Was this a Sea Giant?

Jiang Li was surrounded by nearly a thousand Armored Troll elites, but he was not anxious. He only raised his head to size up this giant Armored Troll that had a strong smell of the sea.

This was probably the second giant humanoid species Jiang Li had seen.

The last one he saw was the awakened Wind Protection Giant in the Great Mountain Range.

However, the Sea Giant was a hundred meters tall. The Wind Protection Giant could cross a small mountain with a single step.

Be it in size or strength, there was a huge gap between the two.

The Wind Protection Giant’s strength was completely above that of ordinary Soul Formation cultivators. It also had the Wind Control talent of the Wind Protection Clan.

In the entire Great Mountain Region, probably only the Shu Mountain’s Sword Head Shenshan could resist it.

Although this hundred-meter Sea Giant also made Jiang Li feel quite a bit of pressure from its hundred-meter-tall body,

from the aura leaked out from the other party, it might be able to rely on its powerful body to fight against a human Soul Formation cultivator, but it was definitely the weakest of that level.

If it was only this one, it should be resolved in fifteen minutes.

The many years of advantageous battles had made the Armored Trolls abnormally proud. It was as if humans were only their food and could not defeat them at all.

After receiving the brazen attack of the purple-red pillar of light, the top combat strength on the island practically poured out.

Usually, human cultivators defended the front line, making it difficult for them to break through to the Soul Formation realm or above.

Now that they suddenly discovered that someone was attacking the island, it made them abnormally excited. No one was willing to fall behind.

They all thought that after killing the other party, it would be wonderful if they could obtain a piece of Soul Formation cultivator’s flesh as Nourishment.

However, only this Troll, who was transformed from a Sea Giant, was too huge and could not move easily. Coupled with the fact that the giants were generally slow to react, the other top-notch Armored Trolls ran away without him realizing it.

Therefore, he stayed behind to guard the island.

Jiang Li roughly estimated that after he went to the island, the duration of the slaughter could not exceed fifteen minutes.

After fifteen minutes, the longer it took, the more dangerous it would be.

Once high-level combatants like Gallonron returned, even if they only returned a portion, it would bring him huge trouble.

It was really helpless to encounter such a giant.

Before he broke through to the Golden Core realm, the only thing he could do when he met this Armored Sea Giant was to escape.

But now, he had to test his methods.


However, right at this moment, a black spike suddenly appeared behind Jiang Li, and it stabbed into his back without any warning.

It was a Shadow Assassin Armored Troll. It relied on its Shadow Transformation talent to silently approach. After being close, it stabbed at Jiang Li with a fatal blow.

Through the corrosion of flesh and blood, the Armored Trolls could easily obtain the talent of various powerful races. All kinds of unreasonable abilities were simply impossible to guard against.

That black spike was incomparably sharp and poisonous. No matter how tough the skin was, it would still be pierced through. Then, the black poison would be injected into the body, and even the spirit and flesh would melt into slag.

Coupled with the talent of Shadow Transformation, countless human experts died under this vicious and terrifying attack.

Amidst a crisp sound, the spike easily pierced through Jiang Li’s artifact, the Heart Protection Mirror.

The quality of this protective artifact that Jiang Li had obtained during the Scripture Storage Valley’s inner sect competition was still a little low.

However, to the Shadow Assassin’s confusion, the extremely sharp spikes could easily pierce through defensive artifacts, but they were firmly blocked by Jiang Li’s skin.

No matter how hard the Shadow Assassin tried, Jiang Li’s skin did not even have much of a dent.

Although this attack was powerful, it was far from being able to break through Jiang Li’s Overlord Body Art.

Jiang Li turned around to glance at the Shadow Assassin. The other party’s entire body instantly stiffened, and it was terrified to the point of being unable to move.

He reached out and grabbed the neck of the Shadow Assassin, crushing it.

However, in the blink of an eye, the ground around him began to collapse.

The gravity around him seemed to have increased by more than a hundred times.

It was not a spell technique that was brilliant enough to control gravity, but the intense wind pressure produced when a palm pressed down.

This Armored Sea Giant was so shameless. First, it let the Shadow Assassin attract his attention, and then it launched a sneak attack.


Due to Jiang Li being distracted by the Shadow Assassin earlier, the giant’s palm was already impossible to dodge when it arrived before him, and it directly slapped him into the ground.

The Sea Giant slapped down, causing the ground to crack. In the sea of flames, the distant fortress was on the verge of collapse.

The power that was enough to destroy a mountain range firmly acted on Jiang Li’s body, and then it entered the ground through his feet.

Although it was not an ancient race, the Sea Giant’s strength was similarly outstanding. One slap could break a mountain range.

The power of such a frontal attack was probably not inferior to the few Soul Formation elders of the Great Mountain Alliance.

If it was the Jiang Li of the past, even if he relied on the Black Scale Armor and Dragon Imprisoning Lock to defend, he would at least spit out two mouthfuls of blood.

However, although Jiang Li was slapped into the ground by the Sea Giant’s palm, he was actually not injured.

Jiang Li raised his right hand high above his head and supported himself with the rough giant palm. The spiritual qi beneath his feet was like an entrenched tree root that spread down, providing him with a sufficiently stable foothold.

Behind him, the blood-colored image of the Thousand Hands Asura became clearer. The 4,000 wisps of Human Emperor’s Blood Qi in his body boiled endlessly. The quality of these two forces far exceeded his current level, and they brought Jiang Li seemingly endless strength.

He stepped on the ground and moved against the Sea Giant’s palm, returning to the surface.

The surging strength in his body caused the corners of Jiang Li’s mouth to curl up. He could sense that even if the other party was a giant equivalent to the Soul Formation realm, he was not inferior in strength at all, and he was even stronger than the other party!


In Jiang Li’s left palm, a purple-red energy that almost no one had seen before quickly gathered into a ball. In his hand, it emitted a destructive aura.

In the next moment, a straight purple-red pillar of light stretched out from Jiang Li’s palm and attempted to pierce through the Sea Giant’s palm from below.

However, to Jiang Li’s surprise, his single-handed Destruction Ray was unable to really break through the other party’s palm, and it only annihilated a large piece of the other party’s flesh.

The Sea Giant raised its hand in pain and took two steps back, revealing some flaws.

“What a strong body! How about trying this again?”

A ball of purplish-red energy appeared in Jiang Li’s hand, and then this energy transformed into an explosive fireball with the Human Fire of the Suiren Clan.

He raised his hand and shot at one of the heads.

However, before the fireball left his hand, a terrible problem appeared again.

A pair of scissors that was larger than a person grabbed Jiang Li’s wrist, causing his hand to tremble. The fireball that was originally heading straight for the other party’s face shot into the sky after wiping off a corner of the other party’s armor.

Another two Armored Trolls that were roughly equivalent to human Nascent Soul cultivators had used two combined sabers to combine into a large pair of scissors in an attempt to cut off Jiang Li’s palm with a combined strike.

However, the situation was still the same as before. The two of them did not have the ability to break through Jiang Li’s defense.

He kicked the two of them flying more than 3km away, and they fell to the ground. It was unknown if they were dead or alive.

However, with this interruption, the Sea Giant’s attack arrived.

This time, a high-speed current spat out from the ground, directly sending Jiang Li flying.

The Armored Sea Giant was not easy to deal with. If he fought normally, the other party would not be able to do anything to him.

The Sea Giant had thick skin and tenacious vitality. He could not defeat his opponent in a short period of time.

If there were hundreds or even thousands of powerful Armored Trolls as helpers, Jiang Li would be stalled endlessly and it would be even harder to deal with his opponent.

Once more time passed, when the top combat strength of the Armored Trolls arrived, things would not be good.

After Jiang Li was blasted into the sky, the Sea Giant stretched out its hand and beckoned, and a Seawater Tornado appeared on the distant sea surface. It transformed into an ice spiked club in the giant’s hand and swept horizontally towards Jiang Li.

Giant really liked maces. They used such big weapons.

Jiang Li adjusted his figure in the air, and energy gathered crazily in his right hand.

Then, he punched out, and the Asura phantom behind him also punched out.

The tiny fist collided with the ice mace that was like a mountain pillar. The difference of size between the two made it seem like the result was already decided.

However, in the cultivation world, size was not a deciding factor.

The hundred-meter-long ice spike mace exploded in front of the clay pot-sized fist.

Jiang Li’s long preparations were not in vain. After breaking through to the Golden Core realm, his strength had once again soared!

However, without him counter attacking the Sea Giant, another 20 Armored Trolls appeared around him.

They released their signature techniques at the same time.

There were curses, illusions, slashes, and slams as they surrounded Jiang Li.

All kinds of colorful lights shone on Jiang Li’s face. He actually looked a little handsome.

In the center of the encirclement, Jiang Li frowned.

He could not continue like this. Every time he had an advantage, he would be harassed by these guys.

If this continued, he would sooner or later be stalled to death here.

What he had to do now was not only kill these monsters, but also end the battle quickly.

As such, he could not only use body cultivation methods and fire-attribute spell techniques to fight his enemies. However, at the same time, he could not use things that would easily expose him.

With a thought from Jiang Li, dark black scales started to swiftly cover his entire body. In the blink of an eye, his entire body was completely covered by the Black Scale Armor.

He reached into the coffin and took out a dark red steel trident.

This steel trident was the Earth-rank demonic artifact, the Bloodthirsty Trident, that the yaksha clone had handed over when he opened the spatial crack!

Even in the Blood Fighting Arena, it was a rare demonic artifact.

An Earth-rank defensive artifact and an Earth-rank offensive demonic artifact.

Not many people in the entire Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent had such a luxurious configuration.

With these two treasures, not to mention now, even before he broke through, Jiang Li was confident in fighting this giant.

After Jiang Li held the Bloodthirsty Trident in his hand, his eyes were tainted by a layer of dense blood color, and the Asura phantom behind him directly doubled in size.

From the Demonic Bloodthirsty Trident, the blood qi of the Asura World silently invaded Jiang Li’s body.

The reason why demonic artifacts were called demonic artifacts was because they possessed powerful might and bewitching power.

There were rumors that those who held demonic treasures would always have a bad ending.

Cultivators with weaker mental cultivation would be turned into idiots by the dense blood qi even if they gently touched the Bloodthirsty Trident.

Even if his mental cultivation was enough to temporarily support him, he would slowly be transformed into a monster that only knew how to kill.

The powerful force would make cultivators addicted and unable to free themselves.

The seniors of the Great Mountain Alliance were right to remind Jiang Li. These demonic artifacts were extremely dangerous. If he was not careful, he would be doomed.

However, sometimes, whether it was dangerous or not depended on the target.

In front of Jiang Li who possessed the Asura Blood Tattoo, Yaksha Blood Core, and the Blood Fiend Divine Art, this blood qi could really not cause any issues.

No matter how many blood energy there was, he would not reject it. It would become the nutrients for him to strengthen his body and mind.

Twenty bolts of energy struck the Black Scale Armor, but Jiang Li’s body remained unmoved as a breeze blew past the mountain.

His entire body shook, and he easily broke through the impact of the energy. Jiang Li held the Bloodthirsty Trident and turned around to charge into the Armored Trolls.

Dressed in the Black Scale Armor, Jiang Li did not need to worry about defense at all. On the other hand, the Bloodthirsty Trident that was filled with boundless might could instantly suck their blood and turn them into dried corpses that fell to the ground after touching those Armored Trolls.

In fact, as long as the enemies stayed within a thousand feet of the Bloodthirsty Trident, the blood in their bodies would inevitably be forcefully seized.

On the other hand, the blood essence that was absorbed would transform into blood that could be infused into Jiang Li’s body, causing him to become stronger as he fought tirelessly.

The Armored Sea Giant roared as it condensed an ice spiked club again.

Jiang Li casually waved the Bloodthirsty Trident and shattered it.

Then, he pounced forward and stabbed his trident into one of the giant’s heads.

The thick armor could not stop the sharpness of the Bloodthirsty Trident. It was directly pierced through and stabbed into the flesh behind the armor.

The blood light on the Bloodthirsty Trident flourished, and the head shriveled at a visible speed. In the end, it hung limply on its neck. Clearly, it was already useless.

The other head of the Armored Sea Giant cried out in pain as if it had experienced intense pain.

It wanted to reach out and crush Jiang Li to death, but its skin was pierced by the Bloodthirsty Trident again, and one of his hands withered into a mummy’s dried arm on the spot.

Even if the Armored Sea Giant had rough skin and thick flesh, being stabbed by the Bloodthirsty Trident would take half its life.

The strength of this Sea Giant was originally around the same as Jiang Li. Under the circumstances that he did not rely on artifacts and special methods, it was not impossible to fight for a few days and nights.

However, with the enhancement of two Earth-rank treasures, the difference between the two sides was already huge.

The importance of artifacts in the cultivation world was too obvious.

A powerful and useful artifact could completely support the rise of a mediocre cultivator and even fight against higher realms.

On the other hand, extremely precious Earth-rank artifacts were even more incredible. As the foundation of a sect, they were able to ensure the prosperity of the sect for hundreds of years.

It was an honor to die under an Earth-rank artifact.

Jiang Li did not care about the other Armored Trolls’ desperate attempts to stop him.

The attacks that continuously smashed into his body were all repelled by the Black Scale Armor. Jiang Li raised the Bloodthirsty Trident and stabbed into the other head of the Armored Sea Giant.

“Do you think I can exchange such a huge armored bone plate for more merit points?”