"Hey! Damned yaksha, this is not a place you should be at!"

In front of an enormous stone door, Jiang Li controlled the yaksha clone to figure out how to open it.

He had already stepped on this place in advance and had never seen guards appear here. There were very few people coming and going normally. His clone had been here for a few days and had only seen a group of yakshas go down.

However, he had just touched it when a voice sounded beside him.

The Fallen Blood Yaksha suddenly took two steps back and looked around warily, but still did not find anything abnormal.

"I'm here, idiot!"

"You trespassed on the forbidden area. If I tell the Head Supervisor, you're finished."

"Hehehe, give me a hundred eyeballs and I'll pretend I didn't see you."

It was not until this voice sounded again that Jiang Li discovered that the source of this voice was actually right before his eyes. It was a huge octopus statue on the stone door.

At some point in time, this stone octopus had raised its fat head, and then it opened its eyes that were filled with brains and stared fixedly at Jiang Li.

"What are you?"

There was almost no aura of life on this stone octopus, but it was clearly not just an ornament.

"What am I? Damn fool! You should call me Lord Bara!"

"Before you hatched from the eggshell, I was already a gatekeeper and served Lord Vemacitrin for 200 years!"

The stone octopus was very excited. It was in line with the violent and easily angered personality of the Asura World creatures.

"Oh, so it's the great Lord Bara. In order to express my respect for you, I offer a hundred eyeballs as compensation."

"In addition, this corpse is also a small token of respect. However, it doesn't seem to be convenient for Lord Bara. I'll come again next time."

While the stone octopus was angry, the eyes of the Fallen Blood Yaksha were calmly observing. Jiang Li, whose will had descended, quickly analyzed the stone door in front of him and the guarding octopus monster that was wriggling around.

A moment later, he felt a little confident and took out the corpse of the Hundred Tempering Mountain disciple from his storage bag.

This storage bag was actually obtained from this person. Although the space was very small, it was already very rare.

It was unknown what this disciple's identity was when he was alive, but he was probably quite wealthy.

Upon seeing the human corpse, the dozens of eyes on the stone octopus's head widened.

Whiffing the smell, it leaned towards Jiang Li. Clearly, humans were really attractive to it.

However, Jiang Li grabbed the corpse and moved back bit by bit.

When the stone octopus's body subconsciously left the stone door and the eight tentacles slowly moved away from its original location, a black light instantly arrived.

It was a trident that pinned the longest tentacle of the octopus to the wall.

"Wait, what are you doing?!"

"What flame is this? It hurts so much! Quickly extinguish it!"

When the stone octopus came back to its senses and realized that something was wrong, a ball of black and white flames was burning along its tentacles.

Wherever it passed, the tentacles seemed to have really turned to stone and completely lost all sensation.

No matter how much it wanted to touch the bloody runes and send out a warning, it was already impossible.

Although the rune systems of the two worlds were completely different, the principles were still similar.

After Jiang Li obtained the Earth Spirit's Innate Vision, he compared the flow of energy in the ground to comprehend the method of runes. In a strategically advantageous situation, coupled with his outstanding talent, he had already walked very far on the path of runes and had his own understanding in many aspects.

Soon, he discovered that a rune on the upper right corner of the stone door looked abnormal.

The energy circuit of the rune was not connected to the stone door, but two blood threads that led straight to the outside world.

Such a crude method was basically telling him that this was an alarm trap.

The method to trigger the alarm was the octopus tentacle that covered the rune.

Therefore, Jiang Li used the human corpse as bait to lure the octopus away from the tentacle. Then, he used the steel trident and Ghost Lantern Cold Flame to instantly cut off the tentacle.

"What am I doing? I found many eyeballs here and was about to dig them out for Lord Bara to taste."

He took out the steel trident and stabbed it repeatedly like lightning. In the blink of an eye, it had already stabbed 49 times.

Forty-nine ugly eyes were skewered on the steel trident. He even summoned a ball of flames that wrapped around the trident and slowly roasted it.

At this moment, only the last eyeball remained on the octopus's head as it looked at Jiang Li in fear.

"I thought you guys would really not be afraid."

"From the looks of it, you are only slightly different creatures. You are not fundamentally different from humans."

"Open the door. Otherwise, you know what will happen!"

Jiang Li did not kill the other party directly, nor did he cut off its other limbs.

The existence of this stone octopus was both a lock and a key. If he really killed it in a moment of carelessness, it might be even harder to open this door.

As Jiang Li spoke, the sharp steel trident in his hand was less than a hair's length away from the last eye of the stone octopus.

Under such circumstances, there was no way to reject his request.

"Remember to take it slow. Don't do anything irrational. You've already worked for Lord Vemacitrin for 200 years, but he doesn't even remember your name."

"You don't have to give up your life for him again. Don't you agree, Bara? I'm your friend, aren't I?"

Jiang Li said indifferently as the steel trident did not move at all. His other hand plucked two eyeballs from the trident and stuffed them into the other party's mouth in a friendly manner, letting it eat itself.

Under fear, this octopus called Bara could only tearfully eat its eyes and smile at Jiang Li.

"Yes, yes. We are friends. Lord Yaksha must believe me. Bara will open the door for you now."

As the remaining seven tentacles moved, the thick stone door slowly opened.

The heavy stone door rubbed against the ground, making some noise. However, this was the Vemacitrin Battle Arena, and the sky was filled with the sounds of killing.

Under the cover of the cheers, the noise was nothing.


After the stone door opened, the steel trident in Jiang Li's hand moved, forming a large circle in the air.

He cut off the other party's tentacles, leaving only a stone head in Jiang Li's hand.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me! I've already done as you said! Don't kill me!"

Jiang Li did not care about him and started to walk towards the door while carrying this fellow.

Behind this door was a passageway that spiraled downwards.

After walking in, he could feel a warm and moist air surging up from below.

Even though his nose was already numb to the smell of blood in the Blood Fighting Arena, at this moment, he could smell a dense salty smell.

"Erm… Lord Yaksha, you need a blood token. Otherwise, we will be easily discovered."

As Jiang Li slowly walked down, he kept this head in front of him and even threw it out to scout the way from time to time.

He used his actions to tell it that if he was discovered, the first one to die would be it. With the personality of the Asura creatures, they would not care about the life and death of an octopus.

After begging for mercy, the stone octopus revealed something that it knew.

"Actually, I haven't come down here in the last 200 years. I only know that it's the most important place in the entire Blood Fighting Arena."

"Every Asura that comes down must bring a blood token or they will be killed."

Jiang Li nodded.

"Where should I find the blood token?"

He slowed down. There were already people ahead, and there were quite a number of them.

In the Blood Fighting Arena, underground level.

On the ground here, there were tens of thousands of pots emitting hot steam.

A raging fire was burning under the pot. In the Blood Fighting Arena above, the blood of the dead monsters was gathered here.

Countless monsters that were as burly as rhinoceroses had chains wrapped around their bodies. Like animals, they carried the coal without stopping for a moment and piled up under the huge pot to burn.

This was the first step in refining the blood of madness. After this blood was concentrated here, it would continue to be transferred to the next level.

"Don't be lazy, you damned swine! If I find you slacking again, I'll throw you into the blood pot!"

A female Asura supervisor waved her whip and lashed at the slaves wantonly before continuing to patrol arrogantly.

Suddenly, she sniffed as if she smelled something. Her body involuntarily walked towards the passage above.

The tempting smell drew closer. Finally, she saw it. A segment of a human finger had fallen to the ground.

The female Asura's eyes immediately widened.

She pounced forward like a wild beast and stuffed the finger into her mouth.

The chewing sounds were simply like hearing a classmate secretly eat snacks in class.

After swallowing the finger in satisfaction, the female Asura raised her head in enjoyment, revealing her exquisite and beautiful curves as she let out a gasp that made one's imagination run wild.

The women of the Asura Race were really good-looking.

Unfortunately, the four arms that did not conform to human common sense did not suit the scene.

She only felt a chill from her chin to the top of her head before she lost all consciousness.

"Is this the blood token?"

A yaksha walked out from the shadows. He tore off a red stone tablet from the other party's body and weighed it in his hand.

Jiang Li placed the stone tablet in front of the remaining head of the stone octopus and showed it.

"Yes, that's it. All Asuras who pass through me have such a sign on them."

The stone octopus gave an affirmative answer, but Jiang Li did not believe it completely.

He used the same method to attract a few Asuras to kill them before confirming that the other party was telling the truth.

He successfully passed the first level, second level, third level, and fourth level.

These Asuras were actually not stupid. After observing these levels, Jiang Li discovered that the Asura Race's understanding of blood processing was even higher than the initial preparations of the Beast Blood Diagram.

It was only because of their personalities that they appeared barbaric and primitive. However, if he underestimated them because of this, he would be the one to suffer.

The smell of the blood of madness became richer. He put away the octopus head and walked down for another thousand meters.

He finally saw a huge lake of blood here.

"So in this world, blood is really as worthless as water?" Jiang Li cursed in his heart.

The ecosystem life form of this world was really far inferior to the Nine Provinces Continent.

There were not many ordinary food and water sources, but blood flowed like a river everywhere.

"Who are you!"

Jiang Li controlled the yaksha clone and did not look twice in the dark.

A thought pierced into his mind through his ears.

Jiang Li was just about to mobilize the cold flames to counterattack, but in the next second, a force that was enough to crush him into mush suddenly descended on him.

Jiang Li's Fallen Blood Yaksha clone seemed to have been sealed in amber. He could not even move a finger.

Then, an eye as large as a hot air balloon floated up from below and appeared in front of him.

It was the Evil Eye Race! This thing could not be defeated!

"I… I was transferred here to help."

Jiang Li recognized this race. He had almost taken over an Evil Eye, so when he felt the invincible strength in his body, he knew that he was absolutely not a match for this Evil Eye. It was the same even if he used the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame, so he could only say this.

"Hmph, you're just a mere Fallen Blood Yaksha. What ability do you have to work under me!"

This huge evil eye used its mental thoughts to capture the yaksha clone in front of it. A tentacle stabbed into the top of the clone's head and searched inside. As long as it discovered anything wrong, it would instantly suck out the clone's brain.

Jiang Li had already prepared the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame in the depths of his consciousness. He was only waiting for the last moment to deal the other party a ruthless blow.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths…

The tentacles of the evil eye slid around in the skull, but it did not attack him.

"Oh? A mere Fallen Blood Yaksha actually has a complete soul?"

"No wonder you came to me. Forget it, just work under me. If you're lazy, I'll suck your brain dry!"

"Eat it and you'll know what to do."

After this evil eye stuffed a rock into Jiang Li's mouth, it directly threw him down. If not for the fact that the Fallen Blood Yaksha also had wings, he might have fallen to his death here before he could succeed.

When Jiang Li finally landed, the rock suddenly melted. Immediately, a large amount of memories surged into his mind like a flood.

A large number of bloody images screamed miserably…

This was… the blood sacrifice method of the Asura World.

The process was similar to the time he had seen the murals in the ruins of the Black Lotus Divine Sect.

However, this memory was more complete and contained a variety of information. A large number of inhumane sacrifices made one's hair stand on end.

This memory was like teaching the specific steps for telephone scams.

It described in detail how to build a qualified altar from nothing and how to launch a cruel blood sacrifice to deepen the connection of the two sides.

There were even a series of steps to bewitch humans and gain trust.

The target of all of this was naturally the human cultivators in the other world.

This was the reason why he could bewitch humans from another world.

The yaksha clone opened his eyes. In front of him was his 'work desk', an altar that was built by a blood pool and was able to connect to the continent of the Nine Provinces.

He turned around and looked at the two sides. Around the lake-sized blood pool, there was an altar every thousand feet. On each altar floated an evil eye.

Their bodies glowed purple as they worked hard.

There was originally another evil eye at the altar in front of Jiang Li, but now, it had already fallen to the side from exhaustion.

This group of Asuras seemed to have a plan. They had not given up on invading the Nine Provinces Heart even after countless years.

The Black Lotus Divine Sect back then was probably bewitched by them in this way and developed bit by bit.

From the looks of it, there were countless hidden dangers in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

However, as Jiang Li looked at the altar in front of him, his main body also opened his eyes to look at the golden statue beside him.

He seemed to have a bold idea.