"This is… the Cloud Pattern Token!"

"Please wait a moment, Manager! Manager!"

When the female cultivator behind the counter saw the token, her eyes widened.

Her gaze constantly flickered between the patterns on the token and the cloud patterns on the jade pillar.

Her expression became more nervous and serious.

She knew that this matter was not something she could handle and immediately reported the situation.

A few breaths later, a cultivator in a golden robe walked over quickly.

"The Cloud Manor has been secluded for a long time. I didn't expect to see the Cloud Pattern Token today."

"Who brought the Cloud Pattern Token?"

In Jiang Li's eyes, the figure of this golden-robed cultivator was intermittent. In a few flashes, he appeared before the female cultivator.

He grabbed the Cloud Pattern Token and held it in his hand in an extremely serious manner.

His teleportation technique would only be usable by cultivators at the Soul Formation realm and above, meaning that they could already escape the restrictions of space to a certain extent.

This was something that the elders of the Great Mountain Alliance could do, but when they broke through the restrictions like this, they would definitely bring about a huge energy reaction. It would only be used frequently in the open space or when they were fighting people.

As for the golden-robed cultivator, his movements were even more relaxed. He moved indoors without stirring up any trouble.

The difference in this might represent a huge difference in strength and cultivation realm.

He grabbed the cloud-patterned token on the table and inspected it for a moment before his surprise grew.

He had seen this token before. The Divine Judgment Hall also had specialized monitoring methods. It was undoubtedly the real thing. Then, these cultivators who held the Cloud Pattern Token must receive the highest treatment.

"Manager Leng, these cultivators from the Great Mountain Alliance brought the token."

Manager Leng immediately turned around and cupped his hands in greeting to Jiang Li and the others.

"I am the branch manager of the Phoenix Sun City, Leng Tou. If you need anything, the Phoenix Sun City branch will naturally do its best."

The appearance of Manager Leng attracted the attention of many cultivators in the hall.

After all, he was a great figure of the Divine Judgment Hall. His joy and anger might affect the rise and fall of their sect. It was too late to curry favor usually.

When they saw him come out, many cultivators wanted to go up and speak a few words, but the respectful attitude of Manager Leng made them feel shocked again, looking at Jiang Li and the others in surprise.

Who were these people? Not only was Manager Leng personally receiving them, but he was actually so enthusiastic?

"Manager Leng, hello. I'm the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, Jiang Li. This is the Grand Elder of the Ink Sect, Granny Zi. A few days ago, the Ink Sect had already chosen to form an alliance and join our Great Mountain Alliance."

"I came here this time to combine the contributions of both sides and make the Great Mountain Alliance the main force."

Jiang Li repeated his purpose for coming.

"I see. This is simple. Everyone, please follow me. It'll be done in a moment."

Manager Leng heaved a sigh of relief. So it was such a small matter, and he felt at ease. After that, he led Jiang Li and the others towards the Merit Office.

"Hmm, why is the door locked?"

Manager Leng did not doubt him. He took out his authority token and directly opened the door of the room.

Then, he pushed open the door of the hall and politely let Jiang Li and the others enter.

However, Jiang Li had just taken a step forward when an unpleasant roar sounded.

"Bastard! Didn't I tell you to wait outside?! How dare you force your way in! Acting atrociously in the Divine Judgment Hall, do you want to die?! Men, throw him out!"

The moment the door opened, Madam Yu saw Jiang Li and the others enter. Without even thinking, she spat out.

The fat on her body shook, and the scene made people feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Li noticed that there were 300 high-grade spirit stones placed in front of the fat woman.

Beside her were a few unfamiliar cultivators who were holding Ink Sect's merit token.

There was no need to speculate or guess at this scene. This damned fellow was indeed using the Ink Sect's merit points to make a deal with the other sects!

Even if she was exposed by Jiang Li on the spot, she did not feel nervous or ashamed at all. In the eyes of such people, this token was already hers when it landed in her hands. There was no morals to speak of at all.

In any case, everything was in her control. What could a small sect do?

Jiang Li was not angry or questioned. He only moved aside and let Leng Tou in.

The fat woman was also stunned when she saw Manager Leng enter.

"Ma… Manager Leng, why are you here?"

However, Jiang Li and Leng Tou ignored her. He continued to calmly consult Manager Leng.

"Manager Leng, how many spirit stones do you need to transfer the merit points?"

"How long will it take if both sides are present?"

When Leng Tou saw this scene, how could he not understand Jiang Li's words?

"Those who kill the Armored Trolls to accumulate merit are all contributors to our Eastern Region's peace. The higher the merit, the better the treatment in the eight main cities of the Eastern Region. Therefore, we will not charge any fees for such matters."

"In addition, if both sides are present and one side has more than 500,000 merit points, we can also do it on the spot. There's no need to wait."

After Manager Leng Tou finished speaking calmly, he turned his head and stared at Madam Yu not far away.

"Thank you for answering my questions, Manager Leng. We're new here and don't know too many rules. However, I still have something that I don't understand."

"Why did that woman collect 150 high-grade spirit stones from us when we were dealing with the merit transfer matter earlier and even made us wait outside for four hours?"

"What nonsense are you spouting! Do you know who I am?! Manager Leng, he's slandering me! You can't believe him!"

Even when she saw that it was Manager Leng, this Madam Yu did not feel afraid. It was a mere sect that she had never even heard of. So what if she cheated them? Who would find trouble for her because of them?

She tried to use her identity to distort the truth.

However, Jiang Li still did not have the intention to argue. After saying that, he walked out of the Merit Office.

After hearing this, Manager Leng's expression became much uglier. Clearly, he knew a little about what Madam Yu was like.

It was fine on ordinary days, but now, she even dared to ask for bribes from such esteemed guests who came with the Cloud Pattern Token. She even asked for 1.5 million spirit stones! She was simply asking for trouble.

If this matter was discovered by Cloud Manor, his life as the manager would be over.

"Please head to the guest room and wait a moment. Leave this matter to me."

"Don't worry, I'll definitely give everyone a satisfactory answer."

He led Jiang Li and the others into a VIP room and asked someone to receive them.

Then, he turned around and walked into the hall.


The heavy hall door was suddenly closed, and the huge force caused the defensive runes to automatically appear.

It could be seen how angry Manager Leng was.

However, internal affairs had to be handled in private. Otherwise, it would severely affect the prestige of the Divine Judgment Hall.

Therefore, Jiang Li did not get to see this show. Everything was blocked by the door.

"Jiang Li, what's with that token?"

The higher-ups of the Great Mountain Alliance did not understand the situation at first and did not speak.

Only now did they ask Jiang Li.

How did such a token invite the Divine Judgment Hall Branch Manager to receive them with such treatment?

"I actually don't know much about this token. However, it seems to be related to our battle against the demonic invasion in the Hundred Tempering Mountain."

"In the beginning, I did not know its use. Only when I saw the cloud patterns on the three divine columns of the Divine Judgment Hall did I take it out to give it a try. Now, looking at it, the effect is indeed not bad."

The three divine pillars were the forces that stood at the peak of the Eastern Region. Jiang Li could not imagine how powerful they were with his current knowledge.

However, not many people in the Great Mountain Alliance could match the person who had given him the token last time.

If a messenger was so powerful, what was the entire Cloud Manor like?

After waiting for fifteen minutes in the VIP room, Manager Leng walked in with a smile.

When he arrived before Jiang Li and the others, he placed a token and a few bags of spirit stones on the table.

"This matter is a huge mistake of our Phoenix Sun City Branch. Please forgive us."

"We've already dealt with that female cultivator seriously. She'll never appear in the Phoenix Sun City Branch again."

"The merit points transfer has been completed. This is the merit token. There are also 100,000 merit points in the Cloud Pattern Token. I've added them all together."

"In addition, these are your spirit stones. We'll return them now to their rightful owner."

Manager Leng's words were very satisfying.

This was because the high-grade spirit stones on the table were not 150, but 450.

This was clearly the compensation to them.

Jiang Li put away the huge amount of wealth in front of him, and then he took out his Great Mountain Alliance's merit token.

As expected, the number on it had gone from 0 to 73.

Cloud Manor did not act as their guarantor, and this caused Jiang Li to be slightly disappointed. However, being able to obtain another 100,000 merit points was a pleasant surprise.

After killing 270,000 Armored Trolls, they could satisfy the most important condition of joining the Divine Judgment Hall.

Furthermore, this token had helped them greatly.

If not for this Cloud Pattern Token, their Great Mountain Alliance would probably have suffered a huge loss this time.

After leaving the Divine Judgment Hall's Phoenix Sun City Branch, the Great Mountain Alliance could be considered to have obtained the official approval. It went from a rural faction to a recognized official faction.

Apart from that, they also took an accessory resembling a chain of seven bone plates from the Divine Judgment Hall.

These plates had been refined to prevent counterfeits. Speaking of which, the Great Mountain Alliance had a fixed store in Phoenix Sun City.

However, because they were not famous, the business had always been average.

Now, their merit points had already reached 730,000, already surpassing more than 70% of the ordinary sects in the Eastern Region.

After hanging these seven bone plates at the entrance of the store, with the quality of their spiritual materials, they could quickly open their own market.

"Alliance Leader Jiang, Manager Leng have given us a lot of convenience. The Divine Judgment Hall will send people to help us repair the encampment. We have to arrange for people to stay as soon as possible."

Jiang Li nodded. Although he had never seen the Armored Troll that he had always heard of, the monsters that the entire Eastern Region had to deal with were definitely not ordinary.

Their current manpower was insufficient no matter what. They had to continue mobilizing cultivators from the Great Mountain Region. There were too many things to do here.

Jiang Li should have contacted them personally to deal with some key issues.

However, at this moment, his expression froze as if he had suddenly received some information. He immediately lost interest in the encampment.

"I'm not familiar with these matters. I'm not as experienced as the elders. The repair of the encampment and the mobilization of people will be handled by you guys."

After handing all the trivial matters to the higher-ups of the Great Mountain Alliance to deal with, Jiang Li returned to the base of the Great Mountain Alliance and plunged into the coffin.

In the coffin, the statue clone that connected to the Asura World suddenly changed.


Asura World, the Vemacitrin Blood Fighting Arena.

"Not bad. I didn't expect to reach the first stage so quickly."

In the underground blood pool in the Blood Fighting Arena, the Evil Eye High Priest looked at the altar in front of him in satisfaction.

During this period of time, in order to quickly open the passageway between the two worlds, the Blood Fighting Arena spared no effort in carrying out blood sacrifices.

According to his past experience, if he used a unilateral blood sacrifice, the time needed to open the passage should be delayed.

However, perhaps because of the faith of the people opposite, the time spent was much shorter than expected.

"Now, we only need one live sacrifice to widen the passage between the two sides again. In the future, we can transmit physical objects."

"Which of you is willing to carry out this glorious mission?"

Eyes larger than houses swept across the many monsters in front of them.

The originally bloodthirsty and terrifying monsters curled up under the gaze of that gaze, not daring to move.

Under normal circumstances, death was not true death for creatures of the Asura World.

After death, they would turn into tainted blood. After waiting for a period of time, they would condense a new blood egg and be reborn. This was also an important reason why they generally fought to kill when there was a disagreement.

However, a live sacrifice meant sacrificing their life and soul together. It was the most thorough way to die in the Asura World.

Without a soul, even an immortal could not save them.

They would naturally be extremely fearful.

In Jiang Li's coffin, there was still the corpse of a six-armed Asura Demon General. If nothing unexpected happened, that fellow should be the one who had been sacrificed alive back then.

The High Priest narrowed his eyes and scanned them one by one. In front of him were all powerful races of the Asura World.

"Little Yaksha, come and choose."

After Jiang Li used his clone to connect to his statue, the yaksha clone's status in the Blood Fighting Arena rose greatly. He had a certain amount of authority in many things.

Now, the Evil Eye who was choosing a live sacrifice began to ask for his opinion.

Jiang Li's eyes lit up. Since there was such a good thing, he naturally could not let it go.

He stabbed the steel trident in his hand to the side and walked to the row of powerful races that were lying down and not daring to move.

Armored Beast, Three-fingered Spiritual Suction Demon, Two-headed Tiger Leopard… It was not until he walked in front of a black dragon-looking creature that he could not look away.

He had long heard that there was a race called the Raksha Black Wyrm in the Asura World that was very powerful and had the bloodline of an ancient dragon. If he could sacrifice this Raksha Black Wyrm, he might be able to obtain some wyrm blood or pearls on the other side.