, this group of hot-blooded monk cultivators would challenge Benevolent Travel Temple to prove its reputation.

It was obvious that the draw earlier could not satisfy them, but Xiang Yuanba had just finished a round. It was impossible for them to be shameless enough to take turns to challenge him. Therefore, he could only target Elder He's other disciple, Demon King Jiang Li.

"Is he Jiang Li, the number one on the White Rankings and the strongest disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley?"

"There should be no mistake. I saw him riding a wooden dragon over yesterday. It's exactly the same as the one at the Misty Mountain Range Competition."

"But isn't he Elder He's disciple?"

"Look at him. Is he really a body cultivator?"

Jiang Li's well-proportioned body after reaching the Foundation Establishment realm was quite confusing. From the current mainstream viewpoint, someone with a burly figure might not necessarily be a good body cultivator, but someone with a thin and weak body was most likely not an expert.

"He looks so skinny. He doesn't look like someone with true ability."

A monk touched his thick muscles. The solid strength satisfied him greatly. However, what muscles did Jiang Li have?

"Junior Brother, don't be too harsh on him. Although he's ranked first on the White Rankings, that's only among a group of Qi Refinement realm juniors. How strong can he be?"

In other words, he still felt that Jiang Li's reputation was undeserved.

"Amitabha. Everyone, don't speak nonsense. Benefactor Jiang has indeed defeated me. If you have any doubts, why don't you step forward and challenge him? You'll know after trying."

The one who spoke was Le Yuan, who was standing in the crowd. When he spoke, the disciples did not dare to speak anymore.

He was not a nobody in Benevolent Travel Temple.

When he had just entered the Buddhist Sect, the ordinary him was suddenly taken in by the Divine Monk Kong Mu. At that time, this matter had caused a huge commotion.

Although on the surface, not many people dared to speak arrogantly to him, all kinds of jealous rumors had never stopped among the disciples of Benevolent Travel Temple.

This lasted until he cultivated the Palm Meditation Technique and took 218 hits in a row from the Tiger Subduing Staff during the defense test, directly breaking the current Foundation Establishment record. After that, he became famous and no one dared to doubt his qualifications as a disciple of the Divine Monk Kong Mu.

On the other hand, since Jiang Li was able to defeat him head-on, it was naturally impossible for him to be someone who held a false reputation.

"In that case, let me face him."

"I understand now. Benefactor Jiang Li, do you dare to come out and compete with me?"

A person shot out from the crowd. It was the disciple of the damned old man, Monk Kong'e. His name was Le Tong.

Although he was also a disciple of the 'Le' generation, due to his master, his status and treatment in all aspects were always inferior to Le Yuan. He had long been jealous.

He was at the late-stage Foundation Establishment realm. When he learned that Jiang Li had just reached the Foundation Establishment realm, he immediately jumped out to challenge him.

Jiang Li had defeated Le Yuan before. If he was able to defeat Jiang Li here, then wouldn't it prove that he was even more outstanding? That was what he thought.

Dharma Master Le Chi frowned, but before he could say anything to stop it, Elder He had already nodded.

Jiang Li did not care about the other party's tricks and smiled. He walked out from behind Elder He and stood in the center of the arena.

"I'm Jiang Li, there's nothing I don't dare to do. It's just that I don't know the rules of your esteemed temple's competition. Dharma Master, what do you think we should compete in?"

When he heard Jiang Li's words, the other party's eyes lit up and he hurriedly spoke.

"There's no need for Benefactor to worry. I'll choose. Why don't we compete in defense?"

The body cultivators of Benevolent Travel Temple were good at cultivating the golden body. He had an advantage in defense against those of the same level.

As for Elder He's disciples, they had the Beast Blood Diagram on them. Their strength, speed, and other basic attributes were even more powerful than defense.

This shameless Le Tong pretended to think for a moment before choosing the most beneficial competition for himself.

In the crowd, Master Le Yuan shook his head helplessly.

He had personally experienced how thick Jiang Li's skin was as the number one on the White Rankings. After releasing the Palm Meditation Technique, he had exhausted all his abilities but was still unable to break through Jiang Li's defense.

Having a competition in this aspect was purely asking for trouble.

However, Le Tong and his master had an extremely poor interpersonal relationship with the rest of the monks, so no one reminded him. The competition was directly decided.

The rules of the defense battle were very simple.

In the Dragon Tiger Courtyard, there were three types of long staff artifacts. The Fire Water Staff had power equivalent to the Qi Refinement realm, the Tiger Subduing Staff had power equivalent to the Foundation Establishment realm, and the Dragon Subduing Staff had power equivalent to the Core Formation realm.

The disciples of the competition would stand on the spot without moving. They would remove their defensive artifacts and use their bodies to withstand the attacks of the staff artifact. The last person standing would be the winner.

The two sides stood opposite each other. Monk Le Tong immediately bent down, his entire body covered in a layer of golden paint, directly preparing his strongest defense.

As for Jiang Li, he only stood on the spot as if he was casually waiting.

A disciple took out two spotted staves and activated them with a shake of his hand.

Bang! Bang!

A dull thud sounded.

The power of this Tiger Subduing Staff was not small. It was indeed equivalent to the attack power of an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Both sides could withstand the first strike. They looked at each other without changing their expressions.

On the 11th strike, the golden light on the surface of Le Tong's body had already begun to dim. Jiang Li was still as calm as before.

On the 23rd strike, Le Tong's protective golden light suddenly shattered, and a thick staff scar appeared on his back.

On the 29th strike, Le Tong spat out a mouthful of blood and looked dispirited.

On the 33rd strike, Le Tong fell to the ground. The bones in his body were broken and he was in a miserable state. His eyes rolled back and he completely lost consciousness.

However, Jiang Li who was opposite him was still in his original state. His clothes fluttered while he remained calm and confident.

"Fellow cultivators from Benevolent Travel Temple, do come up!"

Jiang Li made a regretful expression as if he had not had enough and stretched out his hand to invite the other disciples to go on stage.

In the eyes of the many monks, this sort of expression was sheer provocation. Immediately, another person jumped out and stood before Jiang Li.

The Tiger Subduing Staff flew up and down. This disciple was quite unyielding. He endured 42 strikes before being dragged out of the arena.

Jiang Li could not help but sigh when he saw this, and then he grabbed the Tiger Subduing Staff opposite him and struck his own body with it twice.

Jiang Li actually quite enjoyed this feeling. His Overlord Body Art was just a little bit away from breaking through to the eighth level. Right now, he needed someone to beat him up.

However, his action stimulated the monks present.

They directly took out a pile of Tiger Subduing Staff from the storeroom and went up to challenge Jiang Li.

Every time a monk was defeated, Jiang Li would take away the other party's Tiger Subduing Staff and add it to himself.

This fight continued from dawn until dusk. There were already a total of 50 Tiger Subduing Staves on Jiang Li's body that descended densely like raindrops.

Among them, the staff strikes had long surpassed the records of Le Yuan by countless times.

This group of Benevolent Travel Temple disciples deeply experienced what despair and helplessness were.

The guy opposite him was not human at all. With such dense Tiger Subduing Staff attacks, even a defensive artifact would have been turned into scrap metal.

However, Jiang Li actually seemed to be enjoying it.

At this moment, Le Yuan, who had been holding his palms together, walked out with two long sticks covered in golden scales.

"Benefactor Jiang, why don't we try this staff?"

It was the Dragon Subduing Staff that had power at the Core Formation realm!