He had to kill a Nascent Soul cultivator as soon as possible?

If outsiders knew Jiang Li's thoughts, they would definitely think that he was dreaming and hallucinating…

A mere Foundation Establishment cultivator wanted to finish off a Nascent Soul cultivator as soon as possible? This was simply a hopeless situation.

"Kid, you were hit by me and are already very heavily injured, right? You can't escape. For killing my Ke'er, you'll pay with your life!"

His sharp gaze swept through the entire room. When he turned around in Jiang Li's direction, he suddenly paused, and then killing intent surged as he suddenly pounced forward!

Sure enough, he was still able to discover Jiang Li's approximate location to a certain extent.

Jiang Li wiped away the blood at the corners of his mouth, and he was not to be outdone. He raised his palm and advanced instead of retreating, and he charged towards his opponent.

Pang Xun's mechanical fist struck Jiang Li first, causing his body to cave in. A huge bump appeared on his back, and the broken bones pierced through his skin, exposing him to the air.

If not for the fact that the Overlord Body Art had canceled out a portion of the power, Jiang Li's body would have been directly pierced.

However, Jiang Li still did not care about such heavy injuries.

Pang Xun, who was laughing sinisterly, suddenly felt a sense of fear.

In the next moment, two crimson balls of light swelled up and ruthlessly smashed into his body.

The terrifying power and the intense pain coming from his body made Pang Xun shiver. It was difficult to imagine how a Foundation Establishment cultivator could use such a technique.

The Nascent Soul Pang Xun straightened his body and wanted to support himself. At this moment, a flying sword darted out from Jiang Li's forehead and pierced into his eye socket. Another chain wrapped around his feet.

Jiang Li had not used the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to defend himself earlier and had forcefully endured an attack at the Nascent Soul realm just for this moment.

"Go in!"

With the activation of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, Pang Xun's feet were suppressed and he felt powerless. Then, he was sent flying by the blood-colored ball of light, crashing into the opened door behind him and into the Yin Burial Coffin that he had long prepared.

Pang Xun instinctively sensed a terrifying existence behind him. He grabbed the edge of the coffin tightly and refused to rest.

In the coffin that was like an abyss, countless roots and vines grew out and wrapped around his feet, coiling around his entire body bit by bit.

Thousands of roots pulled back, but he finally could not endure it and fell into the endless darkness.

Yin Burial! Eternal Rest!

The coffin lid closed. Even if he was a Nascent Soul cultivator, as long as Jiang Li was unwilling, he would never see the light of day again.

Jiang Li lay on the ground and spat out large mouthfuls of blood. He had really suffered quite a bit.

It took him a full fifteen minutes to fix the bones back to their original positions, and his injuries roughly recovered.

As the first outsider to enter the coffin, Pang Xun would be welcomed with the best treatment.


In Thousand Sieve City, the cultivators on both sides had already fought their brains out.

There were sounds of spiritual qi explosions everywhere.

Every step was filled with killing intent. Threads, needles, flying axes, saws, poisonous fog, and explosions.

With every step, a fatal mechanism would be triggered.

This kind of disgusting street battle made the Iron Wolf Sect, which was used to galloping on the grassland, feel aggrieved and furious. The other party had beaten them to an ugly state.

However, the Ink Sect was also not doing well. There were only a few hundred disciples left. If one died, there would be one less.

They could only fight and retreat, relying on the mechanisms to stop the other party as much as possible.

However, no matter how many mechanisms there were, they would eventually be exhausted.

At that time, Ink Sect would be destroyed.

At this moment, all the Ink Sect disciples received a message.

"All Ink Sect disciples, listen to the Ink Child Decree and retreat to the city's core in an orderly manner."

His voice was young and steady, and it could not be rejected.

"You are Jiang Li?"

"You really obtained the Ink Child Decree!?"

Granny Zi's words were filled with disbelief.

Just as Jiang Li had thought, she really wanted to gain something without risking anything of her own.

They wanted Jiang Li to help them enlighten their puppets, but they did not want to pay a huge price.

In her opinion, it was impossible for Jiang Li to pass the test.

However, to be able to instantly transmit his voice to all parts of Thousand Sieve City, this kind of authority could only be obtained by someone with the Ink Child Decree.

At this moment, the only one who could obtain the Ink Child Decree was Jiang Li.

"It's me. Now is not the time to talk about this."

"Lure the enemy Soul Formation cultivators in and kill them. Only then will we have a chance to leave."

He told the two Soul Formation cultivators of Ink Sect that if they wanted to lure the Soul Formation cultivators in, only they could do so.

"Are you going to use that?"

Jiang Li, an outsider, naturally did not know more about the matters of Thousand Sieve City than these two.

They were clearly slightly hesitant about Jiang Li's method.

"Yes, this is the last resort, isn't it?"

Jiang Li's tone was very firm. Or rather, he had always been more generous towards things that he had yet to obtain.

The two Ink Sect Soul Formation cultivators still wanted to persist stubbornly.

However, the Ink Child Decree was in Jiang Li's hands after all. Even if they did not agree, Jiang Li would still execute it. At that time, the only difference would be that more people from the Ink Sect died.

Moreover, this was the best solution at the moment.

"This… Alright, all disciples listen up. Retreat towards the core."

After the Ink Sect disciples heard the order, they were also surprised. However, having a way out was much better than they had expected. At the very least… there was a way to live.

The two Soul Formation cultivators stepped forward and began to kill a large number of Iron Wolf Sect cultivators.

This action naturally exposed their exact location.

The Soul Formation cultivators of the Iron Wolf Sect were already waiting for them. They no longer hid their strength and approached from the flying ship outside as if they had teleported.

After they rushed into Thousand Sieve City, the two sides began to collide.

It was as if a huge mouth had appeared in the void and bit off the buildings in Thousand Sieve City.

Debris flew everywhere, as if heaven and earth were destroyed.

However, during this process, it could be seen that the main framework of Thousand Sieve City was really firm.

Even if it endured an attack of the Soul Formation realm, there would not be too obvious damages.

The two Ink Sect Soul Formation cultivators struggled desperately, and more and more Soul Formation cultivators appeared in the Iron Wolf Sect.

Soon, the higher-ups of the Great Mountain Alliance sent him a message that the situation inside had already reached a very serious state.

"Seven Soul Formation cultivators? No matter how much Ink Sect struggles, there's no way out."

"However, this is definitely only a portion of the Iron Wolf Sect's strength. After any sects expand, there are many places that need top-notch cultivators to guard. No one can casually send out so many top-notch combat forces."

The two Grand Elders of Ink Sect threw out hundreds of invisible spiritual qi threads. They controlled hundreds of powerful puppets to form a huge net in the air.

Various powerful mechanisms and weapons were brandished in the air. Any one of them could not be easily blocked by Jiang Li.

Although their might seemed to be filled with boundless killing intent and might, they had encountered a tragic suppression in just a single exchange.

The cultivation methods of the Iron Wolf Sect were filled with ambition. Every move they made was intended to kill.

This was an unfair fight of seven against two. On the Ink Sect's side, these two old cultivators had not fought in a long time.

When they fought, they fell into a difficult situation.

The hundreds of puppets that were scattered out were blasted apart one after another. When one puppet met the other party, it could barely withstand a breath. The speed at which these high-level puppets were damaged was enough to make any strange cultivator's heart ache until it shone.

However, other than wood shavings and parts, there was also a large amount of flesh and blood.

This meant that they were all puppets refined from corpses, or rather, the corpses of Ink Sect cultivators.

However, the original heads of these puppets were all missing. They were replaced by mechanisms, and not a single head could be seen.

Armored Trolls liked to eat people's brains and treated cultivators and children as the best.

After that battle, the Ink Sect cultivators rushed to collect corpses, but all they retrieved were these headless corpses.

The location of the heads of the cultivators who died in battle was self-evident.

They fought and retreated. Anger and helplessness filled them.

"No, if this continues, we'll definitely die."

"You should leave first. I'll stop them!"

Although the Ink Sect Soul Formation cultivator with the broken arm only had one arm, his cultivation was clearly deeper than Granny Zi's.

The puppets made from the corpses of Nascent Soul elders clearly could not stop the seven Soul Formation cultivators.

He pushed Granny Zi and stopped in front of these enemies.

"Old Ban, you!"

"Leave quickly!"

At this moment, they could no longer hesitate.

Originally, these two old cultivators were already close to death. They had already resigned themselves to fate. Even if they lived, they would only bring their disciples along for a bit longer.

Granny Zi hesitated for a moment before she stretched out her hand and stuffed the five clay statues into Elder Ban's hand, and then she flew towards the center of the city where Jiang Li was without turning back.

"Hmph, do you think you can escape?"

"Old man, even the two of you combined can't stop us. You want to do it alone?"

The seven Iron Wolf Sect cultivators casually smashed apart a few more Nascent Soul puppets. Four people surrounded Elder Ban, and the remaining three wanted to pursue the other Ink Sect cultivators.

Cultivators in the Dao of Puppets could be said to have reached their peak at the beginning of their cultivation journey.

This was because 80-90% of their combat strength was on puppets.

It was fine when he was at the low-level. As long as he spent some spirit stones to purchase some materials and forge them himself, or used the corpses of demon beasts and cultivators to refine them, they were all good choices.

It was very simple to use numbers to increase one's combat strength. Even if one was ordinary, it was very easy to produce outstanding results in battle.

When Jiang Li was in the inner sect competition back then, the cultivators of the Mystic Gate Hall had taken advantage of him.

However, in the later stages, ordinary materials could no longer keep up with his footsteps. Unless he bought especially precious top-grade materials or used the corpses of top-notch cultivators to refine puppets, he could maintain his combat strength.

However, things of this level could only be chanced upon by luck.

For example, the two puppets taken out by the Soul Formation cultivators were all at the Nascent Soul realm. How could they withstand the enemy?

The disdain of the Iron Wolf Sect members originated from this.

"It's not a good habit to underestimate an elder."

Old Man Ban was already on the verge of death, but he did not look afraid.

With a flip of his remaining right hand, ten thumb-sized clay statues appeared.

With a slight squeeze of his hand, the clay statue's surface was crushed. A puff of smoke exploded, and then ten figures rushed out.

The four cultivators surrounding him were caught off guard and immediately pounced forward. The three Soul Formation cultivators who were about to pursue Granny Zi sensed the threat behind them and could only hurriedly turn around to block the fierce attack.

What rushed out of the smoke were ten puppets that had yet to be repaired.

The fatal injuries on their bodies had not been properly stitched up. Through the wounds, one could see that the gears in their bodies were spinning at high speed.

Although their appearance was a little simple, judging from their auras, they were clearly Soul Formation cultivators when they were alive!

"Hmph, to blaspheme your fellow sect members like this, your Ink Sect is really impressive."

"How long do you think you can stop us with these ten puppets? Your spiritual qi can support all ten of them at the same time. How long can you last?"

"Kill you! The others won't be able to escape our grasp."

The difference between puppets of the same level and cultivators was quite large. The difference in numbers between them was very limited. Even if there were ten puppets of this level, they would only be able to stop them for a while.

"If you want to kill them, get past me first!"

The battle continued to erupt, but in the intense aftershock of the battlefield, they did not notice that the entire Thousand Sieve City was changing.

A large number of buildings collapsed, revealing the main framework of the entire city. The boards and plates were embedded together, and the entire city was shrinking inward.

Soon, the gap that was created by the huge black-gold heavy iron was completely sealed.

The space inside became narrower.

"Oh? Something's not right."

"Old thing, what have you done!"

The Iron Wolf Sect cultivators who were in the midst of an intense battle finally discovered that something was wrong.

"Haha, now you realize that it's too late! Cough, cough, cough!"

"Our Thousand Sieve City is a precious treasure. You guys will stay here and accompany me!"

Old Man Ban spat out blood as he spoke, but he seemed very happy.

When the seven Iron Wolf Sect cultivators heard Old Man Ban's words, they knew that something was amiss.

They hurriedly rushed towards the gap.

But it was already covered in thick construction debris and hundreds of sturdy walls.

The entire Thousand Sieve City could move. The buildings were moving and piecing together.

The huge space inside the city was shrinking.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The seven Soul Formation cultivators of the Iron Wolf Sect continuously attacked the same wall. However, the large amount of debris piled in front of the wall absorbed too much power. The seven of them needed more than ten breaths to break through a single wall.

However, the layers of walls were still in front of him, as if there was no end to them.

Not only that, as Thousand Sieve City continued to stack, there would only be more and more obstructions in front of them.

At this speed, until this space was completely compressed to the core, they would definitely be unable to break through.

"The direction that old woman fled in! There must be an entrance there. Chase!"

They abandoned the old man and chased after Granny Zi.

However, where could there be a path? A passageway?

The internal structure of Thousand Sieve City had already been completely damaged. They had nowhere to go and nowhere to escape!

An ominous feeling grew in their hearts!