“Another world?!”

The petite Armored Troll noble immediately became energetic when she heard this word.

She raised her head and jumped out of the hole, landing lightly on the ground.

Under the white bone mask, the corners of her mouth cracked until her ears, revealing the serrated teeth inside.

Coupled with her white robe and the strong smell of corpses, those who did not know better would think that Jiang Li had found someone with a mental illness.

“Lord, is it the world they came from?”

Fran pointed at an area filled with blood-colored energy in the coffin.

There were more than a hundred technicians from the Asura World working hard.

As soon as they entered a few days ago, Fran became extremely interested in them.

She had always expressed that she wanted to put them on the operating table and have a good chat.

However, these technicians from the Asura World were very precious and were very useful to Jiang Li. He could not let her harm them like this.

“It’s that world. I’ll show you now.”

“However, we have to say this first. We can let you do this research, but you have to complete your daily mission.”

Fran nodded and agreed absentmindedly. She could not be interested in those simple jobs.

However, after eating the spiritual root seed, she could not go against Jiang Li’s wishes.

Jiang Li did not know how many other abilities this noble of the Armored Trolls had.

However, he had to keep this strange doctor under his wing and raise her well.

This was because she had the ability and technique to quickly transform the Armored Trolls.

The Great Mountain Alliance had previously obtained 630,000 merit points from Ink Sect and another 100,000 merit points from the Cloud Manor’s token.

During this period of time, they killed some Armored Trolls one after another, but they could not gather 10,000. Their current total merit points were just more than 730,000.

Coupled with the 80,000 plus Armored Troll masks Jiang Li brought back this time, after exchanging them, the merit points could reach 810,000.

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However, they were still lacking 190,000. If they wanted to gather them, they had to capture at least two or three Armored Troll strongholds.

It was not impossible, but even if they were lucky enough to find two more strongholds through the channels of the despicable traffickers in the cultivation world, to capture two strongholds, they would definitely have to spend a lot of time and suffer casualties.

For example, this time, Jiang Li had sacrificed three Demon Generals from the Asura World.

Old Demon Black Lotus and the two Soul Formation cultivators of the Hundred Tempering Mountain could be considered to have contributed to the Great Mountain Region at the end of their lives.

If he used the same trick again, not to mention whether it was effective,

it was clearly not suitable to let the higher-ups of the Great Mountain Alliance be bait.

At this moment, Gallonfran’s role appeared.

With this strange doctor, they could produce their own Armored Trolls.

The Armored Trolls with intelligence were no different from the ones without.

Jiang Li could completely use cheap humanoid species like wild beasts, demon beasts, and even Scaled Demons as body materials to transform them into new Armored Trolls.

At that time, if he dug out the armor plates and handed it over, he could easily produce hundreds of thousands of merit points.

However, this kind of thing had to be kept secret. Once the Divine Judgment Hall discovered it, their Great Mountain Alliance would be directly finished.

Therefore, Jiang Li did not tell anyone about this.

From the capturing of the beasts to the transportation of goods and the subsequent matters, he could only entrust them to the Hidden Rock cultivators who could be completely trusted.

All the other steps were carried out in the coffin. Gallonfran handled it personally.

Now, the standing cages in the coffin had been built. The speed at which the Armored Trolls were created was limited by the flesh reproduction speed of the ancient lingzhi.

No matter how important an employee was, he naturally would not reject them if they were interested in new things.

Of course, Jiang Li had long planned to open another controllable spatial crack.

Previously at the sea, it was his prelude.

After many attempts, through controlling the output of energy and some modifications to the altar’s blood pool, he could finally control the spatial crack in a stable range.

Otherwise, every time it opened, the spatial crack would uncontrollably spread out like shattered glass.

If that sort of situation occurred in the Yin Burial Coffin, it was even possible that his Earth-rank artifact would be directly ruined.

However, he could give it a try now.

In the Asura World, the Fallen Blood Yaksha had left the Blood Fighting Arena again, unknown to the two bosses.

This time, even the huge bell hanging around the Blood Fighting Arena was removed.

The sound of this bell could summon the ordinary monsters born in the Blood Plains 50 kilometers away. It was necessary for various territories to recruit new blood.

The blood pool altar in the Asura World was prepared.

Jiang Li threw out a blood-colored Karma Cleansing Lotus from the coffin.

After easily completing the connection, an invisible crack slowly split open on the lotus flower.

Under the control of hundreds of Asura World monsters on both sides, the crack gradually stopped after reaching twenty feet long and seven feet wide.

Gallonfran could not wait to peek over and observe the strange red world on the other side.

The Fallen Blood Yaksha raised its hand and pressed the head back. Then, it ordered its subordinates to carry a bucket of human blood and draw lines on the ground, drawing from the inside to the outside of the cave.

Then, a bell sounded.

All the monsters in a 50-kilometer radius were summoned and slowly walked over.

After approaching a certain distance, those monsters smelled the smell of human blood. Their eyes were instantly filled with greed as they rushed towards the thin line of human blood drawn on the ground crazily.

Passing through a long passageway, they saw the spatial crack that was not very large.

There was a reason why the creatures of the Asura World called the Nine Provinces Continent the Lamb World.

In the eyes of the vast majority of Asura monsters, there were delicious sheep that could not resist everywhere in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

This instinctive understanding might have come from the will of the entire Asura World.

Just like back then, the demon beasts and even the Wind Protection Giant of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region spontaneously attacked the invaders.

This willpower was even above the instinct to fear death.

There was no need for an order or any hesitation.

The monsters swarmed into the crack.

Some monsters were directly cut apart by the sharp edges of the crack.

Some landed in front of Jiang Li after passing through the crack.

Before they could search excitedly for the lamb, this man, who looked neither burly nor tall, raised a large hand and waved it at them.

The hand carried a mountainous force.

He directly slapped the five monsters into mush.

With Jiang Li’s current strength, the bodies of these monsters were not much tougher than tofu to him.

He had no intention of subduing these lowest-level monsters.

Moreover, the corpses of most monsters in the Asura World could not be used as medicine or as spiritual materials to forge artifacts. They were basically worthless.

Having spent so much effort to open this crack, Jiang Li was purely here to accumulate merit.

After spending a few seconds to eliminate the negative karma of opening the spatial crack for the second time, Jiang Li stood in front of the crack and became a human-shaped meat grinder.

These monsters that usually roamed the Blood Plains were very weak. Under the circumstances that they controlled the range of the spatial crack, there was no possibility of failure.

It was only the pollution caused by their flesh that was slightly troublesome to deal with.

“Hehe, what cute and beautiful creatures! Lord, leave a few for me.” Fran’s eyes lit up.

Ignoring Qin Shuman’s obstruction, she approached Jiang Li.

A small blade appeared on her finger and she waved it twice.

A monster that had rushed to her had its eight tentacles cut off.

This petite Armored Troll’s strength could not be underestimated.

Then, Fran reached out with her left claw and dug into the chest of the Asura World monster.

Ignoring the other party’s blood, she studied it.

“Interesting, interesting. You actually have three hearts.”

Fran reached into the monster’s chest and searched everywhere. After a long time, she took out three ugly hearts that were still beating.

The three hearts were of different sizes and shapes. It was unknown how they formed a cycle together.

Asura World creatures indeed looked like they could do whatever they wanted and did not care about logic.

While Fran was excited, something suddenly happened to her left arm that was covered in blood of madness and held three hearts.

Her slender arm began to swell, lumps of flesh growing on it.

There was also a tumor on the tumor. Fran’s entire left arm and the left side of her body that was tainted with blood began to lose control.

If an ordinary person encountered such a change, they would be frightened to death.

However, Fran was different. These abnormal biological cell reactions only made her feel excited and curious.

She was also sufficiently decisive. She waved the blade in her right hand and cut off the left side of her body that had changed.

With the Armored Troll’s self-healing ability, such injuries would not be a hindrance after spending some time.

The body tissues that fell to the ground did not stop. After a while, on the lumps, human faces that could cry and smile even appeared and twisted on the ground.

That scene was as disgusting as it could be. If a normal person saw it, their sanity would be lost.

Even the experienced and knowledgeable female ghost, Qin Shuman, could not accept it. She turned her head away and did not want to look at the thing on the ground.

“Interesting, interesting. The blood of these monsters can actually rob us of our rationality. They can turn our cells back to their most primitive state.”

“I’ve never seen such a situation. How interesting.”

“Master, please help me keep a few alive.”

What happened to Fran also attracted Jiang Li’s attention.

He knew that the blood of an Asura Lord was very dangerous.

However, the flesh and blood of these ordinary monsters should not have such a powerful assimilation ability. The problem was likely Fran.

Just the flesh alone caused such a serious reaction from Gallonfran.

Was this situation an exception, or could it be effective on all the Armored Trolls?

If it was the latter, things would be interesting.

Perhaps he could make use of this phenomenon.

What Jiang Li did not know was that after the Armored Troll Gallonron captured the three Demon Generals, he had even tasted the brains of one of them.

In the end, Gallonron could only cut off his own tongue.

There were two sides to everything in the world.

The racial characteristics of the Armored Trolls were undoubtedly very powerful. They could easily corrode other races and seize their talent ability.

However, the price was that they could not develop any rationality.

Their intelligence came from the human brain.

They usually ate the muscles and internal organs of other creatures except the brain. All the intelligent Armored Trolls did not dare to touch it.

This was because eating the brains of other species would quickly make their brains wither and become stupid and slow. Only by consuming Nourishment again could they recover.

Jiang Li had even thought of disguising the brains of animals as food for them to use, thus weakening this race.

However, the Armored Trolls had a strong sense of smell. Jiang Li did not find an effective way to disguise them for the time being.

When this creature encountered an Asura World creature that represented madness and disorder, it finally exposed its irrepressible weakness.

When Jiang Li first saw the Armored Troll, he even let his servants dissect the corpses in a vain attempt to find the flaws of their race.

At that time, he had gained almost nothing and only felt deep pressure.

Later on, they discovered the sacrificial flower on the enemy island.

It was not easy to mass produce that thing, and it was not an artifact. It was only suitable for the strong to deal with the weak. It was still quite difficult to rely on those flowers to defeat the strong.

He did not expect to suddenly discover a turning point today.

The blood of madness in the Asura World could have such a miraculous effect on Armored Troll nobles.

What about ordinary Armored Trolls with less stability?

Originally, Jiang Li did not want Fran to be distracted. He only wanted her to focus on cultivating the Armored Trolls.

Now, it seemed that he had to support it greatly.

In the Yin Burial Coffin, Jiang Li fell into the joy of becoming stronger by killing monsters.

Due to the fact that there were fewer spatial cracks, his efficiency in farming monsters was far inferior to before.

In order to obtain the next stage of the Merit Blessing status, the accumulation of merit would be several times greater.

He would probably have to be in seclusion for a long time.

A thousand miles away, in a new Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn near Phoenix Sun City.

The chubby Yan Hong was directing a few workers ranging from the Qi Refinement realm to the Core Formation realm. He tidied the counter and checked the warehouse.

Although Yan Hong’s cultivation was low, he still had quite a bit of authority as Jiang Li’s good friend.

Jiang Li had sent a few parasitized cultivators to him. Now, Yan Hong was starting to develop Prosperous Jiang Hong’s business near Phoenix Sun City.

However, before it could open, this small inn that targeted low-level demon beasts welcomed a guest.

It was a benevolent old man.

He shook a horsetail whisk in his hand and stepped into the store. His eyes swept across the busy people in the inn, and there was no change in his wrinkled face.

“Senior, what can I do for you? My small store has yet to open. My employees have not been trained well. If you want to drink tea, please come back another day.”

Yan Hong saw a stranger enter the store and went forward to greet him skillfully.

He was also feeling a little strange. The Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn had a special symbol on its signboard. Ordinary people should know that this was an inn that served demons with a glance.

Could it be that this old Daoist was actually a demon that had taken form?

“Is the head manager of your inn the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance?”

The old Daoist’s sudden question stunned Yan Hong. This was not new in the Great Mountain Region, but near the Eastern Region’s Phoenix Sun City, their Great Mountain Alliance was not famous.

After hesitating for a moment, Yan Hong nodded.

“That’s good, your inn has a pawn shop to collect treasures. Look at how many spirit stones this thing is worth.”

The old Daoist sized up Yan Hong before taking out a brocade box and opening it to reveal the treasure inside.