The Hundred Tempering Mountain had just been destroyed, and the three major sects that formed the alliance army were united.

The elders of the three large sects brought their injured bodies and the corpses of the Asura World monsters to all the surrounding forces.

The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, Scripture Storage Valley, and Benevolent Travel Temple had paid a terrible price in this battle.

While removing the poisonous tumor known as the Hundred Tempering Mountain, they also helped the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region withstand this calamity.

It was not a big deal to make the rest pay such a small price. They would naturally hand over the expensive Spirit Melting Fluid to help the situation.

Of course, there were also some sects who did not feel any sense of responsibility. They cursed the three great sects for their greed in their minds.

However, under the circumstances that they were requesting together, no sect or faction dared to say no.

These small sects were far inferior to the three large sects in terms of wealth.

In the Scripture Storage Valley, Elder Red Hair alone could take out a small bottle of Spirit Melting Fluid. Here, a small sect could only take out one or two bottles.

However, there were many of these small families and small sects. With each of them giving two or three bottles, soon, they filled up a gourd of Spirit Melting Fluid.

Then, a large number of high-grade spirit stones, a precious item equivalent to ten thousand low-grade spirit stones, were thrown into the Spirit Melting Fluid like an assembly line.

High-grade spirit stones were drained of their spiritual qi one after another. The originally clear Spirit Melting Fluid gradually turned milky white, and there was a large amount of golden threads swimming inside.

This gourd of high-grade spiritual liquid cost 1200 high-grade spirit stones!

The value of this gourd of spiritual liquid was enough to make a medium-sized sect go bankrupt!

Even the twelve top-notch cultivators felt a pinch when they looked at the gourd.

Then, they had to choose the candidate who would possess a puppet corpse to enter the Asura World and destroy the blood pool.

In the end, after discussing, they decided that the three sects would each send out a Soul Formation cultivator.

The three of them would work together to destroy the blood pool.

Jiang Li also planned to join in the fun.

There were two reasons.

Firstly, the Asura World on the other side was mysterious and powerful, and it had a strong hostility towards the Nine Provinces Continent. Jiang Li had a feeling that the two worlds would face each other sooner or later.

At that time, it would not be as simple as it was now. It was very likely to be a comprehensive world war. At that time, the importance of information was self-evident. If there was no information from Jiang Li today, there was a high chance that a few of the top cultivators of the three sects would be lost.

For the sake of the future, Jiang Li planned to scout out more information about the Asura World.

The second was his desire for power.

In the Asura World opposite the spatial crack, there was a brand new cultivation system. Although this power was chaotic and evil, it was undeniable that it was indeed powerful enough.

Moreover, Jiang Li could notice from the sword cultivator clone that the two forces were not absolutely opposing each other. So long as he had a deep understanding of the two forces and cooperated with them, it was very likely that he would be able to exert an even stronger force.

Therefore, Jiang Li had to make a trip to the Asura World.

However, it was impossible for Elder He and the other higher-ups of the sect to agree to his 'nonsense'.

Therefore, Jiang Li could only secretly do it himself.

Ordinary Asura World monsters only had a small number of shattered souls. Their bodies were special and usually could not withstand overly powerful souls. They were not suitable for body possession.

The powerful Essence Soul of a Soul Formation cultivator would be even more aggrieved when squeezed in such a body.

Therefore, the best choice was still the Demon Soldiers and Demon Generals transformed from the Hundred Tempering Mountain cultivators.

They could only use their bodies to maximize their strength while hiding themselves.

However, the battle between high-level cultivators was too fierce.

Most of the corpses were already damaged beyond recognition. The two Demon Generals were even cut into small pieces the size of mahjong tiles. There was definitely no way to put them back.

The three Soul Formation cultivators each found a relatively intact Demon Soldier corpse that was transformed from a Nascent Soul cultivator of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

They began to piece them together, trying to stitch a corpse back together.

However, Jiang Li did not need to go through so much trouble.

The Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra was extremely profound. Parallel minds could even enter the body of tiny insects so it did not have much restriction on the body.

Moreover, the parallel mind was extremely malleable. It could adapt to the body to the greatest extent, and it could even fake resurrection and grant a second life.

However, he had learned some restrictions on transforming corpses into clones from the sword cultivator clone.

For example, it could not withstand intense transformations, the cultivation level could not improve, and it could not undergo bloodline modification.

Therefore, although the clone of a Nascent Soul monster was very tempting and could allow him to grasp the secrets of some Nascent Soul cultivators in advance, Jiang Li ultimately gave up on this choice.

While a group of high-level cultivators were repairing the three corpses, Jiang Li walked to the spatial crack enveloped by the tornado hurricane.

The large number of demons who had come to help under the influence of the world's will had already dispersed.

Some sect cultivators originally wanted to seize the opportunity to capture one or two precious demon beasts as spiritual pets.

However, such actions were stopped by the higher-ups of Shu Mountain.

They had just fought alongside the demons, but in the blink of an eye, they were going to betray the help that these beasts had given. Shu Mountain could not do such a thing, and they would not allow others to do it in front of them.

Therefore, at this moment, only the Wind Protection Giant was still sitting in front of the crack, yawning from time to time. He still looked drowsy.


When the Wind Protection Giant saw Jiang Li arrive, he greeted him in his own way.

"Lord Wind Guardian, thank you for your help in this calamity of the Great Mountain Region. I am Jiang Li of the Scripture Storage Valley, and I thank you on behalf of the myriad living beings in the Great Mountain Region."

"May I ask what your future plans are?"

This Wind Protection Clan member was extremely powerful. He was alone and did not seem very smart.

After the war came to an end, the cultivators of the three sects naturally had their eyes on him.

If he could bring this big guy to the sect, even if he had to lie down and sleep every day, it would greatly increase the foundation and deterrence of the sect.

However, this super big guy did not like other cultivators.

Even when the Shu Mountain Soul Formation sword cultivator personally brought a wine jar over to strike up a conversation, this person did not react.

Only when facing Jiang Li would he say a few words.

"Sleep ~ Find ~ Mountain ~"

The Wind Protection Giant said three words in one go.

However, to him, saying so much seemed to be extremely difficult. He scratched his head, and a few rocks that were the size of houses fell from his hair and were shattered by Jiang Li's punches.

It was quite dangerous to interact with this person without any strength.

"Are you looking for a mountain with excellent Feng Shui and earth vein to continue sleeping?"

After such a long time, Jiang Li already understood this giant a little. He had to guess what this person was saying. He meant that after the invasion ended, he wanted Jiang Li to help him choose a place to continue sleeping.

What Jiang Li did not know was that the Wind Protection Giant was willing to communicate with him not just because of the influence of the affinity between heaven and earth, but more importantly, his Earth Spirit Body.

In the eyes of the Wind Protection Giant, Jiang Li was actually not much different from an earth spirit. In his understanding, if he wanted to find a comfortable place to sleep, he had to build a good relationship with the earth spirit.

He had always done this in the past. When he saw Jiang Li, the "Human" he said was actually a question as to why this earth spirit had grown into a human.

"Thank you for your help. If you don't mind, I'll definitely prepare a suitable place for you to sleep later."

The Wind Protection Giant nodded, and the few people in the Scripture Storage Valley heaved a sigh of relief.

Jiang Li had run to the small Wind Protection Giant to talk to it because they had instructed him to. If he could rope this person back to the Scripture Storage Valley, they would have profited greatly, even if this giant only went to sleep near the Scripture Storage Valley.

The invitation mission was easily completed, but Jiang Li did not leave directly. He stretched out his hand and took out a drop of blood of madness from the coffin, and then he casually threw it into the whirlwind and floated by the spatial crack.

It was the blood of the asura in the coffin.

Jiang Li did not know exactly how powerful the asura's corpse was when it was alive, but it should be stronger than those Demon Generals.

Its blood of madness was extremely dense. As soon as it was exposed to the air, the monsters opposite the crack became even crazier.

They tried their best to squeeze over.

Jiang Li looked at the monsters and used appraisal without drawing attention to himself.

[Name: Blood-Winged Demon]

[Type: Nest Dwelling Lower Creature]

[Age: Adult]

[Gender: Female]

[Source of Nutrition: Meat]

[Habit: Coward]

[Blood of Madness: Inferior]

[Note: Not of this world.]


[Name: Gluttonous Beast]

[Type: Cave Dwelling Lower Creature]

[Age: Youth]

[Gender: Dual Sex]

[Source of Nutrition: Rotten Flesh]

[Habit: Corrosion]

[Blood of Madness: Inferior]

[Note: Not of this world.]


[Name: Asura Demon Eye]

[Type: Floating Intermediate Creature]

[Age: Adult]

[Gender: None]

[Source of Nutrition: Soul Fragment]

[Habit: Floating]

[Blood of Madness: Medium]

[Note: Not of this world.]

The monsters that surrounded the crack and tried to squeeze over but were constantly cut by the crack and whirlwind were mostly low-grade mixed soldiers.

The more powerful ones were the evil eye that had been killed by the lightning tribulation behind Jiang Li earlier and had extremely strong concealment ability.

After throwing away more than a hundred appraisals, Jiang Li discovered that every monster in the Asura World had a certain level of blood of madness.

Although Jiang Li had never seen it before, it should be an extremely important indicator for the monsters of that world, similar to the grade of a cultivator's spiritual root.

Naturally, the higher the better.

The chaotic crowd lasted for a while.

Just as Jiang Li was about to choose the Evil Eye as his third clone…

At this moment, a monster with wings on its back and a black trident in its hand suddenly separated from the group of demons and appeared on the other side of the crack.

Its skin was crimson red and it looked short and thin. However, as soon as this monster appeared, the surrounding monsters immediately moved aside. For a time, even the spatial rift was empty.

This was a monster that could even use weapons. Jiang Li discovered at a glance that this monster was extraordinary.

[Name: Fallen Blood Yaksha]

[Type: High-Grade Flying Mammal.]

[Age: Growing]

[Gender: Male]

[Source of Nutrition: Blood]

[Habit: Live Alone]

[Blood of Madness: High]

[Note: Not of this world.]

This was it!

The Fallen Blood Yaksha was not larger than an ordinary human. He looked at the blood of madness not far away and licked his lips, about to pass through the crack.

However, the drop of blood was very self-aware. It directly passed through the crack and accurately landed in its mouth.

However, along with the drop of blood, an undetectable parallel mind entered its body with the blood.


At the same time, in a distant direction.

Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, Five Elements Sword Pavilion.

A group of foreign cultivators wearing peach blossom patterns saw the current Sword Head of Shu Mountain, Shenshan Jianyi.

"You want half of the mining rights of the Great Mountain Medicine Garden Mystic Realm?"

As the head of the Shu Mountain Sword, this was the first time Shenshan Jianyi had heard someone raise such an arrogant condition.

A group of people from the outer regions came to gain something without risking anything of their own. They even wanted 50% of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm.

Even Elder Mu, who had brought them there, was very angry at such conditions.

The Mu family was still as arrogant as ever!

She had originally wanted to reject them directly, but due to the power of the Ten Mile Peach Blossom Forest's Mu family, she finally guided them to the Shu Mountain Sword Head.

"That's right. I believe the Sword Head Shenshan has some understanding of the current situation in the Eastern Region. The situation is not too optimistic."

"The value of the Misty Mountain Range's Medicine Garden Mystic Realm is too great. Forgive me for being blunt, but the Great Mountain can't monopolize it. The best choice is to cooperate with our Mu family and sell the spiritual materials to the Eastern Region."

The person who spoke was still the young man.

Facing the Shu Mountain Sword Head, he actually opened his mouth to threaten him.

However, behind him, five Nascent Soul cultivators and one Soul Formation cultivator stood quietly, making it impossible for people to ignore anything he said.

This Mu Family of the Peach Blossom Forest was really impressive. A dignified Soul Formation cultivator could actually be used as a bodyguard.

"The Great Mountain Region does not belong to our Shu Mountain. The Medicine Garden Mystic Realm is also an opportunity for all the cultivators of the Great Mountain Region. Shu Mountain cannot give everyone an answer."

"Please return. As for the threats of the other forces in the Eastern Region, there's no need for the Mu family to worry."

Shenshan Jianyi naturally could not agree. He waved his hand and let them leave.

"Then, please come forward and hold an Immortal Cultivation Assembly for us."

The moment Shenshan Jianyi opened his mouth to send the guest off, the youth did not have the slightest intention of leaving. He still stood on the spot with a smile and made another outrageous request.

However, from his expression, he was clearly determined to extort Shu Mountain.

"Of course, our Mu family is not rude. Here is a big gift."

He waved his hand, and a Nascent Soul cultivator beside him stepped forward. He opened the storage bag and took out a transparent ice crystal coffin.

Inside was one of the two Golden Cores that had disappeared from Shu Mountain, Elder Zuo Mo.

In the ice crystal coffin, Elder Zuo Mo's vitality had not completely disappeared. Clearly, he was not dead.

The two elders had committed a grave mistake, even if they returned to Shu Mountain, it was very likely that they would be suppressed under the Demon Subduing Pagoda for the rest of their lives.

However, to Shu Mountain, they could not reject this person.

Shenshan Jianyi instantly stepped forward. With a flash of sword light, he directly slashed the ice crystal coffin into two.

The Soul Formation cultivator of the Mu family instantly stood in front of the young man, but he did not stop the Shu Mountain Sword Head.

Shenshan Jian reached out and pressed on Elder Zuo Mo's body. He frowned and realized that his situation was very strange.

"Where's his Golden Core? And where is Elder Zuo Luo now?"

He checked and realized that Elder Zuo Mo's Golden Core was not in his body.

"Your esteemed sect's elder suddenly attacked our flying ship yesterday. At that time, there was no Golden Core in his body. I, Mu Chunyang, would not covet a mere Golden Core."

"As for your esteemed sect's Elder Zuo Luo, we have some news. We will naturally report it after your Shu Mountain holds the assembly."