The altar was personally activated by the Evil Eye High Priest. Countless precious materials were thrown into it and sent to the continent of the Nine Provinces regardless of the expenditure.

Behind it, 200 small Evil Eyes, the previously seen succubi, and another transparent octopus-like creature were squeezed together.

They were gifts prepared for Jiang Li by the Blood Fighting Arena.

On the continent of the Nine Provinces, Jiang Li was currently diving.

After bidding farewell to his fellow disciples, he came alone to the Mother River that had already transformed into a swamp after experiencing several great battles.

In the center of this place was a bottomless hole left behind by the huge Nine Nether Wood when it fled.

At this moment, the deep cave was already filled with river water. The entrance was even covered by the layers of seals of the three major sects.

What Jiang Li wanted to do next was really not something anyone else could learn of. In fact, it was not inferior to the Hundred Tempering Mountain that everyone wanted to kill back then.

Therefore, he had to find a hidden and stable place to do it.

With the Alliance Leader Token, he opened a temporary gap in the seal and swam in.

Inside was endless darkness.

He shot out a spiritual light to illuminate the area. The strong light that was enough to blind people in the murky water could not spread far.

Jiang Li could only use the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra as underwater sound as he slowly explored downwards.

In this deep hole, there were many Yin Corpses left behind from back then. After smelling the smell of living people, they swam towards Jiang Li.

However, the current Jiang Li was no longer afraid of monsters of that level.

With a wave of his hand, a patch of water grass spread out under the water. The dense water grass intertwined with each other. Even if a water dragon came, it would not be so easy to break free, let alone a group of weak Yin Corpses.

Jiang Li continued to go deeper. After reaching a depth of more than ten thousand feet, he created a platform on the stone wall beside him.

He placed the coffin on it and directly entered.

After passing through that small portion of darkness, what entered his sight was not the spider lily sea carefree grassland that Jiang Li was familiar with.

In here, peddlers were bustling, travelers were in a hurry, brothels were busy, and the academy was bustling with scholars.

In the Yin Burial Space, it was a bustling human city.

After obtaining the carefree grass, Jiang Li quickly cultivated it to the same level as the spider lily.

Under the combined effect of these two types of Netherworld spiritual plants, Jiang Li's coffin space really became like the Netherworld Illusion.

As long as ghosts entered this place, they would be affected, removing the negative emotions of those ghosts and turning back into ordinary humans.

After that, Qin Shuman spent a lot of effort to build another city's illusion space here.

The mortals inside were all played by ghost soldiers, and the houses were all formed from the Nine Nether Yin Wood.

As long as the difference in cultivation was not too great, at a glance, it was as if they had really entered a bustling human city.

In the center of this city, the half Buddha, half Demon Thousand Hands Divine Statue clone was sitting on a black lotus, floating in the air and emitting an even brighter light.

The Thousand Hands Divine Statue opened its mouth, and a pillar of light shone out and landed in front of the clone.

In the pillar of light, all kinds of precious materials from the Asura World appeared from time to time.

The blood crystals equivalent to spirit stones in the Nine Provinces Continent quickly piled up into a small mountain.

There were also strange things like the Red Sand Jade, White Bone bricks, and hot insect shells.

Jiang Li, who could observe the situation on both sides at the same time, discovered that the number of materials that appeared from the statue clone was only 20-30% of the materials invested in the Asura World.

The remaining parts were all lost in the spatial crack between the two worlds during the teleportation.

It could be seen that even now, the cost of such cross-border communication was very high.

Then, with a thought from Jiang Li, the clone released the authority within and started to actively communicate with the altar of the Asura World.

The red pillar of light in front of him suddenly enlarged. Threads of black lightning that were produced by spatial fluctuations flickered continuously around the pillar of light.

This meant that the passage on both sides had already expanded to the limit of tolerance in the continent of the Nine Provinces, which was enough for living beings to cross.

In the underground blood pool, the first Evil Eye was wrapped by the High Priest's Psychic power and thrown into the blood-colored pillar on the altar.

The huge eyeball the size of a basketball with tentacles blurred before completely disappearing from the Asura World.

After a few breaths, a ball of blood mud suddenly spat out from the pillar of light in front of the statue clone. A few tentacles landed on the ground and twisted a few times unwillingly.

Under the circumstances that it did not directly tear open the spatial barrier, not to mention the high energy expenditure, the success rate was still quite low.

This Evil Eye was not very lucky. It was directly shattered by the power of space and turned into a meaningless pile of mud.

This was also why those monsters were afraid. If they died outside the Asura World, they would not be able to transform into blood eggs to be reborn.

However, it was obvious that the people in the Blood Fighting Arena were already mentally prepared.

It was only a lone person like Jiang Li who had to be thrifty.

How could a rich person like the Great Asura Vemacitrin care about this?

Ten? A hundred? As long as they could successfully send their people here to build an altar and prepare for the invasion of the 'Lamb World', everything would be worth it.

One, two, three, seven, eight, nine.

Jiang Li's eyes lit up when he saw the ninth Evil Eye.

Although a small half of the Evil Eye's body had been torn off by the spatial fluctuation, there was no doubt that it still retained the aura of life and could be saved.

Jiang Li stepped forward and grabbed the Evil Eye that was the size of a basketball, and he directly soaked it in a barrel of human blood.

This was only the blood of an ordinary mortal, but human blood was a real supplement to Asura.

Soaked in human blood, the Evil Eye's incomplete body wriggled and quickly grew and healed.

The effect was much better than soaking it in the blood of madness.

The Nine Provinces Continent and the Asura World seemed to be irreconcilable enemies, but the creatures of the two worlds seemed to be complementary in another aspect.

However, the secret behind this was not something that a small Alliance Leader like Jiang Li could understand.

He rummaged around and could not find the mouthpiece of this Evil Eye.

According to the yaksha clone's understanding, this Evil Eye Race in the Asura World should be a completely abnormal creature.

They were probably similar to mayflies. After transforming into grown bodies, they would not need to eat or grow mouthparts.

However, this was not a problem for Jiang Li. He violently stuffed a spiritual root seed that did not contain any spiritual qi into the wound where the Evil Eye was still growing.

Although it hurt a little, the final effect was the same.

Jiang Li had done an experiment before.

The Nine Nether Wood was indeed worthy of being a Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth. Its seeds could take root and grow in the bodies of Asura World creatures.

However, because the content of the Asura World creatures was not spiritual qi, they could not store any spiritual qi in the seed.

Otherwise, the seed would be crippled because of the collision of spiritual qi and the power of chaos.

Without enough spiritual qi, the spiritual root seed could also take root.

They would be like the 2,000 children of the Southern Seal Kingdom back then, absorbing the mental and physical lives of their hosts as nutrients and slowly growing.

The speed was slower than spiritual qi and because of the power of chaos in his body after taking root, the artificial spiritual root produced could not be used to cultivate.

Fortunately, Jiang Li did not expect them to cultivate spiritual qi.

As long as he could turn these Asura World creatures into trusted allies, he would be satisfied.

Jiang Li had been waiting beside the statue. As long as any living creature came out, he would quickly plant the seed.

This time, the ones teleported over were all relatively smart races in the Asura World.

They grasped a completely different subclass energy knowledge system from the Nine Provinces Continent. Every single one of them was a treasure to Jiang Li.

They would be responsible for building altar-like buildings like the Karma Cleansing Lotus that were enough to open the spatial crack.

However, other than that, the Asura World also had extremely high-level rune refinement methods.

If he could master that portion of knowledge in his hands and combine it with the methods of the Nine Provinces Continent, perhaps he could collide with some surprising sparks.

They guarded in front of the pillar of light, avoiding the flesh and mud from time to time before welcoming the next monster.

The success rate of teleportation was less than one tenth. Moreover, it was impossible to teleport. The faction surpassed human Core Formation creatures.

The Blood Fighting Arena had prepared 1,200 monsters this time. Among them, there were 500 Evil Eyes, 500 Spirit Absorbing Monsters, and 200 Succubi.

They were all talents who had received high-level memories.

However, only 103 of them successfully teleported to Jiang Li.

Most of them were still heavily injured and on the verge of death, needing Jiang Li to save them.

He had to pay extra attention to the lucky ones who were lightly injured or even unscathed as only a portion of the unimportant organs had been swept away.

Facing that kind of demonic creature, Jiang Li could not completely use force.

The Evil Eye High Priest was very suspicious and was always wary of Jiang Li.

It had specially instructed these suicide squad members that once they teleported over alive, they would immediately send back the scene in front of them.

In order to make that High Priest believe in him more, Jiang Li had even spent a lot of effort to construct this illusion city to temporarily deceive them.

Otherwise, they would notice the abnormality at a glance and turn their heads to report to the other side. Jiang Li's little trick would be immediately exposed.

Fortunately, the targets were not strong enough to be fooled by Jiang Li. This was also why he dared to really receive the Asura World.

In the end, "Jiang Li", the City Lord, even drank a bottle of blood of madness in front of them and became half-human and half Asura. Only then did the Evil Eye High Priest nod in satisfaction.

Of course, this scene was actually staged by the sword cultivator clone.

He had already drunk the blood of madness. It was not a big deal to drink more now.

After this teleportation ended, Jiang Li immediately turned hostile and controlled them. He stuffed spiritual root seeds into their bodies and would only let them work after the spiritual root seed grew.

With this group of demons as his backers, Jiang Li could openly ask for more things from the Blood Fighting Arena. He could repair the Karma Cleansing Lotus and strengthen the Divine Statue clone. All of them could be reimbursed from the public funds and did not need Jiang Li's own expenditure.

Of course, Jiang Li was not a person who did not keep his word. As long as the time was ripe, he might really open a spatial crack for those Asuras and launch a cross world invasion.


In the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Prefecture, in the Rock Mountain Range, Blackstone City.

This was originally the largest cultivation city in the cultivation world of the Rock Mountain Range. The entire city was formed by a hard black stone. Even without relying on defensive array formations, the cannon fire of the warship and flying ship could not destroy any of the residences inside.

However, such a city no longer had a master.

There were originally millions of residents inside, but now, less than 10% were left. The originally sturdy black stone house had now become a cage that they could not escape from.

In a large square in the center of Blackstone City, there was a huge Black Scaled Snake that was nearly 2,000 feet long. Under the sunlight, the scales on the snake's body emitted a charming luster like jade.

Any cultivator from the Rock Mountain Range would recognize it as the guardian spirit beast that they had once worshiped as a deity.

At this moment, a cultivator of the Myriad Slaughter Sect hurriedly ran to the snake and reported the latest news respectfully.

"Oh? All fifteen Blood Saber Guards died?"

A moment later, this sentence came from the black snake's stomach.

Then, a skinning saber suddenly pierced out of the snake's stomach. After drawing a huge gap horizontally, a noble and calm man walked out.

His clothes were gorgeous and had a hint of nobility. There was also a strange blood-red crown on his head.

It was the Earth-rank artifact that had appeared at the Myriad Sun Building's auction and was auctioned off, the Blood King Crown.

The man who walked out of the snake's stomach was the Sect Master of the Myriad Slaughter Sect, Wu Fan.

He was a man who had killed countless people and made people tremble in fear. Even after experiencing several heavenly tribulations, he was still alive.

"Sect Master, the disciples of the Life Token Pavilion reported that only three of the 300 life tokens of the Blood Saber Guards sent to the Great Mountain Region are intact."

"As for the tokens of the thirteen Blood Saber Guards, they shattered in a short period of time."

"Should we send the second batch of Blood Saber Guards over?"

The cultivator passing the information trembled in fear.

If the Sect Master was unhappy, it was not impossible to skin him on the spot.

Fortunately, Wu Fan was in a good mood recently. He still looked indifferent as he listened to the report. He casually put the skinning knife aside.

The female cultivator serving at the side immediately stepped forward and poured out a jade bottle in her hand. Clear spring water immediately poured out endlessly, causing Sect Master Wu to carefully and elegantly wash away the dirty blood on his hand.

Even the Sect Master of the Myriad Slaughter Sect, who was renowned throughout the cultivation world of the Eastern Region as a butcher, would seriously maintain hand hygiene.

"Since they're dead, forget it."

"The group of cultivators from the Rock Mountain Range have not been very obedient recently."

"Tell them that if they can conquer the Great Mountain Region, their families will be safe and sound."