After Jiang Li and Yang Ruozhi separated, they flew in a certain direction. However, his flight trajectory was not a straight line with a goal. Instead, it was a little crooked as if he was looking for something.

Looking at his flight path, it seemed to overlap with the mountains and earth veins below.

It was not until he flew into a col that he stopped inside.

Then, he began to do strange things.

Cut down trees, dig pits, build towers, dig canals.

It looked like he wanted to build a cave abode here, but these miscellaneous actions were really different from building a cave abode.

Moreover, this seemingly ordinary small col did not seem to be a suitable place to build a cave abode.

After waiting for a few hours, the Dragon Transformation Island cultivator, Ming Duowei, who had been following 15,000 feet away, was a little impatient.

He wanted to go up and capture that kid and torture him until he said everything.

In his judgment, the female cultivator from the Thousand Crane Tower was clearly more valuable than this unknown cultivator.

However, the captain's order was to keep an eye on this guy. As the second-in-command, he could only do as he was told.

It was not until Jiang Li finally seemed to have set up everything that he took out a formation flag from his bosom.

Ming Duowei's eyes suddenly lit up.

The spiritual qi fluctuation of the flag was obscure, but as soon as it was taken out, it absorbed the surrounding mountains and rivers until they shook. The river water flowed in the opposite direction, and it was definitely a rare treasure.

"Haha, Captain, you're indeed the captain. You have good taste."

"Kid, you're very lucky today. Hand over that flag and I can let you die comfortably."

After Ming Duowei approached, he noticed that Jiang Li's cultivation was extremely low, and he even revealed his figure without any hesitation. He quickly approached and stretched out his hand to grab the token, and he did not take Jiang Li seriously at all.

Jiang Li was not surprised to see the other party appear.

The other party was a Nascent Soul cultivator who had experienced hundreds of battles. He did not show any anxiety or fear. Instead, he looked very excited.

He reached out and directly stabbed the token into the ground, hitting the earth vein node below.

In the next moment, the wind and clouds changed. This ordinary mountain col actually stretched upwards, forming a mountain range formation that trapped the two of them inside.

"Good, good, good! Good treasure! I'm going to make a huge contribution this time!"

Not only was Ming Duowei not afraid, he even shouted excitedly. In his heart, this thing had already been in his pocket from the moment he saw it. Naturally, the stronger the better.

Jiang Li similarly admired the other party's courage. Dark scales instantly covered his entire body, and there was a cage around his waist as he walked towards the other party step by step.

"Kid, there are many good things. It seems that you really took many things that you shouldn't have in Fengdu City."

"But now, I can return it to its original owner."

The two figures instantly approached. Ming Duowei used one hand to grab Jiang Li's Black Scale Armor. He did not want to injure the artifact and planned to forcefully remove it from Jiang Yi's body.

This method was too disdainful.

Jiang Li did not stand on ceremony. His right fist that was wrapped in the Dragon Imprisoning Lock carried a force that even he could not determine as he smashed it onto the other party's face.


The ground that had been augmented by the Earth Command Flag could not withstand the huge reaction force. It collapsed and shattered like tofu.

Under the other party's grab, the black scale armor was not injured at all, but Ming Duowei was ruthlessly sent flying.

The dark-skinned, scarred cheek swelled. Ming Duowei picked himself up from the ground, snapped his crooked jaw back into place, and spat out a few fallen teeth.

His expression was filled with disbelief. This punch had actually injured him!?

Looking at the teeth on the ground, he felt anger as if he had been cheated.

This guy must have hidden his cultivation level. He had been in the cultivation world for so many years but actually fell for such a trick.

"You're done for!"

He took out his curved saber and no longer dared to lower his guard. His explosive speed approached in the blink of an eye, and he slashed at Jiang Li.

The blade light carried a force that was sufficient to crush mountains and shatter mountains, and it sent Jiang Li flying.

Jiang Li, who was facing such a terrifying attack, did not feel any pain at all. Even if the Earth-rank Black Scale Armor was left motionless for him to slash, a Nascent Soul cultivator would not be able to break it.

Although Jiang Li was sent flying by the slash, he was in a good mood. With a thought, the token stuck in the ground immediately changed the direction it floated in.

On the other hand, Jiang Li who was flying back also strangely turned around in the air before flying towards Ming Duowei again.

This time, he used the momentum to punch, and his fist even flickered with a dangerous red light.

When the Nascent Soul Ming Duowei saw Jiang Li's strange right fist emitting a red light, his vigilance increased.

He wanted to dodge, but his feet tightened. Two balls of wriggling sand wrapped around him, sucking him firmly to the spot. At some point, his feet had turned into a muddy swamp.

After a few tugs, he discovered that this swamp was actually connected to the earth vein. He could not forcefully escape for a short period of time no matter what.

Taking a step back, he could only brandish his saber and attack. As long as he found a good angle to slash the fist to the side, it should not be a problem.

His thoughts were very good. The reaction speed of a Nascent Soul cultivator was enough to suppress Jiang Li.

However, when the two sides collided, Jiang Li's fist circled around in a strange manner. He forcefully used the price of his body forcefully enduring the blade to punch him.

That was the suicidal battle technique that Jiang Li had learned from the human soldiers of the ancient times at the Star Tower.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones breaking sounded in his body. The power of this punch was even more terrifying than before.

However, this was not the end. A red ball squeezed out from Jiang Li's fist and landed on Ming Duowei's chest at close range.

The two sides separated again, flying back at an even faster speed.

Jiang Li had a saber qi in front and behind him. Under the premise that the saber qi could not break through the Black Scale Armor's defense, these two saber qi quickly formed a counterbalance. He did not retreat for long before he stopped on his own.

However, Ming Duowei was not so lucky.

Jiang Li's punch could not be said to be not heavy. Coupled with the Asura Lord's blood ball that was corroding his chest,

Ming Duowei was struck by this and smashed into a mountain behind him. After crashing into half the mountain, he barely stopped.

At this moment, a large number of tissues were missing from his chest. Through the gap between his ribs, one could already see the beating heart inside.

It was not until this moment that Ming Duowei realized what kind of enemy he had encountered.

He hurriedly took out his communication spirit stone and requested help from the Dragon Transformation Island.

Unfortunately, his communication spirit stone actually failed at this moment!

"You saw me set up a trap for so long and actually dared to step in. What? Do you still want to leave?"