A completely inverted mountain range?

Jiang Li's expression was stunned as he recalled the Nine Nether Branch that had fled from their hands earlier.

At that time, the branch finally used a strange and powerful reversal domain. According to the Nine Nether Dao Scripture, it was a partial reflection of the rules of the Back Yin Mountain.

The main body of the Nine Nether Wood was born there at the beginning. Yin and Yang reversed and vitality was severed.

It was also an extremely dangerous place that divided Yin-Yang in ancient times.

In Jiang Li's memories, there was an extremely famous four-person group who had all suffered quite a bit on that mountain.

When he broke through to the Foundation Establishment realm, the place of the fallen tree demon king had provided considerable help to him.

If he could go to the Back Yin Mountain to take a look when he broke through to the Core Formation realm, it would be extremely beneficial to his cultivation path.

As they spoke, the wind and clouds above the city suddenly changed. Thick fog pressed down until it reached the height of the city wall before it was stopped.

The outside of the city wall that Jiang Li could not see was already completely covered in fog at this moment. The originally vast plain of the spider lily sea had already collapsed and vanished at this moment, and only this city still stood towering in the fog.

"What's going on?"

Jiang Li looked out in surprise and bewilderment. A familiar voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

"That's because the Netherworld Illusion outside has already collapsed."

"As long as you come into contact with that fog, regardless of whether you are human or ghost, you will be instantly bounced back to the Ghost King Desolate Ground. You can only stay in Fengdu City."

"Friend, you're really lucky to be able to escape from such a situation. Impressive, impressive!"

Jiang Li turned around and saw a person she had met not long ago sitting at his table.

This was the cultivator who had brought him into Fengdu City and was unwilling to reveal his name.

"It's you! You made me suffer a lot!"

Previously, the other party had fled on his own and did not tell Jiang Li any information about the marriage. He had almost caused the sword cultivator to fall into the reenactment of the ghost marriage. Now, he had actually casually appeared in front of Jiang Li.

The left arm of the sword cultivator clone swelled slightly, and a bloody and ferocious aura surged out.

"Hey, friend, don't be angry. We can't fight here. I'm doing this for your own good."

As he spoke, a few cultivators walked over from behind. They did not speak and just stood there like tigers watching their prey. The intention was obvious. If they really fought, the sword cultivator clone would not be their match.

Jiang Li weighed the pros and cons before letting go of his right hand.

"Forget it, we met by chance. It's a fair trade. You really have no obligation to remind me of anything else."

If he were to really investigate, the other party's method was indeed quite dishonest. However, with the temporary disparity in combat strength, Jiang Li still suppressed his intention to take revenge.

"See, I told you. This friend is reasonable."

"Friend, you're still drinking tea here alone. You're not from Dragon Transformation Island, right?"

Jiang Li had used words to test him outside just now. He did not expect that this guy would still remember it until now.

"So what if that's the case? So what if it's not?"

After the sword cultivator absorbed the flesh and blood of the Black Wyrm, he had actually obtained some dragon qi. He could try to disguise himself as a person from the Dragon Transformation Island, but he only smiled and did not reveal it immediately.

"Hahaha, if that's the case, we'll have to leave."

"However, if not, as compensation for what happened before, there is a chance to make a fortune. Are you willing to participate?"

That cultivator laughed loudly as if he was going to earn Jiang Li hundreds of thousands of spirit stones in the next second.

"A chance to make a fortune? Do you mind revealing it in advance?"

Jiang Li knew that these people did not have good intentions, but these words still attracted his interest.

There was no doubt that there were treasures in this city. However, the problem was how to find and obtain those treasures.

"I've received news that in ten days, someone will lure away most of the ghost kings. The great factions like the Dragon Transformation Island, Thousand Crane Tower, and Myriad Slaughter Sect will attack together to seize Fengdu City. What do you think of this opportunity?"

"They want to seize Fengdu City?"

Jiang Li was slightly surprised. Was it all so exciting? The various great powers of the Eastern Region had already hidden so many people in Fengdu Ghost City?

"But even so, that's the problem of the large factions. What has it got to do with us rogue cultivators?"

Jiang Li asked again. It was not a plan.

"What if I say that I have a way to directly enter Fengdu City's underground palace?"


On the Eastern Region's side, Jiang Li who was sitting cross-legged on the wood dragon's head finally opened his eyes.

Would they make a big move in ten days? This news made Jiang Li a little dissatisfied with his own strength.

The current him did not even dare to head to the Ghost King Desolate Ground with his true body, but many forces in the Eastern Region had already begun to consider how to take down Fengdu Ghost City.

However, that was not the only thing that Jiang Li cared about.

It was because the name Myriad Slaughter Sect had also appeared in the information.

Didn't they go to attack a region's cultivation world? Why were they free so quickly?

When Fengdu City was settled, wouldn't their target be the Great Mountain Region?

The pressure caused Jiang Li to feel pressured again.

With the current strength of the Great Mountain Alliance, they would not be a match for the Myriad Slaughter Sect no matter what. If they really fought, it was hard to say how many of the Great Mountain Cultivators would be able to escape.

He did not want to take revenge for his hometown in the future. It was better to be prepared in advance.

He patted the wooden dragon beneath him. After absorbing the wyrm's blood and flesh, Rayquaza was no longer the same as before. It swayed its long tail and broke through the air, speeding in a certain direction.

The terrain below him had already undergone a considerable change. The mountains were no longer rising and falling, only a large area of moist salt land was left.

The location was near the coast of the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent.

This place was wide and flat, but the terrain was relatively low. As the tide rose, the land within a thousand miles would be covered by the sea water. After the sea level fell, this portion of the land would be exposed to the air.

This environment was similar to the mangrove in his previous life, but the range had been expanded by thousands of times.

Due to the nutrition in seawater, this place was not suitable for planting most ordinary plants.

However, water resources were extremely abundant, and there was almost no need to worry about food shortages here. Therefore, a large number of amphibians and several large-scale water kingdoms were situated here.

This should have been a good place with a unique style. Unfortunately, this was also the frontline to resist the Armored Trolls.

Jiang Li sat on Rayquaza's head and flew for a period of time. Soon, he quickly saw a Black Reef Island in the plains ahead and a stronghold on it.

That was the current base of the Great Mountain Alliance, the Mechanism City.

This Mechanism City was rather grand, and the scale was almost two-thirds of Thousand Sieve City. Jiang Li should be happy to see this stronghold, but the situation below was not good.

Around the Black Reef Island, the vast beach was already dyed red by blood.

A large number of sea beasts crawled on the mud, most of their bodies sinking and not moving at all.

The blood that flowed out mixed with the dirty sea mud, emitting an even more smelly and disgusting smell.

This place had just experienced a fierce battle.

They had only been here for a few days and this had already happened.

Below, Senior Sister Qi Yu of the Scripture Storage Valley was bringing 500 medical cultivators out of the city to save the injured.

Before the repair of the Mechanism City was completed, their Great Mountain Alliance suffered a huge loss in this first encounter.

Even though he was cautious, he still underestimated the Armored Trolls.

Their first impression was that those Armored Trolls were only a type of sea demon race with a large number of members. They were not much different from the mountain spirits they usually dealt with.

However, they did not expect that not only did those Armored Trolls have intelligence that did not lose to humans, but they also had the magical ability to control sea beasts.

At that time, they were repairing the underwater trap on the outskirts of the Mechanism City. At that time, a huge whale covered in injuries floated over.

The whale beasts were huge and lived in the deep sea of the ice ocean all year round. However, they were gentle and would not take the initiative to attack human cultivators. Instead, there was a precious pill refinement material called the Dragon Saliva Ointment in their bodies that was often hunted by cultivators of the Eastern Region.

When they saw such an injured live whale floating near the Mechanism City, they originally thought that it was a windfall sent to them by the heavens.

A group of Great Mountain Alliance cultivators climbed up. Just as they were about to cut open the whale's abdomen, the whale suddenly exploded.

A large number of Giant Tooth Sharks rushed out from there, catching the Great Mountain Alliance off guard.

The strange cultivators who were repairing the traps and mechanisms outside the city were exposed to the sharks.

Although the cultivators in the city acted in time and quickly killed the land sharks that surged out, the casualties were already heart-wrenching.

In the anger of the higher-ups in the Mechanism City, they almost poured out in full force to pursue the Armored Trolls who were controlling the sea beasts in the distance.

They left the cultivators in the city to save the injured.

"Elder, hold on! Guard your heart meridians and don't use your spiritual qi!"

Senior Sister Qi Yu dragged Elder Weng Sanqi from the Mystic Gate Hall back from the mouth of a Land Shark.

Elder Weng's left leg had already disappeared into the shark's mouth.

The left side of his body was almost torn off. If not for the help of the higher-ups above the Nascent Soul realm, the thousands of teeth of the Giant Tooth Shark would have turned him into mush.

Even now, there were more than a hundred sharp shark teeth embedded in his body.

Blood was flowing out from Elder Weng's wound, and his face visibly paled.

"Oh no! The shark teeth are poisonous! Junior Sister, help me!"

As one of the most outstanding Foundation Establishment disciples of the Rejuvenation Hall at that time, Senior Sister Qi Yu had already successfully reached the Core Formation realm.

After she arrived on the battlefield, she changed out of the sky-blue dress and wore a fitting outfit.

Ignoring the smelly blood and sea mud, she pried Elder Weng out of the shark's mouth. After controlling the water to clean the wound, a spring filled with vitality began to appear on her hand, covering the large and small wounds. The toxins that contained the stench of decay competed with her to pull him into the afterlife.

The two medical cultivators beside him also hurriedly ran over and used emergency spell techniques to seal the hundreds of bloody holes in Elder Weng's body.

Around them, all the medical cultivators were doing the same thing.

However, at this moment, a large number of bubbles suddenly appeared on the mud not far away.

Immediately, a large piece of mud collapsed, and a huge sea mud worm crawled out from below.

The sea mud insects were very similar in appearance to earthworms. They lived in the sandy soil of the coastal beach. They did not have a brain, and their skin was tough and muscular. They lived by eating soil and filtering the organic things inside. Their bodies were simple.

Just like earthworms, they could move freely in the soft ground. However, compared to the barren desert, there were more and more sea mud insects that ate the rich underwater sand.

For example, this one could swallow two flying ships of the Great Mountain Alliance!

The huge worm mouth covered in sharp teeth opened, revealing a hole that was like an abyss.

In the next second, the roars of sea beasts sounded from the insect.

The sea worm first shrunk, and then a large number of bloodthirsty sea beasts spewed out like a volcano.

Among them were 50 strange humanoid creatures with masks.

"Run! Retreat to the Mechanism City!"

Senior Sister Qi Yu's eyes revealed despair and helplessness.

The higher-ups of the Great Mountain Alliance had been lured away by the enemy and had yet to return. It turned out that these beasts were trying to attack the weakened city!

They had been ruthlessly tricked by a group of monsters. If no miracle happened, they would probably all die here today!

A large number of wolf fish ran towards them crazily with their fins as their feet.

Senior Sister Qi Yu could only use her artifact to drag Elder Weng and run towards the Mechanism City with the other medical cultivators.

Some of the cultivators guarding the city were unfamiliar with controlling the long-range mechanisms to counterattack, while others directly picked up their weapons and stood behind the medical cultivators.

They were the combatants. Even if they died, they had to save the medical practitioners.

Benevolent Travel Temple's Master Le Yuan transformed into a Vajra and rushed to the front in a few steps. More than ten wolf fish pounced on him and bit him. In the next moment, he directly undid the Palm Meditation Technique. His body swelled up as he fought desperately.

Master Le Yuan was a true genius. He was very strong and almost invincible among his peers, but this was a battlefield with other races. No one would talk about fairness.

Master Le Yuan, who was brandishing his fists and fighting with all his might, was directly swallowed by a wisp of darkness.

A tiger eel with a hideous mouth swallowed him in an instant. Then, without slowing down, it rushed towards Qi Yu like a high-speed train.

The mouthpiece with a smelly saliva reached out and enveloped the beautiful Scripture Storage Valley's medical cultivator.

Her beautiful face was pale. If she died here, how many cultivators of the Great Mountain Region would be heartbroken to see her disappear from the Goddess Rankings?

However, the mouthpiece, full of fangs, stopped before her.

Then, a familiar figure stood in front of her.

"Senior Sister, are you alright?"