After this power of merit appeared, the pressure on him from Star Tower suddenly decreased.

Perhaps the Star Tower also thought that Jiang Li, who had such merits, would have been an outstanding lord in the past.

The Merit Blessing on Jiang Li could not be considered a lot. Under normal circumstances, the merits on him could only support him to step onto the eleventh or twelfth step before it was exhausted.

However, because the status was infinite, the merit power in Jiang Li's body was actually endless. No matter how it was extracted, it would not disappear from his body.

The higher he went, the more merit was consumed per step. Jiang Li's speed also became slower.

However, correspondingly, with every step he took, more and more warmth came from beneath his feet.

It was not until the end of the third stage that a flag appeared before Jiang Li.

Ground Control Flag!

As long as it was stabbed into the ground, the area of a thousand miles would be considered the territory given by the Human Emperor.

As long as he had this flag, Jiang Li would be able to draw out a territory and obtain authority similar to the feudal lords of the ancient times.

Jiang Li had never tried the exact effect, and it was hard to say now. However, it should at least not be weaker than ordinary Mountain Deities.

In short, it was definitely something good.

After putting away this flag, new ancient words appeared on the next step.

"There are nine heavens in the sky, and nine continents on the earth. I am the emperor of humans. I ride the clouds and rule over the continents. I am not inferior to gods and not afraid of the heavens!"

This was what appeared on the next stage.


From this, it could be seen that the King Zhou of Shang, Di Xin, was such a very proud Human Emperor.

During his reign, in many ways, he was actually a very outstanding Human Emperor.

There was a description of Di Xin when he was a child that he had immense strength.

After growing up, his own bravery had already reached an astonishing level. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was the number one in the human race.

At that time, during the final period of the Divine Investiture Battle, the enemy's army arrived at the foot of the city. It was destroyed and many third generation disciples of the Chan School, including Yang Jian, Nezha, and Li Jing, surrounded and attacked King Zhou.

After fighting for a long time, even when they used all their methods, they could not take him down.

In terms of contributions, he consolidated his authority and freed the slaves to personally lead the army to defeat the Dongyi army.

Di Xin was also the first ruler in history to defeat the deities. Under his rule, the humans only knew the Human Emperor and did not pray to the Immortal Gods.

The last was also the biggest reason for the Divine Investiture Tribulation and his eventual demise.

After the war between the Magi and Demons, the rise of the human race attracted the attention of countless big shots.

The Supreme Pure Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue had established the Ren School, and Mother Earth, Nuwa, had nourished the heavens and created humans. There were a total of two Sages who had relied on the merit of the human race to advance successfully.

The incense offerings of humans were things that even gods and Buddhas would fight for.

It did not matter if Di Xin was a Human Emperor or not. If he obstructed the Immortal Way, it would be even worse than killing one's parents.

Such contempt for ghosts and gods led to the collective attack of various immortals and deities. Sometimes, instead of becoming a threat to others, it was better to do badly.

After the people, soldiers, and lords, was it the path to becoming the Human Emperor?

Did this mean that as long as one stepped up from here, they would be qualified to become the Human Emperor?

It was unknown what kind of person in Di Xin's eyes was qualified to become the Human Emperor.

Moreover, the line of the Human Emperor had long been severed. Even if he was qualified, what meaning was there?

After Jiang Li stepped onto the staircase, he immediately understood.

A careful dark cloud appeared above his head. Then, a bolt of lightning landed on his head without any warning.

Having no fear towards the gods and heavens. The best test method was a lightning tribulation.

His scalp went numb and his entire body shook, but he did not feel much pain.

Under the enhancement of multiple statuses, Jiang Li's various resistances were very strong, and among them, his lightning resistance was the strongest.

Not only did he have his clone's Yin-Yang Heavenly Lightning Indestructible Zombie Core in his stomach, but he had also established his Dao Foundation under the lightning tribulation.

His Merit Blessing could also greatly reduce the power of the lightning.

It could be said that as long as the strength did not exceed a certain extent, when the fatal lightning tribulation that everyone feared landed on Jiang Li's body, not only would it not cause much damage, it could even strengthen his body and extend his lifespan.

He did not expect that this final round looked the simplest to him.

With every step he took, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky and struck Jiang Li's body. Sparks flickered before gradually vanishing into his body.

The lightning clouds in Jiang Li's consciousness churned excitedly, constantly absorbing the lightning bolts and gradually strengthening himself.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li was not a lightning attribute cultivator, so the Heavenly Tribulation Dao Foundation could not unleash greater power.

Jiang Li basically did not feel any pressure on the first 500 steps.

After reaching the 500th step, the starlight in the sky suddenly began to fall.

A stream of starlight landed on Jiang Li's body, causing his eyes to immediately go blind.

Jiang Li was shocked in his heart, but the lightning tribulation above did not wait for him. Taking advantage of his blindness, it directly struck him who was unprepared.

Jiang Li was almost sent flying by this strike. He hurriedly sank and barely stabilized his body.

He opened the status panel and saw a negative status called [Lunar Star Fiend] hanging on it.

Duration: 365 days!

Below Jiang Li's feet, a few words appeared.

"As a Human Emperor, I fear nothing."

It turned out that the stars in the sky were not only for decoration, they were also waiting for him here.

Fortunately, he pulled out the status bar and did not need vision to read it. Otherwise, if he went blind for a year, it would be troublesome.

After removing the demonic star status, Jiang Li continued to cautiously climb up.

As expected, the second star shot at him.

This time, Jiang Li's hands went numb…

These Heavenly Stars could originally bless the world with their brilliance, but when they turned into Star Fiends and landed in the human world, it was also terrifying.

Under the weakening of these negative statuses, the lightning that struck down from the sky immediately became much harder to deal with.

This was under the condition that Jiang Li only needed five seconds to eliminate a negative status with every step he took.

It was really hard to imagine how anyone else who was carrying the suppression of hundreds of Star Fiends could reach the top?

His senses were blinded, his flesh and blood were lost, and his imagination ran wild. He was experiencing the Five Degenerations of Heaven and Man!

Under the illumination of this starlight, Jiang Li could be said to have experienced a thousand calamities and tribulations. He had been tortured to the point of being unbearable.

3,998… 3,999… 4,000!

In the end, Jiang Li still stepped onto the highest point of Star Tower.

He collapsed to the ground, and then all the phenomena in the surroundings suddenly shattered. What entered his eyes was a scene that was like a river of stars.

The stars that had almost taken his life were all floating near the platform, shining brightly.

These mere 4,000 steps actually made a powerful body cultivator climb so exhausted.

Who knew what he had experienced during this period of time?

Fortunately, with Jiang Li's persistence and cheat, he finally stood at the top of Star Tower.

Outside, a group of Ghost Kings fought to the death, and several large forces joined forces to attack the city. A huge battle almost completely changed the terrain of this Netherworld Illusion.

If they knew that the place they had painstakingly taken down was only an empty city, and the true treasure ruin was obtained by a nameless Foundation Establishment cultivator, who knew what they would feel?

Thinking of this, Jiang Li became energetic again.

Although his journey had been tough, the joy of gaining rewards could not be hidden.

He bounced up from the ground. The reward for the thousand steps of the human commoners was an Earth-rank spiritual material, the reward for the human soldiers was an Earth-rank artifact, and the reward for the human lords was the territorial flag.

After stepping past the thousand steps of the Human Emperor, what would the last Human Emperor leave behind for him?

After Jiang Li stood up, the first thing he saw was a large rock with ancient words engraved on it.

From the special burning patterns on the rock, it should be a meteorite descending from the sky.

Only when meteors collided with the spiritual qi atmosphere of the continent of the Nine Provinces at high speed would the high temperature and air combustion produce such special patterns.

After Jiang Li became the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, he had seen a similar meteorite in the treasure vault of the Great Mountain Alliance, but at that time, it was only the size of a thumb.

Unlike this super-large meteorite that was more than ten meters tall.

Just this stone alone could be described as priceless.

On this meteorite, there was a huge halberd that was covered in blood under the grinding of time.

Jiang Li looked at the halberd and then at the words engraved on the meteorite. From the width and the tip of the pen, the words on the meteorite were clearly carved with this halberd.

The words, "This King" and "This King" were commonly used. This was the way historical emperors referred to themselves. Clearly, they were carved by the last Human Emperor.

In that case, wasn't this halberd King Zhou's weapon?

A weapon that could beat up a group of third-generation disciples of the Chan School was definitely a top-notch weapon back then. Even after so many years, it had already lost its former power.

However, under the protection of the Human Emperor's Star Tower that could even allow an armor given to human soldiers to retain its Earth-rank status. Perhaps this halberd could remain as an Heaven-rank artifact?

Jiang Li could not wait to use the appraisal skill. However, it seemed that because the outer layer was too thick, the appraisal skill only found [Ten Thousand Years Rust].

He did not care about this. He stepped forward, grabbed the pole, and pulled.

The muscles on his body swelled, and the beast tattoo appeared. An unbelievable amount of strength continuously acted on the halberd.

However, after one breath, two breaths, and three breaths… Jiang Li forcefully held his breath and released his full strength for more than 30 breaths. The halberd actually did not move at all!

Jiang Li removed it in one go and almost spat out blood. The explosion of his full strength caused some damage to his internal organs.

After resting for a while, he slowly caught his breath.

Jiang Li's strength had always been his confidence, and he rarely suffered defeat. Now, he was actually unable to pull out a weapon that was stabbed into a rock.

This was too embarrassing.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock wrapped around his right fist, and the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword floated beside him.

The aura on his body rose once more, and he gathered all his strength in his right fist. Since he was unable to pull out the halberd, Jiang Li intended to smash this stone bit by bit.

After accumulating strength to the limit, Alliance Leader Jiang threw a punch that was enough to blow up a mountaintop and landed on the meteorite without holding back.

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword also immediately moved, turning into a pitch-black sword net that could not be seen with the naked eye. In an instant, it slashed out more than a thousand times on this meteor.

However, when Jiang Li moved his fist away and the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword returned to his side, he could only see some extremely fine and insignificant traces on this meteor.

This thing was too hard!

The Human Emperor's weapon was right in front of him. He could see and feel it, but he could not pull it out. Jiang Li really did not know whether to be happy or depressed.

However, his attempt was fruitless. He could only continue to look at the words on the meteorite.

"I've held this throne for more than 30 years. I've killed all the bandits and defeated all the heroes. I'm invincible in this world."

"I rose up alone to promote the human race, trample through the Hundred Desolates, remain undefeated against heaven, and never bow to the ground. I'm not inferior to anyone in my life."

"Unfortunately, the hearts of men are unpredictable. The gods are strange, the sages are high above, and their sickles cut apart the heaven and earth. I have already lost, so I naturally have to mark my presence and die in peace!"

"Sigh, there's no need for the Human Emperor!"

As he recovered his strength, he read the ancient words. He felt endless heroism and sorrow when he left it.

Especially the last few words. Under the circumstances of everyone betraying him, King Zhou even sighed that there was no need for a Human Emperor.

As the Human Emperor, he originally wanted to lead the Human Race on a path that did not fear the heavens, the earth, or the gods. He wanted to do something that even the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors had not done.

However, although the Human Emperor's providence could protect him from the harm of the gods and Buddhas, what defeated him was an internal betrayal.

Jiang Li did not know if those betrayals were because of Di Xin's immorality or because of the Heavenly God's secret deals.

Perhaps only the two kings who attacked him would know the truth.

Jiang Li struck out the Yin Burial Coffin, causing it to continuously enlarge until it was large enough to completely envelop this meteorite. Even the stone and halberd were locked in the coffin.

The stone was so heavy that even the coffin felt a little strained.

Fortunately, there were no restrictions placed on the meteorite. The Yin Burial Coffin shrunk bit by bit, and when it returned to Jiang Li's hand, he had already moved the meteorite into the coffin space.

Even if he could not pull out this halberd now, he had to take it away first. Otherwise, he would not be able to stop thinking about it.

After carefully preserving the Human Emperor's inheritance, Jiang Li looked around.

The rock and halberd from before did not seem to be a reward for him. It was probably just that King Zhou had purely wanted to leave a few words before he died.

Moving away this stone, Jiang Li only wanted to admire the carvings of his ancestors from time to time. There was a high chance that it would not affect him from obtaining what he deserved.

Sure enough, not far behind the original meteorite, there was a long bronze table.

On the long table was an exquisite Dragon Vein Jade Box. After a long time, another human finally opened it.