The next day, more than 200 rogue cultivators who were thought highly of for various reasons were communicating with the disciples of the branch family.

This could increase their sense of belonging and perhaps introduce some new blood to the family.

The fifth clone, Mu Chunyang, walked towards the deepest part of the peach forest under the lead of the Mu family’s head.

This was said to be the residence of the Mu family’s patriarch.

Even to them, it was an absolute forbidden area that they could not enter.

The closer he got to the center of the peach forest, Jiang Li could sense that the terrain was continuously falling.

Unlike many mountain spirits and demons who liked to live higher, the Mu family’s patriarch seemed to be in a low place.

Mu Chunyang thought of something and kicked the peach leaves on the ground, revealing the soil below.

The soil quality here had already begun to be a little different. It was even more fertile. While the granules were fine, there were also some white ores mixed in the soil.

This did not seem to be ordinary soil.

This kind of soil situation often appeared beside the mineral-rich hot spring water.

The spring water that emerged from the ground transported a large amount of minerals to the surface and condensed them into salt.

Could it be that the core of this peach forest was actually a large hot spring lake?

The fifth clone’s actions landed in Mu Zeshu’s eyes. He nodded without a trace, looking satisfied.

“You discovered this the first time you came. You’re more meticulous than your elder brother.”

“Before my Mu family was established, this used to be an ancient hot spring spiritual lake called the Stainless Spring.”


“Unfortunately, it dried up 8,000 years ago. Our Mu family’s patriarch lives in the core of this spiritual lake.”

The Mu family’s master explained some of the details of the family’s past to Mu Chunyang. As a large family with a history of 8,000 years, very few juniors would understand these past events.

However, when Jiang Li heard this name, he was indeed reminded of some distant memories.

Stainless Spring?

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Could this name be one of the legendary Nine Yang Springs in his previous life?

Legend had it that in ancient times, the ten suns burned the ground while Yi shot out nine arrows.

The nine Golden Crow suns fell into the mortal world and transformed into the Nine Yang Springs. This was the origin of the Nine Yang Springs.

If Jiang Li did not remember wrongly, this was once the place where the seven fairies bathed.

However, because there were mortals led by the Cowherd, they often came to peep. Later on, it even evolved to the extent of stealing clothes to threaten the Goddess to submit.

The seven fairies gradually disliked coming here to bathe.

Later on, seven spider demons who were disciples of an unknown mighty figure built a cave abode at the side, and the spring water became the territory of the coiling thread cave.

They also liked to bathe here like the seven fairies. However, the mortals who came to peek were not so lucky. They were all eaten after being grooms for a night.


These were the knowledge that Jiang Li had learned in Journey to the West.

However, thinking about it, this made sense. With the power of that unknown mighty figure, who could even get the Bodhisattva to save a disciple, the centipede demon. Clearly, it was at least a famous first-rate god.

It was not a big deal to obtain a few Immortal Peaches for the disciples at the Peach Banquet.

This might be the reason why the Immortal Peach seed that created this peach forest was left behind.

Only by hiding in the Stainless Spring formed by the Golden Crow could the Peach Blossom Peach Core survive the long Cultivationless Age and sprout under the recovery of spiritual qi.

Even the Mu family did not know this.

“Don’t be surprised or speak nonsense when you see anything later. Listen carefully to the patriarch’s teachings. This will be greatly beneficial to your future.”

Mu Zeshu carefully reminded his sixth son about some things to take note of when meeting the patriarch. He then bowed respectfully to the center.

“Ancestor, I, Mu Zeshu, bring my sixth son to greet you.”

After walking through the last small path, there was an empty space ahead. Then, in the center of the empty space, there was another peach tree. It was a little different.

This peach tree was not very tall and was located in the center of the dried-up Stainless Spring. The terrain was even lower, so one could not see it directly from the outside.

The entire peach tree emitted a thin layer of golden light from top to bottom. The dense spiritual qi of the Yang Wood attribute filled the branches and peach blossoms.

On every petal and leaf of the peach tree, there were some subtle and profound golden patterns.

Jiang Li even sensed a trace of an aura similar to the Dao Essence Fruit on it.

This Immortal Peach Tree had actually cultivated the Leaf Dao Rune to this level.

The Nine Nether Wood, which was also a Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, could naturally grow Dao patterns.

However, that could only be done slowly after producing the third tree heart.

Jiang Li’s Nine Nether clone and the Nine Nether Wood Branch here were far from that level.

Looking down, among the curled and thick tree roots, an old man was sitting cross-legged beside a peach tree.

That was the so-called Mu family’s patriarch.


“Come forward.”

Mu Zeshu did not step forward. Only Mu Chunyang bowed and carefully walked in front of that old man, sitting down on a mat.

Then, he took out the small box.

“Ancestor, your descendant, Chunyang, offers you something!”

The fifth clone was very straightforward.

The Nine Nether spiritual qi spread out, and the undisguised aura made the entire Immortal Peach tremble.

“Not bad, not bad. Looks like the concubine gave birth to a filial child.”

“You’re called Chunyang, right? I’ll remember.”

A tree vine reached out from the treetop and wrapped around the box in the clone’s hand, pulling it back.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you suffer a loss.”

Another branch took the initiative to reach out. On it hung a crystal-clear Immortal Peach. From the looks of it, it was even better than the one he had obtained earlier.

“I heard you snatched the first prize and already obtained an Immortal Peach. If you consume it now, I can help you refine it.”

The Mu family’s patriarch was clearly very satisfied with this gift. It was not difficult to hear the joy in his voice.

This was also the main reason why he established the Mu family. This family had not disappointed him in all these years.


“Thank you, Patriarch! However, I have just broken through not long ago. My foundation is still unstable, so it’s not suitable for me to consume the Immortal Peach now.”

“I wish to listen to Patriarch’s teachings and am already satisfied.”

However, after taking the Immortal Peach, this reward was rejected by Mu Chunyang.

Because Mu Chunyang’s body was not very special, and he would probably be unable to continue living in the Mu family after today, Jiang Li did not intend to use him as a long-term clone.

It was a waste to give him such a good thing to eat.

“Neither arrogant nor rash. Not bad indeed.”


After putting away the things, this ancestor felt comfortable no matter how he looked at it.

Even when he met with a refusal, he was not angry. Instead, he praised Mu Chunyang.

“Since you want guidance, I’ll do as you wish.”

The old man’s body, which was clearly just for show, did not move at all.

On the peach tree, a peach blossom emitted a golden light before floating down and slowly floating into Jiang Li’s palm.

“Take it and meditate.”

The clone opened his mouth and sucked it in. Immediately, the parallel mind was pulled into an illusion.

The Empress of the Heavenly Palace, the Jade Pool bestowed by the Nine Clouds, the Cloud Soaring Cactus, and the pure and flawless Holy Water. The first layer of heaven and earth…

The scene in the illusion was actually the legendary Heavenly Palace Jade Pool!

This Mu family’s patriarch was once a heavenly peach, so he had naturally participated in the Jade Pool Heavenly Peach Banquet.

To think that he would keep this scene in his memories until now.

Jiang Li could only see some scattered images that looked a little blurry, and the images of the immortals and gods in the banquet were even more blurry.

However, just looking at the corner of the Jade Pool made the fifth Parallel Mind begin to become stronger and clearer.

After the creation of the world, the clear qi floated up and the turbid qi sank.

After the Path to Heaven was cut, the Heavenly Realm became an immortal land formed by pure qi.

As for the Jade Pool in the Heavenly Palace, it was even more pure.

Just by visualizing the ancient Jade Pool, one’s soul would become pure and clear.

The Yang Peach Dao Scripture in the fifth clone’s body also began to circulate at extreme speed, and his cultivation constantly rose.

This could completely be considered a fortuitous encounter, but unfortunately, it was completely opposite to the cultivation direction of the main body.

The Nine Nether Dao Scripture was born from the Netherworld’s Nine Nether. The nutrients it needed were basically xistent in the Jade Pool Illusion.

If it was his main body, his cultivation would probably regress. This opportunity could only be enjoyed by his fifth clone.

After giving the reward, the Immortal Peach Ancestor started to look at the Nine Nether Tree Heart impatiently.

This Nine Nether Wood was not very strong originally. It did not accumulate much power in the tree heart, but it was still an absolute supplement to the Immortal Peach Ancestor.

As long as he had three more, he could break through his current realm again.

He roughly checked and did not find any problems.

A tree hole automatically opened on the tree and swallowed the tree heart.

Just as the Nine Nether clone had done previously, the Spiritual Roots of Heaven and Earth swallowed each other, and Yin and Yang complemented each other to strengthen themselves.

The Immortal Peach Ancestor was originally a branch of the Immortal Peach Spiritual Root. In terms of bloodline grade, it should be inferior to the Nine Nether Branch.

However, during these years, he had swallowed more than ten Nine Nether Branch and had already replenished his bloodline to the level of the low-grade Immortal Peach.

If he continued to devour the tree heart, he might evolve into a medium-grade Immortal Peach Tree or even a high-grade one.

However, just as the Yang Peach spiritual qi soaked into the outer layer of the Nine Nether Tree Heart, a large amount of filth suddenly leaked out.

Among it was a large amount of the filthiest soul residue!

This was simply an extremely targeted gift to trick the patriarch.

From the location of the Immortal Peach Garden, it could be seen that the Immortal Peach Tree could only survive in a pure environment.

Under normal circumstances, the human world was not able to satisfy the conditions of the Immortal Peach Tree.

However, this Stainless Spring not only contained the power of Extreme Yang, it also had the power of the sun to cleanse the turbid filth and barely grow.

Even at his current level, the Immortal Peach Ancestor still hated this filth very much.

This sudden filth caught the Immortal Peach Wood off guard.

He had originally thought that even the Nine Nether Wood would not place these dirty things in his body.

Therefore, he did not check deeper previously, but this was clearly done by someone!

He immediately wanted to spit out the tree heart.

The tainted power was extremely sticky and corrosive.

The dirty thoughts and malice in those souls also began to pollute the mind of the Immortal Peach Ancestor.

As long as his spiritual qi and thoughts touched this side, they would be polluted and bitten.

As a result, even with his cultivation level, he could not eliminate these things immediately.

The spiritual qi around the peach tree was visibly dyed with a layer of haze. In the middle, a ball of dense black was trying to corrode the surroundings.

Not only that, but the Immortal Peach Ancestor was the core of the entire Mu family’s peach forest. It was located in the center of the dried-up spring. As soon as something happened to him, the entire Mu family’s peach forest started to surge violently.

The originally multicolored sky changed along with it. A ball of black qi rolled above everyone’s head.

“What’s going on?!”

The Mu family head, who was guarding not far from the core forbidden area, instantly appeared beside Mu Chunyang.

However, Mu Chunyang was currently in an illusion realm and the Immortal Peach Ancestor was disturbed by the remnant soul, so no one could answer him. As a result, he could not figure out the reason immediately.

This was also the reason why Mu Chunyang had to hand the tree heart to the Immortal Peach Ancestor in person.

If something happened through Mu Zezhu, he would immediately be suspected and die with a slap.


At this moment, a violent spiritual qi explosion sounded from afar.

Surging demonic flames lit up several peach trees.

Black smoke soared into the sky.

Someone was actually stirring up trouble in the Mu family!

He looked at the dense black qi on the core peach tree and then at the commotion in the distance.

For a moment, he was uncertain if he should leave the core to save the situation.

However, his communication spirit stone soon rang.

The Mu family head’s expression immediately became even uglier.

It was the elder from the Mu family’s life token room.

Under normal circumstances, even if one or two disciples of the Mu family died, the Life Token Room Elder would only record it down and report to him according to the normal process.

To directly contact him through the communication spirit stone meant that the situation should have been terrible to the point of having no choice.

Sure enough, the guard elder who picked up the communication token told him that the life tokens of the descendants of the Mu family suddenly shattered on a large scale.

In just a moment, hundreds of them shattered and were still increasing.

Due to the Longevity Peach Banquet, no matter how close or distant the descendants of the Mu family were, they were all recalled to the family.

They were gathered together and should be interacting with those rogue cultivators.

Damn it! There was something wrong with those rogue cultivators!

Mu Zeshu immediately thought of this.

Although there was a problem with the patriarch and he wanted to help him out, he did not know how to help the patriarch for the time being. Moreover, he could not afford to lose so many of the Mu family’s descendants.

Moreover, the ancestor’s cultivation was extremely high. Even if he was temporarily ambushed, he definitely could not be badly injured or hurt his foundation.

Thinking for a moment, he decided to deal with the culprits.

After dealing with them, the rest could be done slowly.

Having made up his mind, Mu Zeshu’s figure instantly disappeared, leaving only the fifth clone, Mu Chunyang, in the core forbidden area.

After he left, Mu Chunyang, who was supposed to be comprehending in the illusion, immediately opened his eyes.

He spat out a petal that was already a little dim and decisively gave up on the Jade Pool Illusion that could compare to the effect of epiphany.

Seeing that there was no one around, he did not hesitate to jump into the treetop of the Immortal Peach Ancestor.