The sudden change caused Jiang Li to be shocked, and he cursed himself for being careless in his mind. He was already prepared to eat an energy bullet with his face close to his face, and his entire body was tense.

However, there was still no movement.

He opened his eyes and saw that the red ball was still the same as before. It stopped firmly in his hand and did not have any intention of exploding, as if the terrifying energy inside did not exist at all.

'Wait, I think I can control it.'

After the initial shock dissipated, Jiang Li sensed it slightly and suddenly noticed that the feeling the energy ball in his hand gave him was actually slightly similar to his Nine Nether spiritual qi.

Although his control over it was definitely not as good as the Nine Nether spiritual qi, basic manipulation was still not a problem.

For example, it could be like this.

Jiang Li pressed his other hand on the energy ball. With a thought, the light of this ball began to become more and more restrained and profound. The size of the energy ball also compressed and became smaller.

Soon, it turned into a black and red ball of light the size of a football.

However, he could not make it any smaller.

'Let's test its power.'

After receiving the order, the Nine Nether clone inside the coffin immediately started to grow.

The Nine Nether Tree Realm, which had been covered in the coffin for a long time, twisted and twisted. Countless huge tree roots circled and gathered together. In the coffin space, they formed two palms that were comparable to the Wind Protection Giant.

Jiang Li pushed his palm forward. After being compressed, the red ball that had become even denser of energy instantly shot forward.

The two giant wooden palms closed together and locked the energy ball inside.

Nothing happened in the first instant.

Then, the tremor emitted when the energy swelled entered Jiang Li's ears.


The huge wooden palm was squeezing inward, and the energy red ball swelled out. As the terrifying and intense struggle continued, the back of the wooden hand that was pressed together began to swell bit by bit. The gap between the two hands was forced open, and destructive red light continuously blossomed from within.


The two wooden hands still could not withstand it and completely exploded.

Wood shavings flew everywhere. As the ball-shaped shock wave formed, it spread out with destructive power.

Jiang Li had indeed injected a lot of spiritual qi into this red energy ball, but its expenditure was completely different from the spiritual qi in the Nine Nether Tree Realm.

Wanting to destroy the huge palm condensed by the Nine Nether Tree Realm in one strike was not something that could be done with the power of the Golden Core realm.

At the very least, with Jiang Li's current strength, it would not be easy for him to defeat the Nine Nether Tree Realm at this level.

The power of this strike should have already reached the Nascent Soul realm.

Was the power released after the spiritual qi mixed with the blood of madness really so powerful?

'I don't think so.'

From the experiments done by the sword cultivator clone, although the strength erupted after the two energies mixed together was powerful, the increase was not so exaggerated.

The reason why the power of the red ball energy ball was so shocking was most likely because of the drop of Asura Lord's blood.

How powerful was the Asura Lord? Just a drop of blood mixed with spiritual qi could produce such an effect.

However, what was exciting was that the outcome was controllable.

With the help of Ananda's blood tears, Jiang Li successfully grasped the key to using the power of the Asura World!

If he mixed all the Asura blood in the jar, Jiang Li might be able to use it to do other things.

'Oh, right, I forgot something.'

A large amount of thoughts flashed through Jiang Li's mind like lightning. Then, he returned to his senses and pointed his finger at the shock wave formed by the energy ball's explosion.

The Yin Burial Coffin contained all of Jiang Li's belongings, so how could he bear to let these things be destroyed?

The Yin Burial Coffin that had long been prepared shook lightly. An invisible force descended, easily dissipating the shock wave.

It was a true Earth-rank artifact. Compared to the external defense, its control over the internal space was even stronger.

Coupled with the Nine Nether Wood and the existence of a million ghost soldiers, even Nascent Soul cultivators would not be able to do anything if they entered.

It was naturally not a problem to dissipate the aftermath of the explosion.

After testing the Asura Lord's blood of madness, Jiang Li was very satisfied with the result.

However, the only problem now was that the production speed of Ananda's blood tears was actually quite slow.

It would take nearly two hours to produce a drop.

That would be twelve drops a day. When would he be able to lubricate all the blood of madness in the jar?

Jiang Li carefully analyzed the reason and noticed that within the statue clone, the collision of the chaotic will and the faith power of all beings seemed to be unbalanced.

Under the enhancement of the blood energy, the chaotic will grew very quickly. However, without the support of the Buddhist power, the faith of all living beings seemed to be a little weak.

Perhaps he could think of a way to strengthen the Buddhist power of the statue clone.


The next day, Jiang Li's guest room door was knocked from outside.

After Jiang Li felt the tremor through the mossy earth clothes, he waved his hand and caused all the plants in the room to wither.

When he opened the door, he saw two ordinary Core Formation disciples he had never seen before.

"Alliance Leader Jiang, we've already prepared the puppets and spirit stones. Please follow us."

Jiang Li nodded and did not say anything before gesturing for them to lead the way.

As an underground city, Thousand Sieve City was not very dark.

Due to the production and assembly of precision mechanisms, there was no room for mistakes. Therefore, not only was the light not dim, it was very bright.

On the dome of each level, there was a large number of fluorite powered by spiritual qi. The gentle light emitted could light up every corner. Even shadows could not be seen around the spot.

They brought Jiang Li along and walked in the direction they came from yesterday. However, the surrounding buildings made him feel a little unfamiliar. It seemed that this was not the same as yesterday.

After careful observation, he discovered that there was a subtle trace between the ground every 30 steps.

If one observed carefully, they would discover that there were traces of movement at the edge of the crack.

It seemed that the entire city was built with mechanical structures. The interior was like a maze that could move according to certain mechanisms.

The terrain was originally very complicated and would change its location on its own. Without staying here for ten years, one would not dare to say that they could recognize the path.

Under the guidance of the two disciples, Jiang Li and the others seemed to have casually walked into an ordinary house.

Then, with the sound of gears grinding, the entire house began to sink.

Jiang Li could feel that his feet were already in the air. After falling for a few breaths, the hidden lift suddenly slowed down.

Finally, they landed in a huge space.

After walking out of the lift, a group of Ink Sect's higher-ups had been waiting for a long time.

He looked past them and saw a small mountain of spirit stones that emitted a charming glow in the middle.

Then, tens of thousands of puppets of various colors lined up in a neat square formation and quietly stopped on the spot like an army.

"Alliance Leader Jiang, we've already prepared the spirit stones you want."

"There are a total of 23,000 puppets here. May I know when you can begin to awaken them? How many puppets can you awaken every day?"

Due to the pressure of the Iron Wolf Sect, they also felt the urgency.

The Ink Sect cultivators did not consider the low-level puppets made by the Qi Refinement realm disciples.

These 23,000 puppets were all equivalent to Foundation Establishment realm and above.

With such a number, when the Ink Sect was at its peak, it would probably be an overlord in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony. Let's begin now."

Jiang Li shook out the Yin Burial Coffin and put away the mountain of spirit stones in front of him.

He could clearly hear the pained sighs of the many Ink Sect cultivators behind him.

The expenditure of activating puppets was not small, and Jiang Li did not intend to stand on ceremony with outsiders. In terms of spirit stones, he did not give them any discount.

If he awakened all these puppets, it would undoubtedly be an astronomical number.

Their Ink Sect was no longer like before. Other than the necessary spirit stones to activate the formation, they had basically emptied their pockets. They took out all the high, medium, and low-grade spirit stones they could find.

The remaining few hundred cultivators, together with the reserves left behind by the sect, only paid the spiritual qi cost of 16,000 puppets.

This did not even include Jiang Li's service fee.

He took a deep breath before the Nine Nether clone and Jiang Li's main body connected together, and then he pointed forward.

Multiple Demon Awakening! Parade of Puppets!

Pure Nine Nether spiritual qi poured out from his fingertips.

The yellow talisman paper that was stuck to the foreheads of the puppets to seal and preserve souls was blown away piece by piece. Demon Awakening spiritual qi poured into their five apertures.

The joints of the mechanism structure soon mended. The souls sealed in the puppet fused with the Wood Demons that had signs of life, gradually producing brand new living Wood Demons.

Pairs of dark green eyes lit up. The puppets that had already been awakened automatically left the spot. Jiang Li scattered the Demon Awakening Technique on the other puppets.

Fortunately, these puppets had energy cores in their bodies to begin with. As long as Jiang Li could awaken them, he did not need to give them spiritual qi of the same level. Otherwise, even if he was drained dry, he would not be able to awaken so many puppets.

On the first day, Jiang Li awakened 3,000 Wood Demons.

The huge amount of spiritual qi stored in the Yin Burial Coffin poured back into Jiang Li's body through the Nine Nether Wood, and he controlled it to execute the Demon Awakening Technique.

After the first day ended, Jiang Li's tough meridians of the Quintet Dao Foundation were abused to the point of being extremely painful.

When he went back to rest, he directly used the Cocoon Break skill.

Due to the use of a large amount of spiritual qi to cast spell techniques, after breaking out of the cocoon, his meridians had been expanded by more than 30%. The grade of his spiritual root had slightly increased, his Demon Awakening Technique had risen by one level, and even his cultivation had improved significantly.

This was also a small reward for his hard work.