Jiang Li approached the Dragon Vein Jade Box. It was not locked. He easily opened the lid.

However, there were no legendary ancient immortal pills inside.

This was because compared to the Immortals and Gods, the humans at that time were actually not good at alchemy.

Although King Zhou was very strong, this kind of technical thing could not be used just because he was strong.

Furthermore, after he was given the position as the Heavenly Blessing God, he had always been alone. There was still a huge gap between him and the four Heavenly Emperors of the North, South, East, and West. There was no subordinate who could help him refine pills.

There were no immortal pills or divine artifacts inside. There were only two clean finger bones and a yellow piece of paper quietly placed inside.

The two joints, one big and one small, were golden and white respectively. They looked bright and shiny. As soon as the lid was opened, the surrounding spiritual qi spontaneously gathered, forming a medium-sized cyclone above the box.

The starlight floating around the Star Tower also shone over, as if they were worshiping these two joints.

Even Jiang Li's hair could not help but stand on end. He felt two auras that completely suppressed him on the finger bone.

This was especially true for the golden finger bone. It gave him a feeling of intimidation as if an emperor had descended. Just looking at the finger bone would cause his eyes to hurt and tears to flow.

If Jiang Li was not wrong, the original owner of these two finger joints should be the last Human Emperor and his Empress.

The two joints were surprisingly well preserved.

However, King Zhou did not try to leave more things behind. It should be impossible with the Star Tower's ability.

Jiang Li gulped and did not move the two joints. He had a feeling that these two items would definitely be useful, but not now.

Instead, he reached out and pulled out the folded yellow piece of paper beside him.

He placed the leather piece of paper on the long table and flattened it. On it, ink threads were used to outline the mountains and lakes that Jiang Li had never seen before. The terrain was strange and varied, far from what the current continent of the Nine Provinces could compare to.

This was also a map from ancient times.

The map was extremely large, and it seemed to describe all the territories from the historical era.

Compared to it, the current human countries were simply inferior and insignificant.

As he looked at this map, Jiang Li suddenly thought of something and took out the map he had obtained from the plaque behind the Central Jade Hall.

Jiang Li had seen the map that was taken out from behind the signboard. It was also a map.

However, the range of its description was too small, and the terrain changes in the current continent of the Nine Provinces were too huge. It was almost impossible to rely on the information on it to find the corresponding place.

However, if he had the huge map from back then as a comparison, using the huge map to correspond with the current map of the Nine Provinces, he might be able to find the exact location drawn on the map.

However, as soon as the map was pasted on the map, it had yet to be compared when it directly burned in Jiang Li's hand.

The scroll with flames landed on the map. It did not ignite the remaining Shang Dynasty map. Instead, a few ancient flames appeared above as words.

"If humanity is in trouble, you can find the Holy Land, Fire Cloud Cave."

The original address on the map had already been marked on the large map.

This address was the Fire Cloud Cave? The Fire Cloud Cave where the Three Sovereigns cultivated in seclusion?

Jiang Li looked at the newly appeared mark and felt a little excited.

The Fire Cloud Cave was a human holy land. Even in ancient times, its status was not inferior to the Sage's palace!

If he could really find the Fire Cloud Cave and casually obtain something inside, it would probably make Jiang Li the happiest man in the world.

At the top of the Star Tower, King Zhou did not leave behind any divine weapons, immortal pills, or secret manuals, but he had left an assurance for the humans.

This was probably the last bit of responsibility as the Human Emperor.

Jiang Li folded the map and put it into the coffin with the Dragon Vein Jade Box.

Then, he was not in a hurry to leave.

Now, Jiang Li finally understood why those treasure hunts in the stories would always have some inexplicable self-destruction mechanisms.

This was because if they did not do this, the explorers might very well dig three feet into the ground here.

Everything here was left behind from ancient times. After tens of thousands of years, just maintaining its appearance was enough to prove that its material was high-grade.

First of all, this long table was not bad. The workmanship was exquisite and the material was special. It was moved away.

There was also fire on the steps. It contained the legendary flames of heaven and earth of the human race. Jiang Li happened to have two lamp stands to take away and preserve the fire.

These nails also looked promising. The metal material was still shiny and sharp. Even if more than ten were drawn, it should not affect the stability of the structure.

Sigh, King Zhou had stepped on this tile to burn himself back then, right? The top was soaked in the blood of the Human Emperor. If it slapped him, his head would have been split open on the spot.

If Di Xin knew that an outstanding junior who could climb up the 4,000 steps of his Star Tower would actually be such a person,

He would definitely set the automatic teleportation that would be triggered immediately after taking something.

He would not place the golden teleportation light at the bottom of the building.


Jiang Li happily obtained the Human Emperor's inheritance.

The Netherworld Illusion and Fengdu Ghost City above were still in an intense fight.

The few forces that attacked Fengdu City in groups had no intention of really letting those ghosts obtain the Nine Yang Boy and the Nine Yin Girl.

If a certain ghost really absorbed the bait and successfully advanced to an even more terrifying existence, it would be a calamity for everyone in Fengdu City.

Therefore, after more than ten Ghost Kings fought for a long time, finally, one of them defeated all the others.

The cultivators who had been lying in ambush nearby immediately detonated the platform where the children were.

They had long set up a dangerous trap below. After a huge explosion, the flesh, blood, and bones of the children were instantly burned away, not even their souls left.

The opportunity to advance was wasted in front of them. The dozen or so Ghost Kings were not fools. They had been toyed by the human cultivators to the point of death, and in the end, they had even blown up the children!

This made the Ghost Kings' anger surpass any previous moment.

Ignoring the injuries caused by the internal conflict, they carried the ghost qi that filled the sky and pounced towards the Fengdu Ghost City. They collided with the human cultivators who were crazily searching for treasures and had yet to leave.

A great battle between humans and ghosts inevitably erupted.

A large number of cultivators who were dreaming of a better life after snatching the treasure suddenly faced a calamity.

In the energy tide caused by the collision of the Ghost Kings and cultivators of the same level, the cultivators who could not retreat in time died in large numbers. Perhaps before they died, they did not know what had happened.


Several days later, a golden light flashed, and Jiang Li appeared in the Fox Immortal Tomb outside Fengdu City again.

This was probably specially arranged by King Zhou.

Entering the underground palace and leaving through the Fox Tomb could ensure the safety of the inheritor to the greatest extent.

Otherwise, if he plunged into the furious Ghost Kings, he would probably not even have a corpse left.

In front of the statue, the fox demons were still guarding it.

When they saw Jiang Li return safely, they seemed to be very excited.

They were originally descendants of the Green Mountain's Nine Tails. After the Divine Investiture Battle back then, they were hated by everyone in the entire continent. Only these few bloodlines were still preserved in the tomb.

They ate the flesh mushrooms that grew in the tomb all year round. After they were slightly larger, they swallowed and cultivated yin qi.

Over the years, they had become the current Ghost Fox.

Jiang Li opened the coffin and placed these foxes inside. After all, they were famous variant spirit beasts from ancient times. If he nurtured them well, perhaps they could regain some of their former power.

He looked at the statue again, but in the end, he did not choose to move it.

Firstly, it was not very useful. Secondly, King Zhou might have done something to this tomb.

From the situation of Star Tower previously, if the other party really wanted to harm Jiang Li, he could actually leave behind some methods.

Turning around, he returned the way he came. In the passageway of this tomb, there were still some precious artifacts scattered everywhere, which were the ones that Zhao Tiangang and the others had brought with them previously.

He also packed everything away. Although this kind of thing was not a necessity for Jiang Li, there was no harm in having more to trade and give away.

To be able to open a space in such a place, the Yin Burial Coffin really gave him too much convenience.

When he returned to the entrance of the tomb, the outside was already enveloped by a dense fog.

In the space of Star Tower, Jiang Li had already climbed and plundered for several days.

The illusionary realm that was opened with the three lifetime stone naturally collapsed on its own.

As long as Jiang Li exited this cave, he would be directly bounced back to the Ghost King Desolate Ground by the fog.

However, as for where he would appear and whether he would bump into a Ghost King, that depended on luck.

Every time this happened, it was the sword cultivator clone's turn.

The sword cultivator clone was the first clone formed by Jiang Li's parallel mind. Among the four clones, his strength was not strong, his health was not thick, and he did not have many special abilities.

However, his life was unexpectedly tough.

Long ago, in the underground ruins of the Black Lotus Divine Sect, Jiang Li had originally thought that this clone was going to be ruined.

He did not expect things to take a turn for the worse. Not only did his clone benefit from a disaster, but he also opened a door to the power of the Asura World.

Later on, there were several risks, and all of them turned out well. This time, the important mission to scout the way naturally landed on him.

Jiang Li transformed into the Nine Nether Tree Root again and nimbly swam up along the gap between the rocks.

At the exit, he released the clone in the coffin.

When the sword cultivator clone fell into the range of the fog, it was like a person who could not swim fell into the water and drowned.

The surrounding illusion space collapsed and threw the sword cultivator clone out.

As soon as he left the Netherworld Illusion, he fell from the sky. Fortunately, after leaving that damned place, he could use his storage artifact again. The flying sword, Burning Rainbow, was unsheathed as it steadily landed on the ground with the sword cultivator clone.

Fortunately, there were no powerful ghosts or cultivators fighting around.

Jiang Li specially stayed in the Star Tower for a few more days because he wanted to wait for the situation outside to stabilize first.

Otherwise, if someone discovered that he had a precious treasure, then there would probably be no place for him in the entire cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

Or he might accidentally bump into a battle between big shots. He did not want to test how far he could live.

Although the battle had already ended, the situation here was clearly much more tense than before the battle in Fengdu City.

On the ground of the Ghost King Desolate Ground, the corpses of human cultivators were scattered everywhere.

A group of ghosts were cooking meat in a large pot. In the pot floated several rotting human heads. This group of ghosts was cooking and distributing food. It was actually the corpses of cultivators!

Around them, there were several ghost soldiers patrolling nearby.

Clearly, the actions of the few large factions had completely angered the Ghost King Desolate Ground. The war stretched all the way out of the Netherworld Illusion Realm.

Now, the entire Ghost King Desolate Ground treated living people as their mortal enemies. Once they met, not only would they fight to the death, they would also eat meat and drink blood. It was simply vicious!

This group of ghosts had originally happily distributed the meat soup. They hung a female cultivator's corpse on a wooden frame and planned to separate it bit by bit before cooking a pot.

At this moment, they suddenly felt the spiritual qi emitted by the sword cultivator clone's flying sword. A few teams of ghost soldiers immediately revealed their ferocity and swarmed over.

The few ghost soldier leaders were all at the Ghost Core realm and were not inferior to Jiang Li's Seven Roads Ghost City's Qin Shuman.

If the clone erupted with strength, it was not that he could not defeat it. However, if the clone used the fire attribute sword technique wantonly, it would definitely arouse the vigilance of the ghosts in a larger area. The gains would not make up for the losses.

At this moment, another person descended from the sky. He waved his hand and shot out nine black and white cold flames that directly descended from the sky and landed on the heads of these ghost soldiers.

When the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame touched them, it burned these ghosts to ashes in just a few breaths of time.

Some white bone artifacts and a few bone whistles fell from their bodies.

Those bone artifacts were fine. These bone whistles were artifacts that formed a large-scale ghost faction and communicated with each other. With a whistle, thousands of soldiers and horses would come to meet.

If they did not see that only the sword cultivator clone was present and thought that they could defeat him, Jiang Li would have encountered a huge problem here when they used the whistle.

It seemed that even if he could win, he had to reduce the number of battles as much as possible and quietly leave. Otherwise, if they really called the Ghost King over, he might have to join the other party's camp.

He came to the pot that was cooking the human cultivators and pushed it down with a wave of his hand. Then, he dug a huge hole and buried them together.

Seeing his own kind being eaten made Jiang Li feel very uncomfortable.

Doing this would probably reduce their suffering after death.

However, there were so many corpses in the wilderness that he could not afford to be bothered with.

Right when Jiang Li turned around to leave, an extremely fine voice sounded from behind him.

"Save… me…"

If not for Jiang Li's astonishing hearing, he would not have heard the mosquito-like cry for help.

Jiang Li turned around, and the one who cried out for help was actually the female corpse that was hung on the wooden frame. Her entire body was cut, and a large amount of pale bones were exposed!

She was actually still alive!

The chest of the female corpse, which did not have any signs of life, actually began to heave slightly.

'Wait, I've seen this person before!'

Jiang Li took a closer look and suddenly recalled that this was the female cultivator from the Thousand Crane Tower that he had seen when he entered the city. She had been captured by the Fengdu ghost soldiers because she could not pay for 30 years of lifespan and was hung on the city gate to cut away 15 kilograms of flesh.

At that time, the storage bag that she had dropped was picked up by the sword cultivator clone and given to Old Ghost as a reward for secretly entering the city. After Old Ghost fell into his hands, the storage bag returned to Jiang Li's hands.

However, after so many days, the people from the Thousand Crane Tower did not save her?

Jiang Li felt a chill in his heart for the other party.

It was possible that the people from the Thousand Crane Tower did not know that she had been captured by the Ghost City. Another possibility was that the Thousand Crane Tower was afraid of alerting the enemy and destroying the operation, so they directly sacrificed this disciple and did not take any action to save her.

Jiang Li could roughly guess what happened to this female disciple later on.

She used some kind of secret technique to last for ten days under that situation. After the battle erupted, Thousand Crane Tower and the other large forces retreated from Fengdu City, and she fell into the hands of the ghosts again.

Then, as the target to vent their anger, she was hung here by those ghost soldiers, treated like food and used as they pleased!

This was a truly despairing experience.