An extremely faint sound came from the tree root not far away.

The eyes of Drunken Young Master who seemed to have been drowsy all along lit up, and his figure suddenly shot out. His hand reached into the fallen leaves and grabbed a peach rat that was utterly unable to react.

This peach rat’s fur was smooth and smooth. If he used too little strength, he would not be able to grab it. However, if he used too much strength, it was easy to crush it to death. This control was the key in the competition.

However, to Drunken Young Master, who was called one of the four great young masters, he would not make such a low-level mistake.

He slightly opened the gap between his fingers, and a few wisps of soft silver rat fur appeared. It was a silver peach rat.

An elder of the Mu family who was monitoring the situation above immediately cried out in alarm.

“Drunken Young Master, Tang Yan! He captured the first Silver Peach Rat! This is already the sixth one that Drunken Young Master has captured!”

His shout, which was clearly filled with shock, immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding young cultivators.

Seeing Drunken Young Master stuff the peach rat in his hand into the bag, the belt already seemed to swell a little.

Most of them had not even caught a single peach rat. The comparison could not help but make people’s hearts flutter.

After all, there were only 106 peach rats in this battle, but there were about 2,000 cultivators who entered the peach forest.

There were too many boats chasing too few fish. Every time a peach rat was captured, it meant that the others had fewer opportunities.

Some relatively simple, or relatively weak cultivators could only search the rotten peach leaves on the ground more anxiously.

Some people with ill intentions had already quietly gathered.

It was still unknown how many of the 106 peach rats were left. The hope was becoming more and more uncertain.

Compared to searching for peach rats that were good at hiding on the ground, many people thought that snatching the peach rats in front of them would be easier.

Especially when there was someone who stood out, it was easier to arouse such thoughts.

If they did not gain anything in the end, it would naturally be natural for them to join forces and attack this lucky Drunken Young Master.

Drunken Young Master was not just lucky.

Not far from him was the eldest son of the Mu family, Mu Chunhao.

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Although he was drunk, his mind was very clear.

As the eldest son of the Mu family, besides wandering for a moment after entering the peach forest, he headed in a certain direction.

Tang Yan did not believe that he did not receive any hints from the other Mu family cultivators.

Everyone had the same goal.

In any case, he was a rogue cultivator now, so there was no need to care about his reputation.

It was fine as long as methods were useful.

Therefore, he abandoned the others and firmly followed behind Mu Chunhao like a piece of gum.

Logically speaking, Mu Chunhao was familiar with the terrain of the peach forest. His cultivation had reached the Nascent Soul realm and he had the obscure reminder of the Mu family’s cultivators. Ordinary cultivators should not be able to gain anything from him.

In the beginning, a few smart sect disciples followed him. However, every time they did not discover any clues, the peach rat was already captured by Mu Chunhao.

Only then did they gradually give up and search separately.

However, Drunken Young Master was different. He maintained a fixed distance from Mu Chunhao and only followed firmly in the general direction.

Every time a peach rat appeared in the region he passed, he would capture it in advance. Six consecutive times, Mu Chunhao, who had a higher cultivation level, was unable to snatch it from him.

When he saw that Drunken Young Master, Tang Yan, had grabbed the silver rat, Mu Chunhao’s expression turned ugly.

Fortunately, this was not a Golden Peach Rat, otherwise, he would have attacked at lightning speed.

After stuffing the silver rat into his bag, Drunken Young Master looked at Mu Chunhao and waited for him to continue leading the way.

However, how could Mu Chunhao let him succeed so easily?

If this continued, and they really encountered the golden rat, and this fellow beat them to it, then there would be many unexpected events.

Therefore, Mu Chunhao stopped and turned to walk in the direction of Drunken Young Master, Tang Yan.

“Brother Tang is indeed worthy of being one of the four great young masters. You’re indeed skilled.”

The other party stepped forward respectfully, but Tang Yan was unwilling to approach him easily. His figure floated back, and the blazing sword at his waist had already fallen into his hand.

Seeing that he was wary, Mu Chunhao did not approach him and cupped his hands several feet away.

“Drunken Young Master’s sword technique is exquisite and it really has the style of the Ancient Shu Mountain. You should have a famous master. May I know his name?”

When he saw someone, he would first ask where they were from before asking about their master. This was basically a conventional greeting in the cultivation world.

“My master died a long time ago. He’s called the Liquor Fire Sword Fanatic. He’s not a famous person. Young Master Hao naturally hasn’t heard of him.”

The Liquor Fire Elder, who was at the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, woke up from his sleep and let out a loud sneeze. He was also puzzled. Could it be that he was already old? A Golden Core cultivator would actually sneeze?


Indeed, the rogue cultivator who had recently become famous near Phoenix Sun City and was thought to have the style of the Ancient Shu Mountain, the so-called Drunken Young Master Tang Yan, was other than the sword cultivator clone of Jiang Li. He was also the former disciple of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.


After contributing his Golden Core, the sword cultivator clone’s already backward strength fell to rock bottom.

It was temporarily not suitable to continue taking risks with Jiang Li. Between the two choices of returning to the Great Mountain Region to live together with his junior sister and staying in the Eastern Region to continue exploring,

The sword cultivator clone or rather Jiang Li still chose the latter.

After leaving behind a few fire attribute Nine Nether Earth Fruits to allow the sword cultivator clone to quickly recover his strength, he started his rogue cultivator life with Phoenix Sun City as the center.

With the support of the spiritual qi of the Spring Surging Technique in Jiang Li’s body and the right hand that contained the power of chaos from the Asura, even without a Golden Core, he could easily defeat other Golden Core cultivators. After cultivating back to the Golden Core realm, he could use this to fight Nascent Soul cultivators.

Such strength could already be considered to be outstanding among ordinary rogue cultivators. In a short period of time, he actually did not spend much effort to make a name for himself as the Drunken Young Master and received the offers of many powers.

When the Longevity Peach Banquet was held this time, he mixed into the rogue cultivators’ camp and entered the Mu family’s Peach Forest.

The reason why he could beat Mu Chunhao to the rat in advance was not because he was stronger.

It was because his main body, Jiang Li, was following from afar.

Using the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, he monitored the subtle movements in front of him on a large scale. After finding the peach rats hiding on the treetops or under the soil, he shared the exact location with the sword cultivator clone at the same time and let him attack at lightning speed. Only then could he be faster than the other party.

However, because of his ears, he could not distinguish the color of the fur. That was why he needed to follow the eldest son of the Mu family to determine the general range.

However, his actions were clearly taking away Mu Chunhao’s benefits openly.

No one would be willing to let this continue.

“I have a map of the Ancient Shu Mountain. This treasure scroll belongs rightfully to a hero. I believe it is very helpful to you, Brother Tang Yan.”

“Today, I’ll give it to Brother Tang Yan. How about we become friends?”

His meaning was quite obvious. If he gave some benefits, the latter should stop immediately. If he dared to follow him again, he would not be so easy-going next time.

Mu Chunhao threw the map to Tang Yan and turned around to continue deeper into the peach forest.

The sword cultivator clone wanted to follow again, but two cultivators blocked his path.