The originally filled Void Core shrunk inward, turning from illusory to corporeal, greedily absorbing all the energy of the outside world again.

Jiang Li was still unmoved, and he sat cross-legged on the spot silently.

This time, it took nine days.

Nine days later, the True Core was formed by a vast amount of top-grade dual-colored energy.

A moment later, another mottled golden light appeared on the True Core.

If it was anyone else, they would have broken through at the critical juncture of life and death. However, when it came to Jiang Li, everything happened naturally. He immediately began to transform his True Core into the Golden Core without any pause.

It could be seen that Jiang Li’s foundation and confidence were not without reason.

His True Core turned golden bit by bit. Jiang Li began to feel that his need for spiritual qi increased again.

Both the Void Core and True Core stages were mostly meant for accumulation.

As for the final Golden Core, it was a qualitative change. The difficulty naturally differed greatly.

In next to no time, the dual-colored energy demand in Jiang Li’s body swelled once more, and his entire body directly transformed into an energy black hole.

Even the 50 points of top-grade dual-colored energy that surged out of his body every second began to be insufficient.

When the energy was not enough, the Golden Core began to absorb his life force and lifespan to fill the gap.

He knew that the expenditure of the Golden Core’s qualitative change was very high. Many ordinary Core Formation cultivators could usually only elevate their Golden Core by 30% when breaking through.

The higher the golden-ratio of the Golden Core, the denser it was. This meant that the quality of the Golden Core was higher.

This was also an important way to differentiate the strength of Golden Core cultivators.

However, even Jiang Li did not expect the current situation. Was he breaking through to the Core Formation realm or the Soul Formation realm? Such absurd expenditure was unheard of.

If this continued, he would definitely die from getting sucked dry.

Fortunately, Jiang Li was sufficiently prepared in advance and could cheat his way through.

He shook the small bottle from before. He still had some Spirit Melting Liquid left.

After refining the spiritual liquid again, he directly doubled the two types of energy infusion status.

Top-grade dual-colored energy of 100 points per second was something that Jiang Li could not endure before breaking through.

However, now, it was only just enough to maintain the demand for his Golden Core’s qualitative change.

Under the provision of such boundless energy, Jiang Li’s True Core was quickly dyed golden.

However, before he could heave a sigh of relief, a trace of color suddenly appeared on the golden color. After that, more and more blood color appeared, and Jiang Li’s Golden Core started to undergo a second transformation.

Jiang Li had never heard of such a situation.

However, his Core Formation used the energy system of two worlds. It was reasonable for his Golden Core to be a little different.

He patiently looked at the Golden Core, which was dyed in blood bit by bit. The absorption of energy by the Golden Core was still not over.

As expected, a purple dot appeared on the red Golden Core again.

Indeed, there was actually a third transformation.

In short, he could sense that his Golden Core was continuously becoming stronger. This was not a bad thing.

This time, it lasted another 33 days. Jiang Li slept a few times during this period before his Golden Core completely underwent a qualitative change.

During this period, just as he had imagined, after the purple color was completely dyed, the transformation still did not end.

On the surface of the Golden Core, 33 golden runes and 33 blood runes appeared.

In the end, the wisp of Dao Essence in Jiang Li’s consciousness seemed to have sensed the miraculous transformation of the Golden Core. After it entered, the Golden Core completely took form.

The Golden Core created was even larger than the cores of the four clones combined, let alone anything else.

Just breaking through had taken so long. But now, Jiang Li could finally heave a sigh of relief.

He opened his mouth and a long breath spewed out.

The breath whistled in the air and stretched out for more than a thousand feet. It automatically formed a dragon in the air and spun a few times before slowly dissipating.

This was not done intentionally by Jiang Li, but because the core of his Golden Core was the Dragon Pearl, the breath he casually spat out contained true Dragon Qi.

With his breath just now, he could easily kill a Golden Core cultivator on the spot.

Jiang Li tried to clench his fists and felt terrifying strength surging in his body. This made him abnormally satisfied.

Generally speaking, if he did not use those defensive artifacts, it would be simple to kill several of his former selves with a punch.

“Ming Duowei.” Alliance Leader Jiang called out.

The Dragon Transformation Island’s Nascent Soul, Ming Duowei, immediately appeared from the air and knelt on one knee in front of him.

“Attack me with all your might.”

Ming Duowei was a little puzzled, but he could not refuse Jiang Li’s order.

He stood up and took two steps back. A strange tooth-shaped scissors artifact appeared in his hand.

This was an artifact refined from the teeth of the Blue-Ring Dragon Headed Octopus.

Although the Dragon Headed Octopus was a soft creature, its teeth were abnormally hard. It was said to be able to crush the bones and carapace of any creature.

The artifact made from it was also extremely powerful.

The strength of a Nascent Soul cultivator completely erupted. The tooth-shaped scissors directly cut at Jiang Li’s neck.

The tooth-shaped shears were terrifying. Behind Ming Duowei, the phantom of a dragon’s head appeared and roared.

Jiang Li did not dodge and allowed the pair of scissors to attack his vital points.

The activation of the Overlord Body Art caused the full force attack of the Dragon Transformation Island’s Nascent Soul to stop abruptly on his neck.

No matter how much strength Ming Duowei exerted, when he arrived at Jiang Li’s side, he was unable to even move the latter’s body by half a step.

The Nascent Soul cultivator, that Jiang Li had to look up to not long ago, could not even injure him now.

He did not know what it would be like to fight a Soul Formation cultivator with his current strength.

In a sense, Soul Formation cultivators had already begun to evolve towards the realm of Immortals and Gods.

From the Qi Refinement realm to the Nascent Soul realm, if it was considered the preparation stage.

After reaching the Soul Formation realm, he would begin to truly grasp the mysteries and enter the mid to late stages of the cultivation path, climbing towards the Great Dao.

There was an almost essential difference between Soul Formation and the Nascent Soul realm.

Jiang Li’s Golden Core had already been formed, and its quality could shock the world. He actually did not know if it could make up for the gap between them.

However, he still had the four cores of his clones, two were spiritual qi Golden Cores, and two were Chaotic Blood Cores.

The parallel minds were a part of him to begin with. In theory, merging the inner cores was definitely feasible.

After fusing these four inner cores, his Golden Core would obtain a large increase in strength again.

The gap between ranks was very difficult to overcome, and the further one went, the harder it was. However, as long as enough accumulation was reached, there would always be a qualitative change.

Jiang Li was about to swallow the four inner cores and refine them with the Human Fire of the Star Tower.

However, he suddenly discovered that the Alliance Leader Token hanging on his waist was vibrating and burning.

Someone had already contacted him many times, but because he was focused on breaking through, he had never noticed it.

Did something happen outside?