"What do you want me to do?"

Wen Huizhou had already realized that something was amiss. However, he was at the mercy of others and did not have much choice.

Jiang Li also told him the alliance's plan very bluntly. After all, if this plan did not have Pavilion Master Wen's cooperation, it would actually be of no value.

The more Pavilion Master Wen listened, the uglier his expression became. This plan would not let him die immediately, but if he did this, he would be stabbing the Myriad Slaughter Sect in the back.

If the Myriad Slaughter Sect knew about this, he would be in deep trouble.

Not to mention the Myriad Slaughter Sect, even the Immortal Ascension Pavilion could not tolerate him.

"No, I can't agree. If I do this, the entire Immortal Ascension Pavilion will offend the Myriad Slaughter Sect. I, Wen Huizhou, will definitely not be a traitor to the sect."

When he thought about the feeling of being surrounded by enemies, his scalp went numb.

"Merchants pursue profits. You should know the price of rejection."

"We still hope that Pavilion Master Wen can consider it carefully."

At this moment, a golden seal enlarged in the sky, enveloping the entire Immortal Ascension Pavilion. It smashed down with a huge wind pressure.

Wen Huizhou felt that the surrounding space was sealed. He could not even move a step.

The simple and unadorned Ancient Dust Sword slowly flew over from outside and floated in front of him. The edge of the sword pointed at the space between Pavilion Master Wen's brows.

With the combination of the Square Heaven Seal and the Ancient Dust Sword, it was very difficult to find an opponent in the entire Great Mountain Region, causing him to instantly become a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Even though he was a Soul Formation cultivator, he still felt the aura of death at this moment.

As the Pavilion Master, he had a life-saving artifact on him. If he sacrificed that artifact, he was confident that he could temporarily escape from the edge of the sword.

However, outside, a group of monks knocked on the wooden fish. Heavy Buddhist chanting transformed into golden words that covered the sky. Clearly, they had already made full preparations and did not give him any chance to escape.

He was really not good at fighting. Under such circumstances, he did not have the confidence to escape.

"Actually, Pavilion Master Wen won't suffer any losses. You only provided some information to the Myriad Slaughter Sect."

"You didn't lie to them. The failure of the Blood Saber Guards is only because of bad luck. As long as you do well, no one will know what happened today."

Jiang Li continued to persuade him tirelessly. Under the pressure of death, the determination in Wen Huizhou's heart continuously collapsed.

To a businessman who had been weighing his gains and losses his entire life, loyalty was actually not important.

Compared to his life, there were still some things that he could give up.

"Alright, I agree! Can you take these weapons back now?"

"Pavilion Master Wen, don't be anxious. These few guys have committed a heinous crime by slaughtering the people of our Great Mountain Region. Why don't you punish them on the spot?"

Wen Huizhou looked at the heavily injured Blood Blade Guards of the Myriad Slaughter Sect who were thrown into the room and gritted his teeth. This time, he was going to be forced to choose a side.

These were the few Blood Saber Guards that they had captured after attacking another group of the Myriad Slaughter Sect according to the information.

As for Wen Huizhou, he needed to kill them as his proof of allegiance.

Otherwise, how could Jiang Li and the others work with him in peace?

Unwillingly, Wen Huizhou personally killed these few Blood Saber Guards and was recorded by the high-grade jade slip.

If not for the increasing difficulty of parasitizing high-level cultivators with the spiritual root seed, Jiang Li really wanted to turn this person into one of his own.


A few days later, the Immortal Ascension Pavilion announced that an auction was about to be held in the pavilion. The auction item would be an unprecedented Earth-rank artifact.

Earth-rank artifacts were extremely rare in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

As soon as this news was out, the leaders of the various large factions rushed to participate in the auction.

It was said that the leaders of the three major sects who would only appear in major events in the Great Mountain Region had all appeared in the Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

In the Misty Mountain Range, for some reason, there were suddenly several large-scale demon beast attacks.

The three great sects were forced to send people to assist them again.

Nearly half of their people were sent to the Mechanism City at the edge of the Eastern Region. A portion followed the Sect Master to the Immortal Ascension Pavilion to participate in the auction, and a portion even ran to the Misty Mountain Range to guard against demon beasts of unknown origins.

These consecutive events immediately caused the three great sects to lose 70-80% of their manpower.

This was especially true for Shu Mountain, which had an extremely high threshold for accepting disciples and had always been short-handed. At this moment, the mountain gate had fallen into an unprecedented emptiness.

At this moment, a group of more than 200 bloody-clothed cultivators approached silently under the cover of some kind of stealth spell technique.

"Hmph, a small place is a small place. The news of an Earth-rank artifact being auctioned has tricked all their leaders away. How laughable."

"Hehe, they don't even know about the Demon Luring Powder. How can they have seen an Earth-rank artifact? When they return, they'll discover that their sect has been destroyed. I think they won't have the courage to resist our sect anymore."

It turned out that the false auction of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion and the attack by the demon beasts in the Misty Mountain Range were all their doing.

Sects like the Myriad Slaughter Sect were either in war or on the path to war. They had fought all year round and had all kinds of sinister and cunning methods.

These demonic sects were not only strong, but they were also smart. If not for the fact that the Immortal Ascension Pavilion had reached an agreement with them, if they faced such an attack without knowing anything, just this group of people's guerrilla warfare would be able to turn the Great Mountain Region upside down.

"However, such an immortal mountain can actually appear in a small place like the Great Mountain Region. It's really a waste to give it to these rural cultivators."

"According to the information from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion's Wen Huizhou, the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak is the strongest and longest-standing faction in the Great Mountain Region."

"If there are any powerful cultivators hidden in the Great Mountain Region, the greatest possibility is here."

"Apart from that, in the middle of these five mountains, there's also a place called the Demon Subduing Pagoda where demonic cultivators and demons are imprisoned. As long as we release those guys inside, the entire Great Mountain Region will be in chaos."

"At that time, if they can't even take care of themselves, they won't have the ability to stop the blade of our Myriad Slaughter Sect. This will be extremely helpful in attacking the Great Mountain Region in the future."

They were actually not wrong about this. A large number of powerful demon beasts and demonic cultivators were imprisoned under the Demon Subduing Pagoda, especially on the ninth level that even Jiang Li had not gone to. Once the thing inside escaped, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Saber 13, Saber 14. You guys go."

They chatted for a moment on the spot before a Soul Formation cultivator ordered the two of them who looked the most friendly.

After the two people received the order, they sneered and consumed a medicinal pill each.

Then, the aura on their bodies quickly fell, falling from the Nascent Soul realm to the Core Formation realm.

At the same time, the bloody aura on their bodies was also concealed. After changing their clothes, they really looked harmless.

Of course, if that was all, the people of Shu Mountain were not fools.

The leader waved his hand and dragged a female cultivator over from behind.

There were many wounds on the female cultivator's white clothes, and most of her body was dyed red with blood. On her left chest, there was a small water-blue sword embroidered.

It was actually a Shu Mountain disciple they had captured alive. This was the way they had tricked the Shu Mountain Sect.

Saber 13 and Saber 14 flew towards the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak from both sides.

After approaching the edge of the array, they landed on the ground and shouted loudly at the mountain peak.

This abnormality quickly attracted the attention of the patrolling disciples. When they saw this scene, they hurriedly came over.

From afar, they saw that their junior sister was heavily injured. They did not care about anything else and directly opened the mountain gate and landed beside them.

"What's going on! Why is Junior Sister Qingluo so heavily injured?"

"We met this junior sister on the way. She was injured by a villain. Fortunately, we arrived in time and saved her."

The Shu Mountain disciples of Water and Wood attributes immediately started treating her. The other three looked at the two unfamiliar cultivators and asked.

"Why is Junior Sister Qingluo alone? Where are the other fellow disciples?"

The patrolling sword cultivators were very vigilant and did not believe their words directly.

He looked at the saber injuries on Junior Sister Qing Luo's body and then looked at the sabers on their bodies, and he became suspicious.

However, just as they finished speaking, a hissing sound suddenly sounded from Qing Luo's body. Their expressions changed and they immediately recognized that someone had hidden a trap talisman in her clothes.

The few Shu Mountain disciples no longer cared about the gender difference. They tore off the green conch disciple robe and threw the trap talisman into the distance.

With a bang, the air wave exploded twenty steps away from them, blowing them until their figures were unstable and they could only protect the heavily injured Qingluo with all their might.

However, the crisis did not end. What followed were two sharp blood sabers!

How could they resist a Nascent Soul realm blood saber? The five patrolling disciples were instantly sent flying into the distance.

The Blood Saber Guard stretched out his hand and took out a token fragment from each of the five patrolling disciples.

After combining the five fragments, he used his spiritual qi to activate the token. A five-colored spiritual light landed on the Shu Mountain barrier, immediately opening a door that could allow several people to pass.

The explosion just now was not small. The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was shocked. Hundreds of flying swords rose from the various mountains in succession, trying to force the invaders back.

However, it was already too late. More than 200 blood-colored figures were exposed not far away, quickly rushing over.

The two people in the lead even flickered twice before crossing this distance and stepping into the door.

The two of them brandished their sabers at the same time. Two crossed blood-colored slashes swelled in the air as they faced the hundred flying swords.

These flying swords struck out in a hurry and were unable to form a sword formation. They were easily destroyed by the two Soul Formation realm attacks.

Some of the flying swords were directly destroyed by the blood light. The sword cultivators controlling the swords immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

"Hahaha, how can this be considered the strongest sect? It's really too weak!"

"If the two of us directly take down this Great Mountain, how do you think the Sect Master will reward us?"

"Haha, it might be an Earth-rank artifact!"

"Blood Saber Guards! Charge!"

They could not wait to rush towards the center of the five mountains.

At this moment, on the Earth Sword Peak and Water Sword Peak, two Soul Formation sword cultivators flew out and blocked in front of them.

However, these two attributes could not work together, and they were not good at fighting.

It was precisely because they were not good at fighting that they were left behind in the sect and did not go out. Now that they were facing these two enemies, they could only brace themselves and come out to fight.

If there was no sword cultivator of this level to stop them, they might even be suspicious.

However, now that they were counterattacked, it made them feel relieved. They had to break through the number one sect of the Great Mountain Region today no matter what!

The two sides began to collide. The Myriad Slaughter Sect was indeed worthy of being one of the top large-scale demonic sects in the Divine Judgment Hall. As soon as they arrived, they suppressed the two sword cultivators with their monstrous blood sabers.

The Blood Saber Guards behind even pounced forward, killing the empty and short-handed Shu Mountain soldiers and scattering in all directions.

Without Sword Head Shenshan around, they were unable to activate the array's defense. The hundreds of them did not have the advantage at all in the mountain gate.

It was as if they had lost their past ambitions. When they encountered enemies, they only resisted for a moment before abandoning the mountain and fleeing, causing these Blood Saber Guards to be filled with confidence.

"This Shu Mountain is only so-so. This Great Mountain Region is only a motley crew. Looks like this war will be much easier than before."

They laughed and broke through the defense. The two Shu Mountain Soul Formation sword cultivators were also forced back by the blade light. They could only watch as this group of demonic cultivators rushed to the most important place of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.

In the middle of the five sword peaks, the Blood Saber Guards of the Myriad Slaughter Sect finally saw the Demon Subduing Pagoda that Wen Huizhou had told him about.

The defensive array formation was so tight. It seemed that Wen Huizhou was not lying to him.

As long as they broke through the Demon Subduing Pagoda below, their mission would be successfully completed.

However, at this moment, a sense of fear inexplicably appeared in their hearts.

Some of the sword cultivators fought desperately just now, while others fled in fear. Why did all of this come to a sudden stop?

They felt gazes on them.

On the five sword mountains, there were at least 3,000 sword cultivators who appeared from nowhere and looked at them quietly.

They looked at the two Soul Formation sword cultivators who had been sent flying by the blood saber.

The water attribute sword cultivator was casting a spell technique to heal the earth attribute sword cultivator.

They were a little puzzled now. Weren't they about to attack the fatal weakness here? Why weren't they risking their lives to stop the attackers?

Something was amiss!

The strange situation now meant that… they might have fallen into a trap!

Sure enough, the next moment, the weather changed. The five sword mountains around them emitted a dense light.

Strands of sword qi rose from the five sword mountains, quickly forming thousands of light swords in the air.

The tens of thousands of five-colored light swords formed a super-large Five Elements Sword Formation in the air and surrounded them.

Sword Head Shenshan, who they thought was still in the Immortal Ascension Pavilion, was holding the Ancient Dust Sword and standing on the Fire Element Peak. He and the other four Peak Masters were activating the Shu Mountain Sword Light Array with all their might.

Due to his decision, a few patrolling disciples had died. This made Sword Head Shenshan feel guilty and he blamed himself while feeling furious. These guys had to pay the price!