Natier excitedly opened the lid and a young human head popped out from the jar.

The leader of the mermen, who had been controlling the sea beasts from afar, did not have a chance to see a living human.

Now that he saw it with his own eyes, he realized that the creatures on the shore looked so delicious.

He picked up a small knife placed at the side and cut open the skull in a circular manner. During this period of time, he had also eaten a lot of frozen food. This method was very practiced.

“Sir Natier~”

At this moment, Natier’s three wives also approached, their eyes filled with desire.

Clearly, they also wanted to try it. Under normal circumstances, only nobles could eat high-grade food.

However, Natier berated them impatiently.

Ever since it was corroded by the flesh and blood of the Armored Troll, it had regained its intelligence and rationality through eating.

However, most of his previous emotions and memories had already disappeared.

Even his only son could watch as the other party suffered without feeling anything.

How could these few former merman spouses affect his mood at all?

He gave a spoonful of food and closed his eyes elegantly like the viscount.

“This high-grade Nourishment is indeed different from ordinary food.”

Not only did it melt in his mouth, but it also carried a faint strange fragrance.

The dense fragrance seemed to have penetrated his skin in an instant, causing his mouth and throat to melt together.

What a wonderful feeling!

“That… that… Sir Natier… your mouth!”

He was still enjoying the wonder of this smell when three females cried out beside him.

He was very annoyed by these three wives who were making a fuss. Tomorrow, he would definitely replace them with three beautiful mermaids who had not been corroded. Only they could match his noble status.

However, when he wanted to speak, he suddenly realized that his mouth was not under his control.

Reaching out, he touched his chin until a huge hole appeared in his throat!

Natier’s eyes widened.

He felt that the melting was actually real!

Someone had poisoned him!

Natier quickly realized that something was wrong and immediately wanted to sink into the water to escape.

At the bottom of this cave, there was a tunnel that connected to the sea outside. Under the water, no one was faster than the merman race!

However, he only felt weak all over. That poison took away his strength in an extremely short period of time.

Natier was a little desperate and regretful. If he had let the three Trolls try first, he would not have ended up like this.

Under the shadow, a coffin covered his head.

Countless thick roots emerged from the coffin’s mouth and sucked in Natier and his three wives.

The merman race relied on their special talent in summoning and controlling sea beasts to dominate the sea. Almost no race in the water was willing to provoke them.

However, they were far inferior to the dragons.

While they had a powerful cheat-like talent, their bodies were abnormally weak.

If they fought alone, they would be far inferior to human cultivators of the same level.

Jiang Li was already very confident when he reduced the distance between them by this much.

To be safe, he even specially used the poison made by Gallonfran. It was a poison targeted at Armored Trolls.

The material used to make this poison was the sacrificial flower that Jiang Li had seen before.

This flower did not cause any trouble or harm to other creatures other than the Armored Trolls.

Everything in the world had a weakness. The stronger a race was, the more obvious their weakness would be.

This flower just so happened to be targeted at the Armored Troll Race. It could easily destroy their cells and dissolve their bodies.

If the body was not completely corroded, this “poison” could also eliminate the carapace cells in the body.

In other words, this poison was the antidote that could save the dragon people.

Affected by the poison of the sacrificial flower, Natier’s already weak body was further weakened.

Under the close-range attack, he faced Jiang Li who was different from before. He controlled the Earth-rank artifact, the Yin Burial Coffin, and the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, the Nine Nether Wood, so Natier and his wives were utterly unable to resist at all.

All of them were easily pulled into the coffin.

They did not even have the chance to shout for help.

Jiang Li placed his ear on the water surface and listened to this underground lake. There was nothing hidden inside, and there was only a dark river that led to the seawater of the outside world.

He scanned the underground cave again. Every time he finished dealing with the enemy, searching for possible treasures was his specialty.

Suddenly, Jiang Li’s eyes lit up. On a platform not far away, he saw an egg.

There was a slight crack on the eggshell.

Jiang Li easily recognized it.

This was the mermaid egg he had seen when he was hiding in the shark’s stomach.

In order to control Namur and not let him escape, the few soldiers underwater accidentally pierced the eggshell. At that time, there was clearly a leak.

It should be that they were unwilling to give up on any merman who could control the sea beasts.

After controlling Namur’s egg, they sent it here to try to fix it.

On the surface, the recovery was not bad.

The vitality in the egg was indeed a little weak, but looking at the situation, if it was nurtured properly, it should still be able to successfully hatch.

As the Alliance Leader, he naturally had to do something for his subordinates.

After Jiang Li put away the egg, he did not return the same way and plunged into the sea.

A few hours later, the sun gradually rose.

The twenty mermen in the cage had recovered a little after consuming the Nine Nether Earth Fruit.

However, under the scorching sun, their skin that was only suitable for survival in the deep sea gradually emitted large drops of seawater.

Not long after, a puddle of water flowed out from the ground.

Their entire bodies were shrinking.

The situation of the armored merman controlled by the Spirit Absorbing Monster was not very good.

Since they wanted to enjoy the talent of the merman race before and after this transformation, there was no way to avoid that weakness. They could only continuously pour seawater on their bodies to ease the symptoms.

At this moment, a few people wearing long robes and armor appeared from the fortress.

There were some very exaggerated decorations on their heads. Clearly, their status was not low. They were specially responsible for the transformation of the Armored Troll Race.

However, these Trolls frowned when they approached.

“Why are these mermen’s conversion speed so slow?”

This was not the first time they had done this. Their years of experience allowed them to accurately grasp the timing of a flesh and blood transformation ritual.

However, the situation was not right.

The mermen in these cages looked very weak and were on the verge of death.

However, up until now, not to mention growing the iconic armored mask, they had not even completed the first stage of the transformation.

The abnormally slow speed was clearly abnormal.

A few robed Armored Trolls began to carefully inspect them.

Especially the situation of the mermen in the standing cage.

“No, the flesh in their wounds have been taken out!”

The traces of flesh that Jiang Li took out from the wounds were very obvious. It was impossible to hide it from professionals like them.

Then, they turned around and stared at the armored merman controlled by the Spirit Absorbing Monster.

This armored merman had been guarding here from the beginning.

No matter who did it, if something happened, it would definitely be related to him.

“Lowly merman Troll, what have you done!”

“Viscount Gallonron bestowed upon you the glory of the Armored Troll Race. You actually chose to betray us.”

“Surrender now, or else Viscount Gallonron will give you the cruelest death!”

“Men, capture this guy! I want to see him dried up!”

They cursed and called the surrounding guards.

However, at this moment, an explosion sounded from the fortress in the center of the island.

Their Viscount Gallonron suddenly appeared in the sky.

He stretched out his claw as if he had foreseen an attack. In the next moment, a purplish-red pillar of light that carried a destructive aura tore through the air and shot over from afar, and it collided with his raised claw.

An invisible wall seemed to have appeared in front of Gallonron’s claws. The terrifying pillar of light lasted for three breaths of time but still could not break through the wall.

After dissipating, there was only a distorted path in the air.

Because of the tampered Nourishment today, he was already in a terrible mood.

Now, someone actually dared to attack his island like this.

The mouth below the armored mask almost reached the ears before disappearing.

The other noble Trolls on the island also rose into the sky and chased after the twisted passage left behind by the energy pillar.

They had always been the ones beating people up. Since when was it anyone else’s turn to beat them up?

The Trolls below could not see their movements.

Only the huge hole torn out of the sea fog above indicated that Gallonron and the other noble experts had left the stronghold in the direction of the sun.

A few hours ago, in the Asura World.

The yaksha clone led a team and calmly left the Blood Fighting Arena.

In principle, all the subordinates in the Blood Fighting Arena were not allowed to leave the range of the arena without permission.

However, Jiang Li’s clone was already a higher-up in the Blood Fighting Arena, so no one dared to raise any objections.

He brought some loyal subordinates who he had used the spiritual root seeds on, as well as the three Demon Generals who had recently come to seek refuge with him, to a tribal base that originally belonged to the stone statue ghosts.

After opening the spatial crack, the top two people in the Blood Fighting Arena did not have the time to pay attention to anything else. This gave Jiang Li a lot of autonomy.

The yaksha clone, who had ulterior motives to begin with, immediately began to fill his own pockets and transfer his assets. He lay on the huge body of the Blood Fighting Arena and crazily sucked blood.

After ordering the troops of the Blood Fighting Arena to clean up this stone statue ghost nest, the yaksha clone turned around and sent his direct subordinates to occupy this place.

Moreover, they were continuously using the resources of the Blood Fighting Arena to build this place.

They went deeper into the nest’s bottom, and the space below became wider and wider.

When they reached the bottom, the scene they saw shocked Old Demon Black Lotus, Situ Fengzhu, and the others.

Under this seemingly simple nest was a blood pool.

Although the size of the blood pool was not large, less than the size of a standard swimming pool, building such a blood pool still required an extremely huge cost.

They immediately had the intention of snatching it. As long as they occupied this nest, they might be able to develop into an overlord one day.

However, the Vemacitrin blood flowing in their bodies still made them give up on this idea.

This place was too close to the Blood Fighting Arena. Even if they snatched the blood pool, it would not be long before they were discovered.

At that time, it would be hard to explain.

What puzzled them even more was that there was a small spatial crack above the blood pool.

In the Asura World, when had the spatial crack become so common? It could be seen everywhere?

“This is an important mission from Lord Vemacitrin.”

“The human cultivators of the Lamb World did not discover the back of this crack. I need you to sneak into the back of the enemy from here and establish a stable stronghold that can support the spatial crack.”

“After this is done, Lord Vemacitrin will grant you the Heart of Sin and allow you to be qualified to become a true high-level Asura.”

Jiang Li paid no attention to their thoughts. He used Vemacitrin’s name to start promising them future rewards.

This crack was really very small, roughly the width of an adult’s shoulder. If it was them, they could only turn their bodies sideways and barely pass through. If they were not careful, a layer of skin would be scraped off.

The three of them approached the crack and observed the other side. A salty and fishy smell of seawater seeped through.

On the opposite side of the crack was a vast ocean. As Lord Yaksha had said, it was very calm there. There were no signs of battle.

This Blood Fighting Arena was really impressive. It actually controlled two spatial rifts at the same time. Moreover, it was fortunate that no one had discovered the other side of the spatial rift.

The three of them exchanged glances. This situation seemed very promising.

They came from the Nine Provinces to begin with, so they knew more about that place than the Asura World.

Moreover, wasn’t it just building an altar to maintain the spatial crack? They had done such a thing before at the mountain gate.

With the premise of safety, it should not be difficult to do it again.

In fact, if this crack was not far from the Great Mountain Region, they could even attempt to contact the remaining forces of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

If they could reunite, on the one hand, as ancestors, they could continue to protect their descendants and let the family develop and grow again.

On the other hand, if the remaining forces of the Hundred Tempering Mountain could control the strongholds on the continent of the Nine Provinces for a long time, their authority in the Blood Fighting Arena would also rise.

This Fallen Blood Yaksha had just condensed a Blood Nascent, so how could he order the powerful Demon Generals around?

It was all because of his good luck that he had connected to a mortal city in a continent of the Nine Provinces and tricked them into opening the spatial crack step by step. Through this, he had obtained the attention of the Blood Fighting Arena.

However, how could a mortal city compare to a cultivation clan?

Although the Hundred Tempering Mountain had already been destroyed, they had sent away all the direct descendants in advance, and the family business they had left in the Eastern Region was not small.

As long as they could reach a connection, they could do it a hundred times better than any mortal city.

The Asura World only cared about benefits, not relationships.

When they revealed their value, they might be able to replace this yaksha soon!

They could make a comeback in the future and rise up again! At that time, they would let those three sects of the Great Mountain Region taste the terror of destruction!

The more they thought about it, the more excited they became. Without any hesitation, they agreed.