Under the lightning tribulation clouds, Jiang Li was nervous just now and did not react in time.

Now that he knew that the lightning tribulation was not targeted at them, his mind relaxed and he discovered many differences in this heavenly tribulation.

Previously, under the lightning tribulation, regardless of whether they were the victims or not, the creatures under the envelopment of the tribulation clouds would always be suppressed by a powerful pressure.

Even Jiang Li had to rely on the power of the dragon blood to escape that pressure.

As for the Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers under him, they were very afraid of lightning, this kind of power containing the extreme Yang.

Under the influence of the heavenly tribulation, they would only be more miserable.

However, after the lightning clouds appeared earlier, he and the ghost soldier did not feel any discomfort. Instead, their bodies felt much more relaxed.

This meant that the tribulation clouds were not here for them, but to help!

Thinking about it, this made sense. The creatures of the other world had already come to their door, so how could this world ignore them?

After the first bolt of lightning fell, continuous lightning fell like rain, quickly killing the monsters of the alternate world below.

Due to the fact that these monsters were too crowded and dense, a bolt of lightning could often kill more than ten monsters.

The lightning tribulation had clearly landed among the Yin Burial Ghosts, but it only killed the monsters inside and did not harm the ghosts at all.

Of course, more importantly, the pressure that affected all the monsters reduced their strength overall, making it easier for the cultivators present to fight.

It seemed that to this world, no matter how evil ghosts were, they were still considered inhabitants of this world.

It was much better than the invaders from the other world!

With the help of this heavenly might, the pressure on their side immediately decreased. As long as their tactics were reasonable and their motivation did not disperse, they could last longer.

Jiang Li calmed down. Then, he felt as if something had entered his body.

Upon closer inspection, he did not discover any foreign energy in his body.

However, it was not right to say that he did not. He clearly felt some changes in his body. The pain in his meridians began to quickly decrease.

The spiritual qi in the surrounding environment seemed to be more easily controlled by him. It would even be absorbed by the spell technique he released, greatly reducing the pressure on him to maintain the Nine Nether Tree Realm below.

He looked at the empty space in front of him in a daze. On the status panel that only he could see, a status popped up.

[Resisting the invasion of the Asura World. Receiving the reward of this world. Added Status: Merit Blessing (Small)]

[Merit Blessing (Small): Increased natural affinity with heaven and earth, full recovery, reduced spiritual qi expenditure, reduced accumulation of negative karma, reduced the power of the heavenly tribulation. Duration: 7 days] (− +)

This was… the reward and blessing of accumulating merit.

He had originally thought that the Heavenly Dao would only punish and not reward individuals. It turned out that the cultivation world of the Nine Provinces really had such a mechanism.

It was said that ancient Immortals and Buddhists yearned for merit and avoided negative karma.

It seemed that this aspect was really important for a person cultivating in the world and living forever under the Heavenly Dao.

However, how many monsters had he killed just now?

The merit blessing he obtained was small, and it could only last for seven days. Wasn't this world a little too stingy?

However, the effect of this power of virtuous merit was indeed a little different.

He did not sense any other effects for the time being, but the effects of "full recovery" and "natural affinity" were quite good.

Jiang Li had so many recovery statuses, but none of them could effectively recover the damage to his meridians.

However, under the effect of the merit blessing, the pain in his meridians was quickly easing.

Natural affinity with heaven and earth was also very heaven-defying. How great was the expenditure of the Nine Nether Tree Realm? However, now, the natural spiritual qi in the world would actually be spontaneously attracted by his spell technique to reduce the expenditure and maintain the tree world.

Originally, this ability could only be gradually grasped by cultivators above the Nascent Soul realm. However, Jiang Li could now rely on this status to achieve it passively.

If he could obtain a stronger affinity with heaven and earth, wouldn't he be able to use ten percent of his strength in the future to unleash the full effect?

Jiang Li looked at these monsters in front of him and suddenly had a thought.

"However, is the world over there called the Asura World? The species there are really crazy."

After Jiang Li raised his status to an infinite amount of time, he moved his limbs. Now, his meridians had mostly recovered, and his spiritual qi was already sufficient to support the battle. He could free up his hands and fight another 300 rounds.

However, before Jiang Li could charge into the group of monsters, the ground below started to tremble again.

Did something happen again?

The source of the tremor was not the battle between the top cultivators of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

Instead, it was coming from all directions?

He turned his head to look around and saw that at the end of the range of his vision, thick smoke was billowing and the ground shook.

The tall trees in the mountains collapsed in pieces. A large number of creatures were running in this direction.

This was not a formation that thousands of soldiers and horses could describe. The largest war in the mortal countries could not even compare to one in ten thousand of the intensity now.

Apart from the constantly approaching ground creatures, the dense black dots in the sky were also rapidly enlarging.

In just a few breaths, two silver lights flashed past him. They were so fast that he did not have time to react.

They were two extremely rare spiritual birds in the cultivation world, the Silver Shuttle Arrow Gull!

This kind of spiritual bird was extremely fast. After quickly flying past him, they directly plunged into the group of monsters in front.

The long, sharp arrow beak pierced through the chest of the three monsters. When it was pulled out, the beak still held three ugly hearts.

The black dots flying over from the horizon were all spirit birds and winged demons.

Soon, the majestic Golden-Winged Condor appeared as well…

The Scarlet Fire Feather Magpie that could burn mountains and boil seas…

The Dark Curse Bats that covered the sky and covered the earth were silent and bloodthirsty…

There were many more. A large number of flying demon beasts arrived first and pounced at the ugly monsters.

Soon, the demon beasts on the ground followed closely behind.

The Gold Devouring Iron-eating Beast, the Purple Light Lightning Tailed Rat, the Nest Lake Howling Moon Wolf, and countless demons were summoned by a special force and gathered here to form a torrent that collided with the invading monsters.

Jiang Li could see that among those demons and spirit beasts, there were even many species that saw each other as natural enemies and would fight to the death when they met.

However, at this moment, they fought together under their instincts.

On the Asura World's side, the size of the crack was limited after all. It could not allow large-sized creatures to go through. To those monsters whose souls were all fragments, there was almost no possibility of cultivation. Their size often determined their strength.

Therefore, the monsters that invaded this side were generally not very powerful.

Blood and flesh splattered in the onslaught, spiritual qi and chaos collided.

As the demon beast army charged in, their numbers were no longer at an absolute disadvantage. The terrible situation finally began to reverse.

However, this was not the end!

Jiang Li watched helplessly as a mountain peak at the end of his vision suddenly collapsed!

The exaggerated commotion caused the ground to crack, and several shocking large ravines appeared.

Then, a giant stood up from the mountain range. He shook his head and walked over.

Every step the giant took caused the ground to collapse and mountains to shatter.

Large amounts of rocks and soil shook off the giant's body, destroying countless flowers and grass along the way.

Jiang Li looked at the giant in disbelief.

No one expected that such a terrifying creature was buried under the seemingly ordinary mountain.

The cultivation world was indeed not as simple as he imagined.

Previously, when he was traveling in the wilderness alone, he did not encounter any powerful demon beasts. He really had to thank the Heavenly Dao for not killing him.

As the soil and rocks on the giant fell off, his complete appearance was gradually revealed.

This did not seem like a demon. Instead, it looked like… a human?

Every strand of the giant's white hair was as thick as an ordinary person's thumb. Only a huge eye grew in the middle, looking like it had not completely woken up.

He had a head that was slightly similar to a dragon's, and his two ears were curled up like a bull's. Around his waist was a leather skirt made from the hide of a huge crocodile.

It could even wear clothes. This powerful creature indeed had intelligence.

"Dragon head, bull ears, one brow, one eye…"

Could this be a descendant of the Wind Protection Giant from ancient times?

However, why did it feel that this size was much larger than the legendary Wind Protection Clan?

The giant quickly approached, and Jiang Li instructed the ghost clouds to separate left and right. The giant was more than a thousand feet tall, and its head had already touched the ghosts. In order to prevent his ghost soldiers from being slapped away by the giant, he decided to be polite.

After the ghosts separated, a large number of monsters were revealed.

The giant's stomach suddenly rumbled. He had slept for too long and was hungry.

He raised his hand and grabbed a large number of monsters with his palm that covered the sky. He casually pinched them in his hand and stuffed them into his mouth.


After the giant finished eating, he let out a furious roar. He spat out a violent wind, and his voice was like thunder. The accent of the word "wind" was extremely heavy. Even with Jiang Li's ears, he had to expend a lot of effort to barely understand what was said.

The huge palm grabbed forward, and the natural wind was grabbed in its hand. Following that, the wind gathered more and more and blew faster. Finally, in the giant's hand, it turned into a tornado mace!

The tornado mace swept out, tearing countless monsters into pieces!

Wherever it passed, a layer of the ground was forcefully scraped off. The power was extremely shocking.

The things that were swept up by the violent wind would also be sucked into the tornado, further increasing the power of the mace.

In the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, few cultivators could face this move head-on.

With Jiang Li's knowledge, this power was definitely not something that a Nascent Soul cultivator could achieve. Even the few Guardians of the sect were inferior in terms of spell technique size.

Under the lead of this giant, a vast number of monsters began to be killed easily. No matter how many monsters there were, this battlefield was like a meat grinder, eating them all.

However, these spirit beasts only did their best to kill the monsters that rushed out of the lotus shadow's envelopment. They did not attack the source.

It seemed that even this world could not target the area corroded by the Asura World.

Jiang Li thought for a moment before putting away his weapon and flying to the head of the Wind Protection Giant. He shouted and waved.

"Sir, please move forward! That's the source of the monsters."

Jiang Li's shout attracted the giant's attention.

The giant's single eye turned to look at Jiang Li. As the eye turned, Jiang Li could even hear the sound of the huge irregular ball rubbing and rolling under the insufficient lubricant fluids.

The giant stared at Jiang Li for a moment before spitting out a word in a muffled voice.


One word shook Jiang Li's eardrums to the point of buzzing.

Of course, that was only because he was loud. He did not have any malice towards him.

After saying that, the giant ignored him and continued to brandish the mace to kill the monsters.

What was going on? Why did it feel like… it was a little similar to the old grandpa in his previous life.

Jiang Li composed himself, and then he boldly landed on the Wind Protection Giant's shoulder. The giant's single eye turned around and glanced at Jiang Li, and then it continued to kill the monsters and paid no attention to him.

It was as if the affinity of heaven and earth had an effect, or perhaps the other party did not care about Jiang Li at all. He was not attacked.

Jiang Li checked and realized that there were a few large rocks in the other party's ears.

These rocks were big enough to build a villa in that space. It was no wonder the giant was deaf.

Using his spiritual qi, he took out a few rocks.

"Sir! Move forward!"

Jiang Li shouted even louder into the giant's ears.

This time, the Wind Protection Giant finally reacted.

He stopped the tornado mace in his hand and glanced at the spatial rift in the distance, and then he led Jiang Li and the large number of demon beasts behind him as he took large strides forward!

In the Hundred Tempering Mountain, there were only five top-notch cultivators, including Old Demon Black Lotus.

Although they had consumed the blood of madness and their strength had increased greatly after their corruption, their control of the power of chaos was naturally far inferior to the spiritual qi that they had studied for hundreds or thousands of years.

Although the enhancement and suppression of the surrounding environment caused this weakness to be smaller, it was not enough to let them fight two people alone.

Moreover, the top cultivators of the three sects were not fools. Why did they have to distribute their combat strength equally and take the initiative to scatter the pressure on their opponents?

In the beginning, they were worried that their disciples would not be able to withstand this monster tide, so they diverted a few people to kill and reduce the number of monsters on a large scale.

Later on, they discovered that Jiang Li had led the disciples to form a defense and could stand their ground.

They immediately changed their tactics.

With four people holding back four Demon Generals, the remaining eight captured one Demon General and beat him up, attacking crazily.

Originally, at the level of the Nascent Soul realm and above, cultivators would become very hard to kill. Even if they fought two against three, they would not be easily defeated. Generally, it would not be a problem for them to last for a day or two.

However, now, eight top-notch cultivators surrounded a Demon General and beat him up. Among them were peerless existences like the Shu Mountain sword cultivators.

It did not take long before this Demon General was beaten to death by them.

"That is? A Wind Protection Giant?"

They had just chopped that Demon General into hundreds of pieces, wanting to grind his bones and scatter his ashes to prevent him from reviving.

Then, they felt a powerful aura approaching.

They looked up and saw the giant that almost filled their vision.

It was not that there were no such ancient remnant races now, but their bloodline should be thin and their power would not recover to such an extent.

However, wasn't this giant's size too exaggerated?

Just its aura alone showed that it was a powerful existence on the same level as them.

As for the descendants of the ancient races, they were usually much stronger than ordinary cultivators.

Seeing such an existence approaching, they could not help but feel nervous, afraid that such an enemy would appear.

"Wait, is that kid Jiang Li on the giant's shoulder?"