"Quickly go in! Remember, you will forever be our property. You actually dare to escape. When we return, we won't let you off!"

Two cultivators escorted a few female cultivators and stuffed them into an iron cage on a carriage, locking them up with the other female cultivators.

"No, we don't want to go back. There's a human-eating demon there. If we go back, we'll all be eaten by her!"

The few female cultivators cried and resisted, but the difference in their cultivation levels was too great. This bit of resistance was useless.

"What nonsense are you spouting? If you dare to spout nonsense again, we brothers will eat you up right now!"

Jiang Li was still meditating in the ruins. A large amount of spiritual qi had circulated in his body. After recovering, his Qi Refinement cultivation had broken through again.

At this moment, he heard a small convoy approaching from afar.

"Second Brother, do you think something happened? Otherwise, with Big Brother around, how did they escape?"

More than ten cultivators riding spirit colts drove three carriages carrying large cages on the road. In those cages were some young female cultivators.

Most of the cultivators' faces were filled with despair and confusion. A few female cultivators' faces were filled with fear.

From their voices, these female cultivators seemed to have escaped from their base. However, they happened to encounter them on the way back after capturing slaves and were captured again.

This group of people was the notorious human traffickers in the cultivation world.

In the cultivation world, the transactions of various humanoid creatures had actually been developing quite well.

For example, when Jiang Li first entered the cultivation world, he led his convoy to capture many Scaled Demons.

Apart from that, there were also fox demons, cat demons, and others who had been forced to transform after consuming the Body Transformation Pill.

Those with ugly appearances could be used to mine and cut wood, while those beautiful ones could be sold to high-end service venues.

Apart from these humanoid creatures captured from the wilderness, true human cultivators were the high-end goods in this market.

For example, Phoenix Sun City's Red Lantern Street. In those places, as long as you paid a little more, they would bring you to choose some women who had already become goods.

If nothing unexpected happened, these captured low-level female cultivators would be sold to those places in the future for people to consume.

There were many rogue cultivators who killed and robbed people.

However, such people usually bullied the weak and feared the strong. When they encountered a tough opponent, it was very easy for them to fail. However, rogue cultivators who were much weaker than them did not have much to profit.

Therefore, many rogue cultivators started to snatch people when they realized that they could not gain anything. The market for female cultivators was clearly much better than male cultivators.

This kind of scum usually spread some unreal information.

For example, a respected old granny in the cultivation world who was about to reach the end of her lifespan and did not have a successor planned to seek a fated cultivator to take in a disciple and entrust everything she had learned in her life, artifacts, and spirit stones.

However, her cultivation method was only suitable for women…

Jiang Li would hear such rumors every time he went to the cultivation market.

They did not want to deceive all the women. It was best if the ones who came were those not smart and weak female cultivators.

As long as she entered their trap, there was no chance of coming out.

"Don't worry, Big Brother is a Golden Core cultivator. Moreover, we have our own backing. The surrounding forces all enjoy the benefits we provide. No one will deliberately target us."

"As long as this group of female furnaces can satisfy the Old Lord of the West River and exchange for a bottle of Nascent Formation Pills from him, Boss will have a chance to step into the Nascent Soul realm. At that time, we will be a Nascent Soul faction. How can your benefits be less?"

Hearing the future that this second brother imagined, the other cultivators were very excited.

However, as they walked, they discovered something amiss.

"Second Brother, if I remember correctly, shouldn't there be a few mountains here?"

"Why has it become a swamp now? Did we go to the wrong place?"

A human trafficker curiously went forward and grabbed a handful of the mud in the swamp. Then, his eyes became terrified.

This was because the hand that he had grabbed the mud with had melted in front of his eyes. In just two blinks of the eye, not a single bone was left.

This was a poisonous swamp created by the poison of the Blue-Ring Dragon Headed Octopus. Just touching it was enough to kill these guys in half a day.

However, this was not the end. Jiang Li, who had his cultivation disturbed, had already appeared behind this group of human traffickers at some point in time.

There was a coffin floating beside Jiang Li. The lid of the coffin slid open, and countless roots surged out from the depths of the pitch-black coffin. This group of human traffickers did not have the slightest ability to resist before they were bound by the roots and dragged into the Yin Burial Space.

Being locked in a cage, a group of young female cultivators watched this scene in shock.

In their eyes, these dozen or so Core Formation and Foundation Establishment cultivators were already important figures that they could not resist.

But now, these important figures were all gone.

What appeared in front of them was a young and handsome male cultivator. He was wearing a Great Mountain embroidered robe, and his eyes revealed a mysterious color.

Jiang Li casually threw out a few leaves, and the heavy lock with the talisman paper on the cage was easily cut into two.

The few female cultivators should have asked for help or thanked him.

However, at this moment, they were only staring blankly at Jiang Li with reddish faces. They had even forgotten to come out of the cage.

Was this what it meant to have a hero saving damsels in distress? No! This was the descent of a god! This male cultivator must be the Dao Companion given to them by the heavens!

Images of ambiguity flashed through their minds, and their eyes almost popped out.

"You mentioned a human-eating demon before. Where did that demon appear? What does he look like?"

Jiang Li ignored their performance. He had seen this situation many times in the Great Mountain Alliance. After he obtained the Human Emperor's Blood Qi, his aura seemed even more noble, and the situation in the future should be even more severe.

Jiang Li did not have any woman in his heart. At this moment, he was more interested in what these female cultivators had said earlier.

The human-eating demon appeared right after he left.

After a series of detailed inquiries, the final result was not much different from what he had expected.

The location was the town where he and Yang Ruozhi separated more than 50 kilometers away. The demon they were talking about was a woman who looked very thin like a skeleton.

That woman attacked that town and ate all the human trafficking cultivators who stayed behind. That was why the few of them could escape.

Jiang Li understood that the person who did all this was obviously Yang Ruozhi who he had saved, or rather, Mu Yulan.

[Name: Mu Yulan]

[Gender: Female]

[Class: Cultivator]

[Level: Core Formation realm, True Core stage]

[Spiritual Root: High-grade Water attribute spiritual root]

[Status: Severely Injured, Dying, Possessed]

[Danger Level: None / Extremely Dangerous]

This was the information Jiang Li had obtained after he released an appraisal skill when he discovered the other party.

As the level of appraisal increased, the more information he could obtain.

However, the two segments of [Status: Severely Injured, Dying, Possessed] and [Danger Level: None / Extremely Dangerous] appeared a little strange.

Under the circumstances of being heavily injured and on the verge of death, in the evaluation of appraisal, this person actually had the ability to deal a fatal blow to Jiang Li.

To a Core Formation cultivator, this was practically impossible.

Unless she was hiding some ancient artifact. However, in the situation at that time, she did not even have two kilograms of flesh left, so how could she hide anything?

Then, the only possibility was the "possession" on her status bar.

It was not strange at all to be possessed by memories in the Ghost King Desolate Ground.

However, ghosts that could be appraised as extremely dangerous to Jiang Li were not ordinary people.

After she woke up, the name she lied about made Jiang Li understand most of it.

"The tablet of the eldest son, Du Xianzhu", "The tablet of the eldest daughter-in-law, Yang Ruozhi".

These were the two tablets that Jiang Li had seen in front of the coffin when he was tricked into the Ghost Bride's mansion earlier.

The tablet of Du Xianzhu was still in his hands.

Yang Ruozhi was the name of the Ghost King.

Such a coincidence was almost impossible.

The only explanation was that Ghost King Yang Ruozhi had suffered some serious injuries in the continuous battle.

Only by possessing Mu Yulan, who had a special physique and did not have any Yin lifespan, could they survive together.

It was precisely because of the existence of the Ghost King in her body that Mu Yulan was able to endure such a long time under that extreme state. Moreover, after she was saved by Jiang Li, she recovered so quickly.

As for why the other party did not forcefully attack Jiang Li, it was probably because when he came out of the Netherworld Illusion, he had used an extremely powerful Ghost Lantern Cold Flame that was very effective against ghosts.

It was probably because of this that the Ghost King did not dare to have any other thoughts towards Jiang Li when its body was weak.

In addition, it seemed that Mu Yulan was still the one controlling that body.

After a calamity, there would definitely be good fortune in the future. With such a "grandma" suddenly living in her body, Mu Yulan's rise was already unstoppable.

Jiang Li looked in the direction of the town and did not have the intention to go over and investigate.

Perhaps they would have a chance to meet again in the future.

At this moment, the Great Mountain Alliance Leader Token hanging on his waist suddenly shook.

Someone was contacting him.

He had only gone out alone for more than ten days. He did not expect that something would happen again.

The person who picked up the call was a hidden cultivator from the Great Mountain Alliance, one of Jiang Li's direct subordinates.

The first sentence that came from the token made Jiang Li solemn.

"Alliance Leader, our hometown has been targeted."

After understanding the situation, Jiang Li's brows could not help but frown tighter and tighter.

The news came from the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn that Jiang Li and Yan Hong had built single-handedly.

The ones who reported the news were a nest of rat spirits who had awakened their intelligence and a few demons who lived in mortal graves to steal tributes all year round.

After Jiang Li became the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, he used his position to open all the corners of the Great Mountain Region.

Every inn only required Foundation Establishment and even Qi Refinement realm cultivators to guard it. It only consumed required mortal food and residue of spirit mines. To Jiang Li, it was practically negligible.

During this period of time, the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn developed quite well.

In those mountains, among the tens of millions of small demons, they already had great prestige.

They were enthusiastic about selling information and small items to the inn.

After the stall was expanded, Jiang Li finally obtained a few treasures that were covered in dust.

Just the value of those few treasures was sufficient to offset all the previous purchase costs.

The inconspicuous small demons in every corner of the Great Mountain Region also formed a complete and difficult to detect information network.

After all, who would be suspicious of a rat running past the street?

Even if he became suspicious and killed that rat, Jiang Li still had thousands of snakes, insects, rats, and ants as his eyes.

It was impossible for a cultivator to capture and kill every living thing he saw by the roadside.

A few days ago, this nest of rats witnessed the massacre of a mortal village.

In the following days, similar events were transmitted.

At first, they were not valued. It was not until the intelligence personnel trained by Yan Hong discovered the abnormality when they sorted out the information that they reported it to Jiang Li.

According to the description of the small demons, the characteristics of the culprits were very uniform. They were a group of human cultivators in red.

The disappearance of a mortal village was actually not worth mentioning in this era.

This was the result of an ordinary bandit massacre.

However, for several days in a row, the same thing happened continuously. The distance between the locations of the events was not something that mortals could cross.

Most importantly, the Red-Robed Blood Saber's outfit was basically the symbol of the Eastern Region's Myriad Slaughter Sect.

At the very least, according to the current situation of the Great Mountain Alliance, there was no such group of rogue cultivators who liked to kill people and wore red.

Therefore, it was very likely that they were the scouts of the Myriad Slaughter Sect.

"The Myriad Slaughter Sect is indeed preparing to attack."

The Myriad Slaughter Sect, which had obtained the Blood King Crown previously, finally defeated the innocent cultivation world that was similar to the Great Mountain Region with an overwhelming advantage and stirred up a miserable massacre there.

It was said that during that period of time, it did not rain much in the entire Eastern Region, because all the dark clouds were gathered at the scene of the slaughter.

However, the lightning tribulation under such circumstances still did not kill Supremacy Myriad Slaughter. Later on, some people even said that the cultivation level of the person wearing the Blood King Crown had improved greatly.

Now, due to the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm, or because the Blood King Crown's master recognition ceremony required more innocent lives and sacrifices, the Demon Sect that enjoyed killing was targeting the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

Jiang Li had brought the Great Mountain Alliance into the Eastern Region to resist that colossus.

They could not let the Great Mountain Region repeat its mistakes!

He put away the coffin and stepped on the flying sword to rise into the air. He transformed into a stream of light and disappeared in the direction of the Great Mountain Region.