"Hairless monkey, I'll definitely tear your stupid head off and taste the delicious brains inside!"

The Sharp Claw Armored Troll screeched at Jiang Li in its own language. In the next second, it shattered the frozen earth beneath its feet and charged towards Jiang Li.

It was still the blood-red claw mark that tore through the air as it descended towards Jiang Li.

Although the abilities of every Armored Troll were very outstanding and powerful, their abilities were also very limited.

Just like this Sharp Claw Armored Troll, its claws were indeed extremely powerful. However, Jiang Li had never seen it use other abilities from the beginning to the end.

A huge wooden palm broke out of the ground and collided with the other party's blood claw.

A powerful force spread out with an extremely terrifying aura.

The two sides collided, but they were basically evenly matched.

The attack power of this Troll had already touched the threshold of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

What about other aspects?

Jiang Li's figure did not move. A black light flashed from between his brows, and the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword had already torn through the air. In an instant, it had already pierced through the other party's chest.

He had actually deliberately controlled the speed of the flying sword this time and it was not very fast. If it was an ordinary Golden Core cultivator, even if they could not completely dodge, they could still react by dodging a little.

However, before the Armored Troll could react, it was stabbed.

Its reaction speed was not like a high-grade cultivator, and its defense was standard. The defense ability of its scales was roughly equivalent to a high-grade Yellow-rank defensive artifact.

It seemed that its other aspects were not as powerful as its attack power.

However, after the flying sword pierced through its chest, the Troll seemed to not feel anything and continued to wave its bloody claws at Jiang Li.

The wound on its chest healed in a short period of time even in an intense battle.

This recovery ability was simply ridiculous.

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword transformed into a black light again and shot out. The first strike directly cut off the Armored Troll's right claw.

With the second sword strike, Liquor Fire Sword Qi poured into the flying sword. After condensing an extremely high temperature on the surface of the flying sword, it slashed off the Armored Troll's left claw.

Due to the high temperature, the cut on the left claw was charred.

Jiang Li's two strikes were testing the recovery ability of the Armored Troll. He wanted to see if it could help them regenerate broken limbs and how burn injuries would affect the recovery ability.

After losing the special claws, the Armored Troll finally showed signs of pain.

However, the cut on its right claw quickly wriggled violently, forming a large membrane.

Jiang Li was originally here to test the other party's ability, so he was not in a hurry to make a move. About fifteen minutes later, the membrane shattered, and a new young claw appeared.

Even broken limbs could be regenerated at such a speed. However, looking at the suddenly shrunk body, it was obvious that this kind of recovery exhausted it greatly.

The charred left claw did not show signs of healing.

After using its new right claw to cut off the burnt wound, the sharp claw of the Armored Troll began to grow membranous tissues that could heal injuries again.

It seemed that burns did have a certain limitation on the recovery ability of such monsters. However, if it was not a large-scale burn, the effect would be limited.

This effect was slightly similar to Jiang Li's Cocoon Break skill, but the other party had used it partly. Clearly, the racial characteristics were much more brilliant than ordinary insects.

After he recovered, Jiang Li started to continue attacking.

Heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, spine, and throat. He used all the attacks he could imagine to destroy all the vital organs that could be fatal to humans.

However, the other party could always recover from these important organ injuries after a period of time. If it ran out of energy, Jiang Li would throw a few sea beast corpses over and encourage it to continue standing up to fight.

After some experiments, such creatures did not have any vital points below the neck. Only when their important organs were damaged by more than 20% would they fall into a weakened state.

Only when more than 50% of the vital organs were damaged would they really die.

Now, the only thing that could be fatal was the head protected by the hard surface.

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword floated covetously beside Jiang Li. The Armored Troll had long lost its courage and confidence. When it saw the flying sword that had pierced through it dozens of times, it kept retreating. Clearly, it wanted to turn around and escape.

However, how could its speed compare to Jiang Li? Dark light flashed, and the fierce flying sword slashed the white armor into two from the center.

It exposed a white ball between the two eyeballs of the Troll.

What was that?

Previously, when he was dissecting the other Armored Troll corpses, he did not seem to have seen anything similar.

Under the protection of the thick mask, the ball was probably the most important organ in his body.

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword slashed again, but this time, there was only a small hole on it. It was as if the water ball had broken. After some liquid flowed out of the ball, it quickly withered. Then, the tenacious life of the Armored Troll ended as it lay down stiffly.

It seemed that this was the fatal weakness of the Armored Troll, but it was hidden under this solid armor.

Even if destroying the white ball of flesh could kill it in one strike, how many cultivators really had the ability to break through the defense of this level?

It felt even more difficult to hit this so-called vital point than destroying half of the other party's vital points.

Jiang Li was a little helpless, but this was still a new discovery.

He went back and observed carefully. He discovered that there was indeed a rice-sized thing in the same location.

It seemed that the core organ of the Armored Troll would quickly wither after its main body died. However, he did not know its exact function.

"Elders, I'll leave the remaining Troll to you."

"Investigate as much information about their race and the location of their base as possible. At the same time, do a toxicology test. Let's see if this monster has any poison and spiritual qi attributes that it's especially afraid of."

Jiang Li put away the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and handed the remaining Armored Troll to the other higher-ups.

Experiments that aliens would do to humans after arriving on Earth were arranged for them.

If they could really discover some funny fatal weakness like in movies and TV dramas, they might be able to put on a show to save the world.

However, the continent of the Nine Provinces was not a fast paced movie that would end in two hours. There was really no chance of using a song to destroy a high-level civilization.

"Alliance Leader Jiang is astonishingly talented. It has been a while since we last met, and you have actually cultivated such an accurate sword controlling technique. It really makes us Shu Mountain sword cultivators blush in shame."

After Jiang Li handed it over, the Shu Mountain Metal Peak's Peak Master, Wei Wangxuan, came to Jiang Li's side with a look of surprise.

As he looked at the flying sword that was still floating by Jiang Li's side, he sighed endlessly with admiration. Such a sharp weapon was simply extraordinary. If Jiang Li could continue to strengthen it, it was not impossible for this to become a true divine weapon in the future.

As for the speed and sharpness of the sword he used earlier, only sword cultivators could understand the purity of it.

Due to the Sword Cultivator buff [Sword Spirit's Last Gift] that Jiang Li had obtained in the Shu Mountain mystic realm back then, even if he did not specially cultivate, his Sword Heart and Sword Control Technique had always been maintained. Others could not match his speed of improvement.

[Sword Spirit's Last Gift: Protects the mind from abnormal mental states and continues to nurture the Sword Heart. Sword-type skill comprehension speed will increase by 300%, Sword Heart strength will increase by 100%, Sword Perception+10, Duration: ∞] (− +)

Jiang Li's Immortal Slaying Flying Sword was so sharp that coupled with his Sword Heart talent that had almost reached the peak, nothing below the Earth-rank could obstruct its edge.

Jiang Li had not used any of the Shu Mountain Sword Techniques just now. He had only used his mind to control the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword. The advantage of the flying sword that he had displayed had already surpassed all the current Shu Mountain disciples.

This made Wei Wangxuan feel even more vexed towards his useless disciple. If not for the unreliable Sword Heart test, this Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance would have been a disciple of their Shu Mountain.

However, because of this "accident", Shu Mountain had missed out on Jiang Li. The heavens were really jealous of Shu Mountain!

Wei Wangxuan sighed endlessly with admiration towards Jiang Li's natural talent in his heart. However, he did not know that Jiang Li was actually very dissatisfied with the advancement of his Sword Heart.

There was clearly still the next stage of the Sword Heart talent, but it was as if he was stuck and could not evolve.

"Before I came out, Sword Head Shenshan asked me to tell you that you can go to the Shu Mountain Sword Pool at any time to choose a suitable flying sword."

"However, it seems that Alliance Leader Jiang doesn't need it anymore. It's very difficult to find a sword in the Shu Mountain Sword Pool that can be compared to that flying sword."

"However, if Alliance Leader Jiang needs it, you can go to Shu Mountain to choose any sword technique. My sect will definitely not hide it."

This was clearly another show of goodwill from Shu Mountain.

"This… Alright, then I'll thank Shu Mountain for your kindness."

Jiang Li naturally would not reject their good intentions, although he had the sword cultivator clone as a spy and could easily obtain the secret manuals of Shu Mountain.

However, sectarian bias was extremely important in this cultivation world. Although Jiang Li possessed an extraordinary cultivation in the Liquor Fire Sword Song, it was not good to display his strength openly in front of them.

This time, as long as he made another trip to Shu Mountain, he would obtain the official approval. In the future, if he exposed the Shu Mountain Sword Technique again, no one would be able to find fault with him.

Apart from that, Shu Mountain's goodwill was extremely precious. Without their support, how could Jiang Li sit firmly at the position of the Great Mountain Alliance Leader?

However, when this scene was seen by the higher-ups of Benevolent Travel Temple, their hearts stirred slightly.

Although Jiang Li was the Alliance Leader, everyone in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region knew that the ones who truly controlled the Great Mountain Alliance were still their three forces.

Among them, the Scripture Storage Valley, which had obtained the position of the Alliance Leader, had the greatest advantage.

However, because of the Scripture Storage Valley's act of saving them, Benevolent Travel Temple did not have any objections.

But why was Shu Mountain so close to the Scripture Storage Valley now?

They had even given away their most precious Shu Mountain Sword Technique. Could it be that the two of them were going to become even closer? Then wouldn't the Benevolent Travel Temple be isolated? How would they conduct themselves in the future?

They were just calculating if they should give something to Alliance Leader Jiang when Jiang Li smiled and welcomed them.

"Dharma Masters, how are Abbot Le Ku's injuries recently? Has he recovered?"

Jiang Li went up to show his concern.

"Thank you for your concern, Alliance Leader Jiang Li. However, Abbot's injuries are the result of the Meditation Technique. If we don't have spirit pills and miraculous medicines, it'll probably be difficult for him to recover in a short period of time."

The few accomplished monks also had helpless expressions. Having their Abbot lose a hand and an eye was undoubtedly a mark of humiliation.

The limb injuries caused by the Sacrificial Meditation could not be recovered using conventional methods. It really made them worry until they 'lost' all their hair.

"I see. Abbot Le Ku has worked hard for the Great Mountain Region. It's really admirable."

"Do you still remember the pill formula that the Great Mountain Alliance fixed?"

"I was fortunate enough to obtain some wyrm flesh. Now that the pill has been refined, it's here."

"Dharma Masters, please bring it back to Benevolent Travel Temple and hand it to Abbot Le Ku."

Jiang Li took out a jade box from his bosom. After gently opening it, a strong medicinal fragrance that made one's mind tremble leaked out.

As soon as they smelled this fragrance, some of the injuries suffered by the higher-ups in the previous battle began to clearly recover faster.

Sensing the change in his body, the higher-ups of Benevolent Travel Temple were also surprised and uncertain.

"What… what a domineering pill fragrance!"

"This is… that Body Repairing Golden Wyrm Pill!?"

"This medicinal pill has probably already reached the Earth-rank! How can our Benevolent Travel Temple accept such a precious treasure?"

Jiang Li generously threw in the wyrm blood, flesh, bones, and core of the Raksha Black Wyrm. With the combined efforts of the best alchemists of the Great Mountain Region, two pills were finally formed, reaching the low-grade Earth-rank!

He naturally planned to leave one for himself to consume, and this one was given to Benevolent Travel Temple's Abbot Le Ku.

"Everyone, don't say that. Medicinal pills are meant to be eaten. Otherwise, no matter how precious they are, they are only decorations."

"Now that Abbot Le Ku's injuries have not recovered, how can I be stingy with a mere medicinal pill?"

"Take it quickly. Treating Abbot's injuries is more important."

Jiang Li's generous gesture touched the Benevolent Travel Temple monks who were still thinking earlier.

"This… On behalf of Benevolent Travel Temple, we thank you, Alliance Leader Jiang. If you need anything in the future, Benevolent Travel Temple will naturally lend a hand!"

The monks hurriedly expressed their stand. Others would give benefits to Jiang Li, but they took an Earth-rank medicinal pill from Jiang Li instead.

Coupled with the previous battle of Benevolent Travel Temple's defense, they owed Jiang Li a huge favor.

Alliance Leader Jiang might have considered their mood and did not want them to feel guilty, so he specially made a request.

"Actually, I have a presumptuous request. Previously, in Benevolent Travel Temple, I was fortunate enough to see your precious relic."

"Its pure and sacred Buddhist force seems to be extremely beneficial to my cultivation method, causing me to be unable to forget it every time I think about it. I wonder if I can borrow it for a short time? I will be endlessly grateful."