The black light that was chasing after them had dissipated. The figures of the six Divine Monks flickered as they put out the fire in Benevolent Travel Temple.

With a wave of their palms, hundreds of demonic cultivators exploded on the spot.

With a punch, the Core Formation realm cultivator died and the Nascent Soul realm cultivator was heavily injured.

After the six of them made their move, the precarious situation instantly reversed.

This was the cultivation world. Every top-notch cultivator was an important existence who could easily influence the outcome of a sect war.

After all, it was impossible for all the top cultivators of the Hundred Tempering Mountain to come out in full strength. It was impossible to completely suppress high-level forces.

They had relied on the power of the black lotus to control the six Divine Monks. Only then did they use a series of subsequent methods to suppress the Benevolent Travel Temple to this extent.

Now, after Jiang Li's interference, the six monks escaped, and the situation was naturally reversed.

However, the Benevolent Travel Temple had suffered severe losses that could not be salvaged.

Jiang Li sat on the top of the Relic Pagoda and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the six Divine Monks displaying their might in the Benevolent Travel Temple.

This time, there would not be any more trouble, right?

He touched the black ring he had picked up from beside Monk Kong'e's corpse.

As expected, from the texture to the material, it was exactly the same as the black ring he had obtained from Wu Shi.

This black ring also did not contain spiritual qi. Presumably, the two items in his hand had not been corroded and lost their spiritual qi by time, which was what he assumed prior to this.

They should have been like this naturally. This was completely different from the spiritual qi system of the cultivation world.

Therefore, the black ring and black sword were indeed important items of the Black Lotus Divine Sect.

The reason why it fell out of the traitor Monk Kong'e was probably because the black ring was related to the demonic lotus.

Perhaps the black lotus's sudden demonization was done by Kong'e using this black ring.

Jiang Li looked at the lotus platform that was still changing between golden and black. He thought in his heart that the Benevolent Travel Temple would no longer dare to be greedy and encroach on it.

However, he saw another abnormal scene.

Why were the ten flying ships not leaving?

Now that the six Divine Monks had escaped, did they really think that they still had a chance to win?

The ten flying ships with the Hundred Tempering Mountain symbol did not plan to turn around and escape at all. Instead, they directly rushed down towards Benevolent Travel Temple.

What were they doing?

Instead of escaping, were they still going to resist futilely?

Wait, looking at the ten flying ships, did they have a backup plan?

At this moment, in order to suppress the black lotus, the Relic Pagoda no longer had the strength to support the array formation. The membrane of light that had been destroyed several times had completely disappeared.

On the flying ship, the remaining cultivators also flew out together and fled into the distance.

As for the ten warships that were accelerating their descent, they suddenly emitted a huge energy fluctuation.

They… were going to explode!

Jiang Li immediately realized something.

If the Hundred Tempering Mountain wanted to attack the Benevolent Travel Temple, they would definitely not place all their hopes on the Black Lotus Divine Sect's demonic artifact.

They definitely had a backup plan!

The six Divine Monks clearly realized this and directly destroyed the two flying ships.

However, the two flying ships exploded upon contact. A large amount of red poisonous fog suddenly surged out of the destroyed ships.

Jiang Li's expression darkened. This Hundred Tempering Mountain was using biochemical weapons again!

If this flying ship leaked poisonous fog after getting destroyed, it would definitely explode with even greater poisonous fog. Most importantly, the place where they fell would still be in the Benevolent Travel Temple!

Judging from the spreading of the poisonous fog, as long as two to three flying ships' poisonous fog finished spreading, all disciples below the Core Formation realm of Benevolent Travel Temple would die.

Even for Core Formation elders, the number of people who could withstand it was quite limited.

This was the huge disadvantage of the battlefield in their own territory.

In order to protect the low-level disciples, no matter what attack they faced, they had to bite the bullet.

A huge golden Buddhist light surged into the sky and enveloped the ten flying ships, suppressing the poisonous fog that leaked out. It formed a huge poisonous ball and slowly pushed outwards.

Due to the fact that the ten flying ships were in a circle and were distributed very evenly, the distance was very far. These six divine monks were basically all body cultivators, so their control of spiritual qi in spell techniques was naturally inferior to ordinary cultivators.

Each of them could only control one or two exploding flying ships.

Wait… Didn't that mean that the six Divine Monks were restricted again as soon as they came out?

Jiang Li suddenly had an ominous feeling.

A drop of cold sweat rolled down. He suddenly looked in the direction of Elder He who was still fighting.

On the other hand, Elder He had already completely suppressed Situ Tingxin.

With every punch, a beast shadow would rush out.

He sent the Second Elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain flying like a ball. His attacks were very difficult to even defend against.

However, Jiang Li only felt his vision blur as a figure appeared in the air without any warning.

The figure could clearly be seen in his vision, but in his senses, it seemed that there was no one.

Elder He seemed to have sensed something and hurriedly turned around. However, a pill furnace suddenly appeared. As the figure swung, it suddenly smashed him into the ground, creating a huge hole and a large crack. He could not crawl out for a long time.

"Sect Master!"

Jiang Li's eyelids twitched violently. He had clearly heard these two words from Situ Tingxin.

That figure was actually the Hundred Tempering Mountain's Sect Master, Situ Fengzhu?

Without a word, he hurriedly jumped down from the top of the Relic Pagoda. With the relic's Buddhist light still on him, he was not obstructed and directly passed through the light membrane of the Buddha Pagoda.

Sure enough, in the next moment, the figure carried Situ Tingxin and teleported over.

Situ Fengzhu glanced at Jiang Li who was falling freely in the Relic Pagoda.

Just this glance alone caused the dragon blood in Jiang Li's entire body to boil, and his hair stood on end.

Fortunately, he was already in the Relic Pagoda. Even an expert of that level could not easily break through.

The Hundred Tempering Mountain's Sect Master also knew this and no longer paid attention to Jiang Li.

With a backhand strike, the pill furnace smashed into the black lotus. The six relics were immediately shaken off and automatically flew back into the Relic Pagoda.


The black lotus quickly shrunk and landed in his hand.

Jiang Li saw this scene clearly through the top of the pagoda.

Were they going to collect the treasure and escape?

The Benevolent Travel Temple had been tricked again.

However, there was really no way to avoid this kind of open scheme. It was impossible for those monks to let all the disciples in the sect die to snatch this black lotus.

However, right at this moment, Situ Fengzhu's expression changed. After casually handing the black lotus to the heavily injured Situ Tingxin, he pushed the latter a few thousand meters away.

It turned out that Old Demon Black Lotus had escaped when he saw the situation turning bad.

Immediately after, Abbot Le Ku, who was no longer obstructed, rushed back with reinforcements.

Intense energy fluctuations erupted from above. Through the thick membrane of light, Jiang Li could easily sense the invincible power.

He hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and stamping his foot. He held the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and rushed out of the pagoda door below.

Then, he chased after Situ Tingxin at full speed.

The talented and bold Jiang Li actually planned to brazenly pursue a Nascent Soul cultivator as a Foundation Establishment cultivator!

Situ Tingxin was in a very sorry state now.

After a long battle with Elder He earlier, his gourd artifact was directly smashed to pieces. He had also suffered half of that brute's combo attack. The internal organs in his body were at least shattered, and even a crack appeared on the Nascent Soul in his body.

Without the help of top-notch heavenly materials, it was hard to say if such injuries could be healed in eight to ten years.

Although that brute was a savage, his strength was really powerful.

If not for the fact that the Sect Master had used his alchemy clone to save him, he would have lost his life if this continued.

However, the problem was that although the alchemy clone was brilliant, there was still a limit. It was hard to say how long it could stop the enemy.

Once the Sect Master's clone disappeared, wouldn't he, who was already heavily injured, be hunted down by the entire Benevolent Travel Temple?

As he thought this, Situ Tingxin could only endure the injuries in his body and speed up the flight again!

Fortunately, the Sect Master was wise and wise to set up these ten self-destructing poison ships.

If the Benevolent Travel Temple did not want the surrounding environment to become a desolate wasteland in the future, they could not allow the poisonous fog to spread nearby.

At the very least, they would be held back by some methods for at least fifteen minutes.

As long as he had fifteen minutes, he would be able to reach the designated evacuation location.

At that time, as long as he boarded the Earth Stealth Shuttle that he had prepared in advance, he could follow the earth vein and escape!

The Hundred Tempering Mountain had never planned to give the Lotus Platform demonic treasure back to the Black Lotus survivors.

Old Demon Black Lotus did not know about the alchemy clone and the Earth Stealth Shuttle.

This was their backup plan.

This situation could delay the Benevolent Travel Temple. If everything went smoothly, it could also be used to deceive the Black Lotus demonic cultivators.

Only the Hundred Tempering Mountain would be the final winner!

Just as he flew out of Benevolent Travel Temple's territory, he saw a tree below shake gently from the corner of his eye.

However, at the next moment…


A blackish-green spiritual qi pillar suddenly broke out of the ground and tore through the air, striking Situ Tingxin who was flying out of the Benevolent Travel Temple.

The spiritual qi pillar originated from the bow cannon of a flying ship. Its power could not be ignored even by a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Situ Tingxin was already heavily injured by Elder He. At this moment, he was caught off guard and suffered the attack of the Dragon Roar Cannon. Blood spurted out from his mouth, and his injuries immediately worsened.

He was greatly shocked. Weren't the Benevolent Travel Temple's warships destroyed? How could there be a ship cannon sneak attack?

When he looked down, he saw a wooden dragon head sticking out from the ground. White smoke was still rising from the dragon's mouth. Clearly, it was this dragon head that had attacked him just now.

"What is this?!"

Situ Tingxin took out a poisonous pill and was about to kill Rayquaza.

However, before he could attack, his mind suddenly emitted a strong warning. When he looked up, a black dot quickly enlarged in the sky. It was actually a coffin descending from the sky!

"A mere Golden Core cultivator dares to attack me!"

Situ Tingxin immediately saw Green Mountain Ascetic above and saw through his cultivation. He immediately felt disdain in his heart!

He held the black lotus with one hand and raised his other hand to forcefully block the coffin.

However, the Yin Burial Coffin was an Earth-rank artifact, and the Nine Nether clone's main body was an ancient Spiritual Root Branch. What was hidden in the body was the legendary Golden Core that combined Yin and Yang under the lightning tribulation.

The power of this coffin's simple smash was extraordinary.


Situ Tingxin's left hand was actually directly broken!

Huge mouthfuls of blood spurted out.

Situ Ting was shocked. The power coming from this coffin was so powerful that it terrified him.

What was wrong with this cultivator who suddenly ambushed him?! He did not look like a monk, so why was he so bold as to attack him?

However, this was not the end.

The coffin lid that smashed into his body suddenly opened. Countless ferocious ghosts gathered into a black cloud that enveloped him and tore at him crazily.

Next, a strange sword cultivator, half human and half monster, jumped out of the coffin. He held a fiery red flying sword and pierced Situ Tingxin's chest!

The power of this strike was only around the Core Formation realm. Under normal circumstances, he would not care at all.

However, he was heavily injured at the moment. Under the enhancement of the Sword Heart, the sword, Burning Rainbow, immediately stabbed into his heart!

"This is… the method of the Black Lotus Sect!"

Surging chaotic energy surged into the other party's body.

The chaotic energy and spiritual qi from the blood of madness reacted violently. The spiritual qi in his body was in chaos, causing Situ Tingxin's face to turn as pale as paper.

"You! Are! Courting! Death!"

Situ Tingxin felt his injuries rapidly worsen and was furious!

A Wood Demon! A Golden Core Cultivator! A Coffin! A Sword Cultivator!

How dare they attack him?!

"What do you take a Nascent Soul cultivator for?!"

He stuffed a crimson medicinal pill into his mouth and was about to unleash his strength to crush these guys who were overestimating themselves!

However, at this moment, a hand grabbed his shoulder from behind.

"Elder Situ, why don't you let me size you up now!"

Under the envelopment of the Yin Burial Coffin's black aura, the heavily injured Situ Tingxin did not notice Jiang Li approaching from behind.


The Bodhisattva Heart Sutra was activated, and the third Parallel Mind was directly sent into Situ Tingxin's body.

Jiang Li did not expect to defeat a Nascent Soul cultivator in a mental battle.

After the third Parallel Mind entered the other party's consciousness, it directly self-destructed, releasing all the negative emotions that had accumulated from the Demon Subduing Pagoda and the asura's corpse.

Even someone as strong as a Nascent Soul could not help but be absent-minded for a moment when their Sea of Consciousness was affected by this pollution.

Then, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock wrapped around the other party, and the suppression power immediately erupted. Finally, the power of this dignified Nascent Soul True Cultivator was suppressed to the depths of the Mariana Trench.

Jiang Li opened his mouth, and a pitch-black flying sword instantly flew out from his mouth and directly stabbed into the back of the other party's head!

Situ Tingxin's current state was already terrible to the extreme.

First, he was beaten up by Elder He, causing his artifact to be destroyed and suffering heavy injuries.

After that, they were attacked by the Dragon Roar Cannon, Yin Burial Coffin, and the blood of madness. The situation fell to rock bottom, and he had already reached the extent of eating explosive medicinal pills to save his life.

However, just as he was about to take the pills, he was forcefully interrupted by Jiang Li's parallel mind and the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

The terrifying defense of a Nascent Soul cultivator was reduced to less than 10%.

Finally, the semi-finished flying sword that had consumed a hundred years of Jiang Li's lifespan and could break through spiritual qi and body defenses pierced through the back of this Nascent Soul cultivator's head!

It even pierced through the Nascent Soul situated in his mind!

Situ Tingxin's head split open bit by bit from the wound that connected the front and back. White light shot out from the crack!

His face was distorted and full of fear, as if he could not figure something out before he died.

How could a Foundation Establishment cultivator kill him?!

"This! Is! Impossible!"