Old Demon Black Lotus and the other two accepted the yaksha clone’s mission with ill intentions.

They carefully observed the situation on the other side. After confirming that it was stable, they turned around and entered.

After returning to the Nine Provinces Continent, their mood was very complicated.

The air mixed with spiritual qi was so familiar. However, to the current them, breathing the air of the Nine Provinces Continent would only make them feel uncomfortable.

When an Asura Lord opened up a territory and invaded the land of the Nine Provinces, he would obtain the reward of the Asura World’s will and obtain huge benefits.

Therefore, every Asura Lord was trying to invade the Lamb World, but they did not have that ability.

At this moment, Old Demon Black Lotus seemed to have sensed something. He looked around in confusion.

He felt that there was a very familiar aura here, but he could not pinpoint it immediately.

The other two did not notice his abnormality.

The Hundred Tempering Mountain Sect Master, Situ Fengzhu, took out a communication spirit stone from a storage bag that he had not used in a long time.

This was originally the spirit stone used to contact the fleeing team.

However, in the Asura World, no matter how high quality the communication devices were, they could not communicate with the remaining forces of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

Now, even they did not know how the descendants were doing.

The air was silent for a moment. Then, under their surprised gazes, the communication spirit stone suddenly emitted a red flickering light that pointed towards the west.

“This is a distress signal! They’re not far away, they’re in that direction!”

Now that they had already transformed into Asuras, the juniors left here were very important to them. They could not die easily.

The three Demon Generals immediately moved and flew towards the direction the communication spirit stone pointed at.

After they left, the spatial crack silently closed.

The three Demon Generals had just flown for a distance when they discovered a trace of battle ahead.

Just now, someone had used a destructive spell technique here. The straight air passage was still clearly visible.

How did the descendants of the Hundred Tempering Mountain escape to this sea? Also, how did they encounter such a powerful enemy?

From the traces of this spell technique, the remaining disciples of the Hundred Tempering Mountain would definitely not be his match.

If not for the three of them rushing back in time, the remaining forces of the Hundred Tempering Mountain might have all died.

The expressions of the two higher-ups of the Hundred Tempering Mountain surnamed Situ were solemn. Their figures flickered and they were about to continue flying forward.

Only Old Demon Black Lotus remained wary because this had nothing to do with him.

He had just returned and something had happened? Wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?

He stopped in the air to think about the suspicious points and was one step behind his two companions.

However, in the next moment, the two Soul Formation cultivators of the Situ Clan flew back at a faster speed than before.

After his figure flashed past Old Demon Black Lotus at high speed, he did not dare to stop for a moment. He turned around and continued to fly into the distance.

Old Demon Black Lotus was shocked. In the next moment, he saw the reason why his two companions had fled.

A strange creature wearing clothes with sharp claws and a face covered in armor had appeared before him at some point in time.

“What kind of monster is this?!”

This question appeared in both their minds at the same time.

But neither side clearly had the foundation or patience to communicate.

A rumbling claw pressed down on Old Demon Black Lotus’s chest. He could only instinctively raise his six arms to cross them in front of him.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Amidst a series of crisp bone cracking sounds, six arms broke simultaneously.

Then, his figure also flew back and caught up to the two Situ Demon Generals.

“How can this be!”

They still did not understand why their sect’s juniors would provoke such a powerful enemy.

Now was not the time to find out the reason.

“Asura Blood Escape Technique!”

The three of them burned their blood of madness together and fled in the direction they had come from.

In just a single exchange, they had already understood that the three of them were absolutely not a match for the other party. Not to mention that there was a group of monsters following behind the other party. If they were to catch up to them, then they would really be unable to escape.

Ignoring the injuries they had just suffered, they spat out blood as they activated Blood Escape to escape.

The Asura World was indeed a world filled with battles at all times.

The blood of madness could make them risk their lives to erupt until they died.

The speed they displayed was really not bad. Even Viscount Gallonron could not catch up to them for a while.

“Return to the spatial crack. We can escape through it!”

When they encountered a powerful enemy that surpassed the upper limit of their strength, they could not care less about the juniors of the sect or their future.

They only wanted to quickly return to the Asura World to take refuge.

However, when they burned their blood and returned to the original location of the spatial crack, they were shocked to discover that the crack had disappeared.

This was a vast sea, and there were no obvious signs.

However, at their level, they could already rely on their Essence Soul to sense the existence of space. How could they mistake the place?

How many years had it been since the three of them had felt panic?

Old Demon Black Lotus: I finally took a gamble!

Situ Fengzhu: Yet, we lost so completely!

Situ Xinggong: Damn!

They suddenly thought of a terrifying possibility.

Could it be that they had been set up by that damned yaksha and were abandoned in the Nine Provinces Continent?

In order to deal with the three of them, he had specially built a blood pool and even lost a spatial crack. There was no need to make such a big fuss!

The three Demon Generals wanted to cry but had no tears, and they had no way to vent their anger.

Now, they had already transformed into the Asura Race and were incompatible with this world. There was no place to stay in this world.

With such a powerful enemy chasing after them, the situation was really terrible.

While the three of them were stunned, Old Demon Black Lotus suddenly recalled the aura he had smelled. Although the aura inside had changed greatly, wasn’t that the Demon Lotus he had been dreaming about?

“Damn it! The one who opened the spatial crack is my sect’s precious treasure, the Demon Lotus! We were tricked!”

After their defeat back then, the demonic treasure lotus platform had definitely fallen into the hands of the three major sects of the Great Mountain Region.

He did not know how those guys had contacted the Blood Fighting Arena and what kind of deal they had reached.

However, other than them, who else could use the lotus platform to open the spatial crack?

“Those sanctimonious guys! They did the same thing as us!”

The three Demon Generals cursed the three major sects of the Great Mountain Region in grief and indignation, but they did not dare to stop at all. They continued to erupt with the blood of madness and fled into the distance. No matter what, they had to survive first.

Just like that, three blood-colored lights ran in front while more higher-ups of the Armored Troll Race chased after them. Just like that, they were getting farther and farther away from the island.

As for Jiang Li, after releasing a Destruction Ray at the island from afar, he had been hiding underwater.

It was not until all these guys left that he slowly surfaced. He looked in the direction they left and nodded in satisfaction.

Now, everyone remaining in the Hundred Tempering Mountain had already become his subordinates.

The communication spirit stone to contact the sect leader was naturally in his hands.

After making up his mind, he placed the communication spirit stone on the island of the Armored Troll and set the settings to continuously send emergency distress signals.

As long as those three old fellows returned, they would immediately receive it.

Moreover, because of their thoughts, Jiang Li was at least 80% confident that they would rush over to help.

To be honest, the operation just now was quite dangerous.

Time had to be calculated very precisely. If these two groups of monsters did not collide with each other, or if one of them discovered Jiang Li who was stirring up trouble in advance, then he would have to join the fleeing group.

Fortunately, his luck was good.

Moreover, in the eyes of the other party, an expert of that level was like the flames of war in the night. They could discover each other from afar.

Under Jiang Li’s deliberate guidance and preconceptions, he naturally thought that the other party was the enemy. It was natural to start a fight.

Previously, the Trolls had lured the enemy away, causing the Mechanism City of the Great Mountain Alliance to almost fall. There were heavy casualties.

As the Alliance Leader, Jiang Li wanted to take revenge today.

‘Have a taste of your own medicine!’

On the island of the Armored Troll stronghold, a few robed Armored Trolls summoned a group of guards on the island. They surrounded Jiang Li’s Spirit Absorbing Monster.

The Spirit Absorbing Monster was only a parasitic monster and did not have much combat strength. The armored merman it possessed was the same. It could not summon sea beasts and under the scorching sun, its combat strength had already fallen to rock bottom.

Surrounded by them, a few spears easily held him back.

The leader of the group, a robed Troll, grabbed his armor to see if it was stuck.

They suspected that this Armored Troll might be a human cultivator in disguise.

Humans were cunning and cunning. They had done this before.

In addition, they did not believe that the warriors of the Armored Troll Race would betray their race.

With each pull, a piece of the bone armor was torn off. A small amount of blood flowed out from the broken bone, which meant that the surface was indeed firmly connected to the skull. There was no problem.

They were also a little puzzled. Could it be that he was controlled by some illusion technique?

“Control him first and make a decision when the Viscount returns.”

There had to be a plot behind this.

The leader of the robed guards waved his hand and ordered, but the guards did not move. They remained in their original positions and did not move.

This scene made him even angrier.

“What? Even you want to betray me?!”

The robed Armored Troll roared and reprimanded these subordinates. The distinction between the status of high and low Armored Trolls had already reached the extent of controlling life and death.

However, in the next moment, a few heads rolled down from their necks.

It was not that these guards did not want to listen to orders, but they could no longer listen to them.

The robed man was shocked. Then, he saw a light flickering quickly around them. His companions fell one after another.

In the end, this light enlarged in his eyes and instantly flashed past his neck.

The leader of the group felt that he had lost all his senses below his neck.

As his consciousness rolled, he saw a masked man walking towards them. Beside him floated a flying sword without a hilt.

The three Demon Generals were naturally not weak, but it was impossible for them to lure the powerful Trolls on the island away for too long.

Jiang Li had to seize the time to resolve everything here as quickly as possible.

Just now, the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword had instantly cut off the heads of the Armored Trolls.

“Lord, you’re finally back.”

Jiang Li nodded and took out a few bottles of medicine made from the sacrificial flowers from the coffin before feeding them to the twenty Armored Trolls.

A few pieces of skin that had already changed color and grown scales immediately began to fall off, returning to their original appearance.

After blocking the sunlight, they were splashed with a large amount of seawater. Coupled with a few water attribute Nine Nether Earth Fruits, the 20 Armored Trolls quickly recovered.

After putting all of them into the coffin, the killing intent that Jiang Li had held back for a long time no longer concealed itself.

Behind him, a benevolent Asura Demon with a thousand hands condensed into a blood statue visible to the naked eye from killing intent.

“Now is the time to let you feel pain!”

Suiren Clan – Stars of Fury!

A huge amount of energy poured out. In the center of the island, a scorching ball of flames suddenly ignited and rose higher and higher.

This abnormal scene immediately attracted the attention of all the Armored Trolls.

The thousands of elite Armored Trolls trained in the fortress and the small hundred thousand ordinary Armored Trolls doing various kinds of heavy work in the fortress looked up at the ball of flames.

The scorching light seemed to be even more dazzling than the sun.

The ball of flames suddenly exploded, splitting into countless huge fireballs that fell like meteors.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every fireball would scatter when it smashed into the ground, emitting monstrous flames. The flames were extremely scorching, and they burned anything they encountered. They were not afraid of water or earth.

In just a moment, the entire island turned into a purgatory sea of flames.

This flame was no longer just the Liquor Fire Spirit Flame of Shu Mountain.

It was infused with the super version of the Nine Nether spiritual qi that Jiang Li had created using the energies of the two worlds, and there were also traces of the legendary human flame, the Suiren Clan’s Human Fire.

Its power simply rose exponentially.

This Human Fire was very special. Its damage to human cultivators was probably no different from ordinary flames.

However, to foreign creatures, especially those who had deep grudges with the humans, they were the most terrifying things.

Many prehistoric demons did not dare to approach when they felt the fire.

The large number of ordinary Armored Trolls on the island were only equivalent to humans at the Foundation Establishment realm or even the Core Formation realm. How could they withstand the sea of flames?

At all times, a large number of Armored Trolls died under the flames. Their bodies were burned to death, leaving only their armored plates on the ground.

This was the first time Jiang Li had fully displayed the combat strength of a fire attribute false spiritual root.

Although there were only two wisps of Suiren Human Fire, under the help of this legendary flame, its power was almost not inferior to Jiang Li’s wood attribute ultimate technique.

This time, he attacked the island while the higher-ups were drawn away. It was basically impossible to kill all the survivors here.

If he used his signature ability, he would definitely attract the Armored Troll’s revenge.

The current Great Mountain Alliance could not handle it, so he could only wear a mask and slaughter a large number of people with fire-attribute spell techniques.

He held a blood-colored steel trident that he had just obtained from the yaksha clone and stood in the center of the island. A vast amount of spiritual qi continuously surged out from his body, causing the flames on the island to become even more violent.

However, such ostentatious actions naturally could not be hidden from others.

Soon, hundreds of figures penetrated the flames and surrounded him.

Then, the ground shook. A two-headed Armored Troll that was a hundred meters tall and had two heads tore open the fire wall and stood in front of Jiang Li.

The Troll, who was probably transformed from the two-headed Sea Giant, looked down at the human who suddenly appeared.

He spoke in a muffled voice, “Your head must be delicious..”