“Human! You will regret it, you will definitely regret it!”

After the remaining head of the Armored Sea Giant on the island was sucked dry by Jiang Li’s trident, the other Armored Troll elites also knew that staying here was equivalent to waiting for death. They all abandoned the island that had fallen into a sea of flames and fled in all directions.

Jiang Li held the Bloodthirsty Trident and chased after and killed the Armored Troll in one direction. He could only watch as the other elite Armored Trolls fled.

He did not have enough time.

Jiang Li had been using the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra to monitor the movements in the nearby sea.

Amidst the sound of the sea breeze, a few figures were flying through the air at an extremely fast speed towards the island.

Old Demon Black Lotus and the other two Demon Generals were fleeing as quickly as possible.

Some of the higher-ups of the Trolls were still chasing after them.

However, after some of the slower ones were pulled farther and farther away, they gave up on chasing and returned to the island.

It seemed that they did not receive the Troll’s distress call, so their flying speed was relatively slow.

However, with that level of speed, there was already very little time left for Jiang Li.

He raised his palm, and all the flames spreading on the island gathered in his palm.

Soon, the flames on the island were completely extinguished, leaving only the bone armor plates on the ground.

These armor plates were all merit points. Jiang Li could not bear to burn them.

In the sea area outside the island, the prince of the mermen, Namur, relied on the enhancement of his bloodline in controlling beasts and the help of 20 other mermen.

They controlled a large number of shark groups in the sea area and had already successfully defeated the mermen who had been turned into Armored Mermen and saved their suffering clansmen.

Jiang Li arranged the Nine Nether clone and the Yin Burial Coffin beside him so that it was convenient for them to transfer their clansmen.

However, after all the clansmen and the captured Armored Mermen were sent into the coffin,

he still did not leave. Instead, he stared intently at the shore, waiting for an opportunity to arrive.

After the flames on the island were sucked away by Jiang Li, Namur and his fellow clansmen immediately activated the innate effect of controlling the sea beasts with all their might. They summoned all the amphibious sea creatures in this sea area and made them rush to the island.

The Nine Nether clone also patted the coffin at the same time. A large number of Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers surged out from it, bringing with them a cold wind that spread towards the island.

After these sea beasts went ashore, they received an order to kill and eat all the Armored Trolls. Under the circumstances of controlling beasts on a large scale, they could only issue such simple orders.

As for Jiang Li’s ghost soldiers, they had to pick up the bone armor masks that had fallen to the ground.

Millions of ghost soldiers transformed into a cold torrent that spread across the island.

After covering the entire island, it retreated like the tide and quickly and orderly flew back into the coffin with the armor.

As for the remaining Armored Trolls who were lucky enough not to be burned or killed, Jiang Li temporarily could not care about them.

In the sky, 17 black dots could be vaguely seen gradually enlarging.

He raised his hand to recall the Yin Burial Coffin and smashed the huge fireball in his hand towards the Armored Troll’s Food Storage.

There was no time to look back at the explosion.


Jiang Li turned around and plunged into the water. His feet stepped on the seawater and borrowed the force to shoot into the deep sea.

However, he had just dived less than 2,000 feet when he felt the seawater around him begin to tremble violently, and the pressure suddenly soared.

On the water surface, after a few figures noticed that something was off, they flickered a few times as if they had teleported, and then they crossed a great distance and appeared where Jiang Li had just fallen into the sea.

They were immediately furious when they saw the charred island.

After such a long period of invading others, someone had finally invaded their home today. If Viscount Gallonron returned and saw this, he would skin them alive!

The person who had just gone down must be the culprit!

Seventeen Armored Trolls equivalent to the Soul Formation realm of humans attacked the place where Jiang Li dived down in anger.

Tens of thousands of tons of seawater were sent flying by the impact, almost reaching the clouds. These seawater even fell dozens of kilometers away, creating a salty storm.

The heavy and surging sea surface was smashed into a huge pit by their attacks.

The Black Scale Armor was not a diving suit. It could only block the energy or physical attacks aimed at it.

For example, against poisonous gas, water, and so on, this armor did not have a very good way to defend.

The seawater that enveloped Jiang Li had become the best medium for the transmission of strength.

Under the attacks of 17 high-level Armored Trolls, although their strength was dispersed by the seawater and did not affect Jiang Li completely, he was still stunned and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Fortunately, he was quick-witted and used the coffin to retrieve the blood that had yet to spread.

The Great Mountain Alliance was too weak, so when he attacked this time, he had to be careful.

He did not dare to use his best wood attribute spell technique because he was afraid that it would leave behind enough traces to track him.

If the other party used the blood to use divination to find them, everything he had done would be for naught.

After putting away his blood, Jiang Li did not have the time to continue diving when the seawater below him suddenly started to surge.

That was because the sea pits created by more than ten Armored Trolls were almost touching his back.

The seawater naturally could not maintain such a huge depression in the water.

According to fluid mechanics, when the seawater filled the hole, other than the surrounding seawater filling the middle, the seawater below would also surge upwards.

The rapidly rising sea current obstructed Jiang Li’s dive.

At this moment, Jiang Li suddenly felt a wave of fear. He turned around and noticed that the dozen plus Armored Trolls were actually already close to him.

They looked coldly at Jiang Li, wishing to skin him alive.

One of the Armored Trolls directly reached out and grabbed Jiang Li’s ankle. His hand erupted with incomparable strength as he wanted to pull Jiang Li up.

Oh no! He was caught!

Jiang Li felt a sense of danger!

Boom! Boom!

In the next moment, two figures fell into the water and dived to Jiang Li’s side. Two balls of energy smashed directly onto Jiang Li’s head.

First, it was an extreme explosion. Then, after that instant of explosion, Jiang Li lost all sound.

The power of these two balls of light was extremely terrifying. Even with the protection of the Black Scale Armor, the two huge forces still shook Jiang Li until his mind went blank, and his fragile eardrums were directly pierced.

To Jiang Li, who cultivated the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, such an attack could not be said to be weak.

The world immediately became silent. He could feel the intracranial pressure rising rapidly. It was probably due to the high pressure in his ears that caused the acute intracranial bleeding.

To ordinary cultivators, this was already enough injuries that required the Rejuvenation Hall to be saved.

However, now was not the time to worry about his injuries.

Jiang Li barely brandished the Bloodthirsty Trident, forcing back the two Armored Trolls that attacked him.

Then, he suddenly reached out and removed a bag from his waist.

This storage bag did not look too different from an ordinary one. However, there was one end wrapped around Jiang Li’s waist while the other end entered the bag.

Jiang Li did not care about anything else and directly tore open this bag violently.

Immediately, a spatial fluctuation exploded, and a huge black metal ball appeared in the deep sea.

Black-Gold Heavy Iron!

This was the huge black-gold heavy iron ball that the Iron Wolf Sect had used to break through Ink Sect’s Thousand Sieve City.

At that time, the battle was chaotic. The elites of the Iron Wolf Sect were all destroyed under the Thousand Sieve Earth Treasury.

When Jiang Li saw that no one wanted this large iron ball, he was afraid that such a large iron ball would harm plants, so he secretly took it back.

Previously, as a precaution, he had refined this Black-Gold Heavy Iron and the Dragon Imprisoning Lock together. Then, he stuffed the end of the ball into the disposable storage bag.

Unexpectedly, it really came in handy now.

Apart from having an extremely high density and great weight, there was almost no merit in black gold heavy iron.

However, to a certain extent, weight was an advantage.

For example, smashing people in this situation.

A huge Black-Gold Heavy Iron ball appeared and was immediately captured by gravity.

The upward reverse current could not affect the fall of the heavy object at all. The iron ball fell down and became faster and faster.

Jiang Li was grabbed by the ankle and pulled out of the water. More than ten Armored Troll higher-ups surrounded him and were planning to find a way to tear off the shell of the Black Scale Armor.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock that connected Jiang Li and the large iron ball was pulled by the sinking black-gold heavy iron and instantly tightened.

This was a heavy ball that required the combined efforts of twenty airships of the Iron Wolf Sect to barely pull up.

Even someone as strong as Jiang Li was unable to lift it, let alone others who were not body cultivators.

The Armored Troll that grabbed Jiang Li’s ankle was utterly unable to endure such weight, and it was pulled along with Jiang Li on the spot and plunged into the seawater again.

A series of bubbles emerged. This Armored Troll tried its best to stop the fall, but things did not go as it wished.

Even if his strength was equivalent to a human Soul Formation cultivator, he could not pull this weight.

The other Armored Trolls also entered the sea. At this moment, the Black-Gold Heavy Iron had just begun to accelerate. They relied on their speed to quickly catch up.

After passing by Jiang Li, one of the Armored Trolls with sharp claws waved its claws and swept towards the chain that connected the iron ball and Jiang Li.

Five blood-red claw shadows directly grabbed five vacuum chambers on the seabed.

The power of the claw could easily cut a mountain into pieces.

The powerful attack affected the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, but what shocked the group of Armored Trolls was that this chain that did not seem to have much spiritual qi fluctuation was actually unscathed under such a powerful attack.

Jiang Li’s Dragon Imprisoning Lock looked ordinary and had already lost most of its former power.

However, this chain was used to lock dragons in ancient times. It was the kind of True Dragon that soared into the nine heavens and summoned the clouds and rain, rivaling immortals and gods.

Its power had already disappeared, but the material had not changed. In the current cultivation world, there was probably no one who could destroy it.

The other Armored Trolls saw that the situation was bad and also came up to help.

All kinds of astonishing attacks caused the water to flow in reverse and tsunamis to surge.

Not far away, the Armored Troll’s temporary encampment island was in deep trouble.

They had just suffered a fire that enveloped the entire island and were attacked by a large number of sea beasts. Before they could recover, a surging tsunami pounced over.

The tsunami that was hundreds of feet above the ground directly pushed the island flat, pushing a rare small number of survivors into the water and into the mouths of those sea beasts.

However, even so, the chain in the center of the storm did not move.

Logically speaking, the chain connecting the two ends was under immense pressure, and it was the weakest place. Of course, it should be the easiest to destroy.

However, this logic did not apply to the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

After trying for a period of time, the chain was not destroyed. Instead, the speed at which the Black-Gold Heavy Iron fell became faster and faster.

The group of Armored Trolls helplessly gave up on the idea of cutting off the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, but they were naturally unwilling to let go of the culprit, Jiang Li.

They sent away ten Armored Trolls to pull the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, resisting the terrifying gravity and trying to slow down their descent.

However, even if the ten Armored Trolls combined their strength to resist gravity, the strength each of them had to endure was equivalent to the full weight of two large flying ships.

Even someone as powerful as them could not last long.

Moreover, the momentum of the Black-Gold Heavy Iron had already been established. They could only slow down the speed bit by bit and were unable to directly stop the large iron ball.

The remaining Armored Trolls surrounded Jiang Li aggressively.

They originally did not want to capture Jiang Li alive. As long as they pierced through this tortoise shell and killed the fellow inside, the corpse would not be affected even if it sank to the bottom of the sea.

Seven Armored Trolls equivalent to the Soul Formation realm surrounded Jiang Li and attacked crazily.

This kind of treatment was the first time in thousands of years for a Golden Core cultivator.

At first, Jiang Li wanted to resist.

However, with such a huge difference in numbers, even with the Bloodthirsty Trident, he could not stab anyone.

As long as an Armored Troll restricted him from the side, the threat of his Bloodthirsty Trident would be greatly reduced.

After being hit a few more times but failing to do anything, Jiang Li could only put away the Bloodthirsty Trident and think of a way to use the seaweed to block the cracks in the armor to prevent blood from flowing out.

Then, he hugged his head with both hands and curled up into a ball. He used the Black Scale Armor and defense of his body to withstand the terrifying impacts.

However, he was not someone who would sit idle. With a thought, he activated a rune.

A bright light lit up on the Black-Gold Heavy Iron ball, and the gravity on it suddenly increased a little.

It was an advanced rune in the runic system, representing “heaviness and pressure”.

Jiang Li had used similar talismans to put on his body for body cultivation training back then.

Previously, he had nothing to do and was practicing carving on the Black-Gold Heavy Iron. As his spiritual qi poured in, the gravity rune also took effect.

The Armored Trolls that were holding onto the Dragon Imprisoning Lock were initially nervous, but then they noticed that the weight on their hands had only increased by an undetectable trace. They could not help but laugh at Jiang Li’s final struggle.

However, an Armored Troll saw a problem in the dim water.

The huge iron ball did not seem to be smooth?

He narrowed his eyes and used the light produced by his companions’ attacks to barely see the messy patterns.

Wait, these patterns seemed to be identical to the lit rune!

At the same time, the second rune light lit up.

Then, the third, fourth, fifth, tenth, hundredth, thousandth, five thousandth, ten thousandth, twenty thousandth, and fifty thousandth rune lit up!

The area on the Black-Gold Heavy Iron ball was very large. Jiang Li had carved 50,000 gravity runes on it!


The top-grade spiritual qi that was boundless like a tsunami lit up the runes.. The weight of the large iron ball suddenly increased. The Armored Trolls could no longer hold on and were dragged into the deep sea by the iron ball!