Mu Zeshu left the core forbidden area and rushed towards the few places where something happened near the peach forest.

At his level, the distance of less than five kilometers was traveled in an instant.

The venue of the incident was mostly the venue arranged by the Mu family for the banquet.

There was no doubt that someone with ulterior motives had already set up a backup plan during the Longevity Peach Banquet.

The reason why they detonated it at this moment was to make the Mu family cultivators chaotic and let them put out the fire everywhere to scatter their strength.

The power of these demonic flames was not small, and the burning speed was extremely shocking. If it was not dealt with in time, it would complete a terrifying loss to the Mu family’s Peach Forest.

With a wave of his hand, domineering and pure Yang Peach spiritual qi poured down.

The Yang-Wood attribute spiritual qi should have stimulated the flames to continue rising, but in his hand, the surging demonic flames were forcefully extinguished.

After removing the pollution of the demonic qi, the remaining spiritual qi could nourish these Longevity Peach Trees that had been burned. It could protect them from death and quickly sprout, allowing them to regain their lives.

Mu Zeshu was indeed Mu Zeshu. This son of a concubine that no one thought highly of had successfully won the previous competition for the position of the family head.

With the help of Ancestor Immortal Peach, his cultivation level rose rapidly. After breaking through several hurdles in a row, he was already the strongest person in the Mu family and was extremely famous in the entire Eastern Region.

After he attacked, the flames in the Ten Mile Peach Blossom Forest were quickly suppressed.

His efficiency alone was even greater than all the cultivators in the Mu family combined.

It did not take long for the figure with peach blossoms embroidered on its body to appear in the sky above the area where many Mu family experts and demonic cultivators were fighting.

There were actually not many demonic cultivators who had been discovered here.

There were a total of nine people, and there were only two Soul Formation cultivators.

Logically speaking, such a number of enemies should be able to destroy the Mu family’s base, the Ten Mile Peach Forest.

On what basis did they dare to offend the Mu family and why had they resisted the experts for so long?

The reason was naturally the nearly a thousand Mu family juniors below. They had originally been called here for a “gathering” and were not guarding against it at all.

In the end, there were a few wolves with ulterior motives hidden in the rogue cultivators group. In a few blinks of the eye, they had all been captured.

Through some unknown method, the demonic cultivators hidden among the rogue cultivators were clearly organized and planned.

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They were using strange demonic methods to control a large number of Mu family disciples.

The experts and elders of the Mu family were concerned about this, so they did not dare to attack.

They did not dare to attack, but Mu Zeshu did.

As long as they acted quickly, not many people would die.

“Let go of them! Tell them who’s behind this.”

Mu Zeshu said this but before the demonic cultivators below could clamor, his figure instantly appeared behind a demonic cultivator.

With a crack, he twisted his neck and removed the other party’s head.


His attack was so fast that no one could react before their heads moved.


An Essence Soul flew out of the head held by Mu Zeshu, turning into a black light that was about to escape.

This was the manifestation of the Essence Soul.

After abandoning his body, the speed of his Essence Soul was extremely fast, almost an unimaginable speed.

Immortals from ancient times had their Essence Soul leave their bodies and wander the world at high speed.

Although Soul Formation cultivators could not reproduce the scene from back then, it was already a speed that surpassed the understanding of ordinary cultivators.

Unfortunately, the Mu family’s head, Mu Zeshu, was faster.

When a demonic cultivator’s Essence Soul left their body, he could still see a trace.

However, how did Mu Zeshu move? Not far away, Jiang Li did not even notice a trace.

When he saw it again, the other party was already waiting on the path that his Essence Soul had to pass through.

He raised his hand and grabbed it.

A Soul Formation demonic cultivator had fallen to his hands just like that.

This was the power of a medium-sized Divine Judgment faction’s leader.

Jiang Li who was obediently staying in the rogue cultivator crowd was extremely shocked by this.

It was hard to measure the gap between them.

He did not know when he, the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, would be able to possess such strength.


However, even so, Mu Zeshu was still unable to save those Mu family descendants.

Mu Zeshu did not relax at all while holding the demonic cultivator’s Essence Soul in his hand. Instead, his brows furrowed even more tightly.

Below, the group of Mu family disciples who were originally controlled by this demonic cultivator collapsed with wails.

The Mu family cultivators came forward to save him.

However, talismans that could forcefully stabilize injuries and retain souls were useless against them.

Their soul origin had been affected by a special method in advance. A strange grass rope passed through all their hearts and finally connected to the heart of the unlucky guy who had his head removed.

The other demonic cultivators also did the same.

The mechanism behind this ensured that as long as the demonic cultivators died, all the disciples of the Mu family who were pierced by the grass rope would have their souls dissipate and die.

Mu Zeshu landed among the corpses of the dead disciples with a livid expression.

He grabbed the grass rope and immediately understood the reason.

Vine Binding Grass!

This was a special spiritual grass that looked no different from ordinary weeds.

Its name originated from the classic legend of “gratitude being repaid with the vow of vine binding”.

However, the requirements for cultivating this spiritual grass were actually quite harsh and vicious.

They needed a hundred ghosts that were grateful to the murderer even after they were killed by the refiner to throw them all into a blade of grass and cultivate them for a year throughout the four seasons.

The grass rope woven from this “Vine Binding Grass” had a magical effect on the soul.

It could be used to bind souls and could not be removed by external forces. Once it was removed, the bound soul would dissipate on the spot. It was difficult to save even an immortal.

The enemies did not kill them directly but pulled these juniors to threaten the Mu family’s experts.

If they wanted to forcefully attack and kill them, these descendants would all be buried with them.

More than 300 of the original thousand family members had died.

The higher-ups of the Mu family present were either close or distant to most of the juniors, but there were definitely descendants among them. They really could not do that.

Although Mu Zeshu was ruthless, he could not do this.

If he really forcefully killed these demonic cultivators and caused the remaining disciples to die, then even if he could rely on his strength to suppress the Mu family, these elders and higher-ups would be disloyal to him in the future.

Therefore, these few demonic cultivators who could not be considered very powerful made many stronger experts of the Mu family not dare to act rashly.

Not far away, Jiang Li, who was controlled by the Mu family along with the other innocent rogue cultivators, used his fingers to press his nose, and a seed that was even more subtle than a grain of sand was dug out.

Was this the seed of the Vine Binding Grass? The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had really worked hard for today.

This kind of subtle seed was simply impossible to guard against.

However, Jiang Li had the Immaculate Body. Under normal circumstances, he was not afraid of these things invading his body.

However, the person beside him needed some help.

He reached out and placed his hand on Mu Yulan’s shoulder, his spiritual qi entering her body. This action was almost equivalent to stripping the other party naked, but it was not resisted.

After probing, she discovered that there was indeed a seed burrowing into her body towards the soul.

However, inferior Nascent Souls were still Nascent Souls. Without the enhancement of spiritual qi, it was not easy to break through her natural resistance.

Jiang Li swept it with his spiritual qi and took out the seed.

These demonic cultivators were clearly used as cannon fodder to stall for time. They were destined to die.

Once the Mu family thought of a solution and dealt with them, these suspicious rogue cultivators would probably not have a good ending.

Therefore, Jiang Li wanted to find an opportunity to leave this troublesome place.

The entire Mu family was shocked by the commotion.

In the chaotic situation, only the core of the forbidden area could barely be considered quiet.

The fifth clone, Mu Chunyang, jumped into the treetop of the Immortal Peach Ancestor without any hesitation.


After pushing aside the lush peach blossoms, 18 huge immortal peaches appeared before his eyes.

These were spiritual fruits that many famous cultivators could not obtain.

“Mu Chunyang! What are you doing!”

Time was of the essence now. The Mu cultivators were still plotting the trip to the Mu family’s graveyard, the Nine Nether Wood. No one knew if anyone would enter the core forbidden area at any time.

Therefore, he had to end this quickly. He reached out and was about to pluck a peach from the ground.

However, this Immortality Peach was different from ordinary peach trees. Even if Jiang Li used a metal attribute artifact, it was extremely difficult to pluck one.

However, this action instantly woke up the Immortal Peach Ancestor who was trying his best to remove the filth in his body.

The Immortal Peach Ancestor was just too busy to care about the outside world, not really ignorant about it.

After discovering that someone actually dared to pluck his peaches, Ancestor Immortal Peach still paid attention.

In the end, he realized that the person picking the peaches was actually the junior of the Mu family who had made him very satisfied just now.

There was something wrong with the tree heart he gave him. He even secretly plucked the Immortality Peach…

“Ancestor, what pollution has this peach tree suffered? If this continues, these peaches will be damaged.”

“Ancestor, don’t worry. Chunyang will help you pluck all these heavenly peaches.”


Before the Immortal Peach Ancestor could attack, Mu Chunyang explained to the old man under the tree.

It was as if he really thought that the empty shell was the true ancestor. Moreover, his words were sincere, reasonable, and convincing.

The Immortal Peach Ancestor was tricked by his acting and actually hesitated for a moment.

Could it be that the tree heart earlier was not tampered with by this descendant? Was he only tricked?

Then, at this moment, a fatal energy erupted from the Nine Nether Tree’s heart again.

The Mu family’s patriarch’s words stopped abruptly.

It was a ball of boiling blood filled with killing intent. It contained a chaotic power that was completely different from the spiritual qi of the continent of the Nine Provinces.

The power of chaos was abnormally violent. As soon as it came into contact with the high concentration of the Coiled Sun spiritual qi, it did not even give him time to react before an extremely intense reaction occurred.

Boom, a muffled sound came from the inside of the Immortal Peach Tree.

With the Immortal Peach Tree as the center, the ground below was shaken until a large area cracked.

A huge bump suddenly appeared on the Immortal Peach Tree.

The combination of two types of high purity energy directly swelled several times in the body of the Immortal Peach Tree, forming a terrifying energy explosion!

The destructive force completely exploded within. Even Jiang Li, the culprit, could not imagine how terrifying the Immortal Peach Tree had suffered.

But that was not the end.

The blood of madness that flowed out had not been completely exhausted. There were a few more muffled sounds.

The blood of madness in the other parts of the Immortal Peach Tree reacted to the spiritual qi again.

A few huge hollow bumps appeared on the trunk of the Immortal Peach Tree that was originally floating with immortal qi, looking strange and terrifying.

If not for the fact that this Spiritual Root Branch’s foundation and spirit were sufficiently strong, it would have exploded into pieces.

This was naturally Jiang Li’s backup plan.

It was because the Mu family’s patriarch was too powerful in the rumors.

Since he had decided to make a move on this person, he naturally had to be prepared.

He was afraid that the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard was not enough, so he could only double it. When the tree heart was in his hand, he stuffed the highest-level blood of madness into it.

With this explosion, there was no need for Mu Chunyang to expend effort to pluck the fruits.

The immortal peaches hanging on the tree branches began to fall automatically.

Huge peach blossom petals also scattered down.

It could be seen how much damage that strike had done to the Mu family’s patriarch.

Jiang Li was quick-witted and firmly caught these falling Immortality Peaches.

All the scattered flower petals and leaves were also swept up by a gust of wind and put into the bag.

On each of these flower petals and leaves, Dao runes appeared.

As long as it was handled slightly and used as a spiritual material to refine pills or talismans, it would definitely be a top-grade existence.

However, he still felt that it was not enough. He reached out and quickly plucked the branches, removing the leaves and peach blossoms that were still on the branches.

After emptying a large area, the Immortal Peach Tree beneath him also changed. Cracks appeared on seven or eight large bumps.

Destructive energy mixed with smelly and poisonous filth was spat out from inside.

Just the stench was enough to make plants wither.

As long as he spat out this power of chaos, the Mu family’s patriarch would definitely be heavily injured, but he would be able to recover again.

Jiang Li could only look at the Immortal Peach Tree reluctantly. The completely straight center branch in the center of the tree crown turned around and left helplessly.

If he could break off that branch and refine it, he could completely make it into a top-grade eight thousand-year-old peachwood sword.

It was not an exaggeration to say that as long as the person did not deliberately ruin the material, it was not a problem to reach the Earth-rank.

Unfortunately, the strength of the Immortal Peach Ancestor’s main body far exceeded his imagination. He did not have the ability to break branches in a short period of time.

If this continued for any longer, he would not be able to escape as long as the Immortal Peach Ancestor paid attention.

At that time, not to mention the central branch, everything he had just obtained might be left behind.

He could only endure the pain and stop while he was ahead.

Jiang Li controlled his fifth clone to quickly leave along the original path, but halfway through, he happened to encounter a familiar face.