After dealing with these three Dragon Shark cultivators, the surrounding chaotic footsteps sounded.

They continued to run. As long as they ran for more than five kilometers, they would escape the perception range of most top-notch cultivators.

"Benefactor, leave first. I'll cover the retreat."

After Yang Ruozhi was cut into pieces, her skin and bones looked more like an immortal crane.

Her figure rose and fell in the forest, from time to time pouncing down from the treetops to assassinate enemies.

Then, she left silently without leaving any traces. After suffering this calamity, this person's cultivation method seemed to be much more proficient and powerful than before.

Logically speaking, if she had such standards before, she would not have been so easily captured by those ghost soldiers.

"Don't force yourself. If you run forward, we can escape."

Jiang Li twisted the neck of a Dragon Transformation Island disciple, then threw out the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and pulled Yang Ruozhi.

Yang Ruozhi could only give up on her plan to sacrifice herself and continue fleeing with Jiang Li.

"Captain Sasha, those two cultivators are extraordinarily powerful. Many of our people have died. Should we get the ship's deputy to take action and capture them first?"

"The female cultivator among the two seems to be using the cultivation method of the Thousand Crane Tower. If we kill her, will it arouse the displeasure of the Thousand Crane Tower?"

A few of the crew members beside him were discussing their opinions. Some felt that they should act quickly and nip everything in the bud, while others felt that they should give the Thousand Crane Tower face and only capture Jiang Li.

What Captain Sasha was thinking was different from them.

"They came down from the upper reaches of the Black River."

"It's been eight days since our sects left the Ghost King Desolate Ground. It's impossible for two guys who haven't even reached the Nascent Soul realm to survive there."

"They must have some secrets."

Captain Sasha sensed that Jiang Li and Yan Hong were about to leave her perception range, but he was still not in a hurry to pursue them.

"Captain is saying that… they were hiding in a mystic realm in Fengdu City and did not come out until these few days?"

"Wait, could it be that the Thousand Crane Tower discovered something in the Ghost King Desolate Ground? They're secretly exploring behind our backs!"

"Then we can't let them escape."

The forces that attacked Fengdu City suffered a double loss.

Although they could not say that they had gained nothing from this battle, the goods placed in the ghost market were actually not that rare to them.

To fight a dozen ghost kings head-on because of this, the loss of manpower made their hearts ache even more.

If there was a chance to make up for their losses, they would definitely not give up.

However, Sasha raised a hand to stop him.

"Don't catch them. Let them run."

"After staying at sea for so long, don't you understand that you can only catch big fish by stretching the line?"

"Ming Duowei, go keep an eye on them. Don't alert them."

The second-in-charge on this ship came out. Then, his body gradually became transparent and silently disappeared on the ship.

Jiang Li, who was still running while killing in the forest, maintained full vigilance. He had to maintain a certain speed, but he could not be too fast or kill too ruthlessly.

He had to give the other party the illusion that he could rely on these subordinates to capture him. Otherwise, if he displayed too much combat strength, the difficulty might increase in minutes.

He acted very hard. When he crossed the theoretical range of the other party's perception, he indeed did not alarm more powerful cultivators.

Things went so smoothly that even he was a little surprised. He cautiously ran for more than five kilometers before stepping on the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword and bringing Yang Ruozhi's speed up instantly, rushing out of the encirclement.

After casually slaughtering a few disciples of the Dragon Transformation Island, they did not even have the chance to send a warning before joining the Ghost King camp.

With the speed of the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword, when he flew out, ordinary Core Formation cultivators basically did not even have the ability to sense him.

After leaving a certain range, the connection between the dragon blood disappeared. They were even more puzzled about Jiang Li's location.

Jiang Li did not rise into the sky. Instead, he flew close to the treetop, afraid that his tracks would be too obvious.

The talisman traps that he had scattered behind also began to activate.

Explosions sounded from the rain forest behind.

The momentum of those talismans was not bad, but their might was actually not good. Jiang Li did not expect to use these traps to cause harm to the enemy.

These delayed explosive talismans could firstly attract the attention of some enemies and secondly create enough sound sources.

Jiang Li's large-scale exploration method relied on the pair of ears of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra.

As his Mind attribute increased, the range of his hearing increased.

Moreover, the more sound sources there were, the more complete and detailed the sound world he constructed would be.

Therefore, he had left behind those talismans in advance and used the sound source caused by the explosion to detect possible pursuers.

The sound waves spread out in waves. Most of the Dragon Transformation Island cultivators were still searching for Jiang Li in the previous area.

After being hit by their captain's Spirit Dispersing Water, it was impossible for the two stupid prey to fly. Most of them thought so.

The flying ship did not move much and only quietly stopped on the Black River.

Jiang Li was especially concerned about the female cultivator standing on the flag pole. Fortunately, she did not move.

After all, their mission was to prevent the Ghost King Desolate Ground from invading outside and could not leave their post. In their minds, it was not difficult to deal with two weak juniors.

However, when the sound wave spread to a distance of 1,500 feet behind Jiang Li, he suddenly noticed an empty black shadow that had been absorbed because of the sound vibrations.

Jiang Li instinctively wanted to turn his head, but he held back in time and continued to fly forward without batting an eyelid.

Once they flew, they flew from night to day. After running for such a long distance, even the Dragon Transformation Island could not easily catch up to them.

After resting for a moment, they continued on their journey.

Soon, on a plain, they discovered a human town with approximately a few thousand households.

He looked at the warning array formations set up around the town. This place should be a small-scale cultivation gathering place.

After arriving near the town, Yang Ruozhi's expression became complicated and conflicted.

Because Jiang Li had said earlier that he would bring her to a cultivation city to be saved.

Now that they had arrived, it was time for them to part ways.

She did not seem to want to leave with Jiang Li, but it seemed that for some reason, she had to separate from him. Only then did she reveal a conflicted expression.

In the end, she still spoke.

"I, Yang Ruozhi, will definitely repay Benefactor for saving my life a hundred times in the future. I won't continue to disturb you anymore."

"In the future, if Benefactor needs anything, Yang Ruozhi will listen to you."

She was very polite and even handed the two short swords in her hand back to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li did not accept it. He had already forgotten where these two broken swords were picked up from. To him, they were really dispensable. He might as well give them a favor.

In the future, Jiang Li might really be able to obtain a hundred times the favor from her.

Although the town below was not big, it looked complete. It was not a problem to recuperate.

The two of them met by chance and did not say much. After exchanging communication talismans, Jiang Li turned around and left through the air.

Yang Ruozhi watched Jiang Li's back until he completely disappeared from the horizon.

"What? You like him?"

"Hmph, it's only been a few days and you've already fallen for him?"

"Mu Yulan, oh Mu Yulan. Listen to me. No man is good. Do as I say and I'll let you live a carefree life. Then, I'll take revenge on those guys who harmed you. Isn't that good?"

After Jiang Li left, the left side of this female cultivator from the Thousand Crane Tower who called herself Yang Ruozhi suddenly changed her expression and spoke with disdain.

"Don't you say that about benefactor! If you say anything else about him, I won't let you out for a moment even if I die!"

On the right side of her face, there was another expression. It was as if the left and right sides were two different people who were quarreling.

"Tsk, he's your benefactor, but I'm also your benefactor. If not for me, you would have died long ago!"

"Even if you want to throw yourself at a man, you have to recover first."

"Otherwise, your current skeleton body will only scare your good benefactor."

"Only I can help you with this."

After arguing for a moment, Yang Ruozhi, or rather Mu Yulan, reached a consensus.

The expression on her face returned to normal, and then she looked at the cultivation town below.

"Flesh with sinful aura. It's the most nourishing thing."