Master Le Yuan brought two Dragon Subduing Staves onto the stage. Jiang Li, who felt that the attack power was insufficient, had no reason to refuse and simply agreed.

The two Dragon Subduing Staves transformed into streaks of light and floated in the air. When they landed, they smashed onto their heads.

The power of the Core Formation realm roared as it poured down from above their heads.

A huge hole directly exploded under Monk Le Yuan's feet. Half of him directly sank in, it could be seen how powerful this staff was.

Even a solid iron lump would not be able to withstand such power.

However, Jiang Li and Le Yuan's expressions did not change. They stood on the spot perfectly fine.

One had to know that these two people were only at the Foundation Establishment realm. They actually did not suffer any damage from a Core Formation realm attack.

In fact, there was only a slight crack under Jiang Li's feet. It spread out for less than half a meter before stopping.

If it was any other Foundation Establishment monk present, even if they did not die, they would have lost half their lives.

Jiang Li's Overlord Body Art was definitely not as brilliant as the Palm Meditation Technique, but he had a good foundation. When he used it, he could still firmly suppress his opponent.

While looking at Le Yuan, he was a little surprised.

One had to know that in the path of cultivation, the further one went, the greater the gap between their ranks. It was not the same thing to withstand a Foundation Establishment attack with a Qi Refinement realm cultivation and a Core Formation realm attack with a Foundation Establishment realm cultivation.

Le Yuan could not be injured under the Dragon Subduing Staff. It seemed that his Palm Meditation had improved greatly in this short period of time.

In the Dragon Tiger Courtyard under the night sky, dozens of Foundation Establishment monks were lying on the side receiving treatment!

Among them, two figures were enduring the continuous beating of the staff.

Master Le Yuan relied on the profundity of the Palm Meditation Technique to resist the attacks, while Jiang Li used the Overlord Body Art.

The Overlord Body that was mixed with his physical strength and Nine Nether spiritual qi could cancel out the external force on his body. In theory, as long as the attack power was not greater than Jiang Li's strength and spiritual qi combined, it would be unable to harm him.

With Jiang Li's strength and the quality of his spiritual qi, this attack that had barely reached the Core Formation realm could not break through his defense at all.

The only problem with the Overlord Body Art was that it consumed too much stamina, but this was also not a problem for Jiang Li.

One staff strike, ten staff strikes, a hundred staff strikes. The 51 staves lashed at Jiang Li's body in unison.

This made his Overlord Body Art increasingly smooth to circulate.

At the beginning, when he suffered attacks from different directions, Jiang Li would be slightly unable to react in time.

Slowly, as he endured more and more attacks, Jiang Li's control over his body became more and more perfect, and his strength was distributed more and more evenly around his body.

After enduring more than 300 Dragon Subduing Staff strikes, Jiang Li suddenly gained an epiphany. It turned out that the muscles and bones of a human body still contained such profundities.

On his interface, the Overlord Body Art finally went from Level 7 to Level 8.

As his entire body trembled slightly from the long staff's strikes, he could feel every muscle in his entire body tensing up, as well as the spiritual qi lump compressed in his muscles.

They were like countless springs, ready to counteract the external force at any time.

This was the basic principle of the Overlord Body Art, but from the looks of it, his previous actions were still a little too crude.

Jiang Li began to take the initiative to extract spiritual qi, drawing the pure Nine Nether spiritual qi into wisps of fine energy before inserting them into his muscles.

Silk-shaped spiritual qi coiled around the muscle fibers one by one, forming countless even smaller spiritual qi springs. Then, the muscles gently contracted and trembled, compressing and accumulating the silk-like spiritual qi springs.

Through this method, he could combine his brute force and spiritual qi and distribute this energy evenly throughout his body. That was the true Overlord Body.

Under the situation of maintaining the sword furnace in his body, Jiang Li could only use less than 30% of the spiritual qi, causing the speed at which the spiritual qi wrapped around him to become slightly slower.

Fortunately, his spiritual qi recovered quickly enough, so it did not take long.

When his Overlord Body Art reached the eighth level, this power could already be temporarily stored.

He hid this Overlord Body energy in all the muscles, bones, and skin in his body before erupting in one breath!


Jiang Li's body suddenly shook, and the staff that landed on his body was directly blasted a hundred meters away by the sudden force.

[Erupted with the power of the Overlord Body Art. Added Status: Innocuous Overlord Body. After the effect ends, the user will feel weakness, stiffness, and muscle pain.]

[Innocuous Overlord Body: When attacked, you will be protected by the Overlord Body. The defense of the Overlord Body is equivalent to your current physical strength and spiritual qi. Duration: 2 minutes] (− +)

After the Overlord Body energy stored in his muscles suddenly erupted, Jiang Li felt a heavy armor covering his entire body.

He did not need to trouble himself to maintain the Overlord Body Art anymore, and his body no longer felt like it was locked. Even without drawing out the power of the Armored Horse Divine Travel, he could still attack freely and move around.

Without worrying about the other party's attack, he could attack with all his might or focus on escaping!

This was quite a useful status, although it could only last for two minutes, and the expenditure and side effects were quite heavy.

However, after pressing the plus button for five seconds, these things no longer had anything to do with him.

Jiang Li finally pushed the Overlord Body Art to the eighth level as he wished and obtained the defensive status of the Innocuous Overlord Body. In an instant, his 'tortoise shell' became several times thicker.

As his strength increased, his original Armament Hard Skin, Anti-Demon Golden Skin, and Lake Heart Protection gradually could not keep up with his footsteps.

When he was fighting with a Core Formation cultivator, they could easily break through his defense. Now that he had the Innocuous Overlord Body, he finally made up for this shortcoming.

Jiang Li was in a good mood, but when he looked at Master Le Yuan, he noticed that the other party's face was flushed red and veins were bulging. Obviously, his condition was extremely bad.

No matter how powerful and profound the Palm Meditation Technique was, there was still a limit when it was used on a person.

With his initial-stage Foundation Establishment cultivation, it was already unbelievable that he could withstand more than 300 attacks of the Core Formation realm. If this meditation technique could really allow a Foundation Establishment cultivator to have no limit, Jiang Li would really suspect that the other party was cheating.

"Master Le Yuan, are you alright?"

Seeing that the other party's figure was about to collapse, Jiang Li could not help but ask.

The Palm Meditation Technique could absorb external attacks and store them in his body. However, this storage process was extremely exquisite. As a vessel, there was definitely a limit. Moreover, if he endured too many attacks in a short period of time, he would also suffer from indigestion.

This should be the situation now.

There were no injuries on the surface of his body, but the strength in his body could no longer endure it and started to go berserk.

As expected, after another strike, a line of blood immediately flowed from the corner of Le Yuan's mouth. His flushed face turned pale, and he was about to collapse.

Right at this moment, a gentle golden light was released from the center of Le Yuan's palms.

The golden light carried an extremely high-level aura that was definitely not something that a Foundation Establishment cultivator could possess. As soon as this golden light appeared, it immediately stabilized the chaotic situation in Le Yuan's body, and his sickly expression immediately eased.

"I lost."

A moment later, Le Yuan, who had recovered from his condition, bowed to Jiang Li and admitted defeat.

There should be something in his palms. It was the golden light released by that thing that saved him from serious injuries.

However, according to the rules, one could not use artifacts in this competition. Since Le Yuan was forced to borrow the power of external objects, it naturally meant that he had lost.

"You're too polite, Master Le Yuan. The profundity of the Palm Meditation Technique is deep. Let's compete again in the future."

"Then, everyone, is there anyone else who wants to go on stage to compete?"

After Jiang Li spoke politely, he turned around to look at the group of Core Formation monks who were still watching.

They looked at each other, and in the end, no one dared to go up.

Their cultivation levels were a level higher to begin with. If they won, it was a natural thing.

However, the key was that it was really difficult for them to endure a hundred Dragon Subduing Staff strikes. If they really competed, they might not even be able to do better than Le Yuan, let alone Jiang Li.

With such a huge advantage in cultivation, if they still lost, it would be extremely embarrassing.

In the Dragon Tiger Courtyard, no monk dared to step forward. In the defense competition, Jiang Li defeated 51 Foundation Establishment disciples of the Benevolent Travel Temple.

"Le Chi, I'm really sorry. This disciple of mine is ignorant. We came here to visit but injured so many disciples of your esteemed temple. I have some healing pills here. Please don't mind it."

On the first seat, the smiling Elder He handed over a bottle of medicinal pills.

He had been famous in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region for at least 200 years.

From the beginning when he went on stage, to the later fights between disciples.

This was the first time he had won so thoroughly against the Benevolent Travel Temple.

Unlike Elder He, Dharma Master Le Chi's face turned green.

"Old He, to be honest, is this disciple of yours really a human? Isn't he some tortoise demon that has taken form? Is he the reincarnation of an Immortal or Buddha?"


When Jiang Li returned to the room arranged for him, the sky was about to brighten.

Today, he was first rejected on a visit and ended up refining a flying sword. Then, he raised the level of his Overlord Body Art.

Even Jiang Li, who had the perfect physical condition, could not help but feel a little excited.

In any case, he could not cultivate the Nine Nether Dao Scripture now. He closed his eyes and used his sleeping technique to circulate the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra while sleeping.

Jiang Li did not close the window. Sounds came from outside. A light breeze blew past the sand and rocks, and the leaves swayed as insects cried together.

Amidst the slight vibrations everywhere, the sound of the world gradually became clearer.

A familiar feeling appeared again. Jiang Li felt as if his soul had left his body and was wandering outside from another angle.

However, in fact, his soul was still obediently staying in his body. That was only the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra's effect. It was the process of seeing the sounds of the world in his ears and forming an image in his mind.

Jiang Li knew that the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra had such an effect after he fell asleep. He had even used this ability to find Elder Duan Shuang's inheritance.

However, after reaching the Foundation Establishment realm, Jiang Li's Bodhisattva Heart Sutra had already undergone a tremendous change.

In this kind of sound world, the previous wandering state could only move around randomly. Jiang Li could only slightly affect the direction of where he looked. Moreover, what was formed by the sound were only moving lines and outlines.

However, at this moment, in the world of sound, he could already use his will to adjust his perspective and move forward freely. He could observe all the places covered by the sound for several kilometers.

In the sound world, when he saw the first person, Jiang Li actually noticed that he could see colors from this perspective.

One had to know that the essence of sound was vibration. It was colorless.

However, Jiang Li saw a gray color on a monk who woke up early to sweep the floor.

"Today, I had to sweep the floor again. My senior brothers bully me because my cultivation level is low, so they keep letting me sweep the floor. However, if I keep sweeping the floor, how can I have the time to cultivate fist techniques?! My senior brothers are targeting me!"

"When I master the Arhat Fist, I'll definitely teach them a lesson!"

The monk sweeping the ground was very dissatisfied with his mission. He muttered to himself while the gray color on his body began to fluctuate, becoming even richer than before.

It seemed that this color reflected something that had to do with the emotions of the person.

When there were more negative emotions and thoughts, the darker the color on the body. When there were more positive emotions, the color on the body would be lighter.

Jiang Li came to a realization. He controlled his vision to continue wandering around. There were monks chopping wood, young monks fetching water, disciples practicing punching, and old monks burning incense.

There was a hint of gray on everyone's bodies, but the intensity of their gray color varied, it could be thin or dense.

This color had nothing to do with status or cultivation, nor did it have much to do with what they were doing.

Jiang Li clearly saw that among the 18 figures chanting the Buddhist scripture, two of them had an especially dark color.

Among all the monks he had observed, the lightest was a chattering young monk.

"86 sticks, 87 sticks, 88 sticks. Hah, as long as I chop 1,000 sticks of firewood, Master will teach me fist techniques…"

This young novice monk looked short and his voice was young. His outline looked to be only six or seven years old. Children at this age usually did not have as many complicated thoughts as adults.

It was natural for the color to be lighter.

After walking around, Jiang Li was suddenly very curious about the color of his Rayquaza.

The Wood Demon Rayquaza had only been born for a month and had almost no interaction with the outside world. Its mind should be very pure and ignorant.

However, the Wood Demon was still a demon after all. The Bodhisattva Heart Sutra was a Buddhist cultivation method. It was hard to say if it would discriminate against demons.

In any case, his hearing range was very wide. A few kilometers was enough.

The perspective floated all the way back to the entrance of Benevolent Travel Temple. Just as the door opened in the morning, voices came from outside.

The wooden dragon was in the empty space at the entrance of the temple. Jiang Li switched his perspective and discovered that the color on Rayquaza was very faint, almost white.

It seemed that the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra did not discriminate against demons. It only reacted to the personality and thoughts of living beings.

However, the inner thoughts of people were complicated and varied. One moment, they would be happy, and the next moment, they would be angry and malicious.

However, if some time passed, their mood might calm down for a while. It was impossible for Jiang Li to use this color to evaluate a person completely.


Jiang Li glanced to the side, but what he saw in the perspective of the sound world shocked him greatly.

A large patch of thick black color stopped at the edge of his vision.