"Honorable High Priest, I learned from my communication with the Land of Sheep that the humans there are very superstitious about an ancient creature called Dragon."

"Lord Raksha Black Wyrm's image is very similar to that of a dragon. I think that if we use him as a live sacrifice, we can definitely obtain the fanatical faith of those stupid humans. It will be very helpful to Lord Vemacitrin's plan to rule the Land of Sheep."

The Land of Sheep was the insulting title of the Asura to the human world, indicating that humans would only be at their mercy like reared sheep.

Jiang Li controlled the yaksha clone to give such an explanation. It was reasonable and convincing. It was as if he was whole-heartedly serving Lord Vemacitrin.

The Evil Eye High Priest thought that it made sense. When its huge eyes looked at the black wyrm again, it was as if it was looking at a corpse.

"Lord High Priest, Lord, that yaksha is talking nonsense!"

"He's taking revenge on me. Yes! He must be taking revenge!"

"A few days ago, that yaksha secretly wanted to ask me for a Dragon Blood Egg. After I rejected him, he bore a grudge! It must be because of this!"

The huge black wyrm spoke in human language.

In the Asura World, high-level races and powerful individuals all had intelligence that was not inferior to or even surpassed that of humans. It was not difficult for them to master different languages.

The Raksha Black Wyrm put on a terrified expression as he tried his best to survive.

Unfortunately, no one cared about what he said.

"I've said it before. If he wants something, cooperate with him. Why did you reject him?"

The Evil Eye High Priest was unmoved. Humans were reasonable, while Asura only cared about benefits.

If the Fallen Blood Yaksha could bring him benefits, no one could shake his status.

"But… but that's my Dragon Blood Egg…"

"Damn it, it's all your fault, yaksha. I'm going to eat you! Die with me!"

The huge beast that was curled up on the ground for more than a hundred meters suddenly bounced up and stretched. With a speed that could be seen but the body could not react, it opened its mouth and pounced!

If he was bitten by this bite, not to mention the yaksha clone, even if Jiang Li's main body was here, it would be impossible for him to escape.

However, Jiang Li was not worried. There were people who could not bear to see him die.


In that short instant, the huge wyrm beast that pounced over with shocking might suddenly stopped in front of the yaksha clone.

The air in front of him seemed to have suddenly turned into a solid amber, imprisoning every inch of the Raksha Black Wyrm.

Only two blood-red eyes were left, revealing an extremely terrified expression.

Jiang Li controlled his clone and turned to look at the Evil Eye High Priest.

In the eyeball that was larger than a house, it was emitting a dazzling purple light.

With a single glance, it froze the wyrm beast whose strength was at least at the Soul Formation realm. It seemed that the strength of this large eye was much more formidable than Jiang Li had imagined.

"What? Don't you want to sacrifice your life for Lord Vemacitrin?"

With a purple gaze, he stared at the wyrm beast and easily subdued it. He even used his mental strength to forcefully control the other party. After tying a few knots in the air, he threw it in front of the altar.

The dignified Raksha Black Wyrm was even more powerless than a loach in a pond.

"Remember, your lives, your wealth, and everything you own belong to Lord Vemacitrin. When he needs it, offering everything is your highest honor."

Spiritual flames ignited and landed on the Raksha Black Wyrm, causing it to let out an extremely miserable scream.

This was a typical example of killing one to intimidate the rest. Although it was old-fashioned, it was useful. The group of powerful monsters who were still kneeling in front lowered their originally noble heads. They could only tremble and pray that it would not be their turn next.

"Yaksha, go and take charge of the live sacrifice. As my assistant, you can't have such limited strength."

The Evil Eye High Priest handed the important mission to Jiang Li's yaksha clone again.

This was another huge benefit.

Jiang Li had no reason to be polite.

Under the envious gazes of the other monsters, the yaksha clone only stood on the altar.

"In the name of Lord Vemacitrin, let the live sacrifice begin!"

The blood of madness in the blood pool surged along the ravine. Under the power of the pure blood energy, a dazzling red light shot out from the altar and landed on the unlucky wyrm beast at the side.

The wyrm beast that was frozen by his mental power and could not move was lifted into the air by the red light of the altar.

Then, he let out mournful dragon roars.

The flesh, blood, and life essence were continuously extracted by the red light.

The flesh and blood of the huge, tough, and resistant wyrm beast disappeared piece by piece. Then, because of the exaggerated vitality of the wyrm beast, it grew and healed in just a few breaths.

This repeated over and over again, continuously stripping and growing, growing and stripping, looking strange and cruel.

This situation continued for a period of time, but the Raksha Black Wyrm was not a perpetual motion machine and did not have infinite energy to consume like Jiang Li.

When the losses reached a certain extent, the entire dragon body gradually shriveled and lost its luster.

The Raksha Black Wyrm equivalent to a human Soul Formation cultivator sacrificing the essence it could produce was a huge amount of energy.

A substance-like energy poured down like a waterfall and surged into the altar under the guidance of the red light.

Following the connection, it spread to a distant world.

The power was so strong that it widened the original blood sacrifice passageway. From the level that could only transmit energy, it turned into a small passageway that could pass through physical objects.

The most obvious manifestation of this was in the Great Mountain Alliance's encampment in the Yin Burial Coffin in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

A red light shot out from the mouth of the statue with a thousand hands on its back.

At first, the blood energy and chaotic power surged out, but later on, things like blood, flesh, and mud began to be squeezed out.

At this moment, the transmission channel was still too small. There was not even a decent piece of flesh and blood. It was all blurry flesh and mud. However, even so, it had already made a breakthrough.

Jiang Li summoned the sword cultivator clone, Tang Yan, and the Wood Dragon Rayquaza, asking them to stay under the red light and undergo the baptism of the flesh and blood essence of the Raksha Black Wyrm to receive and transform it into their own.

He did not want to directly come into contact with this extremely polluted energy, but he was unwilling to let go of this opportunity.

He controlled the Nine Nether clone to extend its roots and plunge them into the bodies of the sword cultivator clone and Rayquaza, absorbing the essence energy that had been refined by their bodies.

Then, on the inverted divine tree, a special blood-colored Earth Fruit slowly condensed.

Jiang Li plucked the fruit, and a slightly spicy smell immediately entered his nose.

This Nine Nether Wood was indeed a Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth. It could even turn the power of the Asura World into its own.

Jiang Li swallowed the fruit into his stomach. A warm current immediately spread throughout his entire body, causing his body to feel comfortable and extremely comfortable.

The Nine Nether Earth Fruit directly increased one's cultivation level, similar to the EXP Fruit in the game. It was unable to form a buff, which made Jiang Li rather dissatisfied.

However, there was also something that the Nine Nether Earth Fruit could not replace, and that was that its effect was to directly strengthen Jiang Li's main body, not an amplification effect.

At this moment, this blood-colored Nine Nether Earth Fruit had the same nature, but its function was to strengthen the body and vitality.

After eating a blood-colored Earth Fruit, Jiang Li clearly felt that his basic strength had increased greatly, and his cell vitality had increased greatly.

He opened the interface and saw that there was indeed a considerable increase in both Strength and Constitution. It was not the percentage increase, but the most basic number in the attribute interface.

These numbers represented Jiang Li's main body's foundation, and was not considered a buff.

This undoubtedly meant a lot to Jiang Li.

This was because the basic strength and toughness of his body represented the upper limit of the buffs that he could withstand.

Right now, it was precisely because his body's foundation was insufficient that he was unable to continue consuming medicinal pills. His growth had fallen into a bottleneck, and the appearance of this blood-colored Earth Fruit could be said to be the right solution.

Apart from that, he also discovered that the 16 drops of dragon blood had turned into 19.

Every time he ate a blood-colored Earth Fruit, it could give him three drops of dragon blood.

Jiang Li had experienced the benefits of dragon blood deeply. The more, the better.

In the Asura World, the Fallen Blood Yaksha, who was controlling the altar, had also obtained a small amount of energy. Although it was only a small amount, it was enough to make his strength rise rapidly as if he was riding a rocket.

His muscles swelled and his blood boiled. It did not take long for him to grow from a young yaksha that had just been born to an adult equivalent to a human Golden Core cultivator.

A wyrm beast equivalent to the Soul Formation realm had practically fattened up all of Jiang Li's clones.

The one who benefited the most was the statue clone.

The Thousand Hands Divine Statue was originally the main target for live sacrifices. After obtaining most of the benefits, the energy inside rose along the way and quickly surpassed the Nine Nether clone.

A large number of scale-shaped patterns grew on its surface. This greatly increased the hardness of his statue and increased its vital signs. Under the blood sacrifice, this statue became more and more like a living creature.

Just as Jiang Li had thought earlier, this statue clone might soon become his strongest clone.

A few minutes later, the red light on both sides dissipated bit by bit.

Apart from the bloody mush, something else appeared in front of the statue clone.

There was an incomplete dragon pearl and two bones of unknown origins on the black wyrm.

After all, this was only the first time he had undergone a live sacrifice. It was already quite good to be able to pass over such scattered things. Being able to obtain the dragon pearl was an even greater surprise.

Most of the things in the Asura World carried the power of chaos, so they naturally could not be used recklessly. However, such things were still good to obtain, and they would definitely be of great use after a little processing.

Jiang Li left the coffin and arrived at the Alchemy Department where the Great Mountain Alliance was stationed. He found Senior Sister Little Four, who he had already promoted to be the Little Supervisor.

Senior Sister Little Four's alchemy talent was indeed very outstanding. All kinds of strange ideas emerged endlessly.

In the beginning, she was still restricted by her strength when refining pills. Some of her ideas could only exist in theory and could not be fulfilled for a long time.

However, after Jiang Li took over, all of this naturally changed. He directly arranged for several Golden Core fire attribute cultivators and alchemists to help her.

Using their Core Fire to help her refine pills, this greatly allowed her to refine pills above her cultivation level.

Senior Sister Little Four did not disappoint. In a short period of time, she had proven several guesses and deduced several practical and effective pill formulas. This made her famous in the alchemist circle. She had already far surpassed her master, Elder Red Hair.

Apart from that, with Jiang Li's support, there was also a huge innovation in the Alchemy Department in the Great Mountain Alliance.

The main goal was to divide the work and formulate a uniform supply chain that had a strict standard system, and an assembly line to expand the scale of production.

In the previous cultivation world, the requirements for medicinal pills were generally always striving for perfection. It was even to the extent that medicinal pills of the same level and type were divided into nine levels in detail and labeled at different prices.

The highest-grade medicinal pills were sought after by people, while the lower-grade medicinal pills were ignored.

This was actually not a problem. Even Jiang Li felt that it was normal.

However, that was because Jiang Li was still alone at that time and only needed to consider himself.

Moreover, because of a certain cheat, every time he consumed a medicinal pill, he would be able to enjoy it for life.

Therefore, he only paid attention to the highest-grade medicinal pills every time. He did not even take a look at the other low-grade medicinal pills.

However, after becoming the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, his viewpoint gradually changed.

Most alchemists were pursuing high-quality medicinal pills. It was right to strive for perfection, but that would severely slow down their progress.

In fact, as long as it was a medicinal pill above the passable level, the effect when compared to the best medicinal pills was actually not that much poorer.

Therefore, Jiang Li made some rules, separating alchemists above a certain level from those below.

The small number of top alchemists specialized in making the highest quality medicinal pills.

However, most alchemists did not need to do this. They wanted to win by quantity.

Jiang Li set a rule for them. As long as the medicinal pills performed reached the sixth-grade and above, they would be considered qualified. The more pills they refined every day, the higher the reward.

However, the price of a sixth-grade pill and the highest ninth-grade pill was completely the same. No matter how high it was, there was no reward. In this way, they would naturally pursue quantity and not demand quality.

Jiang Li also placed a batch of alchemists with the lowest success rate and a group of spiritual plant masters with a certain foundation together and let them divide their work to deal with specific spiritual materials in advance.

After processing the spiritual materials produced by the Spiritual Medicine Garden and making them into the same level of medicinal powder, the alchemist would only need to use the corresponding medicinal powder to skip the troublesome step of processing and quickly refine medicinal pills.

This method would definitely affect the grade of the medicinal pill to a certain extent, but it could allow the efficiency of refining pills to rise to three to five times the original.

If these pills were meant for the ordinary cultivators of the Great Mountain Region, as long as the effects were passable, quantity was far more important than quality.

One had to know that most ordinary cultivators had very limited funds.

Recalling Jiang Li's days as an outer sect disciple, the medicinal pills distributed by the sect every month were not even enough for two days of use.

How difficult was cultivation without the help of medicinal pills?

Jiang Li compared himself to people of his batch.

They had all cultivated for a year, but Jiang Li was basically ingesting pills all the time. Now, he had already grown to become a cornerstone of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

As for those without the aid of medicinal pills, most of them were still struggling at the first or second level of Qi Refinement.

As for those cultivators who had not joined sects or small family clans, most of them were living worse than one could imagine.

Therefore, mass production was the true solution.

In the beginning, he dismantled the relatively sacred task of refining pills into an assembly line style that anyone could participate in. This caused many alchemy masters to be displeased, and they felt that Jiang Li, the Alliance Leader, did not understand alchemy and did not respect alchemists like them.

However, after the results came out, they could no longer refute Jiang Li's decision.

When Jiang Li found Senior Sister Little Four, she was busy directing the refinement of the seven large pill furnaces.

Little Four, who was already in the management level, most of the time, only needed to be responsible for verbal guidance and providing ideas. The rest could be handed over to the people below to complete.

"Senior Brother Jiang Li! Why do you have the time to come here?"

Little Four's reputation as an alchemy genius flourished under Jiang Li's support, so she also held a certain amount of authority.

However, she was still wearing the same clothes as before.

From time to time, two drops of sweat would roll down her face. The simple female alchemy uniform was tainted with some gray residue. The sleeves on both sides rolled up to her elbows. With her ponytail, she looked capable and simple.

Little Four was not a typical fairy-like beauty, but in her youthful sweat, she had a different kind of charm.

When Little Four saw Jiang Li, she could not help but be pleasantly surprised. She threw down the pill furnace and ran to his side.

Jiang Li was just about to reach out and pat the other party's head, but his peripheral vision saw another person, and he stopped a little awkwardly.

For some reason, the Little Princess of Shu Mountain, Shenshan Qiuhua, was also here.

"Senior Brother Jiang Li!"

Shenshan Qiuhua stepped forward and greeted him timidly.

"Cough cough, Junior Sister Qiuhua, why are you here?"