10,000 feet, 15,000 feet, 20,000 feet, 25,000 feet, 30,000 feet!


As the Black-Gold Heavy Iron Ball continued to fall, even with their eyes, they could no longer see any light in their surroundings. The pressure brought about by their surroundings became greater and greater.

30,000 feet was a terrifying depth of close to 10,000 meters.

In his previous life, the deepest Mariana Trench on Earth was only 11,034 meters. Now, their depth underwater was comparable.

Jiang Li, who was inside the iron, already deeply felt the heavy pressure of the sea.

After enduring the continuous attacks of the seven Armored Trolls, although he had the defense of the Black Scale Armor and the support of the Immovable Overlord Body, he still suffered unimaginable damage.

The muscles in his entire body were mostly torn apart, and his bones seemed to have come in and out of the crush machine. They broke, healed, and broke countless times.

Several foreign energies rampaged through the meridians in his body.

Now, the Black Scale Armor was filled with dense dark red blood.

This battered body was even harder to resist this water pressure.

If he opened the Black Scale Armor now, he would discover that his chest had completely collapsed, the air in his lungs almost completely squeezed out.

Fortunately, Jiang Li’s One Day Death Denial status could still take effect with his Golden Core cultivation. These injuries did not affect him too much.

Now that he had reached this depth, the Armored Trolls chasing after him no longer had the time to continue attacking him. They only attached themselves to the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and were unwilling to give up.

However, as the underwater pressure increased, they began to be unable to endure it.

The deep sea was a high-pressure, pitch-black, and cold world. Even the steel submarine with the highest technology in his previous life would have been crushed into a pile of scrap metal here.

The bodies of everyone present were naturally tougher than steel, but they were not out of the scope of living beings.

As the depth continued to increase, the pressure continued to rise. The air in their bodies was also constantly squeezed out. A series of bubbles inevitably leaked out from the mouth and nose of the Armored Trolls.

The lungs in their bodies exploded one after another. As the bubbles were squeezed out, there was also sticky blood.

Even someone as strong as them had to suffer damage at this depth.

Soon, they reached a depth of 40,000 feet.

The world of the Nine Provinces was far larger than the Earth in his previous life. It was so deep, but it still could not see the bottom.

At this moment, there was a sudden bang.

One of the Armored Trolls’ eyeballs suddenly exploded. He could no longer endure it and released the Dragon Imprisoning Lock before floating up.

This depth seemed to have reached a critical value.

More and more Armored Trolls began to give up and float towards the surface of the sea.

On the one hand, Jiang Li had been beaten up by them for such a long time and had fallen into the sea with this iron ball. They felt that the guy in the armor would not be able to survive no matter what.

On the other hand, they really could not hold on anymore.

The 17 Armored Trolls floated up successively. The last Armored Troll that clung to Jiang Li also let go and was prepared to give up.

However, right at this moment, Jiang Li who they thought should have died a long time ago suddenly moved.

He used his hands and feet to stabilize it from behind.

He dragged the other party down with him.

In fact, compared to these Armored Trolls, although Jiang Li’s situation was terrible, he had an unparalleled advantage.

First of all, based on the buff that Jiang Li had obtained back then, he could breathe underwater. Although he was still in pain, he could ensure that his basic survival was not affected.

In addition, Jiang Li had more than a hundred recovery buffs on him, and one of them came from an Earth-rank medicinal pill.

Assuming that the surrounding seawater pressure could cause him 1,000 points of damage per second, Jiang Li could recover at least 10,000 points per second. Therefore, he could completely endure it and survive.

After these Armored Trolls stopped attacking him, his injuries began to quickly recover.

Jiang Li endured the pain and sucked the seawater mixed with his blood into his dilapidated lungs, allowing his chest to return to its normal shape before quickly healing his shattered bones.

Surviving in the deep sea did not only require a powerful body to withstand the endless water pressure. It was simply impossible.

In the deep sea, most creatures were still soft creatures, but they could easily survive the pressure that could crush steel.

Because the key was the balance of internal and external pressure.

Jiang Li sucked the seawater into his chest and poured it into his abdomen, expelling all the air in his body.

By causing the pressure inside his body to rise rapidly and getting close to the balance of the external pressure, the damage he suffered would naturally be greatly reduced.

This kind of operation made him feel very uncomfortable.

When he noticed that the Armored Trolls that had beaten him up for nothing wanted to escape, how could he let them off easily?

He directly grabbed one and fixed it in place.

Jiang Li had taken the initiative to repair his hands and feet earlier. His strength surpassed this Armored Troll, and his stabilization technique was complete. Sigh, without special abilities to get free, it was practically invincible.

The other Armored Trolls still wanted to save him, but at this depth, they were already exhausted.

If they sank further, who knew who would kill who?

After chasing for a distance, they finally gave up and could only watch as their fellow clansman was dragged into the deep sea.

When it was more than 50,000 feet deep, the strength of the Troll’s struggles suddenly weakened. Soon, blood spurted out of nowhere and it completely softened.

The danger of pursuit had temporarily ended, but they were still sinking.

55,000 feet, 60,000 feet.

Because at this moment, Jiang Li was unable to stop the large iron ball.

In the end, Jiang Li was not a sea creature. Using underwater respiration and recovery buffs, it was considered impressive that he could endure 20,000 feet deeper than these Trolls.

But if he continued down, all the cells in his body would wail.

However, since Jiang Li chose such an escape route, he naturally had an emergency plan.

Now, even he could not stop the momentum of the Black-Gold Heavy Iron Ball. The cage lock was also connected to this large iron ball and could not escape in a short period of time.

He could undo the other chain on his waist and escape.

However, this initial artifact had accompanied him for a long time.

That indestructible special material could be said to never be outdated. He could not bear to let the artifact given to him by his master sink into the deep sea.

However, under such circumstances, there was a temporary compromise.

That was to extend the length of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock!

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock that was once a divine artifact had a special feature that could almost extend indefinitely as long as it provided enough spiritual qi.

Coincidentally, Jiang Li did not lack spiritual qi.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock began to emit spiritual light and continuously extended.

Under the support of Jiang Li’s endless spiritual qi, the Black-Gold Heavy Iron Ball sank as quickly as it could, and the Dragon Imprisoning Lock stretched as quickly as it could.

Without the pull of the iron ball, Jiang Li’s downward momentum finally stopped, and he stopped at the bottom of the 60,000 feet deep sea just like that.

After an unknown period of time, a violent tremor suddenly came from the other end of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

Jiang Li knew that the Black Gold Heavy Iron Ball was already at the bottom.

He roughly sensed the length of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock. It was more than 23,000 feet long!

In that case, the bottom of the sea was more than 83,000 feet deep!

However, the problem was that Jiang Li fell into the sea close to shore. Such a depth was simply unbelievable.

Then, wouldn’t the deepest sea reach the abyss?

Jiang Li sighed with emotion at the vastness of this world again. Just the area of the Great Mountain Region was equivalent to a continent in his previous life.

In the entire Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent, even all the land areas on Earth could not compare to it.

How big was the complete Azure Cloud Continent? How big were the other eight continents of the same level?

With Jiang Li’s current knowledge, he did not even have a complete concept.

Only such a world could withstand the torture of those powerful cultivators.

Especially since there were Immortals and Buddhas in the ancient times. If the place was not big, how could it accommodate them?

He threw the Armored Troll in his hand into the coffin. As soon as he opened the coffin lid, surging seawater poured crazily into the coffin.

If not for the Nine Nether clone’s timely help, this wave of seawater would have destroyed several acres of spider lily carefree grass.

However, floating 60,000 feet in the deep sea, Jiang Li was currently in a difficult situation.

If he did that, he could indeed not be pulled into the deep sea, but he had not thought of how to retrieve the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and the Black Gold Heavy Iron Ball.

At the very least, he could not go down to the bottom of the sea. What could he do to retrieve his artifact?

Jiang Li thought for a moment before opening the coffin again and calling out the merman race’s prince, Namur.

This merman was different. Staying 60,000 feet in the deep sea was easy for him, as comfortable as returning home.

He swam around and did not discover any dangerous large creatures around him. Only then did he swim back to Jiang Li’s side and respectfully hand over a few items.

“Lord, thank you for saving my tribe. I can’t repay you, this is the tears of all my tribesmen.”

“This is my father’s Merman Heart and Crown Crystal. This is the egg you want.”

Borrowing the corrosion of the Armored Troll’s flesh and blood, the spiritual root seed took advantage of the situation and successfully turned that person into a “good friend” that Jiang Li could completely trust within a day.

Previously, in the coffin, not only had the other party personally dissected the completely unrecognizable Natier, he had even called all his clansmen to take out their merman’s tears to offer to Jiang Li.

Of course, that egg was not the previous one. Letting a father hand over his child was not something he would do. Jiang Li was not that cruel.

It was the Reincarnation Egg in the Myriad Snake Cave in the Rock Mountain Range.

Jiang Li took a few items and looked at them.

Gosh, a tray of 57 egg-sized merman’s tears. It seemed that the group of Armored Trolls had bullied these mermen quite a bit.

Merman tears were a kind of crystal ball in a merman’s body, similar to the stones of other animals. However, this crystal would only form when a merman was facing danger of death and had a huge emotional fluctuation.

It was said that there was once a businessman from the Southern Sea who used intimidation to force the mermen to produce tears repeatedly. He had really manipulated the breeding industry very well.

This kind of ball was usually produced at the tail of the merman. Unless the merman died or cut open the tail, they could not obtain these merman tears.

Taking out the merman tears would cause great pain to these mermen.

Ordinary merman tears were only about the size of beans, it was a little exaggerated to grow to this size.

Merman tears could detoxify all poisons. If it was given by someone, it would contain the blessing of the sea.

There was no need to mention the heart and crown crystal from the king of the merman race.

“Yes, I want to recover from my injuries. Protect me.”

Jiang Li was very satisfied. He raised his hand and formed a few hand seals. The countless scales on his body separated and reassembled, forming a Black Scale Egg that protected Jiang Li in the middle.

Jiang Li endured the water pressure in the sea and hugged the Reincarnation Egg, the Merman Heart, the Crown Crystal, and the Merman Tears as he activated the Cocoon Break skill.

In the black scale eggshell outside, another thick cocoon formed from Jiang Li’s cuticle formed.

In the thick cocoon, Jiang Li crushed the Reincarnation Egg. Then, his consciousness sank and he fell into a slumber.

This Reincarnation Egg was the reincarnation vessel prepared by the Holy Spirit Snake in the Rock Mountain Range.

What was the ultimate goal of all snakes? Wasn’t it to transform into a dragon? The Holy Spirit of the Rock Ridge was no exception.

This Reincarnation Egg had been nurtured by the Holy Spirit Snake for countless years.

The dragon bloodline concentration inside had already reached a very high level. Even Jiang Li was tempted.

After crushing the eggshell, the thing inside flowed out, causing the thick cocoon to become turbid.

Jiang Li’s figure quickly turned into a semi-melting state. All the tissues, organs, and cells in his body were in an active state of rapid division.

First, he healed all the hidden injuries.

Then, he absorbed the few treasures of the merman race and the nutrients of the Reincarnation Egg to convert them into his own strength.

In the outside world, the merman guarded Jiang Li who had entered the cocoon state cautiously.

However, after a few hours, he discovered something amiss.

Under the water, the pupils of the merman race would enlarge to the limit. Their entire eye was almost pitch-black, this was to capture any weak light in the deep sea.

However, the pupils in his eyes were shrinking bit by bit.

In the sea water above him, bright sources of light appeared.

Something was quickly sinking and casting a large area of light to illuminate the deep sea. It was obvious that it was searching for something.

Without a doubt, the target was Jiang Li. The few Trolls from before probably could not dive so easily.

In that case, the one who dived down was increasing his speed?

Namur became nervous. The source of light above was getting closer and closer. Now, his master was asleep and could not leave.

What should he do? Summon the sea beasts to stop the other party?

No, to an expert at the level of Gallonron, there was basically no use in controlling ordinary sea beasts. Instead, it might expose his identity.

He had no choice but to bring his master down!

According to Jiang Li’s instructions, he knocked on the shrinking coffin rhythmically a few times, indicating that there was danger approaching.

Then, he dragged Jiang Li and quickly swam down.

The talent of the merman race in the water was indeed shocking. When they were in the water, their strength could double, and their speed was even more impressive.

He pulled Jiang Li down quickly.

Namur was very worried that Jiang Li’s cocoon would be crushed due to the change in water pressure, but if they were discovered by Gallonron, the situation would be even worse.