This guide did work in this field all year round and knew very well about these things.

As a professional, he could not stop talking. As he walked, he introduced the entire Phoenix Sun City clearly.

"Young masters, you came to Phoenix Sun City from somewhere else. How many days are you planning to stay this time? Our Phoenix Sun City is a 3,000-year-old Ancient Capital. You will definitely like it."

"If the two of you need anything, my name is Da Chuan. I can continue shopping with you tomorrow."

"It's fine even if you don't call me. I'll tell you some matters in advance."

"There are a few places in Phoenix Sun City that I don't recommend going to. It's best to avoid them for foreign cultivators like you."

"For example, the South Inner City is the residence of the various major factions. It's usually not open to the public."

"There's also the outer area of West Street. There are many swindlers there. Almost all shops there like to cheat customers. They even sell fake goods. They're really the embarrassment of our Phoenix Sun City."

When the guide, Da Chuan, mentioned the swindler's nest in the outer area of West Street, he immediately wanted to spit to express his disdain.

Then, a law-enforcement team walked past. He held it in and swallowed.

If he spat on the ground, the fine would cost him spirit stones worth several days of work.

At this moment, they passed by North Street. Da Chuan's expression, which had been filled with righteous indignation just now, immediately became cheerful.

"Hehe, Young Masters, look over here. If there's a chance, you must come and take a look."

"There are many beautiful Qi Refinement female cultivators living in the alley of North Street. You only need a few spirit stones to enjoy their professional service."

"Young Masters, do you know what professionalism is? The female cultivators here are all skilled in cultivating a technique that can change temperature to mimic ice and fire. That feeling is indescribable!"

As Da Chuan spoke, he revealed a look of enjoyment, causing Yan Hong to feel that it was very tempting.

For example, this spell technique that did not cause harm to others but only changed the temperature slightly did not require the Fire and Water spiritual roots to master.

However, Jiang Li still planned to make a copy of it when he had the chance. In the future, as a gift to Shenshan Qiuhua, he could practice it with her.

"There are a few more shops there. What are they lighting red lanterns in broad daylight?"

There was still some way to go. Yan Hong's head almost fell into the alley as he pointed at a few houses with lanterns.

When Da Chuan saw those families, his entire body subconsciously trembled, revealing a fearful expression.

"Cough cough, hanging a red lantern means that there's a demoness inside… I mean, the fox demons and snake demons who were fed the Forced Transformation Pill."

"Those demonesses are very powerful. Ordinary people can't subdue them. Young Masters, you must act according to your ability."

Da Chuan supported his waist and brought the two of them out of the northern area.

After handing over the spirit stones, they walked into the magnificent Myriad Sun Building. Da Chuan led them to the second level with ease.

The medicinal fragrance that filled the air became more and more refreshing, finally blowing away the crooked thoughts in Yan Hong's mind.

As for Jiang Li, he was pure and unfazed.

This second level was the Myriad Sun Building's spiritual medicine area. The medicinal fragrance here was so dense that it was about to turn into fog.

If one could work here, not to mention the high salary, just smelling this medicinal fragrance could greatly accelerate a cultivator's Qi Refinement cultivation.

As they walked past various shops, Yan Hong, who was a businessman, instinctively looked around and crazily evaluated the various statistics of these shops.

However, Jiang Li noticed something else. There was a strange stack of bones hanging at the entrance of many shops as an ornament.

It seemed that the more bone plates there were, the more customers there were in the store.

He did not know what was going on.

"Manager Jiang, I've brought you two guests."

Before long, they followed Da Chuan into a large spirit pill store.

The name of the store was "Medicine King Pavilion". There were a total of nine bone plates hanging at the entrance.

Da Chuan, who was leading the way, had likely made a deal with these shop owners. If Jiang Li and the others spent money here, he would be able to get a little kickback.

However, just as Shopkeeper Jiang, who was sitting in the store, was about to perk up, he saw that the person who entered was only at the Foundation Establishment realm and Qi Refinement realm. His expression immediately became calm again.

In his opinion, how much profit could a Foundation Establishment cultivator give even if he squeezed him dry? It was not worth his breath.

"Welcome to the Medicine King Pavilion. This is the list of goods. There are samples on the shelf. Please take a look."

The shopkeeper handed over a thick booklet and casually flipped through it. There was a large number of spiritual materials and medicinal pills that they had never seen before.

There were colorful illustrations and simple functional introductions on it. It was done quite well.

It was much more detailed and useful than the reference book of the outer sect elders in the Scripture Storage Valley.

Jiang Li did not understand this and directly threw the booklet to Yan Hong. The fatty immediately sat at the side and flipped through the pages while pinching his wristband and quickly calculating.

The first step was to compare this to the price of spiritual materials in the Scripture Storage Valley.

Apart from Yan Hong and him, there were actually ten other groups of professional spiritual plant masters and alchemists who were also exploring this city.

After summarizing the situation, they would make an evaluation.

Jiang Li pointed at the bone plates at the door and asked Da Chuan.

"I saw that in the Myriad Sun Building, there are many shops with such bone plates hanging at the entrance. What kind of creatures are they from? What are their uses?"

The surface of this bone plate was smooth and curved. There were several holes in the middle that looked like a mask, but the holes were arranged vertically.

"Young Master, you don't know about this?"

"Cough cough, that… Young Master, your hometown is quite remote. You might not know this, but those bone plates are the armor of Armored Trolls."

"That's a very vicious demon. It loves to eat children's brains the most. It's a monster that all cultivators want to kill."

"For a store to have this kind of armor at the door, it means that the force behind them has killed a large number of Armored Trolls."

"Hanging a mask means that you've killed more than a hundred thousand! The more masks you hang, the more you've killed. The more trolls you've killed, the more popular this store will be and the better its business."

When Da Chuan saw that Jiang Li did not know what the Armored Troll was, his expression was obviously slightly surprised.

Everyone in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region should know about this Armored Troll.

Because the Great Mountain Region was surrounded by mountains and was not well-informed, Jiang Li did not know about this matter.

However, Da Chuan did not embarrass Jiang Li. He acted naturally and directly explained to him.

At this point, Jiang Li recalled the name Armored Troll.

This was because Mu Chunyang had previously told him that the Eastern Region's Divine Judgment Hall was originally formed to resist the invasion of the Armored Trolls.

One of the conditions for the Great Mountain Alliance to join the Divine Judgment Hall was to kill at least a million Armored Trolls!

However, he did not know what the Armored Troll looked like or where it came from. Mu Chunyang had never participated in a war, so he naturally did not know.

Jiang Li did not ask why no one faked it.

This was because this kind of thing related to war contributions had always been the most strictly monitored.

No one dared to commit a heinous crime by doing such a thing. Once the Divine Judgment Hall discovered it, it would not be something that could be settled with spirit stones.

At this moment, Yan Hong also looked through the entire booklet and had a basic understanding of the prices of the spiritual herbs here.

However, his expression was solemn and not very happy.

"The spiritual materials and medicinal pills in the eastern region are generally more expensive than the Great Mountain Region by about 30 to 50%. Furthermore, this is before the birth of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm."

"Moreover, there are more cultivators in the Eastern Region. Their herb garden's production cycle is even shorter. The herbs sold in their shops are generally only around 30 years old."

"The price of older herbs is almost double here."

"Jiang Li, do you understand what I mean?"

Yan Hong went to the side and whispered to Jiang Li.

The spiritual materials produced in the Great Mountain Herb Garden Mystic Realm were at least 300 years old. The closer to the center, the older they were.

Moreover, the production was extremely abundant. After only a few months of official mining, the price of spiritual materials and spiritual herbs in the Great Mountain Region was almost reduced.

What did this mean? It meant that as long as one went from the Eastern Region to the Great Mountain Region, he could earn a terrifying sum of ten times the profits!

Double the profits could make people rich.

Ten to twenty times the profits might cause the other party to want to destroy and exterminate their competitors!

Now, Jiang Li finally understood the need to establish the Great Mountain Alliance.

He was even very surprised that the Great Mountain Region had not been destroyed by anyone until now.

Perhaps the emergency secret measures of the Great Mountain Region had some effect, limiting the flow of spiritual materials and preventing many forces in the Eastern Region from understanding the value of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm.

Or perhaps, the forces of the Eastern Region had not thought of how to distribute the profits.

In short, no matter what, the Great Mountain had to be prepared to face the surrounding wolves.

This was really a little troublesome.

For the time being, Alliance Leader Jiang did not have any good solution.

After thinking about it, he could only follow the original plan and sell the spiritual materials in batches before trying to join the Divine Judgment Hall.

Jiang Li shook his head. He ticked over 200 types of medicinal pills on the list and handed it back to the other party.

The shopkeeper first glanced at it, then took another look. He looked at the list for a long time.

"Guest, you want all these pills?"

Jiang Li shook his head.

"I don't want any of these marked pills. Give me a bottle of all the other pills."

The medicinal pills that Jiang Li marked had already been eaten. There was naturally no need for him to buy them again. As for the others, being able to get them with spirit stones was absolutely not a loss to him.

He had just arrived in the Eastern Region's Phoenix Sun City and it had already given him a huge surprise.

"Guest, do you know… how many spirit stones are needed?"

The shopkeeper clearly did not believe that Jiang Li, a Foundation Establishment cultivator, could afford to pay for this.

There were many expensive Profound-rank medicinal pills on it.

The price of a random bottle could make a Golden Core cultivator grit his teeth in despair.

It was no joke to ask for a bottle of each.

However, Jiang Li casually threw a cloth bag on the counter. It was filled with high-grade spirit stones.

As the Great Mountain Alliance Leader, he was also here to investigate the price of medicinal pills in the Eastern Region. Naturally, he had to pay the bill using the alliance's funds.

In the previous battle of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, they had raided the mountain base. Apart from their personal loot, all the wealth they had plundered was confiscated and made into the capital funds of the Great Mountain Alliance.

It was not a problem to buy only one bottle of each medicinal pill.

Of course, Earth-rank medicinal pills would not be sold here directly. If there were, Jiang Li might really not be able to afford them.

"Please… please wait a moment. Please wait a moment. I'll check the pills for you."

This Manager Jiang was also a professional businessman.

Since they could fork out the money, Jiang Li and Yan Hong immediately became the VIP guests here.

The tea and snacks were quickly served.

He was just short of finding two female cultivators from the North Street to massage them with the Ice Fire Technique.

In next to no time, bottles of medicinal pills were placed in front of Jiang Li, and it filled the entire tea table.

If not for the fact that Jiang Li's body had already reached the limit by various medicinal pills at this moment, he would want to consume another two bottles to satisfy his cravings.

In the end, he only opened the lid to inspect the goods. Jiang Li, who had eaten all the medicinal pills in the Great Mountain Region, could still tell that the refinement technique of this kind of medicinal pill was extremely brilliant.

Generally, they were above the standards of the Alchemy Masters of the Great Mountain Region. If they only used the same spiritual materials, there would probably be no market for the pills refined in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

"Guests, please wait a moment. There are still a few pills that need to be retrieved from the storehouse. Please have some tea first."

"In addition, this is the invitation letter for the Myriad Sun Building's auction in seven days. An esteemed guest like you can go take a look when the time comes. I believe it won't disappoint you."

Manager Jiang very politely handed over an invitation letter smeared with spirit stone powder.

An auction? Jiang Li immediately understood.

For an auction organized by a joint organization like this, besides sending invitations to famous local high-level cultivators, they would also send invitations to some customers with sufficient purchasing power.

Only with more people and more competition could they earn more from bidding.

"I'll be there."

In the novels of his previous life, a place like the auction house had always been a good place to show off and excavate treasures.

Be it broken sabers, rusted swords, useless zithers, incomplete manuals, slave girls, or cute beasts, as long as the protagonist went, he would definitely find legendary items.

Up until now, Jiang Li had never enjoyed such treatment as a child of destiny. He was quite interested.

As they drank tea, another cultivator poked his head in through the door.

"Is the shopkeeper here? Do you accept spiritual materials?"

Jiang Li saw that person's mysterious appearance and became energetic. Could it be that the thing in the other party's arms was something good?

However, Yan Hong only took a glance and was not surprised.

"This kind of rogue cultivator who has never seen the world thinks that he has found a treasure and wants to make a fortune overnight. I see such people every day in Nightless City. There are too few people who really have good things."

This was his true experience.

This was especially so for the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn, which was opened for demons.

Those small demons who took out scrap metals from unknown corners dared to come and offer them as treasures.

Their creativity made Yan Hong's blood pressure rise every time.

Manager Jiang was obviously the same. He casually walked over and greeted.

The person took out a cloth bag and opened it mysteriously.

What rolled out were a few white rocks and a few spiritual herbs that had been plucked violently.

"This is worth 100,000 low-grade spirit stones, right?"