A few days ago, in Ink Sect's Thousand Sieve City.

"Father, are we really going to make a deal with the Great Mountain Alliance? If we lose half of our puppets for no reason, it will be even harder to defend Thousand Sieve City."

In a secret room, two voices were plotting something in the darkness.

"Hmph, those two ignorant old fellows are still holding on to their ancestors' teachings even at this time."

"Just because I did not pass that stupid trial, they refused to let me take over the position of Ink Child! Look at how the Iron Wolf Sect has already fought their way to our doorstep!"

"They even agreed to a deal from a force that we have never heard of before!"

"They're too stupid. I can't let Ink Sect perish like this!"

"Ke'er, take my token and go get the ten Divine Crossbows. I've already spoken to that girl Zi Yao. It's fine to let them come to the Thousand Sieve City, but we can only let the Great Mountain Alliance Leader come alone!"

"That so-called Alliance Leader is only a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Hmph, when the time comes, you'll do as I say. We'll make the first move!"


Behind the ten sharp arrows were ten Core Formation realm Ink Sect disciples. They should be the last few remaining elite disciples.

"Outsider, please hand over all your artifacts and weapons. We will take good care of them for you."

"Please don't do anything threatening, or we will attack directly!"

As soon as Jiang Li got out of the carriage, he was immediately aimed at by the powerful crossbows.

Jiang Li had never seen such crossbows before, but he was not unfamiliar with the defensive giant crossbow setup. These were on the city walls of Nightless City.

This time, the second batch of transport troops from the Great Mountain Region had also sent 20 of them as defensive measures.

Giant crossbows were commonly used to resist high-level cultivators flying in the air. Their power was extraordinary.

Even Nascent Soul cultivators would have to be extremely cautious if they were targeted by giant crossbows.

Now, the ten crossbow bolts in front of Jiang Li were much smaller in size, and their power might be lower.

However, with Jiang Li's vision, it was not difficult for him to notice that these crossbow bolts had actually been changed to continuous firing, causing it to be even more impossible to guard against.

This was a group of ten Ink Sect disciples. They had clearly been waiting here for a long time.

A few of them quickly stepped forward and pulled away Zi Yao, Zhao Tiangang, and the others who stood by Jiang Li's side.

Only Jiang Li was surrounded in the center and threatened to hand over all the artifacts in his possession. This method was already extremely hostile.

Jiang Li had a slightly displeased expression. He paid no attention to their threats and looked at Zi Yao, Zhao Tiangang, and the others.

"Miss Zi Yao, Brother Zhao, is this Ink Sect's attitude?"

When Zi Yao and the others saw this scene, they were also very surprised. They shouted at the group of cultivators holding crossbows.

"No! Alliance Leader Jiang Li! There must be a misunderstanding here!"

"Move aside! Put down the Divine Crossbows!"

However, those disciples completely ignored them. They even aimed the crossbows at the five of them, making them not dare to act rashly.

Seeing that talking to these subordinates was useless, she looked at the young cultivator leading the group.

"Pang Ke, what are you doing! He's an important guest of our Ink Sect! Who allowed you to use the Divine Crossbows! Who let you do such a thing!"

It seemed that they did not know that such a thing would happen.

They were already at death's door, yet they could still start such a conflict. This Ink Sect was really impressive.

"Yaoyao, Ink Sect is currently in a dangerous situation. We can't be soft-hearted. There's no need to consider such trivial matters."

"Believe me, our choice is the most beneficial to Ink Sect."

Pang Ke turned to look at Zi Yao, and his eyes carried some unilateral love. Perhaps he wanted to target Jiang Li, and there were some emotional factors in this aspect.

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned to look at Jiang Li, and his expression immediately became gloomy.

"As for you, Alliance Leader Jiang Li, I admire your courage for coming here alone. However, I have to say that this is a foolish decision."

"Hand over the puppet refinement method. After this, Ink Sect will naturally compensate you. However, now, please cooperate well. Otherwise, don't blame us for inflicting some physical pain!"

The youth waved the crossbow in his hand. This proud weapon of the Ink Sect gave him endless courage.

When he spoke, his expression was serious, as if he could not be rejected.

"I want to know if this is your Ink Sect's decision or your own. Aren't you afraid that you'll offend our Great Mountain Alliance in addition to the Iron Wolf Sect?"

Jiang Li stood calmly in front of the arrow, not showing any fear. Instead, he looked even more relaxed than the group of people who surrounded him.

"Hmph, you're just a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator. If I'm not wrong, you're only a puppet in the so-called Great Mountain Alliance. Otherwise, why would they let you come here alone?"

"Even if a puppet dies, they will only change their leader. They won't start a war with my Ink Sect for you."

"Kid, look carefully. This is my Ink Sect's mechanical crossbow. As long as I gently press the trigger, I can shoot a Golden Core cultivator to death."

"Believe me, you won't want to try. Hurry up and hand over the spell technique we want. Otherwise, I'll shoot through your Qi Sea first. At that time, you'll be a cripple."

When he heard Zi Yao still pleading for mercy for this Foundation Establishment cultivator, Pang Ke became even more furious. He moved the crossbow and pointed at the location of Jiang Li's Qi Sea.

Jiang Li had not seen such a scene for a long time. A young man who had not even reached the Golden Core realm actually dared to clamor in front of him.

This was almost impossible in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

"I'll return this sentence to you. You're only in the True Core realm. Who gave you the courage to stand in front of me!"


Jiang Li's aura seeped out of his body. Suddenly, it was as if one could see a sea of blood churning in his eyes.

In the several major battles of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, the number of enemies Jiang Li killed had far exceeded 100,000.

Ordinarily, nothing could be seen from him because his mental cultivation was extremely high. He could easily suppress this portion of killing intent, but it did not mean that he was harmless.

At this moment, his aura combined with his killing intent surged out. Its power was several times stronger than the might of the Great Mountain Alliance back then.

The group of Foundation Establishment disciples in the distance immediately rolled their eyes and fainted from the impact of this aura.

Even the ten Core Formation cultivators holding the Divine Crossbows were trembling all over. They stepped back repeatedly and lowered their heads, not daring to look directly at Jiang Li.

Standing in front of them seemed to be an enraged peerless demon!

With a black flash, the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword instantly shot out. At a speed that could not be seen with the naked eye, it streaked across the ten people's wrists and broke all the tendons.

They only felt a chill on their wrists, and then their skilled hands, which were proud of being able to create fine mechanisms, lost all their strength.

The ten machine crossbows landed on the ground. Although their power was indeed astonishing, the person who used them was still lacking.

Jiang Li easily resolved the siege and suppressed the ten Core Formation cultivators.

Although he was only at the Foundation Establishment realm, not everyone could deal with him.

Taking two steps forward, his right hand reached out and locked onto Pang Ke's throat.

The arm with the Hundred Beast Dragon Scale Blood Tattoo crushed the protective light membrane like a soap bubble.

Then, he caught the Divine Crossbow that fell from his hand and aimed it at his Qi Sea.

Seeing this scene, how could the person behind the scenes remain calm?


Not far away, a figure flashed over with extreme speed. It was so swift that even with Jiang Li's mental reflexes, he could only see numerous afterimages.

It was an angry Nascent Soul cultivator. He raised his hand and grabbed at Jiang Li.

"Hmph, you really came out!"

Jiang Li did not believe that such a useless person could make the decision to attack him. There was definitely someone behind this, so he gave it a try. Sure enough, he was not even willing to hide anymore, directly taking action to capture him.

Jiang Li's cultivation was only at the Foundation Establishment realm, and his strength had only surpassed the Golden Core realm. He was still far from becoming a Nascent Soul cultivator.

However, that was talking about his own strength, not including artifacts!

A small coffin flew out from Jiang Li's sleeve. The Yin Burial Coffin swelled in the wind and smashed towards the incoming Nascent Soul.

"Hmph! You're overestimating yourself!"

The Ink Sect's Nascent Soul was very disdainful of Jiang Li's counterattack. He did not use any artifacts or spell techniques, but flipped his palm to slap away the thing that smashed over.


However, when the two collided, strong wind and spiritual qi exploded. The shock wave reverberated in the sealed underground space, giving the disciples a heavy blow.

The result of the collision was that the confident Nascent Soul cultivator was sent flying.

He was not injured and had suffered a loss because he was unprepared. However, this outcome was still hard to accept.

However, this was the truth. The Yin Burial Coffin was an Earth-rank artifact that Jiang Li had spent a great deal of effort to forge!

Although the Yin Burial Coffin's main job was not to be thrown like a brick, the huge weight contained inside could allow it to repel people without fail.

Even if he crossed realms to fight, he would not be at a disadvantage against a Nascent Soul cultivator.

"Elder Pang Xun! So it's you! Why did you do this?!"

After the Ink Sect's Nascent Soul was repelled by Jiang Li, he was surprised and uncertain and did not immediately continue to attack. Jiang Li, the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, was clearly not normal. He was thinking if he should take out a puppet to fight.

With this pause, his figure was naturally recognized.

"Niece Zi Yao, I'm doing this for Ink Sect!"

"As long as we capture him and seize the spell technique, Ink Sect will have a chance at survival. Don't you understand?!"

Pang Xun stared at Jiang Li, but what happened in the next second made his eyes pop out.

"Junior, you dare!"

A series of crossbow strings shook, followed by miserable screams that quickly turned into powerless screams.

The nine Divine Crossbow bolts pierced through Pang Ke's Qi Sea in an instant.

A huge hole appeared in his stomach. The True Core in his Qi Sea was directly shot out. It was pierced by a powerful arrow and landed on the ground not far away. The specks of broken shards were beautiful and shiny.

"Ke'er! You, you, you! You actually dare to commit murder in my Ink Sect! Die!"

When that Elder of the Ink Sect, Pang Xun, saw that his son was definitely going to die from such an attack, he became furious and wanted to rush over to tear Jiang Li apart.

However, the coffin blocked his path again.

This small coffin contained a whole world inside.

When his attack landed on the coffin, it was actually the Yin Burial Space inside that endured the impact.

With Pang Xun's strength, he could not break through the coffin no matter what.

The other party wanted to rely on the advantageous speed of a Nascent Soul cultivator to bypass the coffin and attack Jiang Li's main body.

At this moment, the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword moved as Jiang Li willed, it arrived with unparalleled speed.

Under the harassment of the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword, a dignified Nascent Soul cultivator was unable to approach Jiang Li at all.

Since Jiang Li dared to accept this position, he would definitely not embarrass the Great Mountain Alliance.

Right now, he still had a trump card that he did not want to use casually.

If Ink Sect dared to play dirty with him, he would flip the table on them!

The Nascent Soul Pang Xun attacked crazily as the coffin defended continuously.

The continuous explosions shook the underground space violently.

The power of the aftershock was strengthened in the sealed space. The Foundation Establishment disciples guarding here first fainted and then were shaken to death.

Ink Sect, which only had a few hundred disciples left, did not even have time to face the enemy before the situation became even worse!


After this chaos continued for half an hour, an ancient shout finally interrupted this fight between Nascent Soul and Foundation Establishment.

As soon as she finished speaking, a staff suddenly appeared on Pang Xun's shoulder, suppressing the Nascent Soul cultivator to the ground and making him unable to move at all.

Then, an old woman appeared.

She looked like she was walking unsteadily, but she could suppress this conflict with just the snake-headed walking stick in her hand.

Jiang Li put away the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword and the Yin Burial Coffin and looked at the other party warily. Although he was not injured, his condition was not very good.

His forehead was boiling hot, and the veins on his forehead bulged. His intracranial pressure increased, and his nerves were throbbing in pain.

His opponent was a Nascent Soul cultivator after all. Controlling artifacts to fight an enemy required a large amount of mental and spiritual qi at every moment.

In just seven minutes, he could not take it anymore.

"Grandma Zi! He killed Ke'er! Let me kill him! Let me kill him!"

Pang Xun, the Nascent Soul, was pressed to the ground and could not move. He could only shout.

"Granny, this is all a misunderstanding. It was Pang Ke who attacked Alliance Leader Jiang with the Divine Crossbows first!"

In the aftershock of the previous battle, Zi Yao used all her strength to protect Xiao Yu, but she was badly shaken and suffered considerable injuries.

At this moment, she saw Granny Zi come and finally found her backbone. She hurriedly got up from the ground and explained to her.

She did not want the conflict to escalate again.

The old woman called Granny Zi was a shrewd person who had lived for an unknown period of time. She understood a little after seeing the situation.

"Sigh, young man, since you've already captured Pang Ke, why go this far as to kill him?"

"With such heavy killing intent, it's easy to go astray."

To them, Jiang Li was an outsider after all. Even if they attacked first, the first thing they would think of was that he was too heavy-handed.

Fortunately, Jiang Li was not here to make friends. He was here to obtain the other party's battle merits.

He did not expect them to defend him, nor did he need the other party to act impartial in this situation.

Now, Ink Sect was the one asking for help, not him!

"Hmph, looks like Ink Sect wants to bully a Foundation Establishment cultivator like me."

"Impressive. In that case, you're no different from the Iron Wolf Sect."

"Our Great Mountain Alliance supported you with good intentions and offered a fair trade, but we were betrayed like this!"

"In that case, if you want to attack, come! Let's see if the experts of Ink Sect kill me first or if your Thousand Sieve City is the first to crumble!"

Jiang Li did not care who was right or wrong. It was meaningless to argue.

He was the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance. Not to mention them attacking first, even if he was arrogant and domineering right from the start, so what? With the current situation of the Ink Sect, they had to endure it!

Jiang Li pressed down on the Great Mountain Alliance's token which was made of top-notch materials that could ignore most communication barriers. When he first stepped into Thousand Sieve City, the location had already been sent by him.

As long as he gave the order, the nine elders outside would attack the city at lightning speed.

In the coffin, he had prepared his trump card, ready to fight to the death.

If the Ink Sect really did not know how to appreciate favors and wanted to attack, he could forcefully break through their Thousand Sieve City and snatch everything before the arrival of the Iron Wolf Sect!