In the outside world, in the Endless Mountain Range.

"Elders, Dharma Protectors, the recent movements of the Iron Wolf Sect are very strange."

"They suddenly gathered more than half of their people and are coming here."

A scout of the Great Mountain Alliance reported to the higher-ups guarding outside Thousand Sieve City.

"With a calamity approaching, there must be someone who wants to save himself alone. There must be a problem within the Ink Sect."

The Great Mountain Alliance Elder sneered. He felt disdain towards the Ink Sect.

"Elder, what should we do? Should we help them cover up?" The Rock Army cultivator asked.

If they caused some commotion elsewhere in the Endless Mountain Range at this time, they should be able to stall for some time.

However, the higher-ups of the Great Mountain Alliance shook their heads.

"There's no need. Alliance Leader Jiang Li has already given the order. Before Ink Sect joins us, they are considered outsiders. They might not be our friends."

"There's no need for us to provoke an enemy because of them."

"Retract our forces and be careful. We'll leave."

The cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance silently retreated hundreds of miles and found a hiding place to hide.

They would not fight the Iron Wolf Sect for a sect they were not allied with.

If the Ink Sect joined them, that was another matter.

After the Iron Wolf Sect received information about the Ink Sect, they did not completely trust it. They were also afraid that this was a ploy to divert their forces.

Leaving half of the people on guard to prevent anyone from escaping the Endless Mountain Range, the wolf cavalry cultivators with the strongest mobility surrounded Thousand Sieve City.

A group of wolf cavalry formed a triangle formation and searched the forest.


The leading Iron Wolf Cavalry seemed to have stepped on something. In the next second, it turned into shadows and flew. Sharp threads that were like an inescapable net swept over from the surroundings and cut the three Iron Wolves in the range, as well as the cultivators on their backs, into pieces.

On the other side, a mechanical earth spike that rose from the ground directly pierced through the iron wolf and the cultivator on the wolf's back! The poison inside was released, causing the injured cultivator's intestines to instantly rot!

After approaching this area, the casualties of the Iron Wolf Sect suddenly increased.

In other places in the Endless Mountain Range, Ink Sect had also set up traps to confuse and resist enemies.

However, it was not as dense as this place.

After the higher-ups of the Iron Wolf Sect realized this, not only were they not angry, they even became more excited.

This meant that they had most likely found the right place!

"Iron Wolf Cavalry, stop advancing and form an encirclement to release the night wolves!"

The cultivators of the Iron Wolf Sect were not fools. They knew that there were a large number of traps ahead, so they naturally could not order their disciples to die.

Large beast cages were transported to the front line. With the creak of metal, the cage door was opened. Night wolves with pitch-black bodies and green eyes surged out like a tide.

This kind of night wolf was weak, but it was superior in numbers and reproduction speed. It was suitable to trigger traps.

A large number of wolves were chased forward.

In the forest 50 kilometers around Thousand Sieve City, a large number of traps were triggered.

How many traps had Ink Sect set up over thousands of years?

If the Iron Wolf Sect disciples went ahead, they would probably suffer heavy casualties.

But now, these brilliant traps were wasted on the cheap night wolves.

"Granny Zi, the trap outside Thousand Sieve City has been triggered on a large scale. They've already discovered our location. What should we do?"

In Thousand Sieve City, the cultivators of Ink Sect were already in a mess.

Looking at the map on the light screen, those traps were stepped on one after another, their hearts turning cold.

Everyone knew that even if they obtained the Wood Demons that Jiang Li had enlightened, the possibility of them winning was minimal.

"So fast! How did they determine our location?"

The few higher-ups were also in disbelief. The Endless Mountain Range was quite vast and their Thousand Sieve City was buried underground. If they did not land on the ground to carefully investigate, they would not have discovered any clues.

The people from the Iron Wolf Sect were originally investigating from afar. Why did they suddenly move here with such a clear goal?

"It must be Jiang Li from the Great Mountain Alliance! As soon as he entered our Thousand Sieve City, the Iron Wolf Sect knew our location!"

"He must have leaked our location! Capture him now! Kill him!"

As an outsider, Jiang Li was naturally the first to be questioned.

Pang Xun was the first to jump out. His words were quite popular among the other higher-ups.

However, the others were not as agitated as him.

Granny Zi and the one-armed elder were silent for a long time before they looked at Pang Xun with deep meaning and said, "Their Great Mountain Alliance has no reason to expose us. That's not good for them."

"In the future, Thousand Sieve City will activate a 24-hour communication barrier. Everyone, hand over your communication spirit stones."

"The following battle is inevitable. Everyone, prepare yourselves."

Jiang Li indeed had the ability to send information out. They knew this. Otherwise, the three Soul Formation cultivators of the Great Mountain Alliance would not have found this place so coincidentally and suddenly erupted their aura to intimidate them.

However, if he really wanted to attack the Ink Sect, he could directly find an excuse to leave and let their sect's cultivators attack. Why would he give up such a fat sheep to others?

This was also the main reason why they believed in Jiang Li.

Granny Zi even asked them to be prepared, but they did not know if it was to prepare them for battle or to die in battle.

"Do we really have to fight, Grand Elders? The Iron Wolf Sect has mobilized a lot of people this time. Why don't we escape through the tunnel first? We can seek a comeback after we reach another place."

No one wanted to die.

Now that the enemy was before them, many people knew that the chance of winning was slim, so they wanted to retreat again.

"Escape? How? Are you asking us to abandon the mountain that our ancestors guarded for thousands of years?"

"Moreover, our network of tunnels can't extend into the Endless Mountain Range at all."

"There are cultivators of all ages in our group. Once we are discovered, there is no way out."

"Or are you going to abandon your disciples and escape alone?"

"Only by guarding Thousand Sieve City can we have a chance of survival."

"Our Thousand Sieve City is incomparably sturdy. No one can break through it! Disperse."

Among the group of Ink Sect cultivators, some were helpless, some were afraid, and some cursed the stubbornness of the old elders.

However, they could only continue to guard Thousand Sieve City and inspect the entire city, afraid that any wear and tear would cause the mechanisms to stop working.

After a day, the first batch of night wolves of the Iron Wolf Sect were exhausted. This group of demon beasts sacrificed their lives, and the effect was obvious. The traps within a fifteen-kilometer radius were all stepped on by them.

Some traps could be used multiple times, but once their location was exposed, they were no longer useful.

The next day, before the night had completely retreated, a second batch of even more night wolves were transported over.

Amidst the late night wolf howls, they approached Thousand Sieve City bit by bit.