Jiang Li’s intentional disguise was very effective.

As expected, the other party did not treat him as a human.

To the Nine Nether Branch, although the spiritual root seed was important, it would definitely not be a threat.

Moreover, the status of the human cultivation world was not very important to a tree.

Fortunately, he did not expose himself earlier.

In that case, Yan Hong and the others’ safety was slightly guaranteed. He could also be largely unaffected by the other party.

However… the Immortal Peach Demon Wood?

Wait, could he be talking about… the Mu family’s patriarch?

“You want to attack that person from the Mu family?” Jiang Li deliberately tested him.

“That’s right, it’s that old fellow. He has eaten countless of our clansmen in the Eastern Region over the years. If we let him continue developing, it’ll be similarly difficult for us to survive.”

The other party’s words affirmed Jiang Li’s guess.

In fact, Jiang Li had noticed it since the first time he met Mu Chunyang.

The other party’s Yang Wood spiritual qi was completely countered by the Nine Nether spiritual qi. Moreover, the level of his cultivation method was extraordinarily high, and it was probably not inferior to the Nine Nether Dao Scripture.

The Nine Nether Dao Scripture originated from the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, the Nine Nether Wood. There were not many Yang Wood attribute inheritances of the same level as him even in ancient times.

It was very likely that the Mu family’s cultivation method originated from another Yang-Wood attribute Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth.

Thinking about those Longevity Peaches, if their effects were strengthened by a thousand times, they would be almost identical to the legendary Immortal Longevity Peach.

However, the main body of the Nine Nether Wood had relied on the souls of the six paths of reincarnation to survive until now in the Netherworld.

The Immortality Peach Tree above the Heavenly Palace was even more dependent on spiritual qi, so it should not be able to survive until today.

In the legends, other than the true form of the Immortality Peach that no one had seen before, there were 3,600 peach trees in the Immortal Peach Garden.

The first 1,200 stalks were small and ripened every 3,000 years. When a person ate them, they would become immortal and achieve the Dao. In the middle, there were 1,200 stalks that ripened every 6,000 years. When a person ate them, they would ascend and become immortal. In the back, there were 1,200 stalks with purple-patterned cores that ripened every 9,000 years. When a person ate them, their lifespan would be equivalent to heaven and earth, existing like the sun and moon.

Ignoring everything else, just the effects of these people easily achieving longevity and ascending to immortality with lifespan that could last as long as heaven and earth were enticing enough.

Right now, the spiritual qi of heaven and earth in the continent of the Nine Provinces could not support the growth of any orthodox Immortal Peach Tree.

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In ancient times alone, the concentration of spiritual qi in the human world could not compare to the Immortal Peach Garden.

Not to mention the current continent of the Nine Provinces.

Even the small immortal peach that was ripened every three thousand years would find it difficult to survive in such an environment, let alone produce fruits.

Perhaps the peach core of a certain Immortal Peach Tree had fallen into the human world and only grew after countless years.

“Hmph, you know that person’s level is far above ours. Even if we work together, we won’t be his match.”

Jiang Li did not question the other party. This Nine Nether Branch that grew in the underwater graveyard had already cultivated the second Tree Heart, so it naturally obtained more inheritances from the main body.

He could even use the reverse domain of the Back Yin Mountain. It was very normal for him to know some secrets that Jiang Li did not know.

“There’s no need for you to do anything. As long as you hand me the Divine Possession Girl that that old fellow has been searching for more than a thousand years, we will naturally have a way to deal with him.”

The Nine Nether Wood from the graveyard finally stated its goal.

However, Jiang Li did not expect that the other party was not targeting him, but the Divine Possession Girl.

“As long as you hand that Divine Possession Girl to me, you don’t have to interfere with anything else. I can return those seeds to you immediately. After this matter is completed, I can give you half of the Immortality Peach Demon Wood’s Immortality Peaches and the Nine Nether Tree Hearts that he hid!”

The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard offered very sincere conditions for this Divine Possession Girl.

Divine Possession Girl… Divine Possession Girl…

The color in Jiang Li’s eyes inexplicably changed. He had already guessed who the Nine Nether Wood was talking about.

In addition, it turned out that the Mu family’s patriarch had been searching for her.

It seemed that the Immortal Peach Demon Wood had stayed here for eight thousand years and wanted to go out and take a look.

Jiang Li did not believe that the other party had no goal after searching for so many years.

The Divine Possession Physique was the best material to possess. At the very least, it was good material for an incarnation.

The plan of the Nine Nether Wood in the underwater graveyard was to tamper with the Divine Possession Girl and personally give her to the Mu family’s patriarch to possess.

Then, he would give the other party a fatal blow when he was at his weakest.

No wonder he was so easy-going in front of Jiang Li. It turned out that this person from the underwater graveyard really felt that the initiative was in Jiang Li’s hands!

Clearly, Jiang Li would not give him the person he wanted.

“The Divine Possession Girl is very important. Tell me the plan. If it’s feasible, I can cooperate with you.”

In the courtyard, Jiang Li was sitting cross-legged.

Elder Mu, who had left earlier, finally returned.

“Qiuhua, are you alright?”

Seeing the two damaged doors, Elder Mu felt a lingering fear. She grabbed Shenshan Qiuhua and looked left and right. Seeing that they were not injured, she relaxed.

She did not expect that they would bump into people from the Beast Frenzy Sect.

After the Mu family told her the situation, Elder Mu immediately rushed back, but she was still a step late. Fortunately, Jiang Li handled it very well, and nothing happened.

“Qiuhua, eat this. We won’t be participating in the Longevity Peach Banquet.”

A box appeared in Elder Mu’s hand. She had also brought back a Longevity Peach.

This Longevity Peach was larger than the one Jiang Li had obtained earlier, and the flesh was more transparent and round.

This was a high-grade Longevity Peach that ripened every 30 years. Every disciple of the Mu family would obtain such a Longevity Peach at the beginning of their cultivation. It could improve the physique of cultivators and obtain the blessing of their ancestors. It was said that they might even obtain the supreme inheritance of the Mu family’s patriarch.

However, Shenshan Qiuhua had been staying at the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak since she was young. Moreover, her natural spiritual root was different from ordinary Mu family disciples. She had a dual-attribute water and fire spiritual root.

Therefore, Elder Mu did not contact the family to ask for the Longevity Peach for her.

It was not until she awakened a certain special talent and encountered several dangers that Elder Mu recalled a saying in the clan.

She brought Shenshan Qiuhua back to the Mu family and used her relationship with the Family Head to obtain this Longevity Peach.

Shenshan Qiuhua took the Longevity Peach and was about to eat it when a hand stopped her.

Jiang Li had already woken up from his meditation at some point in time. It was he who had stopped Shenshan Qiuhua.

“Jiang Li, you…?”

When there were outsiders present, Elder Mu called him the Alliance Leader, although she called him by his name in private.

Seeing Jiang Li stop them, the two of them looked at him in confusion.

“Elder Mu, do you know about the Divine Possession Physique?”

Jiang Li did not explain and asked after gesturing to Shenshan Qiuhua.

When she heard the words “Divine Possession Physique”, Elder Mu’s expression changed. Indeed, she knew the talent that Shenshan Qiuhua had awakened.

The so-called Divine Possession Physique could also be called the Divine Bearer.

In ancient times, after the path to ascension was cut, without the Buzhou Mountain as a passageway, the passage between the Heavenly realm and the human world became even more difficult.

It was even harder for mortals to become immortals, but for Immortals and Gods who had already become immortals and attained the Dao, it was similarly difficult to descend to the lower realm.

However, some Immortals and Gods had to protect the descendants of the lower realm, and they also had to reveal divine miracles from time to time to maintain their prosperity.

At this time, they needed a human body that could carry their will and strength as their spokesperson.

That was to find the Divine Possession Physique otherwise known as the Divine Bearer.

“So, did Junior Sister Qiuhua awaken the Divine Possession Physique earlier?”

“That’s right. That time, Qiuhua could hear the voices of those children’s ghosts on the flying ship because she awakened it.”

“During this period of time, the situation has not improved. Dozens of ghosts have already been attracted by Qiuhua’s aura. Almost every day, there are ghosts attacking the Great Mountain stronghold. I’m afraid that if this continues, something will happen to her.”

If an ordinary person’s soul residence was a sturdy fortress, the soul residence of the Divine Bearer was a wooden house that was riddled with holes and had no windows. There was a large number of gold, silver, and treasures inside.

Their bodies could accept information from the outside world more easily, but it would also attract many ghosts with evil intentions to come and seize their bodies.

For some mighty figures who were about to die or demons who could not transform, they were also the best targets to possess.

It was not an exaggeration to say that they were surrounded by wolves.

“I’ve tried many methods, but of them worked. Now, perhaps only the ancestor spirits of the race can protect Qiuhua.”

Elder Mu was very helpless. Unless she had no choice, she did not want to return to the Mu family.

Jiang Li understood that even in the Mu family, there should be very few people who knew the details of the Mu family’s patriarch. They probably really thought that he was only an old ancestor.

If Elder Mu knew that that old ancestor was actually an Immortal Peach Demon Wood, she would probably not bring Shenshan Qiuhua back even if she was beaten to death.

However, Elder Mu knew that the Mu family had been searching for the Nine Nether Tree Heart and Divine Possession Physique for many years, so she had always been vigilant and did not dare to reveal it to anyone.

Previously, she had always asked Shenshan Qiuhua to stay with Jiang Li and did not let her meet her old friends.

“Elder Mu, Qiuhua, do you trust me?”

The two of them nodded.

“I’ll think of a way to resolve the matter of the Divine Possession Physique, but she can’t eat this Longevity Peach.”

Fortunately, Jiang Li had come this time. Otherwise, when he saw Shenshan Qiuhua again, the owner of her body would probably have changed.

There was no need to mention Shenshan Qiuhua. Elder Mu hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

Jiang Li put away the Longevity Peach and reached into the coffin for a long time before taking out a snake ring with a black and white snake tail.

“Junior Sister Qiuhua, close your eyes and don’t resist.”

Shenshan Qiuhua’s trust in Jiang Li had probably reached the point where he could knock on her door at night. She did as she was told without any hesitation.

With a thought from Jiang Li, a pale white fire snake Holy Spirit flew out from behind him. Borrowing Jiang Li’s strength, the Holy Spirit spat out a mouthful of dragon qi and struck the snake ring.

The Ouroboros Ring immediately separated and entered Shenshan Qiuhua’s consciousness from both sides. After circling around the Sea of Consciousness that was different from ordinary people, they reconnected.

The barrier formed by the Black-White Snake Ring locked Shenshan Qiuhua’s defenseless mental world.

Before the snake ring was removed, nothing could easily enter.

The exposed aura of a Divine Bearer was quickly reduced until it was too low to detect.

“I can’t hear those voices anymore…”

Shenshan Qiuhua opened her eyes in pleasant surprise. It turned out that the voices that had been lingering in her ears had finally disappeared.

Up until now, there were no Immortals or Gods in the world, but this did not mean that the talent of the Divine Possession was useless.

On the contrary, some existences that had survived since ancient times would only desire them more.

Jiang Li had once seen two ancient stone monuments. One of them recorded the method of using an Immortal Soul to wait until the calamity was over before relying on the method of rebirth.

According to the two stone monuments, the calamity of heaven and earth that had lasted for tens of thousands of years was originally because the Heavenly Dao was unable to endure the boundless greed of the Heavenly Immortals and Gods, so it directly destroyed everything and brought about the Cultivationless Age.

Even if the Immortals and Gods of back then could leave behind even a little bit until now, they would still be rejected by the world and be unable to cultivate to attain the Dao again.

It was just like the main body of the Nine Nether Wood that was hiding in the Netherworld and could not leave at all.

If they used the Divine Bearer, they could largely bypass this restriction and might even inherit a portion of the power from the ancient times.

It was just like Ba Xia that was trapped in Jiang Li’s mind.

If he could encounter Shenshan Qiuhua in advance and easily possess her, then even if he could only inherit a thousandth of the ancient strength, he would probably be able to slap Jiang Li to death.

Since he could do it alone, there might be more.

In a place that Jiang Li did not know, it was even possible that immortals and gods had already revived.

He had to be careful in the future. At the same time, he had to become stronger as soon as possible.

At the moment, he temporarily restricted Shenshan Qiuhua’s talent. However, the other Nine Nether Branch was still staring covetously.

When he spoke to Jiang Li earlier, he had also said that he had a way to deal with that person.

This meant that that fellow had other helpers. Once they fought, Jiang Li’s Ghost Lantern Cold Flame might not be able to suppress them all.

The next day, everyone could already smell the strong peach fragrance when they went out.

Everyone from the various sects walked into the inner area of the peach forest under the lead of the attendant.

Of the three people from the Great Mountain Alliance, only Jiang Li rode the spirit colt carriage into the banquet.

Elder Mu and Shenshan Qiuhua did the opposite and left the Mu family’s peach forest against the flow of people.

Mu Chunkong and the others, who were outside, felt a little strange. However, Elder Mu was determined to leave, so they could not forcefully stop her.

The Great Mountain Alliance’s flying ship rose into the sky. A pair of eyes watched it slowly disappear into the horizon.

An hour later, the protective light membrane on the flying ship that was flying in the sky suddenly fluctuated violently. A black thread easily penetrated the entire flying ship.

Then, the black threads slashed horizontally, instantly cutting the flying ship at the waist.

A large number of the array patterns were destroyed, and the force of the airship could no longer be maintained. The entire flying ship began to fall diagonally.


The flying ship crashed to the ground, and a mushroom cloud rose into the sky.

A few figures darted out of the flying ship before falling.

The Great Mountain Alliance did not bring many experts with them this time. The existence that could destroy the flying ship in one strike was not something they could deal with.

As soon as Elder Mu and the others left the flying ship, they rode their flying swords and tried to leave as quickly as possible.

However, not long after he flew out, a Hidden Rock cultivator at the front seemed to have collided with something. His entire body emitted blood as he fell with a wail.

Elder Mu and the others behind immediately slowed down and observed carefully. Only then did they discover that countless fine black threads had formed a wall in front of them.

A sword technique flew out and struck the black threads. The sharp Shu Mountain Sword Technique could not injure the threads at all.

The few of them immediately turned the flying sword around, but they discovered that the wall formed by the black threads seemed to have no end.

It was as if they were locked in a solid bird cage with nowhere to escape..