Jiang Li raised his hand and sent a stream of pure wood attribute spiritual qi over, first protecting the other party's heart meridians.

Another healing pill was stuffed into the female cultivator's mouth. Only then did he untie the rope on her wrist and put her down.

This female cultivator's body was very light, so light that it was terrifying. This was because almost all the flesh and skin on her body had been cut off, and most of the organs in her abdomen had been lost. What was left was simply a skeleton.

The female cultivator's current situation was extremely terrible.

She had originally used the special secret technique of the Thousand Crane Tower. Under the situation where her body was ruined to this extent, she barely retained a trace of vitality.

However, for the sake of asking Jiang Li for help, she could only exit the secret technique state. This body that could no longer be described as riddled with holes could take her life at any moment.

When Jiang Li was transmitting spiritual qi to her, he discovered a True Core that was on the verge of collapse.

Even Jiang Li himself would need a long time to recover from such an exaggerated damage to his Dao Foundation.

Ordinary people would have died several times over when they encountered such serious injuries.

Jiang Li also thought that the other party would definitely only leave behind a few last words before he died.

However, he still underestimated the heroes of the world.

The cultivation method of the Thousand Crane Tower was peaceful and effective in nourishing and stabilizing injuries.

With the help of Jiang Li's spiritual qi and medicinal pills, this female cultivator actually really stabilized her breath and firmly survived.

However, due to his heavy physical condition, being able to use that subtle sound to ask Jiang Li for help was already the limit. After being saved, her mind relaxed and she directly fainted.


Two days later, Jiang Li was sitting cross-legged on the head of the Wood Dragon Rayquaza, and he was floating along the banks of a black river.

It was really easy to enter but difficult to leave the Ghost King Desolate Ground.

When they entered, because most of the ghost kings were attracted by the Nine Yang Boy and Nine Yin Girl, there were not many powerful ghosts in this region.

He had flown in openly at that time and was not obstructed much.

However, when he was about to leave, the entire Ghost King Desolate Ground was already covered in layers of whistles. Countless ghosts were patrolling like an inescapable net.

If he was really discovered by them, Jiang Li might be fortunate enough to experience the feeling of being surrounded by enemies.

Under such circumstances, a slight change would affect the entire situation. Not to mention flying, even if he ran faster, it might cause the ghosts to be alerted.

Therefore, he could only travel carefully from the ground with Rayquaza.

Fortunately, he cultivated the Nine Nether Dao Scripture himself. The Wood Dragon Rayquaza also had 60% of its wood body replaced by the Nine Nether Wood.

As the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth that was born and grown in the Netherworld, as long as they emitted some yin qi and put on a disguise, they looked like ghosts.

Some low-level ghost soldiers even bowed and made way when they saw the two from afar.

"You're awake."

Behind Jiang Li was a wooden coffin.

It was naturally not the Yin Burial Coffin, but the cultivation version of the nourishing cabin that he had created with his spell technique to heal the injuries of the female cultivator from the Thousand Crane Tower.

In a coffin, Jiang Li covered it with soft moss that could automatically heat up. Then, he controlled the plants to secrete some painkillers with numbing nerve effects.

Lying in this coffin would be more comfortable than having a fetus in the amniotic fluid.

Due to the secretion of the nerve that was numbing the end of the body, even if one had just rolled over a mountain of blades and entered a frying pan, they would not feel any pain without a piece of good skin and flesh.

Of course, these were all Jiang Li's creations. He knew everything about any slight changes that occurred inside.

Pushing open the coffin lid, the female cultivator inside had indeed woken up.

Although her face was still so pale that she did not look like a living person, the situation was clearly much better than before. Many parts of her body had already begun to gain weight.

"Thank you~ for saving me~"

The female cultivator woke up from her coma. After being tortured for a long time, she still could not believe that she was saved.

Only when she saw Jiang Li did he recover from his despair and confusion, leaving behind a tear with difficulty.

All the energy in her body was used to grow muscles. It was indeed very difficult for her to shed a tear.

After thanking Jiang Li, the female cultivator seemed to have recalled something and began to try her best to raise her body.

Just like most people who had been saved from calamity, she was anxious to confirm her physical condition.

The loss of certain organs was worse for men than death. Some organs were equally important to women.

The female cultivator used the few newly grown tendons on her body to barely raise her head.

Then, she saw a clean set of bones. The scene almost made her faint again.

It seemed that when her flesh was cut, she had already fallen into a state of false death and did not see what those ghosts had done to her body.

Or perhaps she actually knew but was just unwilling to accept the truth.

"Miss, don't be agitated. We're all cultivators. We can regrow our severed limbs. It's just some flesh. There will be a way."

"Also, what's your name? Are you a disciple of some sect? After you leave the Ghost King Desolate Ground, I'll send you to a nearby cultivation city. You can contact your teachers and friends and get them to come and fetch you."

Jiang Li did not reveal that he knew she was a disciple of the Thousand Crane Tower, let alone foolishly returning the storage bag to her.

If he was really so honest, he would be blamed for taking advantage of her instead.

"My name is… I'm Yang Ruozhi. I'm just a rogue cultivator. I don't have a master… nor any friends."

Hearing this, the female cultivator's expression immediately became even uglier.

This surprised Jiang Li greatly. She actually did not admit that she was a disciple of the Thousand Crane Tower, and the name she reported to Jiang Li was most likely fake.

"Yang Ruozhi…"

When Jiang Li heard this name, he seemed to have thought of something. He nodded without batting an eyelid and did not expose the other party.

Previously, this female cultivator was hung on the city wall for ten days like dried meat without any fellow disciples coming to rescue her.

Jiang Li had two guesses. The people from the Thousand Crane Tower did not know that she had been captured, or the people from the Thousand Crane Tower had directly given up on her in order to not affect their plan.

From the other party's current performance, the latter was clearly more likely.

After putting a bottle of healing pills into the coffin, he closed the lid and continued on his way.

Jiang Li only ate medicinal pills once. There were not many medicinal pills left on him, but there were really many types. He chose a few suitable bottles and gave them to this "Yang Ruozhi".

A few days later, Rayquaza flowed down along the black river that was polluted by the Ghost King Desolate Ground and finally escaped the place covered in death.

Yang Ruozhi, who was already covered in skin again, also came out of the coffin and sat on the back of the wooden dragon with Jiang Li.

Although it was not difficult to see that the other party was still skin and bones under the loose clothes, it seemed that her life was saved.

If she drank more papaya milk in the future, she might be able to grow that pair too.

"Benefactor, I am unable to repay your kindness. I can only… ask for your name. I will definitely repay you in the future."

Ever since Jiang Li reached the Foundation Establishment realm, his appearance had become more and more charming. Coupled with the many high-level powers in his body, it always enveloped him in a mysterious aura.

To female cultivators, his allure was enough to be ranked on the male version of the Goddess Rankings.

In his despair, he gave "Yang Ruozhi" hope for a new life. It was not an exaggeration to say that he had given her a new life.

However, she was currently in a clean state and did not have anything to repay Jiang Li.

Logically speaking, Jiang Li was worthy of getting her 'allegiance'.

However, Yang Ruozhi, who originally wanted to sit beside Jiang Li, recalled her terrifying body as soon as she approached him.

Wasn't using such a body to repay kindness the same as ingratitude?

Immediately, she took two steps back with a bitter expression and sat behind him.

"Miss Yang, there's no need to stand on ceremony. Just call me Jiang Li."

"Cultivators like us are out and about. If we see injustice, we should lend a hand, right?"

Jiang Li waved his hand. He had no reason to keep the other party here. It was just that they were both humans and could not stand seeing their compatriots being treated like this.

Sitting on the wooden dragon, they chatted with each other.

However, every time they talked about the other party's past, "Yang Ruozhi" would fall silent.

After walking down for a while, perhaps because it was late at night, the fog on the river had become dense at some point in time. Soon, he could no longer see what was twenty feet in front of him.

At this moment, the Wood Dragon Rayquaza beneath him suddenly twisted uneasily.

Then, the dragon blood in Jiang Li's body started to move inexplicably.

This feeling was rare. It had only happened when he was still a new Qi Refinement cultivator.

His master, Elder He, had only gave him such agitation when he revealed the dragon blood to him.

This was a reaction formed spontaneously when a fellow dragon blood carrier approached a certain range.

As expected, the water ahead was stirred violently, and a dense fishy smell spread through the fog.

Rayquaza raised its upper body in the water, bared its teeth, and roared at a certain existence in the fog.

A moment later, in the thick fog, a huge creature that was not smaller than the wooden dragon stirred the water and swam over.

As they got closer, the shadows in the fog became clearer.

A head that was at least 80% similar to the Wood Dragon Rayquaza poked out of the fog.

It was a flood dragon beast.

Roar! Roar!

After the two sides approached, a deafening roar suddenly erupted!

The surrounding fog was instantly torn apart by these two long roars. The moonlight scattered down, causing the fog on the river to become clear.

Only then did Jiang Li see that the flood dragon beast was covered in a thick chain that stretched back to connect to an enormous dragon tattoo warship.

Jiang Li could not help but frown when he saw this. What sort of force could use such a precious flood dragon beast to pull a ship?

Then, the flag fluttering on the warship revealed the other party's identity.

It was a black flag. In the center of the flag was a dragon head that had turned into a skeleton. Behind it were two crossed swords.

"It's the cultivators from the Dragon Transformation Island. Benefactor, be careful!"

Yang Ruozhi reminded from behind, her tone mixed with some serious emotions.

After Jiang Li's Wood Dragon Rayquaza absorbed the flesh and blood of the Black Wyrm, it looked like a dragon. At first, Yang Ruozhi thought that he was from the Dragon Transformation Island.

After Jiang Li denied it, the other party revealed a relieved expression.

It could be seen that as factions of the Divine Judgment Hall's alliance, the relationship between the Thousand Crane Tower and the Dragon Transformation Island was not very good. The reputation of the cultivators of the Dragon Transformation Island had always been bad.

"Hey look, what did I find?"

"A dragon descendant!"

"Little guy, don't move. Otherwise, it won't be good if I accidentally shoot your head!"

After the cultivators who poked their heads out from above saw the roaring Rayquaza, their eyes lit up. They directly ignored Jiang Li who was standing at the head of the dragon and controlled a Whale Hunting Crossbow to shoot at the wooden dragon below.

It was not as if Jiang Li had not seen the whale beast that had floated to the Mechanism City earlier. Its huge body was no different from a mountain.

One could imagine how huge the huge crossbow used to hunt whales was.


The sound of at least a thousand ballistae firing together sounded above their heads. The surrounding water surface was stimulated by the tremor, and the water droplets jumped two meters high.

In the next moment, a black steel pillar with a terrifying inverted hook shot towards the wood dragon below.

With such speed and size, if the Wood Dragon Rayquaza was hit, it would only be cut in half. Did the other party really want to capture it and not kill it directly?

Yang Ruozhi pulled Jiang Li along and was about to abandon the dragon with him to escape, but with her strength, how could she possibly shake Jiang Li?

However, he did not attack.

The current Rayquaza was no longer the same as before.

The entire wooden dragon quickly lit up with a green and red light, condensing into its mouth at the front.

Then, a green and red energy pillar spat out from the wooden dragon's mouth.

Due to the problem of compatibility, after absorbing the flesh and blood of the Raksha Black Wyrm, the Wood Dragon's cultivation had increased even more than the sword cultivator clone. It had directly condensed a Demon Core and reached a level comparable to a Golden Core cultivator.

With the help of the sword cultivator clone, it successfully grasped the power of the blood of madness.

The power of chaos and the Nine Nether spiritual qi followed the formation patterns on the Void Splitter's body and continuously collided and accelerated to gather in its mouth. In the end, it erupted with power that far exceeded its original level.

The power of the Rayquaza's breath attack was equivalent to the bow cannon of a flying ship. Even if it was modified, it could not be ignored.

Now that the Wood Dragon had advanced and obtained the acceleration of the collision between the power of madness and the Nine Nether spiritual qi, the power of this breath had increased exponentially.

Even if Jiang Li attacked with his full strength, he would not dare to say that he could surpass Rayquaza anymore.

The dragon breath that spiraled with green and red colors collided with the huge fishing spear and actually destroyed it from the bottom up. Then, it did not lose momentum and shot through the bow of the Dragon Warship!