Jiang Li actually felt a little strange from the beginning.

For a treasure of the level of the Dragon Pearl, no matter who held it in their hands, it should not be too much to value it immensely.

Even if that Holy Spirit Snake had a good relationship with the Huyan Clan, it should not have agreed to let any random person bring a snake scale over to obtain its most important treasure.

This was really not in line with a biological instinct.

After that, Jiang Li noticed that the forces left behind in the Myriad Snake Cave were truly too weak.

There were only two snake demons equivalent to the Nascent Soul realm left.

With such strength, they could not even stop Jiang Li. If they were targeted by other forces or demon beasts, wouldn’t they be wiped out?

Either the Holy Spirit Snake was not smart enough to make such a decision, or, the Holy Spirit Snake had other special reasons.

For example, after reincarnation, its strength would greatly decrease for a certain period of time.

It was afraid of the backlash of the other powerful snake demons, so it deliberately brought all the experts out of the Myriad Snake Cave.

It only left two snake demons that it could deal with even when it was weak.

If they won the war, that would naturally be for the best.

However, if it died, the other powerful snake demons would die with it.

This way, when it reincarnated, it could guarantee the greatest success rate.

From the beginning, the red-robed Snake Lady was clearly unwilling to help the Holy Spirit reincarnate. If other powerful snake demons still existed, they might have already used methods to destroy the scale.

After all, it was a cold-blooded animal. It was normal for the Holy Spirit to have such considerations.

In order to allow its remnant soul to successfully return to the Myriad Snake Cave Holy Land, he should have set up many backup plans with the help of the Dragon Pearl for the reincarnation ceremony.

The token scale in Jiang Li’s hand was one of them.

After all, if the Holy Spirit died, who would reject the temptation of a Dragon Pearl?

No matter who held that scale, they would do everything they could to go to the Holy Land and obtain this Holy Spirit’s inheritance.

However, in reality, everything was meant to benefit this huge snake.

The plan was very good, but it unfortunately met Jiang Li.

Alliance Leader Jiang was here to ask for his reward. He would not allow a snake to trick him.

Therefore, after discovering the trickery, he directly played along with the Holy Spirit, letting it think that the plan had succeeded and opening the black-white snake ring itself.

Then, just before it relaxed, he directly sent out this killer weapon, the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame.

In the snake egg, one could vaguely see a small black snake shadow struggling painfully in the black and white flames.

This was the first time Jiang Li had seen a soul body last for so long under the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame.

After the battle with the large Nine Nether Wood in the Mother River all those years ago, a trace of white had appeared on Jiang Li’s Ghost Lantern Cold Flame, and it started to transform and evolve into an unknown domain.

Later on, relying on the nourishment of the Ghost Lantern Fish that had died in the underwater graveyard and the accumulation of burning souls in some battles, the white portion of the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame became larger and larger. Now, it had even exceeded 90%.

Now, burning the remnant soul of the Holy Spirit in the reincarnation snake egg, the remaining black portion also began to quickly change.

This was the last bit of the Holy Spirit’s soul.

However, the original level of the Holy Spirit was too high. In the case of human cultivators, it was a mighty figure above the Soul Formation realm.

Moreover, this bit of soul was also its essence.

The nutrients obtained from burning this incomplete soul were naturally extraordinary.

Under Jiang Li’s expectant gaze, his Ghost Lantern Cold Flame finally turned completely white.

Right after the last trace of black vanished, Jiang Li could sense that some miraculous changes had occurred in his Ghost Lantern Cold Flame.

Its might had become stronger, and it was practically several times stronger than the black cold flame. This was within Jiang Li’s expectations, so he was not too surprised.

However, the pale white Ghost Lantern Cold Flame seemed to have some additional abilities.

For example, it could be used like this.

The pale white flames suddenly deformed like dough, and it formed a chain that Jiang Li was familiar with. It entered deep into the snake egg and captured the snake soul that had yet to dissipate, and then he exerted a slight force to pull it out.

The infinitely small Holy Spirit Snake was bound by the white flame chains. It twisted quickly like a loach, but no matter what, it could not struggle free.

Previously, the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame could only adhere to objects or form a fireball. Now, it could be easily molded and used more conveniently.

In addition, this flame seemed to be able to fuse with an additional spiritual body to give it spirituality, causing the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame to have a fire spirit that could make it stronger.

If this was any other time, Jiang Li would have to consider who to make into the fire spirit carefully.

But now, what could be a better choice than the Holy Spirit of the Rock Mountain Range?

After the flames that had turned into chains dissipated, it formed a furnace again, trapping the black snake phantom within and continuing to slowly refine it.

Jiang Li had always been a fair person. Since he had made the other party lose the chance to reincarnate, he naturally had to find another way to save the Holy Spirit’s life.

Following him would definitely not be bad in the future.

“You! You! How dare you attack the Holy Spirit!”

“Wait! You’re not from Blackstone City!”

Jiang Li put away the white cold flames. The two large snakes that he locked up in the blood-colored arena still looked in disbelief.

They had originally hoped that after the Holy Spirit was resurrected, they could teach this human a lesson. However, who would have thought that things would take a turn for the worse? A strange white flame directly destroyed everything.

Jiang Li could not be bothered to pay attention to them. After he forcefully fed them a spiritual root seed each, he threw them into the coffin.

In a few days, he would become the Holy Spirit they worshiped.

As for Jiang Li, he carried the clean reincarnation egg that no longer had a soul and placed it on a stone platform behind the door.

The trigger condition of this Reincarnation Stone Platform was indeed this snake egg that had fused with the snake scale.

After the snake egg was placed on it, a ray of light immediately scattered down from above. A fist-sized golden pearl appeared from the light and was about to enter the snake egg.

It was this pearl that brought Jiang Li extreme pressure.

The treasure of the dragon race that had been passed down from ancient times was still dazzling to this day.

Reaching out to catch the pearl, the Dragon Pearl immediately flashed with a brilliant light.

The skin and muscles on Jiang Li’s palm disappeared in a short few breaths, leaving only a bone that was connected to the tendons and muscles.

It was not until the dragon blood in Jiang Li’s body flowed out and stuck to the pearl that the dragon treasure slowly calmed down.

Powerful treasures had always been difficult to control. If one touched the dragon pearl without the dragon race bloodline, the entire right arm would probably disappear.

The flesh and blood on his hand quickly recovered to its original state, and Jiang Li looked at this Dragon Pearl with an excited expression.

This pearl seemed to be a good material to use as the core of his Core Formation!

After putting away the snake egg and Dragon Pearl, Jiang Li tore down this Reincarnation Stone Platform and ran to the door behind him to dismantle the black-white snake ring.

Although these two things had only one function, they were also rare good things. After going back and studying them thoroughly, they might be useful someday.

After plundering this, he stared at the snake eggs on the ground.

Alliance Leader Jiang never left empty-handed. He also picked some high-quality items and placed them in the coffin.

After cleaning up the place, he was satisfied and prepared to leave.

The strength in Jiang Li’s body had already accumulated to the limit. It was time to find a place to break through to Core Formation.

Unfortunately, he had not found the location of the Nine Nether Wood’s old home, the Back Yin Mountain, and could not go there to break through.

However, after seeing the size of the world in the Eastern Region, he also understood that a dangerous domain of that level was not suitable for him to explore.

Jiang Li’s accumulation was actually quite sufficient. What he needed now was a place where he could accumulate his strength.

After some thought, there was indeed such a place.

Jiang Li took out a jade box from the coffin. After opening the box, two clean finger bones appeared.

Apart from the key items that might guide the Fire Cloud Cave and the Green Mountain, the two finger bones of the last Human Emperor and the Human Emperor’s Empress were also a key.

It was a key that could be used to return to their favorite place.

With a wave of his hand, the spiritual qi of the Illusory Art Life Record surged into the two fingers.

Jiang Li had once consumed Qin Shuman’s Ghost Core and retained the corresponding status. In theory, he was now an illusion expert.

A layer of misty illusion halo spread out from the two fingers. One could vaguely see a gorgeous building that towered into the sky.

It was the Star Tower built by King Zhou.

Of course, this was only an illusion.

However, if it was matched with the three lifetime stone that could summon the Netherworld Illusion, the situation would be different.

Jiang Li took out the spirit tablet of the groom, Du Xianzhu.

Before this unlucky fellow could even realize what had happened, Jiang Li had dug out the three lifetime stone that was embedded in its base.

This was also part of the gains from his previous trip to Fengdu City.

Jiang Li walked into the illusion and crushed the three lifetime stone.

Then, in the next moment, a familiar feeling arose. Jiang Li’s body seemed to have fallen into a bottomless pool, and he kept sinking towards the bottom. When he recovered from his shock, he was already in the vast world of stars and standing before the Star Tower.

When Jiang Li was dismantling the things earlier, he had also considered the structural stability of the building. Although he had taken away many things like bricks, planks, and nails, this place was still firm.

He reached the top again. Unfortunately, there was no additional reward this time.

It was really too difficult to retain some useful things from the ancient times. It was already extremely lucky to have the gains from before.

Jiang Li was not very disappointed, nor was he in a hurry to reach the Core Formation realm.

Before that, he still had to make some preparations.

He threw out the coffin.

The sword cultivator clone walked out of the coffin with a round and delicious Nine Nether Earth Fruit in his hand.

This was a precious Earth Fruit that contained a fire attribute Golden Core cultivation.

As long as he ate it, theoretically speaking, even a Qi Refinement cultivator could advance to the Golden Core realm in a short period of time.

After consuming the Earth Fruit, the clone sat cross-legged on the ground. His aura rose and spiritual qi condensed around him.

In his body, the surface of the Liquor Fire True Core quickly turned golden.

Previously, relying on the Soul Dissolution Liquor in the Fengdu City’s dungeon, the clone had already reached the peak of the True Core realm. After eating this spiritual fruit, he immediately broke through the bottleneck.

As Jiang Li continuously instilled pure spiritual qi into his clone, a few hours later, a golden light flashed in his eyes as the True Core transformed into a Golden Core.

With the help of the fruit from the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, it would be absurd if he could still fail.

The sword cultivator clone opened his mouth and spat out a shiny Liquor Fire Golden Core.

This Golden Core was also wrapped in sharp fire sword qi and a dense wine fragrance.

As a Golden Core cultivator’s essence, it was both the greatest strength and weakness.

To many Golden Core cultivators, spitting out a Golden Core was considered the strongest attack. However, if the Golden Core shattered, cultivators were very likely to die because of this.

Within the Golden Core was the path to the Great Dao for cultivators, so its importance was self-evident.

However, the Golden Core of the sword cultivator clone would probably be gone before he could even warm it up.

Jiang Li took out three beads of the same size but different color from the coffins.

They were the Nine Nether clone’s Yin-Yang Indestructible Zombie Golden Core, the Yaksha clone’s Asura Fallen Blood Core, and the Divine Statue clone’s Buddha Demon All Life Core.

Although the sword cultivator clone was Jiang Li’s earliest clone, due to his poor innate talent, he was only an ordinary genius sword cultivator.

There was a considerable gap between him and Jiang Li’s other three clones. Therefore, although he was born the earliest, his strength had always been the worst.

The cores of the other three clones had long been prepared. The sword cultivator clone was the slowest and had cultivated the Golden Core by relying on the Nine Nether Earth Fruit.

Jiang Li placed the four inner cores together. His plan was already very obvious. It was just to fuse with the Golden Cores.

Back then, when he saw Elder Duan Shuang fuse with the Yin-Yang Golden Core under the tribulation lightning, it had greatly broadened Jiang Li’s horizons.

Later on, Jiang Li had always experienced the power and effects of the Yin-Yang Golden Core. It was not until the Nine Nether clone had a Nascent Soul cultivation that this Golden Core was rendered useless.

Now that it was his turn, how could he not pursue greater heights?

Not only did Jiang Li want to fuse the Golden Core, but he also wanted to fuse five cores into one when he broke through to the Core Formation realm’s Golden Core stage!

Indeed, Alliance Leader Jiang Li had never considered the Void Core stage or the True Core stage.

The essence of these two realms was to have two more steps to allow the current generation cultivators who had insufficient accumulation to have more time to perfect their cultivation.

However, with Jiang Li’s accumulation, he could punch a Nascent Soul cultivator directly.

Once he reached the Core Formation realm, he would be at the Golden Core stage. There was not even a chance to slowly undergo the process.

After carefully checking the four inner cores and confirming that there was no problem, he placed them aside.

Jiang Li started to take out the other things he had prepared one by one.

A Dragon Pearl that he had just obtained.

A mature lotus pod wrapped in black and gold light.

A jar of Overlord-level blood of madness that had been completely neutralized by Ananda’s blood tears.

Two lamps burning with the fire of the human race.

A bowl of Soul Dissolution Liquor that would occasionally reflect wailing faces.