"Congratulations, you've indeed broken through."

When the female ghost, Qin Shuman, followed Jiang Li out of the Seven Roads Ghost City, she was equivalent to a Foundation Establishment realm ghost.

Later on, when she cultivated in the Yin Burial Coffin, her cultivation level rose astonishingly. After she reached the boundary of the next realm, she was given two True Cores by Jiang Li.

The True Cores of the Corpse Coffin Twin Devils were not very useful to Jiang Li, but to Qin Shuman, they were great supplements.

The cultivation realms of orthodox ghost cultivators could roughly be divided into: Yin Harvest, Soul Condensation, Ghost Core, Fallen Nascent, Body Possession, Ghost King, and many other stages.

Among them, the Ghost Core was divided into three stages: Spirit Devouring, Essence Devouring, and Soul Devouring.

This Ghost Core realm was basically equivalent to a human cultivator's Core Formation.

As for the Spirit Devouring, Essence Devouring, and Soul Devouring, these three stages corresponded to the Void Core, True Core, and Golden Core stages.

After absorbing two True Core Cultivators and using the Illusory Art Life Record of Shu Mountain, the current Qin Shuman had already successfully formed the Ghost Core. Moreover, she had crossed the Spirit Devouring stage and broken through to the Essence Devouring stage, becoming a Ghost Core realm Essence Devouring ghost cultivator.

"It's all thanks to your grace that Shuman could have this day. I have no way of repaying your kindness. I can only repay your kindness by offering myself."

After Qin Shuman finished speaking, her pale lips opened slightly and she spat out a white round pill.

Then, she brought it to Jiang Li.

This was her Illusory Life Ghost Core. The meaning of this was to expose her weakness without holding back and let Jiang Li leave a mark on her Ghost Core, representing the submission of a loyal follower.

The methods Jiang Li had set up for her during the Qi Refinement realm were naturally not of much use to Qin Shuman, who had already reached the Essence Devouring Ghost Core realm.

However, before Jiang Li could say anything, Qin Shuman took the initiative to offer the Ghost Core and let him set up another restriction.

What she did not know was that after absorbing so much Yin Burial spiritual qi from Jiang Li, the unique mark was already inseparable from her.

Even if she really had ulterior motives, she could not escape his control.

However, Qin Shuman's actions touched Jiang Li a little.

"There's no need for that. Don't worry, it's time for you to repay me. Don't resist me."

Jiang Li received the Ghost Core and swallowed it.

Qin Shuman was stunned and did not understand what was going on.

Jiang Li reached out again and tapped her forehead with his finger, pulling out the ghost body hidden inside.

Then, he ate her too.

Qin Shuman only felt the world spin as she fell into a mental world with five huge mountains spinning around.

Before she could react, she turned around the huge tree. A vine flew over and tied her up, pulling her all the way to the ancient tree. She was tied up in an inverted posture and could not move at all.

"Wait, this tree is absorbing my power! Young Master, save me!"

[Nine Nether Soul Binding has successfully captured a ghost. Added Status: Illusory Life Ghost Spirit]

[Illusory Life Ghost Spirit: Illusion Talent+10, Mind attribute+10, Yin-attribute spiritual qi +200%, Illusory Life spiritual qi +10,000. Duration: 7 days] (− +)

Jiang Li did not reply immediately. At this moment, Jiang Li was staring at his interface.

A new status popped up on his interface.

This was an additional ability gained after the Nine Nether Dao Scripture reached the Foundation Establishment realm.

He could bind a ghost in his body and share its talent and ability to a certain extent.

In fact, the simplest Spirit Summoning Technique had a similar ability.

However, when using the Soul Summoning Technique, the control of the body was not completely in his hands, and he could not truly share the ability of ghosts. It was just that ghosts were controlling the cultivator's body to fight.

It was far inferior to the brilliance of the Nine Nether Dao Scripture.

Unfortunately, the cooldown time for activating this ability was a little long, so Jiang Li could not use it often to increase his attributes.

After changing this status to an infinite amount of time, Jiang Li controlled the Nine Nether Wood in his mental world and released Qin Shuman.

The female ghost, Qin Shuman, was still in shock. She thought that she was eaten just now.

After hearing Jiang Li's words, she finally relaxed.

"Stay in my body for the time being. I might be able to use your strength today."

After adjusting his condition, he walked out of the room.

The Ink Child trial he was going to try today should be taking place in an illusion.

With Qin Shuman's talent in illusions, Jiang Li was naturally more confident with her around.

This time, it was still the two ordinary Core Formation cultivators who came to welcome him. However, there was also Aunt Mei, who had originally followed beside Zi Yao.

Aunt Mei was holding a series of complicated and exquisite keys.

This time, they changed direction and headed deeper into the core of Thousand Sieve City.

The string of 17 keys opened 17 sturdy trap doors in succession.

It was not enough to just get the key. Every key had a different turning method.

Once they turned the wrong way, not only would the door be locked, but they would also spring out powerful mechanisms to kill the intruders.

As expected of the city's core, its defense was practically watertight.

However, it was said that the mechanisms here had already been removed and moved to the outskirts of the city to set up defenses. Therefore, it would not be a problem to make one or two mistakes.

After opening the last black-gold door, there were not many people waiting inside.

The aged Granny Zi and the other old elder who was missing an arm were the only two remaining Soul Formation cultivators in Ink Sect.

They were too old and their lifespan was about to end. If they really fought, they would not have much strength left. This was also the reason why the three Soul Formation cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance could make them compromise.

There was another person by their side, Zi Yao, who Jiang Li had seen earlier.

After greeting them briefly, Jiang Li looked at a white rectangle formed from countless cubes floating in the room.

Was this the city core? It looked like an enlarged Rubik's Cube.

"Alliance Leader Jiang, Zi Yao will also participate in the trial with you today. I hope you don't mind."

No wonder he had not seen Zi Yao for a few days, she should have been called over by these two elders to participate in the temporary special training with obvious objectives.

Jiang Li was actually not very interested in their Ink Child Decree. Other than the 600,000 merit points, there was really nothing he could covet about this Ink Sect.

On the other hand, this Rubik's Cube that moved from time to time was quite interesting. As long as it recognized him as its master, he should be able to obtain control of the entire city.

If such a huge stronghold could be used in war, it was very likely to help the casualties of the cultivators under them greatly decrease.

Then, it was time to begin.

The floating city core in the air began to move, revealing a gap that could allow a person to pass through.

Jiang Li did not hesitate and took the lead to enter the gap. Zi Yao followed closely behind.

After entering the room, he could clearly sense that the spiritual qi in his body was being absorbed by a certain force and was quickly flowing away.

Zi Yao, who followed closely behind him, was also clearly affected. Clearly, he was not the only one who received this treatment.

In the pale space in front of him, there were only two mats.

From the looks of it, he should sit on it to begin the test.

"Shuman." Jiang Li called out softly in his mind.

Although he had shared a portion of Qin Shuman's talent, in terms of illusions, he was still quite inferior to the drama queen, Miss Qin.

Qin Shuman understood and carefully observed her surroundings. Soon, she discovered some small clues.

"Young Master, this room is indeed covered by a brilliant illusion technique. The two meditation mats are fake. There are other things hidden here, but it will take time to see through them."

Qin Shuman's talent was indeed quite good. She quickly came to some conclusions.

"Alright, adapt to the situation. If you find anything, let me know in time."

Jiang Li stepped forward and touched one of the meditation mats. It was fluffy in his hand, was quite elastic, and had excellent ventilation. There was also a faint fragrance that could help him calm his mind. It was a rare high-grade item.

It was hard to imagine that this thing was fake.

On the other side, Zi Yao had already sat on the meditation mat.

Jiang Li hesitated for a moment before sitting as well.

At this moment, a ball of light that was concealed by the illusion technique floated above the two of them.

[Your mind has been invaded by a foreign power, Added Status: Great Old Dream… Host has given up on the mental resistance effect, the effects of the Great Old Dream are complete.]

[Great Old Dream: Reenact a specific historical scene. Duration: 7 days] (− +)

That test was within the illusory realm to begin with. Jiang Li hesitated for a moment before giving up on resisting and letting himself enter the illusory realm.


In the outside world, in a luxurious house in Thousand Sieve City.

Tables, chairs, and flower vases were all shattered by brute force.

All kinds of junk were scattered on the ground. Even a pig would not have a place to stand here.

The only thing that was intact was a bed in the room.

The Nascent Soul cultivator, Pang Xun, was standing in front of a bed and looking at Pang Ke calmly.

He beckoned gently. On the bed, Pang Ke suddenly moved. He stood up like a marionette, opened his eyes, and was expressionless.

In his Qi Sea, there was still a bowl-sized hole that had not been repaired.

Through the hole, one could see a large number of intricate mechanical structures working.

These small parts inside made Pang Ke stand up again.

The Nascent Soul, Pang Xun, was grounded. In the past few days, he had personally turned his dead son into a puppet.

"Great Mountain Alliance's Jiang Li! Great Mountain Alliance's Jiang Li! I won't let you off!"

"Also, Granny Zi! How dare you treat me like this! You forced me! You forced me!"

He looked at the dead Pang Ke in front of him and felt only anger.

He did not realize that there was anything wrong with him taking the Divine Crossbows and letting people ambush and threaten the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance.

A communication spirit stone had appeared in his hand at some point in time. He squeezed the spirit stone tightly with his fingers. The immense force made his knuckles turn white. Then, he injected spiritual qi into it with a gloomy expression.