Now, on the central blood pool at the bottom of the Blood Fighting Arena, the spatial crack had already opened.

The Evil Eye High Priest and the entire Blood Fighting Arena had already placed their focus on attacking the other world.

The bloodbath at the top had not been held for a long time. All of them had been thrown into the war of invasion after the crack.

The mysterious Great Asura Vemacitrin also revealed his true form after the spatial crack opened.

Compared to this stone statue, he was even taller and more majestic. His might had also reached a level that Jiang Li was temporarily unable to estimate.

Together with the Evil Eye High Priest, he stood behind the crack and exerted influence on the other world, causing the people of the Myriad Slaughter Sect to suffer terrible losses every time they crossed the range of the power of chaos.

At that time, the Myriad Slaughter Sect had also launched several fierce counterattacks, hoping to stop this inexplicable attack by destroying the temporary altar.

After paying a considerable price, they successfully did this. After destroying the altar that Jiang Li had cut corners on, they saw the spatial crack begin to quickly heal.

However, the Great Asura Vemacitrin was sufficiently decisive. He actually threw the crown on his head.

With the crown as the core, it stabilized the spatial crack again!

This also showed that the Blood Fighting Arena was actually much inferior to the Asura territory summoned by the Black Lotus Divine Sect back then.

Back then, that faction had directly taken out a treasure of the level of the Karma Cleansing Lotus. However, Vemacitrin was clearly not that rich. In order to maintain the crack, he had even thrown out his own crown.

There was clearly a gap between this Great Asura and the Asura Lord.

Jiang Li watched this battle quietly from the side.

He could only sigh at the world of true tycoons. It was something he could not imagine.

However, it was also beneficial to Jiang Li if they fought happily.

On the one hand, it could continuously weaken the strength of the Myriad Slaughter Sect.

On the other hand, the leader and second-in-command of the Blood Fighting Arena were staring at the spatial crack.

All kinds of trivial matters in the Blood Fighting Arena naturally landed on the yaksha clone, causing his authority to rise further. Every day, there were various Asuras looking for him to give gifts.

“Lord Fallen Blood, three Demon Generals are requesting an audience. They wish to join our Blood Fighting Arena.”

The yaksha clone was brandishing a newly obtained demonic weapon, the Bloodthirsty Trident. It was given to him by Vemacitrin when he first appeared.

Its might was not inferior to an Earth-rank artifact at all.

At this moment, a subordinate came to report and interrupted his test.

In order to cross the spatial crack and defeat the cultivators of the ‘Lamb World’, the Blood Fighting Arena had been recruiting powerful Asuras with small bodies recently.

However, such a race was not easy to find in the Asura World. As a result, the battle situation had always been in a stalemate. During this period of time, there had been no great progress.

He casually placed the Earth-rank demonic weapon, the Bloodthirsty Trident, to the side and got his subordinates to bring them in.

The Fallen Blood Yaksha found three jars of Vemacitrin’s blood. If they wanted to join the Blood Fighting Arena, they had to drink a drop of his blood to express their loyalty.

However, the three Demon Generals who entered made Jiang Li feel surprisingly familiar.

He had actually seen these three Demon Generals before.

A few months ago, these three were still high-level human cultivators.

He did not expect that after a few months, they would meet in another world.

Old Demon Black Lotus, the surviving member of the Black Lotus Divine Sect, the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s Sect Master, Situ Fengzhu, and the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s Soul Formation Elder, Situ Xinggong!

However, the three of them had already abandoned their human identity. After drinking the blood of madness, they transformed into Asura Demon Generals and joined this world.

Back then, under the combined efforts of the three major sects of the Great Mountain Region, they destroyed the Hundred Tempering Mountain and closed the spatial crack by blowing up the blood pool with spiritual liquid.

Due to the fact that it was the spiritual liquid that was sent out by the Essence Souls of a few elders to control the corpses of the Hundred Tempering Mountain disciples, at that time, Jiang Li had guessed that these three fellows might be ostracized in the other world and be unable to survive.

Now, it seemed that it was indeed the case. They could not survive under that Asura Lord.

Now, they were actually here to “look for a job”.

“Lord Fallen Blood, I’ve long heard of your name. This is a gift we brought. I hope you like it.”

Old Demon Black Lotus, who had already transformed into a Six-Armed Demon General, eagerly delivered a coffin and two wine jars to the yaksha clone.

Just by smelling the fragrance that leaked out, Jiang Li already knew the content inside.

The corpse of a former Hundred Tempering Mountain disciple and two bottles of intact human blood.

Humans were the spirit of all things in the world, a race created by Nüwa in imitation of the gods.

Therefore, humans had talent that many races did not have. After the Great Magus War, they gradually rose in status even in a dangerous place like the Primordial World.

However, because of this, be it devils, demons, ghosts, monsters, asuras, or Armored Trolls, they basically liked to eat people.

It was not just a matter of taste. They could really obtain great benefits from eating people.

Old Demon Black Lotus knew this very well, so he had secretly collected quite a number of Hundred Tempering Mountain disciples’ corpses back then. In this world, they became hard currency that was even more useful than blood crystals.

“Yes, I heard that you were once subordinates of Lord Adityas. Why did you suddenly come to the Blood Fighting Arena?”

Lord Adityas was the unlucky Asura Lord who had his blood pool explode.

His territory was not far from the Blood Fighting Arena, so the Fallen Blood Yaksha that had been reborn in the wilderness would walk to the Blood Fighting Arena under the summon.

These few people had also heard of Vemacitrin’s recruitment order and came here to try their luck.

“We admire Lord Vemacitrin’s grace even more and have specially come to seek refuge. We hope that Lord can take us in.”

In the Asura World, other than the succubus, witches and a few other races, they were generally more straightforward in their words. People like them who could adapt to circumstances were also talented.

Jiang Li did not abandon them because of past grudges. After all, only by leaving behind his subordinates could he easily take revenge on them.

“There’s naturally no problem in letting you stay. Lord Vemacitrin is currently in the midst of a war and is lacking a lot of manpower.”

“Do you want to become the most heroic warriors? Or stay by my side and help me do something?”

Jiang Li gave them two choices.

Having experienced the war of invaders, they naturally knew the danger of being thrown into that battlefield. To them, the current continent of the Nine Provinces was not their home.

Without much hesitation, they made a decision.

“We will be at Lord Yaksha’s command.”

On the Troll Island in the outer sea of the Azure Cloud Continent.

Jiang Li, who was wearing a layer of Troll skin, followed a few Armored Trolls in long robes into the fortress nest in the center of the island.

The cold walls and stone walls gave people a deep sense of oppression.

After passing through the door, the scene inside the fortress wall was completely different from the scene outside.

This place was even more orderly and clean.

The Armored Trolls inside were all wearing neat clothes or armor.

Many Trolls with strong auras were training together.

Individuals with different abilities were divided into long-range, close combat, support, and a few other units to train separately.

The characteristics of these Trolls were very variable. If it was just one, there would be a greater shortcoming.

However, if they were to complement each other, Jiang Li had personally experienced the might produced.

If the Armored Troll army on this island was all mobilized, at least half of the cultivators in the city would die if they wanted to stop them.

Their treatment was worlds apart from the Trolls outside.

Behind them was a stone table with piles of human heads for them to take at any time.

This was the smell of alcohol and meat from the Trolls.

He only took a few glances before following the five robes into the fortress.

Inside were some tribal-style totem decorations.

It looked relatively primitive, but the more deeply rooted the totem worship, the more stable and unified the authority formed.

Compared to the chaotic human cultivation world, they were countless times more united.

Moreover, if one really thought that they were undeveloped, they would suffer greatly.

Jiang Li followed them around for a few more floors before stopping in front of a luxurious room.

Outside the wall, inside the wall, and inside the fortress, there were three completely different worlds.

Nowadays, even monsters knew how to do such things.

“Wait outside. Don’t look around or move.”

One of the robed Trolls instructed Jiang Li, and then he took one of the jars in his hand, pushed open the door, and walked in.

The moment the door opened, Jiang Li tilted his head slightly and saw a figure sitting on a high chair.

It was a fitting blue dress with well-proportioned and slender limbs.

If not for the exposed claws and feet, Jiang Li would definitely think that it was a normal human wearing a mask.

This Troll was not exaggerated in size. Instead, it was closer to a human. However, Jiang Li knew that he was not this monster’s match at first glance.

His armor was painted with two scratches in an ominous color.

Through the knowledge obtained from the Armored Troll, Jiang Li knew that the person sitting inside was the highest-ranking existence on this island, Viscount Gallonron.

“Honorable Viscount, this is the latest high-quality food. Please enjoy it.”

The five robed Trolls crawled in on their knees.

They opened the jar, and a human head emerged.

The person in the jar slowly woke up from his coma. Before he could understand the situation, he felt a chill on his scalp. Then, the top of his head was lifted from behind and hung in front of his eyes.

The Nourishment was pushed to the front of Viscount Gallonron. This elegant Troll in an exquisite dress opened his mouth, and smelly saliva dripped out.

“Hmm, what a wonderful smell. What a developed and healthy Nourishment. It’s different from the things raised on the farm.”

“If not for coming to the front line, I wouldn’t have tasted such delicious food.”

Ordinary Trolls could only eat a small piece every few months.

The elite Trolls in the city wall could eat them at any time.

As for higher-level Trolls, they were no longer satisfied with ordinary Nourishment.

There were higher requirements for everything that entered their mouths.

The food they wanted to eat not only had to be fresh and have spiritual roots, but it also had to be wild and not farmed.

Yes! Farm!

Jiang Li, who was standing at the door, immediately thought of something terrible when he heard the word farm.

Stealing from the back of the enemy’s camp alone was clearly unable to satisfy the needs of the entire Armored Troll race. Even if it was only the lowest supply, it was definitely impossible to satisfy.

Jiang Li had even thought of destroying the Armored Trolls by cutting off their supply channels.

Now that he thought about it, there should have been human survivors who had been sold to the Armored Trolls a long time ago.

They had used those innocent humans to build a so-called farm!

They raised his companions like livestock.

“These damned guys!”

Jiang Li cursed in his mind, but he could not reveal his emotions on the surface.

If not for the fact that the eyes that were exposed were not his, the intense killing intent in them would have exposed him instantly.

Gallonron took out an exquisite spoon and scraped it into his mouth.

Then, he closed his eyes and quietly savored the beautiful flavor.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths.

Gallonron suddenly straightened his body and spat out the white thing in his mouth.

The white ball wriggled in the air, extending countless tiny roots.

When it was placed into the mouth earlier, these roots tried to drill through the sticky membrane and parasitize Gallonron.

Unfortunately, he still discovered it.

The Troll looked at the jar again.

As for the human children in the jar, they had already become wooden lumps without any vitality.

“How dare you fool me!”

The vertical pair of eyes were instantly filled with anger.

“Viscount, we don’t know! We really didn’t do it!”

“Viscount, please spare us!”

The five people kneeling on the ground had originally thought that they could obtain a little reward this time. However, the sudden change made them feel as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Viscount Gallonron did not have the habit of listening to others explain.

He raised his hand and waved it, and five white shadows suddenly flew out. Before Jiang Li could react, it stabbed into the chests of the five Armored Trolls kneeling below.

Jiang Li estimated that even if he used his own eyes, he would not be able to see that speed clearly.

If the target was him, he would probably not be able to escape.

The five white shadows pierced into the chests of the few Armored Trolls. The few robed Armored Trolls with high statuses and strength actually did not struggle at all and fell to the ground.

On their chests were five withered white flowers.

The five robed figures and their muscles shriveled and melted. The five white flowers absorbed their blood and life, blooming the most beautiful red flowers.

Withered flowers?

Could it be that the thing that could remove the corrosion of the Armored Troll’s flesh was this kind of flower that he had never seen before?